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Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T) Patterns

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
Acacia 1484 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Adagio Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Advertising Signs Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Alicia Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Amber Dogwood Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Appalachian Heirloom/Bonnie (Gold Trim) 2204 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Appalachian Heirloom/Bonnie (No Trim) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Appalachian Plaid Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Apple Blossom 2273 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Arabesque Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Arboresque Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Arctic Night Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Autumn Harvest Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Autumn Leaves Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Autumn Spiral Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Autumn Splendor Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Azura Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Azure Pine Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Bahama Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Berry Cluster Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Bicentennial Taylor Mugs Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Bell Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Bonnet Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Castle Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Delft(Thin) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Delft(Wide) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Lace Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Twig Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Blue Wheat Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Bonnie Green Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Boutonniere Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Break-O-Day Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Bridal Flower Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Bridal Wreath Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brides Bouquet 1653 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brittany Peasant Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brocatelle Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brownies-Navarre/Gold Trim Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brownies-Navarre/No Gold Trim Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brownies-Normandie/Gold Trim Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Brownies-Verona/No Gold Trim Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Buddy Rose Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Buttercup Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Buttercup-Yellow & Brown Bands Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Candlelight Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cannes Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cape Cod Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Capistrano Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Casa Madrid Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Casa Verde Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Casino Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cathay Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Blue (Fairway Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Blue (Garland Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Blue (Laurel/Empireshape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Brown (Garland Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Red (Fairway Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Red (Fairway Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Red (Garland Shape) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Center Bouquet-Red (Smooth) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Champagne Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Buffet-Blue&White Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Buffet-Cinnamon/Aqua Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Buffet-Cinnamon/Sky Blue Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Buffet-Cinnamon/Turquoise Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Buffet-Green&Cream Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chateau Pink Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chatham Modern-Green 2074 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chatham Modern-Maroon 2075 Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Checkmate Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Checks & Daisies Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chelsea Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chelsea Chintz Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chicken And Rice Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chinese Temple-Blue Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Chinese Temple-Red Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Church Plates (Various) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cinnamon & Honey Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cinnamon Stick Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Classic Blue Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Classic Heritage-Celadon Green Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Classic-Sunburst Yellow (Gold Trim) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Classic-Sunburst Yellow (No Trim) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Classic-Turquoise Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Cockerel Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Coffee Tree (Brown Ring) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Coffee Tree (Green Rim) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Coffee Tree (Luray) Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Coffee Tree-(Green Rim)/Gold Trim Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Concord Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-Blue Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-Gray Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-Green Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-Pink Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-White Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
Conversation-Yellow Taylor,Smith&T(Ts&T)
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