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Pattern NamePattern NumberDescriptionManufacturer

Rupert & St.Nicholas Day Set473 & 2012Hummel-FigurineHummel
Ruprecht473 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sad Song404Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sailing Lesson2290 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Saint George55Hummel-FigurineHummel
Saint Nicholas Day2012Hummel-FigurineHummel
Scamp553 Hummel-FigurineHummel
School Boy82Hummel-FigurineHummel
School Boys170Hummel-FigurineHummel
School Days2220 Hummel-FigurineHummel
School Girl81Hummel-FigurineHummel
School Girls177Hummel-FigurineHummel
School'S Out538 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Scooter Time2070 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Searching Angel310Hummel-FigurineHummel
Seasons Best #2143a2143A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Secret Admirer2102/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sensitive Hunter6Hummel-FigurineHummel
Seraphim Soprano2096R Hummel-FigurineHummel
Serenade Of Song2171/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Shall We Dance2177 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sharing A Song2080/J Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sharpest Student2087A Hummel-FigurineHummel
She Caught It2265 Hummel-FigurineHummel
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not174Hummel-FigurineHummel
Shepherd Boy395Hummel-FigurineHummel
Shepherd'S Apprentice2226 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Shepherd'S Boy64Hummel-FigurineHummel
Shining Light358Hummel-FigurineHummel
Signs Of Spring203Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sing Along433Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sing With Me405Hummel-FigurineHummel
Singing Lesson63Hummel-FigurineHummel
Singing Lesson Ashtray34Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sister'S Children2288 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Skate In Stride2058B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Skating Lesson2058A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sleep Tight424 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sleepy Doll2009 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sleigh Ride2236 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Smart Little Sister346Hummel-FigurineHummel
Smiling Through408Hummel-FigurineHummel
Soap Box Derby2121 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Soldier Boy332Hummel-FigurineHummel
Song Of Hope2330 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Song Of Praise454Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sound The Trumpet457 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sounds Of Joy2135/F Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sounds Of The Mandolin438Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sparkling Shell2301 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Special Delivery2248 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spirited Saxophonist-20052135J Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Cheer72Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Dance 353Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Fancy912/D Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Gifts2273 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Love912/C Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Song2244 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Sowing2086 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Step2242 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Sweetheart2245 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Time912/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Tune2243 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Spring Waltz912/B Hummel-FigurineHummel
Springtime Friends2218 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Star Gazer132Hummel-FigurineHummel
Star Light,Star Bright2037 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Steadfast Soprano848 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Stormy Weather71Hummel-FigurineHummel
Story Time2261 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Storybook Time458 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Street Singer131Hummel-FigurineHummel
Strike Up The Band668Hummel-FigurineHummel
String Symphony2096D Hummel-FigurineHummel
Strolling Along5Hummel-FigurineHummel
Strolling With Friends2285 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Strum Along557 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Summer Adventure2124 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Summer Castles2275 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Summer Delight2276 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Summertime Surprise428 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunday Stroll2237 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunflower Boy2219 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunflower Friends2104 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunflower Girl2195 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunflowers, My Love?902 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sunshower634 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Supreme Protection364Hummel-FigurineHummel
Surprise Visit2013 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Susi2254 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet As Can Be541 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet Caroling Set171001 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet Greetings352Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet Music186Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet Nap2122 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweet Treats2067/A Hummel-FigurineHummel
Sweetheart2323 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Swimming Lesson2251 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Tasty Treats2016 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Teacher'S Pet2125 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Teddy Bear828070 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Teddy Tales2155 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Telling Her Secret196Hummel-FigurineHummel
Tender Love2007Hummel-FigurineHummel
Tent828081 Hummel-FigurineHummel
Thanksgiving Prayer641Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Accompanist453Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Angler566 Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Artist Dealer Plaque756 Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Botanist351Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Cat'S Meow2136 Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Guardian455Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Little Pair449Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Mail Is Here226Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Mail Is Here,Plaque140Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Poet397 Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Professor320Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Run-A-Way327Hummel-FigurineHummel
The Surprise431Hummel-FigurineHummel

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