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Herend Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Advertising Signs Herend
American Wildflowers Herend
Antique Iris CIR Herend
Antique Rothschild Bird (So) SOVT Herend
Aquatic Dessert MEVHS Herend
Babcg1 BABCG1 Herend
Baby Collection-Blue VHB Herend
Baby Collection-Raspberry (Pink) VHP Herend
Bermuda Reef Fish POBR Herend
Black Dynasty (Sn) SN Herend
Blue Garden (Wb) WB-3 Herend
Blue Garland (Pbg) PBG Herend
Bouquet De Herend (Bhe) BHR Herend
Bouquet De Rose Gould (Grb) GRB Herend
Bouquet Of Flowers (Bhr) BHR Herend
Br BR Herend
C C Herend
Candlelight-Black RFXN Herend
Candlelight-Blue RFXB Herend
Candlelight-Red RFXH Herend
Canton (Ca) CA Herend
Cd CD Herend
Chanticleer GVL Herend
Char (Char) CHAR Herend
Chargers Herend
Chasse Tetes CHTG Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Black ASNG Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Black & Blue ASB3-US Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Blue ASB-US Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Green ASV Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Raspberry ASP Herend
Chinese Bouquet Garland-Rust ASH-US Herend
Chinese Bouquet Raspberry (Ap) AP Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Black ANG Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Black & Blue AB3-X1 Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Blue (Ab) AB Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Green (Av) AV Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Lilac AL Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Multicolor (Af) AF Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Rust (Aog) AOG Herend
Chinese Bouquet-Yellow (Aj) AJ Herend
Chinois (Sh) SH Herend
Cornucopia (Tca) TCA Herend
Coronation (Bat) BAT Herend
Csung Vert CSV Herend
D'or Blue ORB Herend
D'or Gold OR Herend
D'or Green ORV Herend
D'or Rasberry ORP Herend
D'or Rust ORR Herend
Esquisses De Fruit (Edf) EDF Herend
Eton ETON Herend
Fa FA Herend
Fc FC Herend
Fish Scale A-EVH Herend
Fleur Des Indies FM Herend
Flowers Of Bermuda FBR Herend
Fortuna (Vboh) VBOH Herend
Fortuna-Blue VBOB Herend
Frog Prince PVHV Herend
Fruit & Flowers BFRN Herend
Fruit & Flowers-Blue (Bfr-Eb) BFR-EB Herend
Fruit & Flowers-Green (Bfr-Ev) BFR-EV Herend
Fruits & Flowers (Bfr) BFR Herend
Fruits Necker FRN Herend
Fs FS Herend
Garnishments Herend
Golden Edge-Newer (Hde) HDE Herend
Golden Edge-Older (Hd) HD Herend
Golden Laurel OFLGPR Herend
Gwendolyn HDVT2 Herend
Hbc HBC Herend
HO HO Herend
Hubay-Pink (Hu) HU Herend
Hubay-Yellow (Hf) HF Herend
Humboldt Herend
Indian Basket-Blue (Fb) FB Herend
Indian Basket-Green (Fv) FV Herend
Indian Basket-Multicolor (Fd) FD Herend
Indian Basket-Raspberry (P) P Herend
Indian Basket-Rust (Fh) FH Herend
Jardin Zoologique-Copper Herend
Kb KB Herend
Kimberly (Mf) MF Herend
Kitty KY Herend
Lichtenstein Guirland (Ltg) LTG Herend
Liechtenstein Grand LTN Herend
Lindsay (Ly) LY Herend
Livia (Wbo) WBO Herend
Lowestoft Boquet (Lb) LB Herend
Lowestoft Shield (Ls) LS Herend
Lp LP Herend
Ltg LTG Herend
Mac MAC Herend
Market Garden (Fr) FR Herend
Medallion MED Herend
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