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Pattern NamePattern NumberDescriptionManufacturer

Auf Wiedersehen153Hummel-FigurineHummel
Australian Wanderer2064 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Autumn Harvest355 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Autumn Time2200 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baby Boy (Alfred)2322/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baby Girl (Traudl)2322/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baby'S First Drawing2201 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baker'S Delight2162 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baking Day330Hummel-FigurineHummel
Baking Time2116/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Band Leader129Hummel-FigurineHummel
Barnyard Hero195Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bashful Serenade2133 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Basket828071 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Basket Buddies Set2322 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bath Time412Hummel-FigurineHummel
Be Mine2050/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Be My Guest2269 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Be Patient197Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bee Hopeful2107/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Begging His Share9Hummel-FigurineHummel
Behave339 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bells On High2096V Hummel-FigurineHummel
Benevolent Birdfeeder2187 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Berlin Airlift Memorial153 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Best Friends731 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Best Wishes540 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Big Announcement2153 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Big Fish907 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Big Housecleaning363Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bird Duet169Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bird Watcher300Hummel-FigurineHummel
Birthday Present341Hummel-FigurineHummel
Birthday Serenade218Hummel-FigurineHummel
Blessed Child78 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Blessed Event333Hummel-FigurineHummel
Blossom Time608 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Blumenkinder914 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Book Worm3 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Book Worm8Hummel-FigurineHummel
Boots 143Hummel-FigurineHummel
Botanist Vase638 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Boy With Accordion390Hummel-FigurineHummel
Boy With Horse239CHummel-FigurineHummel
Boy With Toothache217Hummel-FigurineHummel
Boys Best Friend2101B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Brave Soldier802 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Brave Voyager796 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bumblebee Blossom2068/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bumblebee Friend837 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Bunny'S Mother547 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Busy Student367Hummel-FigurineHummel
Butterfly Wishes2284 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Call To Glory739Hummel-FigurineHummel
Camera Ready2132 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Can I Play?2097 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Can'T Catch Me2228 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Carefree490 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Catch Of The Day2031 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celebrate With Song790Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celebration Of Freedom2154/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celestial Dreamer2135/E Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celestial Drummer2096C Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celestial Musician188Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celestial Reveille2096G Hummel-FigurineHummel
Celestial Strings2096F Hummel-FigurineHummel
Checkpoint Charlie332 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cheeky Fellow554Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cheerful Tune2150/8 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Chick Girl57Hummel-FigurineHummel
Children'S Nativity2230 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Chimney Sweep12Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christ Child18Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Angel301 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas By Candlight838 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Delivery2014Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Duet Collector'S Set2280 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Gift2074/4 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Is Coming2001 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Morning2263 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Song343Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Surprise536 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Time2106 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Treat2264 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Christmas Wish2094 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Circus Act2166 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Circus Act828082 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Clear As A Bell2181 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Close Harmony336Hummel-FigurineHummel
Coffee Break409Hummel-FigurineHummel
Come Back Soon545 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Come Pick Flowers With Me493,793Hummel-FigurineHummel
Come With Me905 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Comfort And Care2075 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Coming From The Woods2241 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Concentration302 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Congratulations17 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Country Suitor760 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cowboy Corral2021 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cuddles2049/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cuddly Calf2324 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cuddly Kitty2331 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Culprits 56AHummel-FigurineHummel
Curious Colt2311 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Cymbals Of Joy2096U Hummel-FigurineHummel
Daddy'S Girls371Hummel-FigurineHummel
Daisies Don'T Tell380Hummel-FigurineHummel
Dearly Beloved2003Hummel-FigurineHummel
Declaration Of Freedom2114 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Devine Drummer2096M Hummel-FigurineHummel
Do I Dare411 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Do You Love It2217/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Doll Bath319Hummel-FigurineHummel

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