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Replacements, Ltd.

Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Lotus-Sand Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Sky Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-Wheat Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lotus-White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Luau Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Lucy Goose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Macon,The Heart Of Georgia Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Macrame Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mardi Gras Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Margarita Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Marguerite Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Marigold Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Marina Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Marissa Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Matilija Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
May Flower Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mayan Necklace Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Meadow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Medallion-Red Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Memories Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mesa Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mexicana Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Milkweed Dance Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Coral/Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Ivory Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Peach Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Turquoise Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Bell-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mission Verde Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mobile Alabama Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Moby Dick-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Moby Dick-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Moby Dick-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Moby Dick-Orange Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mode Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Azure Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Ivory Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Mist Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Orchid-Lavender Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Orchid-Light Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Pistachio Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Sand Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern California-Straw Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Chartreuse Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Dark Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Gray Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Turquoise Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Modern-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mojave Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Monterey Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Monterey Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Montezuma-Aztec-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Morning Glory Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Moulin Rouge Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mount Rainier Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Mount Whitney Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Music Masters-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Nasturtium Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native American Series Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native California-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native California-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native California-Ivory Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native California-Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Native California-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Natural Bridge Of Virginia Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Navajo Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
New Orleans Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
New Orleans Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Noah's Ark Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Nutcracker Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Oh Susanna Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ohio Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Old Cathay Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Orchard Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Oregon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Organdie Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Organdie (Green) T515 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Our America-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Our America-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Our America-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Our America-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Owl Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Pacific Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Painted Desert (Coupe) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Painted Desert (Rim) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Palm Brocade Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Palm Springs Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Pan American Lei Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Patrician White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Peach Blossom Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Pepper Tree Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Pescado Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
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