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All "B" China Manufacturers

Manufacturer Product Type
B & H Limoge China
B & L England China
B & M China
B & Sh China
B & T- Limoges China
B & Z China
B Bloch & Co China
B M & Co China
B Nathan & Co China
B P Co China
B P Co Ltd China
B P France China
B R & Co (See Bkw) China
B S M China
B T Dibbern China
B&B Ironstone China
B&Cie Limoges France China
B&Co Limoges(France) China
B&D Limoges (France) China
B&M China
B.E & Co (See Bwc) China
B.H.A. London China
B.P. Co. China
B.P.Co. (Germany) China
B.Smith W/Style (Pts China
Baan Celadon China
Backsplash Pottery China
Baco China
Badcock Home Furnish China
Badonviller (France) China
Baggerley & Ball China
Bagshaw & Meir China
Bahl Potteries China
Bailey Banks&Biddle China
Bailey Walker China
Baja China
Baker & Co Ltd China
Baker Decoratng(Bav) China
Baker, Hart & Stuart China
Bakewell Bros China
Baldelli Italia China
Baldieri Design China
Balducci, Florence China
Balfour China
Bali China
Ballard Designs China
Balleroy, H China
Balmoral China China
Baltam Trading Co. China
Balvery China
Bamberger's China
Bambis China
Bamboo China China
Banana Republic China
Banbury Inn China
Bancroft & Bennett China
Baranger (Limoges) China
Baranyk Design China
Bareuther & Co China
Barker & Kent (Eng) China
Barker & Son China
Barker Bros (Japan) China
Barker Bros Ltd China
Barny,Rigoni&Langle China
Baron China Staffs China
Baronet China
Barrarte (Portugal) China
Barratts China China
Barreveld China
Barrinton China
Barrons China
Barrow & Co China
Bartley Internationa China
Barton China China
Basic China
Basic By Stoneage China
Bass Pro Shops China
Bassett China
Bates & Bennett China
Bates Elliot & Co China
Bates Gildea&Walker China
Bates Walker & Co China
Bath & Body Works China
Bauer China
Baum Brothers China
Bauscher Weiden China
Bavaria China
Bavarian Crest China
Bawo & Dotter China
Baxe China China
Bayley Murray & Co China
Bayrische Ostmark China
Bbd-Karlsbad China
Bcm (See Lne) China
Be&Co China
Bearware Pottery Wor China
Beatles China
Beauce Pottery China
Beaune Choses China
Beauty Art China
Becher & Stark China
Bed Bath & Beyond China
Beech & Hancock China
Beech & Holland China
Beekman Home China
Beetleware (Plastic) China
Bel Terr China, Inc. China
Bel-Air China China
Bela Mesa China
Belagio Pottery China
Belari China
Belcrest China
Belfor China
Belk China
Bell China China
Bell Tone China
Bella China
Bella Lux China
Bella Toscana China
Bellaire China
Bellarte (Italy) China
Belle Fine China China
Belleek Ptry (Irish) China
Belleek, Morgan(Usa) China
Bellini Piu' (Italy) China
Bellini Sara China
Belmar Of California China
Belora China China
Belva China
Ben Gross Co China
Ben Thomas Porcelain China
Bench Mark China
Benedikt Brothers China
Bengal Fine Ceramics China
Bengal Pottery China
Benjamin & Medwin China
Benjamin F Hunt & So China
Bennett Potteries China
Benni China
Bennington Potters China
Bergdorf Goodman China
Berggren Traynor China
Bergquist Imports China
Berkeley House China
Berkshire China China
Berkshire Ware China
Bern Lan China
Bernadotte-Czech China
Bernarda China
Bernardaud China
Bernardo (D.Bavaria) China
Bernhart & Co China
Berry (France) China
Berryware China
Bertin Tissier & Co China
Bes Germany(See Bmd) China
Beswick China
Beth Mueller China
Bethany China
Bethany Lowe Designs China
Bethwood Royal China China
Betsons China China
Better Basics China
Better Homes&Gardens China
Bevington & Co. China
Beyer & Bock China
Bf China
Bfc (Ivory Stone) China
Bfhs China
Bg Limoges-France China
Bg&W (England) China
Bgp (Holland) China
Bh & Co China
Bhm-Bavaria China
Bia China
Biagioli (Italy) China
Bico Int'l China
Bidasoa (Spain) China
Big Sky Carvers China
Bihl (Czech) China
Bijoux Terner China
Billy Cotton China
Biltmore Estate China
Biltmore For Home China
Biltons Ltd China
Bing & Grondahl China
Bionda-Bruna Llc China
Bird Pottery China
Birks China China
Birks Rawlins & Co China
Bishop & Stonier China
Bissell&Wilhite(Lsc) China
Bisto Eng (See Bis) China
Bistro China
Bito China
Bizzirri China
Bjorn Wiinblad China
Bk Limoges China
Bkj-Bavaria China
Black Bear Trade Co China
Black Castle China
Black Forest Art Pot China
Black Forest Decor China
Black Forest-Germany China
Black Knight China
Black Towers China
Blackhawk Marketing China
Blackhurst&Tunniclif China
Blair & Co (England) China
Blair (Usa) China
Blair Mann China
Blairs China (Eng) China
Blakely China
Blakeman & Henderson China
Blakeney China
Blanchard Bros China
Blancher China
Blarney Home Collect China
Bles D'or (Japan) China
Bloch & Co China
Block China China
Bloomingdale's China China
Bloor Derby China
Blossom Top China China
Blue Castle China China
Blue Crab Bay Co China
Blue Danube (Japan) China
Blue Diamond China
Blue Ridge Ch (Rest) China
Blue Ridge So Pott China
Blue Seal Mfg Co China
Blue Sky China
Blue Spruce Pottery China
Blue Waters Of Eng China
Bluebird (Canada) China
Bluemont China China
Blumarine Home China China
Blyth Porcelain Co China
Bm&C China
Bms China China
Bo'ness Industrial China
Bo'ness Pottery Co. China
Bob Mackie China
Bob Timberlake China
Bobby Flay China China
Boch China
Boda Nova China
Boda Shop China
Bodley & Harrold China
Bodo Sperlein China
Bodum China
Boehm China China
Boehringer Jahre China
Boglar China
Bohemia Ceramic Work China
Bohemia Porcelaine D China
Boho Boutique China
Boisberttrand China
Boleslawiec China
Boltze China
Bombay Company China
Bon Tokyo China
Bon Vivant China
Bonabry (Poland) China
Bonaparte China
Bond China (Japan) China
Bonjour China
Bonvida China
Boote, T & R China
Booths China
Boots Company China
Bopla (Switzerland) China
Bordallo Pinheiro China
Borgfeldt, George China
Boris Kidak China
Bormioli Rocco China
Borsumy Fine China China
Boscov's China
Bossa Nova China
Boston Pottery Co China
Boston Warehouse China
Boulton,Machine&Tenn China
Bourne & Leigh China
Bourns & Co China
Bovey Pottery Co China
Boyds Potteryworks China
Boyer & Bock China
Boyer, Georges China
Boyer, Jean-Limoges China
Bp Co-England China
Br Limoges(See Cbo) China
Br&L China
Brabantia China
Brad Keeler China
Bradford Exchange China
Bradley's China
Braithwaite & Scott China
Bramor China
Branksome China China
Brastoff, Sascha China
Braters-(See Geo) China
Brayton/Laguna China
Brc China
Bremer & Schmidt China
Brendan (See Ark) China
Brent China (Usa) China
Brentleigh Ware China
Brentwood China
Brereton Ware China
Brescia Peltro China
Bret Bortner Design China
Breton China China
Bretton Woods China
Brexton (England) China
Briard, Georges China
Brick Oven China China
Bridal Arts China
Bridalane China
Bride Craft China
Bridge China
Bridgeness Pottery China
Bridget & Bates China
Bridgewater, Emma China
Bridgwood & Clarke China
Bridgwood & Son China
Brighton China China
Brilliant Tableware China
Bristol China Co-Eng China
Bristol Eng(See Pou) China
Bristol House-China China
Bristol-Japan China
Brit/Canada Crock Co China
Britamic China
Britann & Pottery China
Britannia Designs Lt China
Britannia Pottery Co China
Britannica Home Fash China
British Anchor China
British Art Pottery China
British China Co China
British Empire Ware China
British Exchange Col China
British Home Stores China
British Roskyl Potte China
Briton China
Brixton China
Broadhurst China
Brock China
Brolli (Italy) China
Bromley China
Brooks Bros China
Brooks China China
Brookwood China
Bros Hofmann (Bav) China
Bros Loew&Co China
Brother Sister Dsgn China
Brougham & Mayer China
Brougham Fine China China
Brown & Richie China
Brown & Steventon China
Brown,Westhead&Moore China
Brownfield & Sons China
Brownhills Pottery China
Brownlow Heritage Ch China
Broyhill China
Brunelli China
Brunswick (See Fur) China
Brusche Ceramics China
Brush-Mccoy China
Brushwerks China
Brylane Home China
Bs Japan China
Bt Co China
Bucagco China
Buchan China
Buchau China
Bucka & Nissen China
Buckeburg-Germany China
Buckingham (England) China
Buckingham (Japan) China
Buckingham Galleries China
Buckingshire (Japan) China
Buckley Newhall Co China
Budlet China
Buffalo Pottery China
Bulgaria China
Bunzlauer Pottery China
Burden China China
Burford Bros China
Burgess & Campbell China
Burgess & Leigh China
Burgess Brothers China
Burleigh (See Bul) China
Burley & Tyrell Co China
Burley & Tyrrell Co China
Burley And Co China
Burlington Fine Porc China
Burnsoo China China
Burroughs&Mountford China
Burslem (See Bul) China
Burslem Pottery Co China
Bursley China
Burton & Burton China
Burtondale China
Buttermilk Acres China
Bw Next China
Bw&Co (See Bwc) China

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