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Pattern NamePattern NumberDescriptionManufacturer

Madonna Without Halo46Hummel-FigurineHummel
Maid To Order2091 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Make A Wish475 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Make Me Pretty2092 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Making New Friends2002Hummel-FigurineHummel
March Winds43Hummel-FigurineHummel
Market Girl2272 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Marmalade Lover2249 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Max & Moritz123Hummel-FigurineHummel
May Dance791 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Mayor2266 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Me & My Shadow2164 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Melodic Mandolin2135/D Hummel-FigurineHummel
Melody Conductor2198 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Merry Christmas Wall Plaque323Hummel-FigurineHummel
Merry Wanderer11Hummel-FigurineHummel
Merry Wanderer7Hummel-FigurineHummel
Merry Wanderer Wall Plaque92Hummel-FigurineHummel
Merry Wandress2059 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Messages Of Love2050/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Millennium Bliss2096H Hummel-FigurineHummel
Millennium Collection Set-Figurine2060,2061,2062,2063,2064Hummel-FigurineHummel
Millennium Madonna855 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Miscellaneous Hummel Figurines Hummel-FigurineHummel
Mischief Maker342Hummel-FigurineHummel
Miss Beehaving2105 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Mixing The Cake2167 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Monkey Business-Freedom Day2069A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Morning Call2227 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Morning Concert447Hummel-FigurineHummel
Morning Stroll375 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Mother'S Darling175Hummel-FigurineHummel
Mother'S Helper133Hummel-FigurineHummel
Musik Please2108/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Best Friend2049/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Favorite Pony2019 Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Heart'S Desire2102/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Little Lamb661 Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Lucky Heart2298 Hummel-FigurineHummel
My Wish Is Small463Hummel-FigurineHummel
Nativity All White Figures #214214Hummel-FigurineHummel
Nativity-Small Colored214/0 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Nature'S Gift729Hummel-FigurineHummel
Night Before Christmas2234 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Nimble Fingers758 Hummel-FigurineHummel
No Bed Please2313 Hummel-FigurineHummel
No Thank You535 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Noisemakers2358 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Not For You317Hummel-FigurineHummel
Nutcracker Sweet2130 Hummel-FigurineHummel
O'Tannenbaum2316 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Oh No2082 Hummel-FigurineHummel
On Holiday350Hummel-FigurineHummel
On Our Way472Hummel-FigurineHummel
On Parade720 Hummel-FigurineHummel
On Secret Path386Hummel-FigurineHummel
Once Upon A Time2051/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
One Coat Or Two2040 Hummel-FigurineHummel
One Cup Of Sugar2116/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
One For You, One For Me482 Hummel-FigurineHummel
One Plus One556 Hummel-FigurineHummel
One, Two, Three555Hummel-FigurineHummel
Only For You2309/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Ooh, My Tooth533 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Out Of Danger56/BHummel-FigurineHummel
Over The Horizon Plaque828 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pampered Puppy2340 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Parade Of Lights616Hummel-FigurineHummel
Parade Of States2153 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Patriotic Spirit2154/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pay Attention426 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Peaceful Blessing814 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Peaceful Offering #20662066 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Peaceful Sounds718/E Hummel-FigurineHummel
Perfect Pitch2150/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Picture Perfect2100 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pigtails2052 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Playful Blessing658Hummel-FigurineHummel
Playful Pals2053 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Playing Around2088/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pleasant Journey406Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pocket Full Of Posies2174/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pony Express2043/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Postman 119Hummel-FigurineHummel
Practice Makes Perfect771Hummel-FigurineHummel
Practice Makes Perfect Girl2223 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Prayer Before Battle20Hummel-FigurineHummel
Precious Bouquet2282/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Precious Pony2310 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pretty Performer2171/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pretty Please489 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pretty Posey2174/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pretzel Boy2093 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Pretzel Girl2004 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Private Conversation615 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Prized Pig2325 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Proud Baker2271 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Proud Moments800 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppet Love2209/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppet Pal2209/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppet Prince2103/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppet Princess2103/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppy Love1Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppy Pal2229 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppy Pause2032 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Puppy'S Bath2281 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Ready To Play2274 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Rejoice-20032135G Hummel-FigurineHummel
Relaxation316 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Retreat To Safety201Hummel-FigurineHummel
Retreat To Safety Plaque126Hummel-FigurineHummel
Ride Into Christmas396Hummel-FigurineHummel
Riding Lesson2020 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Ring Around The Rosie348 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Rodeo Roundup-United States2356 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Rolling Around2088/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Roses Are Red762Hummel-FigurineHummel

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