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Replacements, Ltd.

Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon Patterns

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Silver Dollar Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sombrero Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sonoma Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sorrento Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
South Dakota Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Southern Methodist University-Red Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Southern Rose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Spring Garland 1079 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Springtime Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Strawflower Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Street Scene Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Style Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sumter Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sun Garden Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Sun N' Sand Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tam O'shanter 1315 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Taste Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
The American Way Of Life Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tickled Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tiffany Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tiffany-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tisket-A-Tasket Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Town & Country-Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Town & Country-Brown Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Town & Country-Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Town & Country-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Trade Winds Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tradewinds Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tradition White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Apricot Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Aqua Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Black Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Lavender Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Lilac Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-Rose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Traditions-White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tropicana Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tropicana Fish Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tropicana Pineapple Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
True Blue Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tulips Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tulips (Giftware) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Tweed-Grey & Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
U.S. Naval Air Station Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Blue (Aster) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Ice Green Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Ivory (Gardenia) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Maroon Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Pink (Carnation) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ultra California-Yellow (Buttercup) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Uno Dos Tres Mucho Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vegetable Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vera Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vermont Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vernon Antiqua Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vernon Bouquet Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vernon Rose-Pink Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vernon Rose-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vernon's 1860 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vineyard Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vintage (Lotus Shape) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Vintage-Pink 172 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Virginia Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Washington State Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
White Rose Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Wicker Strawberry Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Wicker White Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Wild Poppy-Yellow Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Wildflower Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
William Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Winter Scene Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Winterberry Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Wisteria Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Woodland Gold Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Ye Old Tymes Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Year Of The Dinosaur Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Year Round (Vernon) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yellow Rose-1 T-742 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yellow Rose-2 T-743 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yellow Rose-3 T-744 Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Blue (Delphinium,Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Blue (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Celadon (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Celadon (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Gray (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Green (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Ivory (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Orange (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Peach (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Pink (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Rose (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Rust (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Turquoise (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Turquoise (Matte) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
Yorkshire-Yellow (Glossy) Metlx/Poppytr/Vernon
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