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Pattern NamePattern NumberDescriptionManufacturer

Hee Haw2326 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Hello World429Hummel-FigurineHummel
Helping Mother325 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Heres My Heart766 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Hitting The High Note846 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Holiday Fun2204 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Holy Child 70Hummel-FigurineHummel
Holy Offering718/C Hummel-FigurineHummel
Home From Market198Hummel-FigurineHummel
Homecoming2216 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Homeward Bound334Hummel-FigurineHummel
Honey Lover312Hummel-FigurineHummel
Honor Student2087B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Hope2203 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Horse Trainer423Hummel-FigurineHummel
Hummele365 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Hush A Bye718/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
I Brought You A Gift479Hummel-FigurineHummel
I Didn'T Do It626Hummel-FigurineHummel
I Will Follow You906 Hummel-FigurineHummel
I Wonder486Hummel-FigurineHummel
I'Ll Protect Him483Hummel-FigurineHummel
I'M Carefree633Hummel-FigurineHummel
I'M Here478Hummel-FigurineHummel
Icy Adventure2058 Hummel-FigurineHummel
In "D" Major430Hummel-FigurineHummel
In The Kitchen2038 Hummel-FigurineHummel
In The Meadow459Hummel-FigurineHummel
In Tune414Hummel-FigurineHummel
Is It Raining420Hummel-FigurineHummel
It'S Cold421Hummel-FigurineHummel
Join In Song718/D Hummel-FigurineHummel
Joy Of Hope2252 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Joyful Covered BoxIII/53Hummel-FigurineHummel
Joyful Noise643 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Joyful Recital2096K Hummel-FigurineHummel
Joyous News27 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just Dozing451 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just Ducky2278 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just Fishing373Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just For You2309/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just Horsin' Around2043/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Just Resting112Hummel-FigurineHummel
Keeper Of The Goal2212 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Keeping Time2183 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Kinder Choir Hummel-FigurineHummel
Kiss Me311Hummel-FigurineHummel
Kitty Kisses2033 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Knit One, Purl One432Hummel-FigurineHummel
Knitting Lesson256Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lamplight Caroler847 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Land In Sight530Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lantern Fun2115 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Large Colored Nativity Figurines #260260Hummel-FigurineHummel
Latest News184Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lazybones612 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Learning To Share2250 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let It Shine718/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let It Snow2036 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let Me Help You2246 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let'S Be Friends2232 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let'S Play2051/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let'S Sing110Hummel-FigurineHummel
Let'S Tell The World487Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lets Take To The Ice #2143b2143B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Letter To Santa Claus340Hummel-FigurineHummel
Light Of Hope2233 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Light The Way715 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Architect410Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Band392 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Band-Candleholder388Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Bookkeeper306Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Cellist89 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Cobbler2267 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Concerto2257 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Drummer240Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Farm Hand2085 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Fiddler Wall Plaque93Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Fiddler-Black Hat4Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Fiddler-Brown Hat2Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Fisherman803 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Flag Bearer239-E Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Gabriel32Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Gardener74Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Goat Herder200Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Guardian145Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Helper73Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Hiker16Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Knitter2107B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Luck2296 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Maestro826 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Miss Mail Carrier2120 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Nurse376Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Pharmacist322Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Scholar80Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Seamstress2270 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Shopper96Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Sweeper171Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Tailor308Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Tooter214HHummel-FigurineHummel
Little Troubadour558Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Velma219/2/0 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Little Visitor563Hummel-FigurineHummel
Littlest Teacher2268 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Loads Of Fun2156 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Look At Me2279 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Look What I Made2217/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Looking Around2089/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lost Sheep68Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lost Stocking374Hummel-FigurineHummel
Love In Bloom699Hummel-FigurineHummel
Love Petals804 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Loves Bounty751Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lucky Boy335 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lucky Charmer2071 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lucky Fellow560Hummel-FigurineHummel
Lucky Friend2235 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Madonna Holding Child151 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Madonna With Halo45Hummel-FigurineHummel

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