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Meissen (Germany) Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Advertising Signs Meissen (Germany)
Blue Hydrangea 820501 Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion ("X" Backstamp) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Gold Accents,No Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Gold Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Gold Trim,Oval Stamp) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Gold Trim/Accent) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Oval Backstamp) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Pierced, No Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Pierced,Gold Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion (Wave Shape) Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion Vine 801001 Meissen (Germany)
Blue Onion-Rich 800117 Meissen (Germany)
Blue Orchid 824001 Meissen (Germany)
Chrysantheme 610710 Meissen (Germany)
Cornflower 616901 Meissen (Germany)
Dekor 30a 30A Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Black 320010 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Black (Red Dot Accent) 321010 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Blue 320960/183 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Blue (Red Dot Accent) 321210 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Brown 320810 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Brown (Red Dot Accent) 321810 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Green 320310 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Green (Red Dot Accent) 321310 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Lilac 320710 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Lilac (Red Dot Accent) 321710 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Pink Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Pink (Red Dot Accent) 321410 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Red 320510 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Yellow 320610 Meissen (Germany)
Dragon-Yellow (Red Dot Accent) 321610 Meissen (Germany)
Enchanted Blossoms 614701 Meissen (Germany)
Exotic Water Plants 500310 Meissen (Germany)
Floral Tendrils 704890 Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Embossed) Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Gold Grapes) Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Scalloped, Gold Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Scalloped, No Trim) 841501 Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Smooth, Gold Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Full Green Vine (Smooth, No Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Gabrenmuster 307110 Meissen (Germany)
Gold Leaf (Germany) 999999 Meissen (Germany)
Holly Meissen (Germany)
Indian Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Amethyst 340410 Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Black 340010 Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Blue 340210 Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Green 340310 Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Pink 226 Meissen (Germany)
Indian Painting-Red 340510 Meissen (Germany)
Mahonia Garland 841801 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Amethyst 33A074 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Black 33A070 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Brown 33A078 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Cobalt Blue 33A069 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Green 33A073 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Lavender 33A077 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Light Blue 33A062 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Red 33A075 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon Lifestyle-Yellow 33A076 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Amethyst (Ornate) 330410 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Amethyst (Ornate, Border) 331410 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Black (Ornate) 330010 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Black (Ornate, Border) 331010 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Brown (Ornate) 330810 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Brown (Ornate, Border) 331810 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Cobalt Blue (Ornate) 330910 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Green (Ornate) 330310 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Green (Ornate, Border) 331310 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Lavender (Border) 333710 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Lavender (Ornate) 330710 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Lavender (Ornate, Border) 331710 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Light Blue 332210 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Light Blue (Ornate) 330210 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Light Blue (Ornate, Border) 331210 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Red (Ornate) 330510 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Red (Ornate, Border) 331510 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Red (Rust Trim, Ornate) Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Yellow (Ornate) 330610 Meissen (Germany)
Ming Dragon-Yellow (Ornate, Border) 331610 Meissen (Germany)
My Favorite Bug 265501 Meissen (Germany)
Persian Rose Meissen (Germany)
Rose-Pink ("X" Backstamp) 020110 Meissen (Germany)
Rose-Pink (Embossed) 020110 Meissen (Germany)
Rose-Pink (Oval Backstamp) Meissen (Germany)
Scattered Flowers ("X" Backstamp) 010110 Meissen (Germany)
Scattered Flowers (Oval Backstamp Meissen (Germany)
Seaside Rendezvous Meissen (Germany)
Swan Service (Gold Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Swan Service (No Trim) Meissen (Germany)
Water Lily Meissen (Germany)
Wave-White Meissen (Germany)
Wild Poppy-Red 615201R Meissen (Germany)
Wild Poppy-Yellow 615201Y Meissen (Germany)
Woodland Flora 614501 Meissen (Germany)
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