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Sango Patterns

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Pattern Name Stem Number Manufacturer
Quarry-Gold 4956 Sango
Quarry-White 4953 Sango
Queen's Garden 3814 Sango
Quetico 8514 Sango
Radiance 1100 Sango
Radius 4916 Sango
Rainbow Blue 8883 Sango
Rainbow Cranberry 8887 Sango
Rainsong 3778 Sango
Raintree 3803 Sango
Rambler Rose Sango
Rambler Rose Sango
Reception 3678 Sango
Reflections 3843 Sango
Reflections 1055 Sango
Regal Sango
Regal (Gold Trim) Sango
Regard Grey Sango
Regency 333 Sango
Regency Sango
Regency (Imperial Deluxe) Sango
Rene Sango
Repose 122 Sango
Reverie Sango
Rhapsody 6264 Sango
Rhapsody 333324 Sango
Rhapsody (No #, Pink Band) Sango
Rheims 3697 Sango
Rhythm 250 Sango
Ribbon-Blue 845 Sango
Richelieu 3756 Sango
Ring Around-Black Sango
Ring Around-Blue Sango
Ring Around-Brown Sango
Ring Around-Yellow Sango
Riviera-Black 1003 Sango
Riviera-White 1002 Sango
Rococo Sango
Roma Rose Sango
Romance 8112 Sango
Romance 3666 Sango
Romance (No #) Sango
Romantica 8396 Sango
Romping 1504 Sango
Rondo Sango
Rosalie 6177 Sango
Rosalie -Sango No#(Many Roses In Design) Sango
Rosalinda Sango
Rosanne 6176 Sango
Rosanne Sango
Rose Sango
Rose Chintz 3793 Sango
Rose Flair 3661A Sango
Rosebud 8809 Sango
Rosebuds 2389 Sango
Roselane Sango
Roselinda Sango
Rosemarie Sango
Rosemary 925 Sango
Rosemont Sango
Rosepoint 3823 Sango
Rosetta 3104 Sango
Roulette-Beige 4103 Sango
Roulette-Blue 4101 Sango
Roulette-Brown 4102 Sango
Roulette-Pink 4105 Sango
Rowena Sango
Royal Castle Sango
Royal Harvest Sango
Royal Majestic Sango
Royal Meissen-Blue Sango
Royal Muse 6845 Sango
Royal Satin 6208 Sango
Royale 3590 Sango
Royalty 3625 Sango
Rubaiyat 7015 Sango
Ruby 8823 Sango
Rustic Rooster Sango
Rustic-Blue Sango
Rustic-Brown Sango
Rustic-Charcoal Sango
Rustic-Cranberry Sango
Rustic-Cream Sango
Rustic-Green Sango
Sabrina 8840-45 Sango
Safari 219 Sango
Safari 8808 Sango
Sage 3785 Sango
Sahara Blue 316 Sango
Sahara Brown 315 Sango
Salt & Pepper 6147 Sango
Samba 8725 Sango
Samos Sango
Sandstone-Black Sango
Sandstone-Teal Sango
Sandstone-Terra Cotta Sango
Sangria 3075 Sango
Sapphire 8822 Sango
Saratoga 8801 Sango
Sasa Sango
Saturn-Blue 280 Sango
Saturn-Sienna 281 Sango
Saturn-White 282 Sango
Savannah 4641 Sango
Savannah 8874 Sango
Savannah (Gold) 3723 Sango
Savannah-Blue (Platinum) 7027 Sango
Savoir Faire 274635/284 Sango
Savoy 3724 Sango
Savoy 8802 Sango
Scala 8002 Sango
Scandia-Blue 105 Sango
Scandia-Brown Sango
Scandia-Sienna 107 Sango
Scarsdale 8079 Sango
Scottsdale 1094 Sango
Sculptura 6206 Sango
Sculpture Rose 1051 Sango
Sculpture White 1045 Sango
Sea Side 217017 Sango

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Ken - Med | Med - Orb | Orb - Qua | Qua - Sea | Sea - Sur | Sus - Vog
Vog - SAN76 | SAN77 - SAN106

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