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Replacements, Ltd.

Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Galaxy-Orange Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Galaxy-Rose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Galaxy-Sky Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Galaxy-White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Galaxy-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Gayety Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Geranium Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Gigi Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Gingham-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Girard College Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Glamour-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Glamour-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Glamour-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Golden Amber Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Golden Blossom Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Golden Fruit Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Golden Garden Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Golden Scroll Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Good Earth Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Gourmet Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Gourmet White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Grace Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Grape Arbor-Green 975 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Happy Days Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Happy Time Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Harvest Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaii Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaiian Coral Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaiian Flowers-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaiian Flowers-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaiian Flowers-Orange Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hawaiian Flowers-Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Heavenly Days-Blue/White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hermosa Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Heyday Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hibiscus Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Hilo Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Historic Surry County Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Historical Anson County Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Holstein Herd Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Homespun Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Homestead Provincial Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Honeysuckle Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Honolulu Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Illinois Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Imperial Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Impressions-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Impressions-Orange Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Impressions-White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Impressions-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Indiana State Song Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Iris Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Italian Delight Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Jamestown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Joy Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Kentucky Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
La Mancha-Gold Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
La Mancha-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
La Mancha-White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lady's Bonnet Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Laura Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lavender Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Leaves Of Enchantment Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lei Lani (San Marino Shape) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lei Lani (Ultra Shape) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lemon Tree Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lime Tree Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Linda Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lollipop Tree Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus (Vernon) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Aqua (First Series) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Aqua (Second Series) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Black (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Black (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Brick Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Bright Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Camel Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Canary Yellow (Light) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Cranberry Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Dark Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Dark Pumpkin Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Evergreen Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Fern Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Gray Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Jade Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Light Pumpkin Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Lilac Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Lime Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Medium Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Midnight Blue (Dark Blue) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Peach/Apricot Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Pewter Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Plum Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Rose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
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