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Mikasa Patterns

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Palazzo M9006 Mikasa
Palazzo CAR15 Mikasa
Palazzo Mikasa
Pale Coral EJ200 Mikasa
Palette Aubergine CX029 Mikasa
Palette Black CX032 Mikasa
Palette Blue CX033 Mikasa
Palette Green CX030 Mikasa
Palette Navy CX028 Mikasa
Palette Orange CX034 Mikasa
Palette White CX031 Mikasa
Pali 2026K1 Mikasa
Palisade Mikasa
Palladio White L9600 Mikasa
Palladium CS014 Mikasa
Palm CW435 Mikasa
Palm Desert P3040 Mikasa
Palm Spring F1021 Mikasa
Palm Springs UH307 Mikasa
Palma Mikasa
Palmetto JG801 Mikasa
Palmyra D5455 Mikasa
Paloma 5322 Mikasa
Palomar L5802 Mikasa
Palomar 8157X Mikasa
Palomino-Blue HA209 Mikasa
Palomino-Green HA207 Mikasa
Palomino-White HA208 Mikasa
Palomino-Yellow HA210 Mikasa
Pamela D1053 Mikasa
Pamela 6179 Mikasa
Pamela D4902 Mikasa
Pampas Taupe LAH81 Mikasa
Panache L5627 Mikasa
Pansies F2951 Mikasa
Pansy Blue L5754 Mikasa
Pansy Parade FX046 Mikasa
Pansy Peach L5755 Mikasa
Pansy White/Ivory K5756 Mikasa
Pansy Yellow L5751 Mikasa
Pantry C6302 Mikasa
Papaya 7700 Mikasa
Papaya E4000 Mikasa
Papillon Y4118 Mikasa
Paprika-Orange/Brown E1258/7158 Mikasa
Par Four CT901 Mikasa
Parade D4802 Mikasa
Paradise D8833/20 Mikasa
Paradise Bloom Mikasa
Paradiso Garden CAR31 Mikasa
Paragon-Brown FK826 Mikasa
Paragon-Grey FK906 Mikasa
Parallel CAC71 Mikasa
Parchment EK825 Mikasa
Parchment L9078 Mikasa
Parchment A6825 Mikasa
Parchment (China) L3438 Mikasa
Parchment (Thailand) L3438 Mikasa
Parchment Blue L3472 Mikasa
Parchment Engraved Mikasa
Parchment Ivory Mikasa
Parchment Modern Mikasa
Parchment Red L3471 Mikasa
Parfait D6401 Mikasa
Parfait-Blackberry Current-Mik #Hc002 HC002 Mikasa
Parfait-Peach Whip-Mikasa/Narumi #Hc200 HC200 Mikasa
Paris 376 Mikasa
Paris UH312 Mikasa
Paris CQ006 Mikasa
Paris Evening CR019 Mikasa
Parisian Bloom White AN040 Mikasa
Parisian Garden HK244 Mikasa
Parisian Grove LAP16 Mikasa
Parisian Ivy EF900 Mikasa
Parisian Scenes KT534 Mikasa
Parisian Silk CAJ19 Mikasa
Parisian Sky LAN37 Mikasa
Parisian Trellis CAM04 Mikasa
Parisian Vine CAP20 Mikasa
Parisienne LAC15 Mikasa
Parisienne 5272 Mikasa
Park Lane FL001 Mikasa
Park Ridge HK255 Mikasa
Park Rose Burgundy L3220 Mikasa
Park Rose Jade L3219 Mikasa
Park Row Green M5154 Mikasa
Park Row Orange M5146 Mikasa
Park View L6215 Mikasa
Parkview M2550 Mikasa
Parkville Auburn L5759 Mikasa
Parkville Jade L5760 Mikasa
Parliament 6132 Mikasa
Parquet HK716 Mikasa
Parquet L5528 Mikasa
Parquet Gold M2609 Mikasa
Parquet Grey M2608 Mikasa
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