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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

The following lists are patterns by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co. in which we are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible). For some of the patterns listed, we may already have some kind of image, be it a different piece type or a lesser quality scan.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
4158 Gold Scrolls Flowers&Leaves,Gold Trim H 4158
7031 New York,Gold Encrusted Bands H 7031
8645 Bluebberries And Greenery,Gold Daubs H 8645
15881 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers,Rings H 15881
15913 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Laurel H 15913
16222 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red Roses On Gold H 16222
16238 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Checks,Floral H 16238
16400 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red & Green Bands H 16400
34670 Yellow Scrolls On Blue, Red&Yellow Roses H 34670
36374 Red Edge,Floral Center H 36374
16353/16354 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Floral,Green Band H 16353
A La Corbeille Center Floral Basket Design, Floral Rim H ALC
Adams France H ADA
Amaryllis Alize Shape,Pink&Green Floral,Gold Trim H AMAR
Amazonie Derby Shape, Green Marble Band H AMA
Amboise (France) France, Encrusted H AMBO
Ambrosia   H AMBR
Arbre De Vie Blue,Red&Green Abstrct Rim, Tree On Cup H ARDV
Arbre Des Indies-Purple Purple Tree & Flowers, Scalloped H ARDIPU
Arbutis France H ARBU
Aristocracy Cobalt Blueband,Gold Design,Gold Trim H ARI
Ashley (Greylock Shape) New York,Greylock,Embossed Laurel,Roses H ASHL
Au Charme Du Logis This Is Not A Pattern H AUCL
Auberge Green Floral Center Swirl Edge H AUB
Aux Rubans Blue Lines,Yellow&Orange Flowers H AURU
Bach H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree/Green Band H BAC
Bartlett Star Blank Gold Trim H BART
Basque Theodore, Floral Garland, Inner Gold H BAS
Beaugency H&Co H BEAUG
Beauvallon H&Co H BEAUVAL
Birchmere France,Blue Leaves & Trim, Scalloped H BIRF
Bizt H&Co H BIZ
Bleu Royal H&Co, Dark Blue Rim, White Center H BLR
Blue Luxor Blue Band With Gold Design, Rim Shape H BLL
Blue Mosaic Blue Diamonds & Trim, Multisided H BLM
Bluedale France,Blue Flowers H BLU
Bourbon Theo, Floral Rim, Vase In Center H BOUR
Brazil Peasant,Wreath, Border Of Birds/Flowers H BRAZ
Bridal Rose France H BRR
Burgoyne Theo, Green Laurel On Rim H BURGO
Burgundy (New York) New York, Gold Trim Multifloral Swags H BURG
Calanque France, Sea Creatures H CAL
Carnation France H CARN
Carolina Rose,Peach&Gold Flowers,Cream Body H CARO
Cashmere-Green (Torse Shape) Green Floral Band Torse Shape H CASHG
Casteil H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree On White H CAST
Chambord-Rubis (Ruby) Rubis (Ruby) Border Sevres Shape H CHARU
Chapelle Ny, Floral Rim & Center, Scalloped H CHAP
Chardonneret Bird On White Background, Swirl Edge H CHARD
Chartres Pink Border,Floral,Yellow/Green Scrolls H CHART
Chateau Grnborder,Wht Design H CHATEG
Chatelaine Blue H&Co, Blue Mosaic Band W/ Gems H CHBL
Chatelaine-Green (No Verge) No Verge,Green Band Design On Rim H CHAG1
Chatelet Serves Shape, Les Traditionelles H CHATELE
Chenoncheaux-Emeraude (Green) Emeraude (Green) Sevres Shape H CHEG
Cherverny Lazuli H&Co H CHL
Chesterfield France, Parrot Pattern H CHES
Chintz Theo,Single Red Rosebuds All Over H CHINT
Chopin Les Classiques Derby Shape H CHO
Clair De Lune (No Arches) Plain, Platinum Trim & Verge H CLDL
Clair De Lune-Arches & Leaves Platinum Leaves & Arches, Accent Plates H CLDLUA
Clematis Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Smooth H CLEM
Colbert Fr, Cobalt Blue Rim Gold Encrusted H COLB
Colonial New York H COL
Commodore-Orange Trim H&Co,Decal 911,Floral,Orange Trim H COMM
Concorde (Encrusted) Encrusted, "Les Traditionelles",Smooth H CONCOR
Consulat Sevres Shape H CON
Coronet France H COROF
Coronet New York H CORON
Courcelles H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Laurel On Cobalt H COURC
Czarina Theo,Blank 122,Green Roses,Blue Scroll H CZA
Debussy Les Classiques Derby Shape H DEB
Diplomat Sevres Shape H DIP
Dogwood (France) France, Pink, Rose & Lavender H DOG
Doha-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) H DOHG
Dresden Rose France, Purple, Pink/Gray, Gold Roses H DRR
Eileen Rose,Blue&Yellow Floral,Ivory,Gold Trim H EIL
Empress H&Co,Blank 429A,Cobalt Blue Band H EMPR
Ernestine Blue, Pink Flower Border H ERN
Esther-Gold Encrusted Gold Band,Gold Verge ,Smooth H ESTG
Eugenie (Green Lvs,Pink Rose) Cream, Ring Of Greenleaves, Pink Roses H EUGE
Evangeline France H EVA
Excelsior-Green Green Marble W/White & Gold Design H EXCE
Faramount Pink&Yellow Flowers Rim&Center,Green Tr. H FAR
Feu De Four (This Is Not A Pattern) (Appears On Various Patterns) H FEF
Flanders Theo,Cream Rim,Multifloral Rim&Center H FLA
Floral Pink Border,Floral Rim & Center H FLORAL1
Flore H&Co H FLORE1
Florentine Gold Gold Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLG
Florentine Lavende Lavender Rim,Gold Trim&Center Branch H FLL
Florentine Platinum Platinum Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLP
Florida H&Co,White Background, Flower Center&Rim H FLORID
Fontainbleau H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Floral On Cobalt H FONTAI
Fontainebleau H&Co,Schleiger 700A,Blue,Scrolls,Roses H FONTA
Fontvieille H&Co H FONTV
French Roses France,Swirl Rim,Floral,No Trim H FRR
Gooseberry France H GOO
Habit-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) Background & Leaves H HABG
Haddau Floral Design H HAD
Haviland'S Holly H&Co, Schleiger 514,Green Holly H HAH
Hawthorne Grayish/Off White Flower Cluster H HAW
Hollyware Holly & Berries H HOLL
Hortense Theo,Green Band,Green&Red Design H HORT
Hozu Rapids Theo,Branches,Rust Berries&Flowers H HOR
Illusion-Celadon Barbara Barry, Pale Green Panels & Bands H ILLCE
Illusion-Endive Barbara Barry,Pale Yellow Panels & Bands H ILLY
Illusion-Lavender Barbara Barry, Lavender Panels & Bands H ILLL
Imperator Bleu H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Design,Cobalt Band H IMBL
Ivory Theo, Cream Rim, Mult-Sided, Gold Trim H IVOR
Josephine H&Co,Schleiger 258A,Pink Flowers H JOS
Kairouan   H KAI
Lassiter France H LASS
Latour Floral Rim&Center,Scalloped Verge H LAT
Laurier-Black Black Band, Derby Shape H LAUBL
Laurier-Blue Blue Border, Derby Shape H LAUBLU
Laurier-Gold Gold Band, Derby Shape H LAUG
Laurier-Green Green Band, Derby Shape H LAUGR
Lausanne France,Decagon,Pink&Yellow,Gold Trim H LAUS
Les Cerisier Blue Willow-Like Design,Blue H LEC
Levigne Floral, France H LEV
Liberty Theo, Multicolor Center Flowers,Gold Tr H LIB
Limousin Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Scalloped H LIM
Lincoln Service, The Limited Edition,Purple Band,Gold Dots H LISE
Liszt Les Classiques Derby Shape H LISZ
Louis Xiv Undecorated All White, Scalloped H LOUISXI
Louvecienne Or H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Flowers,Laurel/Rim H LOO
Louveciennes Torse Shape, Laurel&Scroll, Floral Ctr H LOUVEC
Lucerne Tan Scrolls,Green Border,Pink Roses H LUC
Lutece Gold Gold Trim H LUGO
Mai Theodore, Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green Floral H MAI1
Manchester Pink&Gold Roses,Gold Ribbon,No Trim H MAN
Marly   H MARL
Marseille H&Co, Blank 427 Green Flowers H MARSEI
Marthe Blue&Gold Scroll Decor,Gold Trim H MART
Matrah H&Co,Gold Encrusted Bands,Green/Gold H MAT
Mayenne, The Gold Encrusted Border&Inner Band H MAYE
Medicis H&Co H MED
Mendelssohn Les Classiques Derby Shape H MEN
Mesange Various Bird Motif, Torse Shape H MES
Mezzatint-Green New York, Green H MEZG
Minuit Sevres Shape H MIN
Mir Hab Pink Floral Design Theodore,France H MIH
Monestier H&Co,Gold Scroll Encrusted Band H MONE
Mont Mery Theo,St Cloud Blank,Blue & Brown Roses H MOME
Mont Mery Theo,Smooth,Red,Gold&Green Floral,Blue H MOMER
Monte Carlo France H MOC
Monteray (France) France H MONTE
Monthalon Fr, Cobalt Rim, Golddesign & Encrusted H MONTH
Montrose H&Co,Vines&Flowers,Gold Trim H MONTROSE
Morny H&Co H MORN
Mosaic-Green Ny,Green Rim,Floral Band H MOSG
Moss Rose (Peach Trim) H&Co, Moss Rose Center H MORO2
Mozart H&Co H MOZ
Nairobi H&Co H NAI
Nankin Floral Border & Ctr H NAN
Narimane H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Blue&Gold Design H NARI
Nation Les Traditionelles Sevres Shape H NATI
Norman France H NORMA
Normandy Theodore,Multicolor Floral,Scalloped H NORMAN
Nuit Bleue-Platinim Blue Band, Platinum Rings H NUBP
Nuit D'Ete Multicolor Flowers On Black Band H NUD
Opera Les Traditionelles,Sevres,Encrusted Band H OPE
Ophelia (France) France, Rim Shape H OPH
Or Et Or Gold Design H OREO
Oraison H&Co H ORAI
Orangeraie Octagonal,Oranges&Blue Leaves On Blue H ORA
Orient Sevress Shape, Gold Encrusted Edge H ORIEN
Orsay Gold Sevres Shape,White,Gold Trim&Verge H ORG
Paisley (New York) New York H PAIN
Palais Royal   H PARO
Pallas New York, Rose, Bluegold & Green H PAL
Palme Or H&Co H PAO
Pascal   H PASC
Pastorale Bleu Blue Scene Center, Gold Flowers H PAB
Pebble White France, White, Rim Shape H PEW
Peeress Blue Band, Gold Encrusted Band, Cream H PEE
Pekin Different Oriental Scenes H PEK
Persepolis Pink, Rust, Blue Floral Center, Plat H PERS
Picardy (New York) Ny, Floral, Thin Yellow Inner Line H PICA
Pierrefonds Theo,Multisided,Floral Rim&Center H PIE
Pilgrin France, Yellow Beads & Laurel H PIL
Pink Fancy New York H PIF
Pink Spray (Ny,Multisided) Ny,Multisided,Pink Flowers H PISNM
Plumes Or (Gold) Sevres Shape, Gold Leaves&Dots H PLO
Plumes Platinum Sevres Shape, Platinum Leaves&Dots H PLP
Plymouth H&Co, Schleiger 716,Multifloral Border H PLYM
Pompadour (Yellow Scrolls) Theo, Blue Band,Pink Roses,Floral Swags H POMPA
Pompadour-Cobalt Sevres, Cobalt Rim, Gold Encrusted&Decor H POMCB
Pompadour-Red France, Red Rim, Gold Encrusted H POMR
Pompei-Lazuli Lazuli (Royal Blue) Border,Gold Verge H POML
Presentation Plates-Pink Pink, Empire Shape H PRPP
Primavera New York H PRIM
Prince Sevres Shape H PRIN
Prince De Conde H&Co, Gold&Platinum Encrusted Bands H PRDC
Printemps H&Co, Schleiger 926,Octagonal, Floral H PRINT
Priscilla Turquoise New York H PRT
Provence-Celadon All Light Green,Embossed Leaves, Berries H PROCE
Provence-Ciel All Light Blue,Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROB
Provence-Ivory All Ivory, Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROIV
Provence-Lavender All Lavender,Embossed Leaves/Berries H PROL
Queen Cobalt Band,Scallop Gold Encrusted H QUE
Ravel H&Co H RAV
Regency Rose   H RER
Repulse Bay France H REB
Resonance Blanc Francois Bauchet,White,Circles H REBL
Resonance Blanc (Matte) Francois Bauchet,Matte White,Circles H REBLM
Resonance Celedon Francois Bauchet,Celedon,Circles H REC
Resonance Etruscan Francois Bauchet, Concentric Circles H REE
Ressis H&Co H RES
Ritz Club Derby 3 Shape, Gold Decor On White H RICL
Ritz Club Chargers Various Color Charger Plates H RICC
Romance France, Pink/Rose, Gold Trim H ROMA
Rose Trellis France H ROT
Rosemont Fr, Small Rosebuds Gold Trim H ROSEMO
Rosetta France H ROSET
Royale (New York) Ny, Flower Urn, Ringof Flowers In Rim H ROY
Royale Red New York, Red Band, Gold Trim, Rim Shap H ROR
Rumania Theo,Sch 864, Green Scrolls,Red Panels H RUMG
Sandra Ny,Pink & White Flowers H SAND
Saumur Theodore, Floral, Multisided H SAU
Savoie (Ny, Three Bands Of Gold) Ny, Three Bands Of Gold, Cream Rim H SAVO
Schleiger 3 H&Co, White, Undecorated, Scalloped H SCH3
Schleiger 4B H&Co,Blank 4,No Edge Scallop H SCH4B
Schleiger 8 H&Co,All White,Embossed Scroll Edge H SCH8
Schleiger 9B H&Co,Blank 9,All White,Embossed,Smooth H SCH9B
Schleiger 11 H&Co, Embossed Dots On Rim H SCH11
Schleiger 17 H&Co, Blank 1 With Daubs & Inner Band H SCH17
Schleiger 20D H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Line H SCH20D
Schleiger 20E H&Co,Smooth Blank,1/16" Gold,Black,Cream H SCH20E
Schleiger 21 H&Co,Blanks 4 & 10,Scallop,Gold Trim H SCH21
Schleiger 23 H&Co,Blank 1, Gold Dabs On Scallops H SCH23
Schleiger 25 H&Co, Blank 1 Gold Trim H SCH25
Schleiger 26 H&Co,Blank 5,White,Gold Daubs,Scalloped H SCH26
Schleiger 27 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Dips In Trim H SCH27
Schleiger 28 H&Co,Blank 4A,Gold Design Center&Edge H SCH28
Schleiger 29Az H&Co,Blank 13,W/Wavy Gold,Blue Floral H SCH29AZ
Schleiger 29B H&Co,Blank 25,Pink/White Flowers H SCH29B
Schleiger 29Bz H&Co,Blue Floral Rim,Smooth H SCH29BZ
Schleiger 29C H&Co, Blank 5, Pink To White Flowers H SCH29C
Schleiger 29Cz H&Co,Blank 13,Blue Flowers H SCH29CZ
Schleiger 29Ez H&Co, Smooth, Gold&Green Dips,Pink H SCH29EZ
Schleiger 29F H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29F
Schleiger 29Fz H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 423,Pink Flowers H SCH29FZ
Schleiger 29G H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29G
Schleiger 29J H&Co,Blank 19,Pink& White Flowers H SCH29J
Schleiger 29L H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29L
Schleiger 29P H&Co,Yellow Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH29P
Schleiger 29Q H&Co, Blank 13/Wavy Gold,Pink Flowers H SCH29Q
Schleiger 29R H&Co, Blank 424, Pink & White Flowers H SCH29R
Schleiger 29S H&Co, Blank 424, Pink/White Flowers H SCH29S
Schleiger 29T H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Pink Floral H SCH29T
Schleiger 29V H&Co, Blank 1, Salmon Flowers H SCH29V
Schleiger 29W H&Co,Salmon Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH29W
Schleiger 29X H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH29X
Schleiger 29Y H&Co,Blank 3,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH29Y
Schleiger 29Z H&Co,Blank 7,Pink/White Floral,Scallop H SCH29Z
Schleiger 30A H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses H SCH30A
Schleiger 30D H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 426,Dubonnette,Blue H SCH30D
Schleiger 30E H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH30E
Schleiger 30G H&Co,Blank 209,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH30G
Schleiger 30H H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Roses H SCH30H
Schleiger 30I H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Roses H SCH30I
Schleiger 30J H&Co, Blank 5, Pink Roses H SCH30J
Schleiger 30K H&Co, Blank 16, Pink Roses H SCH30K
Schleiger 30M H&Co, Blank 425, Pink Roses H SCH30M
Schleiger 30N H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses,Yellow Flowers H SCH30N
Schleiger 30O H&Co,Blank 640,Aqua Roses H SCH30O
Schleiger 31C H&Co, Blank 19, Pink To White Roses H SCH31C
Schleiger 31D H&Co, Blank 3, Pink To White Roses H SCH31D
Schleiger 31E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Scalloped H SCH31E
Schleiger 31F H&Co, Blank 22, Pink To White Roses H SCH31F
Schleiger 31G H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Roses H SCH31G
Schleiger 31H H&Co,Blank 4,Trim 1122,Pink Roses H SCH31H
Schleiger 32B H&Co,Blank 5, Green Edge Brushed Gold H SCH32B
Schleiger 32C H&Co,Bl1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH32C
Schleiger 32D H&Co,Blank 219,Yellow Flowers W/Brown H SCH32D
Schleiger 32E H&Co,Pink,White&Blue Floral,Smooth H SCH32E
Schleiger 32G H&Co,Blank 204, Pink& White Flowers H SCH32G
Schleiger 32H H&Co,Blank 22, Turquoise,Pink Floral H SCH32H
Schleiger 32I H&Co,Blank 5, Pink Floral, Green Leaves H SCH32I
Schleiger 32J H&Co,Blank 17,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32J
Schleiger 32K H&Co,Blank 12,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH32K
Schleiger 32L H&Co,Smooth,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32L
Schleiger 32M H&Co,Blank 12,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32M
Schleiger 33B H&Co,Pink Roses On Green,Yellow Roses H SCH33B
Schleiger 34A H&Co,Blank 2&13,Pink To White Flowers H SCH34A
Schleiger 34B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers H SCH34B
Schleiger 34C H&Co,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH34C
Schleiger 34D H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers H SCH34D
Schleiger 34E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH34E
Schleiger 34F H&Co,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH34F
Schleiger 34G H&Co,Pink Rose, Circles Of Green,Smooth H SCH34G
Schleiger 34H H&Co, Blank 1, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34H
Schleiger 34I H&Co, Blank 9, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34I
Schleiger 34J H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers H SCH34J
Schleiger 35 H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH35
Schleiger 35A H&Co,Blank 1,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH35A
Schleiger 35B H&Co,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves,Smooth H SCH35B
Schleiger 36 H&Co,Blank 5,Blue&Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH36
Schleiger 36B H&Co, Blank 219, Pink Flowers, Daubs H SCH36B
Schleiger 36C H&Co,Smooth, Lavender & Pink Clematis H SCH36C
Schleiger 36E H&Co,Blank 3,Blue&Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH36E
Schleiger 36F H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Clematis,Pink Flowers H SCH36F
Schleiger 36H H&Co,Blank 204,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH36H
Schleiger 36J H&Co,Blank 205,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH36J
Schleiger 36L H&Co,Blank654,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH36L
Schleiger 36M H&Co,Blank 17,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH36M
Schleiger 36N H&Co,Blank 415,Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH36N
Schleiger 37A H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH37A
Schleiger 37B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH37B
Schleiger 38 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH38
Schleiger 38A H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH38A
Schleiger 38B H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Roses,Pink Poppies H SCH38B
Schleiger 39H H&Co,Blank 5 W/Dark Green&Gold Edge,Pink H SCH39H
Schleiger 39J H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH39J
Schleiger 39K H&Co,Blank 5,Green/Gold,Pink Flowers H SCH39K
Schleiger 39L H&Co,Gold Trim & Pin,Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH39L
Schleiger 39M H&Co,Blank 5,Bluish Pink & Pink Roses H SCH39M
Schleiger 39N H&Co,Blank 643,Pink/White Roses H SCH39N
Schleiger 39O H&Co,Blank 17,Green Leaf Band,Pink Rose H SCH39O
Schleiger 39Q H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow&Blue Roses H SCH39Q
Schleiger 40 H&Co,Blank 24,Pink/Brownish Floral H SCH40
Schleiger 40A H&Co,Gold Band,Pink/Brownish Floral H SCH40A
Schleiger 41A H&Co,Blank 25,Brownish/Pink Floral H SCH41A
Schleiger 41E H&Co,Blank 5,Brownish Pink Floral H SCH41E
Schleiger 41F H & Co,Blank 19,Pink Thistles & Daisies H SCH41F
Schleiger 41G H&Co, Gold Line & Band, Pink Flowers H SCH41G
Schleiger 41H H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers H SCH41H
Schleiger 41I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH41I
Schleiger 42B H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Flowers H SCH42B
Schleiger 42C H&Co,Blank 15,Pastel Flowers H SCH42C
Schleiger 42D H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42D
Schleiger 42F H&Co,Blank 17,Pale Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH42F
Schleiger 42I H & Co,Blank 214,Pale Pink Roses H SCH42I
Schleiger 42K H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses H SCH42K
Schleiger 42L H&Co,Blank 205,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42L
Schleiger 42O H&Co,Blank 216,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH42O
Schleiger 42P H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH42P
Schleiger 42Q H&Co, Blank 9, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH42Q
Schleiger 42R H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42R
Schleiger 42S H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Green Ferns H SCH42S
Schleiger 42T H&Co, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH42T
Schleiger 42U H&Co, Blank 1,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH42U
Schleiger 43 H&Co,Blank 10,Lavender/Pink Floral H SCH43
Schleiger 43A H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH43A
Schleiger 43B H&Co,Blank 10, Blue Daisies,Green Leave H SCH43B
Schleiger 43C H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH43C
Schleiger 43D H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender/Pink Flowers H SCH43D
Schleiger 44A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses On Vine Drop Down H SCH44A
Schleiger 45 H&Co,Blank 17,Pink & Turquoise Flowers H SCH45
Schleiger 45B H&Co,Blank 19,Pink & Turquoise Flowers H SCH45B
Schleiger 45C H&Co, Blank 16 Floral H SCH45C
Schleiger 45D H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH45D
Schleiger 45E H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH45E
Schleiger 46A H&Co,Blank 23,Turquoise&Lavender Flowers H SCH46A
Schleiger 46C H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46C
Schleiger 46D H&Co,Blank 22,Bright Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH46D
Schleiger 46E H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH46E
Schleiger 46F H&Co,Blank 219,Blue Lavender Flowers H SCH46F
Schleiger 46G H&Co,Blank 425,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46G
Schleiger 46I H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46I
Schleiger 46J H&Co, Blank 5,Blue Bachelor Button,Pink H SCH46J
Schleiger 46K H&Co, Blank 5, Turquoise & Lavender H SCH46K
Schleiger 46L H&Co, Smooth, Bright Blue & Pink Flower H SCH46L
Schleiger 46M H&Co,Blank 17, Pale Blue & Pink Flower H SCH46M
Schleiger 47 H&Co, Blank 18, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH47
Schleiger 47A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink, White & Blue H SCH47A
Schleiger 48 H&Co, Blank 19, White & Pink Flowers H SCH48
Schleiger 48A H&Co,Smooth, Red Line, Pink & White H SCH48A
Schleiger 49B H&Co, Blank 423, Pink & Gray Roses H SCH49B
Schleiger 49C H&Co,Blank 24,Bright Pink Roses H SCH49C
Schleiger 49D H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH49D
Schleiger 49E H&Co, Smooth, Bright Pink Roses H SCH49E
Schleiger 49F H&Co, Smooth, Pink,Yellow-Green Roses H SCH49F
Schleiger 49G H&Co,Blank 26,Green/Pink Roses H SCH49G
Schleiger 49H H&Co,Blank 24,Blue/Pink Roses H SCH49H
Schleiger 50B H&Co, Blank 643,Pink/Yellow Honeysuckle H SCH50B
Schleiger 50D H&Co,Blank 5, Pink/Yellow Honeysuckle H SCH50D
Schleiger 51 H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Flowers Rim&Center H SCH51
Schleiger 51B H&Co, Blank 1, Small Pink Flowers H SCH51B
Schleiger 51C H&Co, Blank 4 W/Daubs, Yellow Flowers H SCH51C
Schleiger 51D H&Co,Blank 208 W/Daubs,Yellow Flowers H SCH51D
Schleiger 51E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Scattered Flowers H SCH51E
Schleiger 51F H&Co,Blank 653,Blue Border Flowers H SCH51F
Schleiger 52A H&Co,Blank 6,Blue&White Flowers,Ferns H SCH52A
Schleiger 52Az H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52AZ
Schleiger 52Bz H&Co,Blank 24,Cobalt&Gold Design,Floral H SCH52BZ
Schleiger 52Cz H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Flowers,Gold Design H SCH52CZ
Schleiger 52Dz H&Co,Blank 7,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH52DZ
Schleiger 52E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH52E
Schleiger 52Ez H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Floral Border H SCH52EZ
Schleiger 52F H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&White Flowers,Daubs H SCH52F
Schleiger 52Fz H&Co,Blank 4,Gray Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52FZ
Schleiger 52G H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH52G
Schleiger 52GZ H&Co,Blank 4,Gray Floral Border,No Trim H SCH52GZ
Schleiger 52HZ H&Co,Blank 9, Gray Floral, Green Leaves H SCH52HZ
Schleiger 52IZ H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Flowers,Green Ferns H SCH52IZ
Schleiger 52J H&Co, Smooth Blank, Blue Violets, Fern H SCH52J
Schleiger 52JZ H&Co,Blank 205,Pink/White Floral H SCH52JZ
Schleiger 52KZ H&Co,Blank 416,Blue Flowers H SCH52KZ
Schleiger 52L H&Co,Blank 1,Peach&White Floral H SCH52L
Schleiger 52LZ H&Co,Blank 23,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH52LZ
Schleiger 52M H&Co,Blank 217,Blue&White Floral H SCH52M
Schleiger 52N H&Co,Blank 1,Gray To White Floral H SCH52N
Schleiger 52O H&Co,Blank 1,Turquoise Flowers H SCH52O
Schleiger 52P H&Co,Blank 205,Greenedge,Gray Flowers H SCH52P
Schleiger 52T H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Flowers H SCH52T
Schleiger 52V H&Co,Blank 208,Gray Flowers H SCH52V
Schleiger 52W H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flower Edge & Center H SCH52W
Schleiger 52X H&Co,Blank 217,Gray Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52X
Schleiger 52Y H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,Scalloped H SCH52Y
Schleiger 52Z H&Co,Blank 21,Blue Floral Border H SCH52Z
Schleiger 53A H&Co, Blank 423, Pink/White Roses H SCH53A
Schleiger 53C H&Co,Blank 1, Pink & White Roses H SCH53C
Schleiger 53D H&Co,Blank 15, Pink & White Roses H SCH53D
Schleiger 53E H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53E
Schleiger 53G H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53G
Schleiger 53H H&Co, Blank 424,Pink& White Roses H SCH53H
Schleiger 53I H&Co,Blank 2 Or 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53I
Schleiger 53J H&Co,Blank 19,White Roses W/Pink Centers H SCH53J
Schleiger 54 H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH54
Schleiger 54B H&Co,Blank 7, Yellow/Gray Flowers H SCH54B
Schleiger 54C H&Co,Blank 215,Lavener/Gray Floral H SCH54C
Schleiger 54D H&Co,Blank 207,Blue Flowers H SCH54D
Schleiger 54E H&Co,Blank1,Blue Flowers,Brown Accents H SCH54E
Schleiger 54F H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54F
Schleiger 54I H&Co,Blank 9,Pink,Yellow Flowers H SCH54I
Schleiger 54J H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54J
Schleiger 54K H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54K
Schleiger 54L H&Co,Blank 6,Decal 82 On Border H SCH54L
Schleiger 54M H&Co,Blank 4,Lavender Flowers H SCH54M
Schleiger 54N H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow&Gray Floral H SCH54N
Schleiger 54O H&Co,Blank 23,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH54O
Schleiger 54P H&Co,Blank 9,Apricot&Yellow Floral H SCH54P
Schleiger 54Q H&Co,Blank 8,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH54Q
Schleiger 54R H&Co,Blank 205,Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH54R
Schleiger 54S H&Co, Blank 9 W/Daubs, Apricot Flowers H SCH54S
Schleiger 54T H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH54T
Schleiger 54U H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers W/Yellow,Gray H SCH54U
Schleiger 55A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Flowers,Brushed Gold H SCH55A
Schleiger 55C H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH55C
Schleiger 55E H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH55E
Schleiger 55I H&Co, Blank 8, Border 293, Pale Pink H SCH55I
Schleiger 55J H&Co, Blank 5, Brush Gold, Pale Pink H SCH55J
Schleiger 55K H&Co,Blank 21 W/Wide Gold,Deep Pink H SCH55K
Schleiger 55L H&Co,Blank418,Dark Pink Roses H SCH55L
Schleiger 56A H&Co, Blank 1, Yellow Forget Me Nots H SCH56A
Schleiger 56B H&Co,Blank 1,Rose Border,Yellow Floral H SCH56B
Schleiger 56C H&Co, Blank 217, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH56C
Schleiger 56D H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH56D
Schleiger 56E H&Co, Blank 23, Yellow Forget-Me-Nots H SCH56E
Schleiger 57D H&Co,Blank 219,Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57D
Schleiger 57G H&Co,Blank 213, Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57G
Schleiger 57I H&Co,Blank 207,Lavender Flowers,Scroll H SCH57I
Schleiger 57J H&Co,Blank 645, Pinkroses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57J
Schleiger 57K H&Co, Smooth, Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57K
Schleiger 57L H&Co,Blank 215,Lavender Flowers,Scrolls H SCH57L
Schleiger 57O H&Co, Blank 23,Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57O
Schleiger 57P H&Co,Blank 23,Yellowflowers,Blue Scroll H SCH57P
Schleiger 57Q H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Floral,Blue Scroll H SCH57Q
Schleiger 57R H&Co,Blank 8,Blue Floral,Pink Scrolls H SCH57R
Schleiger 57U H&Co,Blank 415,Blue Floral,Pink Scroll H SCH57U
Schleiger 57V H&Co, Blank 8, Lavender Roses,Blue Scrl H SCH57V
Schleiger 57W H&Co,Blank 205,Lavender Roses,Blue Scrl H SCH57W
Schleiger 57X H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Floral,Blue Scrolls H SCH57X
Schleiger 57Y H&Co,Blank 8,Gold&Pale Green Edge H SCH57Y
Schleiger 58 H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Flowers H SCH58
Schleiger 58B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink To White Floral H SCH58B
Schleiger 58C H&Co,Blank 415,Pink/White Floral H SCH58C
Schleiger 58E H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH58E
Schleiger 58H H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Embossed H SCH58H
Schleiger 58I H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58I
Schleiger 58J H&Co,Blank 5,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH58J
Schleiger 58L H&Co,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH58L
Schleiger 58M H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58M
Schleiger 58N H&Co,Blank 1,Green Flowers,Embossed H SCH58N
Schleiger 58O H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58O
Schleiger 58P H&Co,Blank 8,Green Flowers H SCH58P
Schleiger 58Q H&Co,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH58Q
Schleiger 58R H&Co,Blank 204,Pink Flowers H SCH58R
Schleiger 58S H&Co,Blank 204,Green Flowers H SCH58S
Schleiger 59A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH59A
Schleiger 59B H&Co,Blank 5,Large Blue Flowers H SCH59B
Schleiger 59C H&Co,Blank 5,Large Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH59C
Schleiger 59D H&Co,Blank 415,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59D
Schleiger 59E H&Co, Smooth, Pink Blossoms,Yellow Ctrs H SCH59E
Schleiger 59F H&Co,Blank 1,Large Blue Flowers H SCH59F
Schleiger 59I H&Co,Blank 12,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59I
Schleiger 59J H&Co,Large Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH59J
Schleiger 59K H&Co,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59K
Schleiger 59L H&Co,Blank 6,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59L
Schleiger 60E H&Co,Blank 19,Autumn Leaves H SCH60E
Schleiger 61C H&Co, Blank 425, Pink Flowers H SCH61C
Schleiger 61E H&Co, Blank 15,Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61E
Schleiger 61F H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61F
Schleiger 61H H&Co,Blank 218, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61H
Schleiger 61I H&Co,Smooth Blank, Green Flowers H SCH61I
Schleiger 61J H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Green Floral H SCH61J
Schleiger 61K H&Co,Blank 418, Green Flowers H SCH61K
Schleiger 61M H&Co,Blank 427, Green Flowers H SCH61M
Schleiger 61N H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink/White Floral H SCH61N
Schleiger 61O H&Co,Blank 5, Small Green Flowers H SCH61O
Schleiger 61Q H&Co,Blank 27,Border Yellow/Green Roses H SCH61Q
Schleiger 62B H&Co,Blank 4,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62B
Schleiger 62C H&Co,Blank 424,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62C
Schleiger 62D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62D
Schleiger 62E H&Co,Blank 424,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH62E
Schleiger 62F H&Co,Blank 5 W/Gold &Green,Pink & Blue H SCH62F
Schleiger 62H H&Co,Blank 18,Pink &Blue/Green Flowers H SCH62H
Schleiger 62I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH62I
Schleiger 62J H&Co,Blank 22,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH62J
Schleiger 63A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH63A
Schleiger 63C H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63C
Schleiger 63D H&Co,Blank 1,Green Roses,Pink Scrolls H SCH63D
Schleiger 63E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Pink Scroll H SCH63E
Schleiger 63F H&Co,Blank 217,Purple Flower,Blue Scroll H SCH63F
Schleiger 63G H&Co,Blank 207,Yellow Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63G
Schleiger 63H H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses Encircling Rim H SCH63H
Schleiger 63I H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH63I
Schleiger 63J H&Co,Blank 21,Blue Floral Greek Key Rim H SCH63J
Schleiger 63K H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH63K
Schleiger 63M H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Roses,Greek Key H SCH63M
Schleiger 63N H&Co,Blank 217,Blue Scroll,Pink Roses H SCH63N
Schleiger 63O H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH63O
Schleiger 63P H&Co,Blank 640,Lavender Floral H SCH63P
Schleiger 63Q H&Co,Blank 645,Yellow Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63Q
Schleiger 64A H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender Floral H SCH64A
Schleiger 64B H&Co,Blank219, Pink Poppies,Green Leave H SCH64B
Schleiger 64C H&Co,Blank 9,Pink/White Floral H SCH64C
Schleiger 64E H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH64E
Schleiger 64F H&Co,Blank 6,Lavender Flowers H SCH64F
Schleiger 64G H&Co,Blank 209,Pink/White Floral H SCH64G
Schleiger 64H H&Co,Blank 15,Pink/White Floral H SCH64H
Schleiger 64I H&Co, Blank 12,Pink Flowers H SCH64I
Schleiger 64J H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers H SCH64J
Schleiger 65 H&Co,Blank 25,Large Roses,Gold Chain H SCH65
Schleiger 65B H&Co,Pink Flowers, Gold Trim H SCH65B
Schleiger 65C H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Band,Pink Roses H SCH65C
Schleiger 65D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Green & Gold H SCH65D
Schleiger 65E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Floral,Green Band H SCH65E
Schleiger 65F H&Co,Blank 21,Burnt Orange Roses H SCH65F
Schleiger 66A H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66A
Schleiger 66E H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH66E
Schleiger 66F H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Flowers H SCH66F
Schleiger 66H H&Co,Blank 1,Purple Flowers H SCH66H
Schleiger 66I H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66I
Schleiger 66J H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66J
Schleiger 66K H&Co, Blank 22, Pink Flowers H SCH66K
Schleiger 66L H&Co,Blank 17,Decal 104,Pink Flowers H SCH66L
Schleiger 66M H&Co,Blank 425,Pink Flowers H SCH66M
Schleiger 66N H&Co, Blank 638, Pink Flowers H SCH66N
Schleiger 66O H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH66O
Schleiger 66P H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Flowers H SCH66P
Schleiger 66Q H&Co,Blank 6,No Border,Pink Flowers H SCH66Q
Schleiger 67A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH67A
Schleiger 67H H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Flowers H SCH67H
Schleiger 67I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH67I
Schleiger 67K H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH67K
Schleiger 67M H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH67M
Schleiger 67N H&Co,Blank 898,Pink Flowers H SCH67N
Schleiger 67O H&Co, Blank 17, Pink Flowers H SCH67O
Schleiger 67R H&Co,Blank 216,Border 288,Pink Flowers H SCH67R
Schleiger 67S H&Co, Blank 27, Border Dark Pink Roses H SCH67S
Schleiger 67T H&Co,Smooth,Red Daubs,Green Rose Border H SCH67T
Schleiger 67U H&Co,Smooth,Red Daubs,Green Rose Border H SCH67U
Schleiger 67W H&Co,Blank 1128,Pink Flowers H SCH67W
Schleiger 68 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White/Yellow Roses H SCH68
Schleiger 69A H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Floral W/Blue&Yellow H SCH69A
Schleiger 69B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Floral W/ Blue&Yellow H SCH69B
Schleiger 69C H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Floral W/Blue&Yellow H SCH69C
Schleiger 69D H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Band Brushed Gold H SCH69D
Schleiger 69E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH69E
Schleiger 69G H&Co,Blank 17,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH69G
Schleiger 70B H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH70B
Schleiger 70D H&Co,Blank 23,Rose Border,Blue Flowers H SCH70D
Schleiger 70E H&C0,Blank 217,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH70E
Schleiger 70G H&Co,Blank 14,Brownish/Pink Flowers H SCH70G
Schleiger 70H H&Co,Blank 4,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH70H
Schleiger 71 H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH71
Schleiger 71B H&Co,Blank 1 ,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH71B
Schleiger 71C H&Co, Blank 1,Pink/Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH71C
Schleiger 71D H&Co,Blank 7,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH71D
Schleiger 71E H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow&Blue Floral H SCH71E
Schleiger 71F H&Co, Blank 1,Border 82, No Trim H SCH71F
Schleiger 72A H&Co, Blank 5, Greenband, Floral H SCH72A
Schleiger 72B H&Co,Blank 213,Floral Rim,Rose Center H SCH72B
Schleiger 72C H&Co,Blank 17,Floral Rim,Rose Center H SCH72C
Schleiger 73C H&Co, Blank 411,Gray Floral,Yellow Wheat H SCH73C
Schleiger 73D H&Co, Blank 420, Blue Floral,Gray Leaves H SCH73D
Schleiger 73G H&Co, Blank 4, Blue Cornflowers, Wheat H SCH73G
Schleiger 73H H&Co,Blue Flowers,Maroon Outlines H SCH73H
Schleiger 74B H&Co,Blank 204,Yellow&Green Floral H SCH74B
Schleiger 74C H&Co, Blank 5, Pink & White Flowers H SCH74C
Schleiger 74D H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue&White Floral H SCH74D
Schleiger 74E H&Co, Blank 1, Pink , Yellow & Green H SCH74E
Schleiger 74F H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Floral,No Yellow H SCH74F
Schleiger 74G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Blue&White Flowers H SCH74G
Schleiger 75 H&Co,Blank 16, Multifloral,Gold Trim H SCH75
Schleiger 75A H&Co,Blank 5,Multifloral,Embossed H SCH75A
Schleiger 75B H&Co,Blank 16,Pale Multicolor Floral H SCH75B
Schleiger 75C H&Co,Blank 19,Pale Pink/Lavender Floral H SCH75C
Schleiger 75D H&Co,Blank 3,Blue,White & Pink Flowers H SCH75D
Schleiger 75E H&Co,Blank 5,Blue,Pink & White Flowers H SCH75E
Schleiger 75F H&Co,Blank 17,Blue,Pink & White Flowers H SCH75F
Schleiger 75G H&Co,Blank 19,Lavender Flowers H SCH75G
Schleiger 75H H&Co,Blank 210,Lavender Flowers H SCH75H
Schleiger 75I H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&White Daisies H SCH75I
Schleiger 75J H&Co,Blank 17,Lavender,Pink,Blue Floral H SCH75J
Schleiger 75L H&Co, Blank 204, Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH75L
Schleiger 75M H&Co,Blank 11,Pink&White Daisies H SCH75M
Schleiger 75N H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH75N
Schleiger 75O H&Co,Blank 19,Lavender,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH75O
Schleiger 76 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue Leaves&Thistles H SCH76
Schleiger 76A H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Leaves,Yellow Thistle H SCH76A
Schleiger 76B H&Co,Smooth,Blue Border,Yellow Flower H SCH76B
Schleiger 76C H&Co,Blank 14,Gray/Maroon Border,Blue H SCH76C
Schleiger 76D H&Co,Smooth,Maroon Border,Turquoise H SCH76D
Schleiger 77 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Gr Ay Flowers H SCH77
Schleiger 77A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH77A
Schleiger 77B H&Co,Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH77B
Schleiger 77C H&Co,Blank 641,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH77C
Schleiger 77D H&Co,Purple & Yellow Flowers H SCH77D
Schleiger 77E H&Co,Blank 641,Lavender & Brown Flowers H SCH77E
Schleiger 78A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH78A
Schleiger 78E H&Co,Blank 6,Pink & Blue Floral H SCH78E
Schleiger 78F H&Co,Blank 208,Blue Ribbon,Pink Flowers H SCH78F
Schleiger 78G H&Co,Yellow Flowers Pink Roses,Blank 1 H SCH78G
Schleiger 78H H&Co,Blank 217,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH78H
Schleiger 78I H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78I
Schleiger 78J H&Co,Yellow&Blue Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH78J
Schleiger 78M H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH78M
Schleiger 78N H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78N
Schleiger 78O H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Blue Flowers,Border H SCH78O
Schleiger 78P H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78P
Schleiger 78Q H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH78Q
Schleiger 78R H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH78R
Schleiger 78S H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78S
Schleiger 78T H&Co,Blank 9A,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH78T
Schleiger 78U H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH78U
Schleiger 79B H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH79B
Schleiger 79C H&Co, Blank 424, Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH79C
Schleiger 79E H&Co, Blank 1, Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH79E
Schleiger 79J H&Co,Blank 24,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH79J
Schleiger 79K H&Co, Blank 24, Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH79K
Schleiger 79L H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH79L
Schleiger 80C H&Co,Smooth,Pink & White Flowers H SCH80C
Schleiger 80E H&Co,Blank 418,Green Flowers,Scallop H SCH80E
Schleiger 80F H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Gold Edge H SCH80F
Schleiger 80G H&Co,Blank 27,Green Roses,Gold Trim H SCH80G
Schleiger 80H H&Co,Blank 416,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH80H
Schleiger 80I H&Co,Blank 13,Pink&White Floral,Embossed H SCH80I
Schleiger 81 H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH81
Schleiger 81B H&Co,Blank 4,Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH81B
Schleiger 81D H&Co,Blank 10,Pink,Gray Flowers H SCH81D
Schleiger 82B H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82B
Schleiger 82C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82C
Schleiger 82D H&Co,Blank 21,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82D
Schleiger 82E H&Co,Blank 213,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82E
Schleiger 82F H&Co,Blank 4,Small Blue Flowers H SCH82F
Schleiger 83A H&Co, Blank 7, Blue Flowers H SCH83A
Schleiger 83B H&Co,Blank 4,Pale Blue Flowers,Scallop H SCH83B
Schleiger 83C H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH83C
Schleiger 83D H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH83D
Schleiger 83E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Floral,Scalloped H SCH83E
Schleiger 83F H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH83F
Schleiger 83G H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Floral,Gold Trim H SCH83G
Schleiger 83H H & Co, Blank 4,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH83H
Schleiger 83I H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH83I
Schleiger 83J H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH83J
Schleiger 83K H&Co,Blank 1126,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH83K
Schleiger 83L H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH83L
Schleiger 83M H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH83M
Schleiger 84 H&Co,Blank 14,Gray/Yellow Flowers H SCH84
Schleiger 84A H&Co,Orange&Tan Floral,Gold Ring,Smooth H SCH84A
Schleiger 85 H&Co,Blank 24,Floral,Gold Trim H SCH85
Schleiger 86B H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers, Gold Daubs H SCH86B
Schleiger 86C H&Co,Blank 7,Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH86C
Schleiger 86D H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold Daubs,Floral H SCH86D
Schleiger 86F H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pink Floral H SCH86F
Schleiger 86G H&Co,Pink,Lavender&Yellow Floral H SCH86G
Schleiger 86H H&Co,Blank 1,Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH86H
Schleiger 87A H&Co,Pink/White Roses,Lavender Violets H SCH87A
Schleiger 87E H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Edge,Yellow Roses H SCH87E
Schleiger 87G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses H SCH87G
Schleiger 87I H&Co,Blank 22,Intertwined Floral H SCH87I
Schleiger 87J H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Band,Yellow Floral H SCH87J
Schleiger 87L H&Co,Gold Design,Pink,Lavender Floral H SCH87L
Schleiger 87M H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH87M
Schleiger 87N H&Co,Smooth Blank, Lavender & Yellow H SCH87N
Schleiger 87O H&Co,Blank 424, Pink & White Roses H SCH87O
Schleiger 87P H&Co,Blank 22,Deep Pink Roses H SCH87P
Schleiger 88 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Diamonds, Pink H SCH88
Schleiger 88A H&Co,Blank 5, Pink & White Roses H SCH88A
Schleiger 88B H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink & White Roses H SCH88B
Schleiger 88C H&Co,Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH88C
Schleiger 88D H&Co,Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH88D
Schleiger 88E H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink & White Roses H SCH88E
Schleiger 89 H&Co,Blank2, Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89
Schleiger 89A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH89A
Schleiger 89B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89B
Schleiger 89C H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89C
Schleiger 89D H&Co,Blank 17,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89D
Schleiger 89E H&Co,Blank 5, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH89E
Schleiger 89F H&Co,Blank 6, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH89F
Schleiger 89G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Blue Floral,No Trim H SCH89G
Schleiger 90 H&Co,Blank 416,Pink & White Roses H SCH90
Schleiger 90A H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink & White Floral H SCH90A
Schleiger 90B H&Co,Blank 3, Pink & White Roses H SCH90B
Schleiger 90C H&Co,Blank 23, Pink & White Roses H SCH90C
Schleiger 90E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH90E
Schleiger 90F H&Co,Blank 24,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH90F
Schleiger 90G H&Co,Blank 424,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH90G
Schleiger 90I H&Co,Smooth,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH90I
Schleiger 91D H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Yellow/Pink Roses H SCH91D
Schleiger 91E H&Co,Blank 12,Gray/Yellow/Pink Roses H SCH91E
Schleiger 91G H&Co,Blank 22,Gray/Yellow/Pink/Blue H SCH91G
Schleiger 91H H&Co, Blank 5, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH91H
Schleiger 91I H&Co,Blank 12,Gray/Yellow,Pink Flowers H SCH91I
Schleiger 91J H&Co,Blank 5,Red Edge,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91J
Schleiger 91K H&Co,Blank 643,Gray/Yellow/Pink/Blue H SCH91K
Schleiger 91L H&Co,Blank 5,Red Edge,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91L
Schleiger 91M H&Co,Blank 22,Blue,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91M
Schleiger 91N H&Co,Blank 643,Pale Pastel Flowers H SCH91N
Schleiger 91O H&Co,Smooth,Lavender&Gray Floral H SCH91O
Schleiger 92 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green/Pink Flowers H SCH92
Schleiger 92A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers,Gray H SCH92A
Schleiger 92B H&Co,Blank 1,Green/Pink Flowers H SCH92B
Schleiger 92C H&Co,Smooth, Pink Roses W/Brown Cast H SCH92C
Schleiger 92D H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Flowers H SCH92D
Schleiger 93 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Design On Green H SCH93
Schleiger 93A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Design On Blue H SCH93A
Schleiger 94 H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow Band W/Points H SCH94
Schleiger 95 H&Co,Blank 24,Green Leaves,Red Flowers H SCH95
Schleiger 96 H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band,Gold Verge H SCH96
Schleiger 97 H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Leaves H SCH97
Schleiger 97A H&Co,Blank 19,B/Ue/Green Leaves,Red H SCH97A
Schleiger 98A H&Co,Blank 18,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH98A
Schleiger 98B H&Co,Blank 424,Gold Leaves,Black Flowers H SCH98B
Schleiger 98D H&Co,Green Clover,Red Bloom,Gold Desgn H SCH98D
Schleiger 99 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Design,Brownish H SCH99
Schleiger 99A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Design,Black H SCH99A
Schleiger 100 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Dots/Lines H SCH100
Schleiger 103A H&Co,Smooth,No Gold,No Black,No Cream H SCH103A
Schleiger 103C H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Pink Floral,Gold H SCH103C
Schleiger 104A H&Co,Blank 19,Dark Pink Design H SCH104A
Schleiger 105A H&Co, Smooth, Cream, Green,Black&Orange H SCH105A
Schleiger 113B H&Co,2Gold Lines,Green Leaves,Red Center H SCH113B
Schleiger 113C H&Co,Blank 416,Red Flowers&Green Clover H SCH113C
Schleiger 114C H&Co, Blue Scrolls, Blue/Yellow Flowers H SCH114C
Schleiger 115 H&Co,Blank 25,Green Flowers,Gold Center H SCH115
Schleiger 115A H&Co,Smooth,Red Line,Green Leaves,Gold H SCH115A
Schleiger 115C H&Co,Blank 216 W/Gold 647,Blue Flowers H SCH115C
Schleiger 110 H&Co,Smooth,Black Cross,Pink Roses H SCH110
Schleiger 116A Theo,Undecorated,Embossed Rays,Smooth H SCH116A
Schleiger 120 Theo,All White,Raised Scrolls On Rim H SCH120
Schleiger 122A Theo,White,Undecorated,Smooth H SCH122A
Schleiger 124A Theo,White,Undecorated,Scalloped H SCH124A
Schleiger 126 Theo, All White H SCH126
Schleiger 127 Theo,White,Undecorated,Raised Bumps H SCH127
Schleiger 130 Theo,Blank 117,Embossed,Gold Daubs H SCH130
Schleiger 131 Theo, Blank 118, Gold Daubs H SCH131
Schleiger 132 Theo,Blank 118 W/Gold Trim H SCH132
Schleiger 134 Theo,Blank 123,Embossed,Gold Accents H SCH134
Schleiger 135 Theo,Blank 117,Embossed,Gold Trim H SCH135
Schleiger 137A Theo,Blank 133,Pink Roses H SCH137A
Schleiger 137B Theo,Blank122,Pink& Gray/Green Roses H SCH137B
Schleiger 137C Theo,Blank 123,Pink/White Roses H SCH137C
Schleiger 137D Theo, Blank 307,Pink & Tan Roses H SCH137D
Schleiger 137G Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Scalloped H SCH137G
Schleiger 137H Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Embossed H SCH137H
Schleiger 137I Theo,Blank 300, Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH137I
Schleiger 137J Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Lavender Roses H SCH137J
Schleiger 137K Theo,Blank 591,Pink/White Roses,No Trim H SCH137K
Schleiger 137L Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH137L
Schleiger 137M Theodore,Blank 799,Pink,Lavender Flower H SCH137M
Schleiger 137N Theo,Blank 130,Pink Roses H SCH137N
Schleiger 137O Theo,Blank 304,Pink & Green Roses H SCH137O
Schleiger 137P Theo,Blank 118,Pink Roses H SCH137P
Schleiger 137Q Theo, Blank 805, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH137Q
Schleiger 137R Theo,Smooth,Lavender&Pink Flowers H SCH137R
Schleiger 137S Theo,Blank 125,Lavender&Pink Flowers H SCH137S
Schleiger 138 Theo, Blank 126, Pink/White Carnations H SCH138
Schleiger 138A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White Carnations H SCH138A
Schleiger 138B Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers H SCH138B
Schleiger 138C Theodore,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH138C
Schleiger 138D Theodore,Blank 122,Lavender Flowers H SCH138D
Schleiger 138E Theo,Blank 120,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH138E
Schleiger 139 Theodore,Blank 122,Multicolor Roses H SCH139
Schleiger 139A Theodore,Blank 124,Multicolor Roses H SCH139A
Schleiger 139B Theo, Blank 300/303, Wild Roses &Violets H SCH139B
Schleiger 140 Theo,Blank135,Pink& Blue Floral Swags H SCH140
Schleiger 140A Theo, Blank 135, Pink & Red Flowers H SCH140A
Schleiger 140B Theodore,Blank 116,Filigree,Green Roses H SCH140B
Schleiger 140C Theo,Blank 823,Green&Yellow Floral H SCH140C
Schleiger 141C Theodore,Blank 300,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141C
Schleiger 141D Theo, Blank 133, Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH141D
Schleiger 141G Theodore,Blank 118,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141G
Schleiger 141H Theodore,Blank 595,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141H
Schleiger 142B Theo, Blank 119 W/Gold Trim,Pink Floral H SCH142B
Schleiger 142C Theo, Blank 300, Pink Flowers H SCH142C
Schleiger 142D Theo, Blank 125, Pink Floral,Blue Ribbon H SCH142D
Schleiger 142E Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH142E
Schleiger 142F Theo, Blank 125 W/Gold Trim 822, Pink H SCH142F
Schleiger 142G Theo,Smooth,Pink Daisies,Blue Ribbon H SCH142G
Schleiger 143B Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH143B
Schleiger 143C Theo, Blank 122,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH143C
Schleiger 143D Theo, Blank 122, Yellow & Gray Flowers H SCH143D
Schleiger 143E Theo,Blank 126,Purple Flowers H SCH143E
Schleiger 143F Theo,Smooth,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH143F
Schleiger 143G Theo, Blank 120,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH143G
Schleiger 143H Theo, Blank 300 W/Brushed Gold, Green H SCH143H
Schleiger 143J Theo,Smooth,Yellow&Gray Flowers H SCH143J
Schleiger 143K Theo, Blank 116,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH143K
Schleiger 143L Theo,Blank 116,Gray/Green Flowers&Scroll H SCH143L
Schleiger 144B Theo,Blank 116,Pink Floral,Green Scrolls H SCH144B
Schleiger 144C Theo, Blank 592,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144C
Schleiger 144E Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH144E
Schleiger 144G Theo, Blank 123,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH144G
Schleiger 144H Theo,Blank 301,Blue Floral,Brown Scrolls H SCH144H
Schleiger 144K Theo,Smooth,Blue Roses,Brown Scroll H SCH144K
Schleiger 144L Theo,Blank 804, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144L
Schleiger 144M Theo,Blank119,Green Scroll, Pink Floral H SCH144M
Schleiger 144N Theo, Blank 122 W/ Brushed Gold, Blue H SCH144N
Schleiger 144O Theo, Blank 124 W/Gold Daubs, Blue H SCH144O
Schleiger 144P Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Bow Loops,Blue H SCH144P
Schleiger 144Q Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144Q
Schleiger 145C Theo, Blank 131,Pink Roses H SCH145C
Schleiger 145D Theo, Blank 825, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH145D
Schleiger 145F Theo,Blank 116 W/Blank 825 Gold Design H SCH145F
Schleiger 145G Theo,Blank 829A,Pink& Yellow Floral H SCH145G
Schleiger 145H Theo,Blank 116 W/Blank 827 Gold Design H SCH145H
Schleiger 146A Theo, Blank 122, Pink Flowers H SCH146A
Schleiger 146B Theo, Blank 118, Apple Blossoms H SCH146B
Schleiger 146C Theo,Blank 301 W/Daubs,Lavender Flowers H SCH146C
Schleiger 146F Theo,Blank 122 W/ Daubs,Pink Floral H SCH146F
Schleiger 146G Theo, Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs, Pink H SCH146G
Schleiger 146H Theo,Blank 812,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH146H
Schleiger 146I Theo, Blank 592, Pink Flowers H SCH146I
Schleiger 146J Theo,Pink&White Flowers,Smooth Blank H SCH146J
Schleiger 146L Theo, Blank 124, Pink Blossoms H SCH146L
Schleiger 146Q Theo, Smooth, Gold Daubs, Pink Flowers H SCH146Q
Schleiger 146S Theo,Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs, Lavender H SCH146S
Schleiger 146T Theo,Blank 829A,Pink&White Floral,Ferns H SCH146T
Schleiger 146U Theo,Blank 118,Pink&White Floral,Ferns H SCH146U
Schleiger 147 Theo,Blank 116,Lavender Flowers H SCH147
Schleiger 147A Theo,Blank 133,Lavender Poppies H SCH147A
Schleiger 147B Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Poppies H SCH147B
Schleiger 147C Theo,Blank 131,Lavender Flowers H SCH147C
Schleiger 147E Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers H SCH147E
Schleiger 147F Theo,Blank 134,Lavender Poppies H SCH147F
Schleiger 147G Theo,Blank 126,Blue,White&Pink Flowers H SCH147G
Schleiger 147H Theo,Blank 812,Lavender Floral,Daubs H SCH147H
Schleiger 147I Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH147I
Schleiger 147J Theo,Smooth,Lavender Poppies H SCH147J
Schleiger 147K Theo,Blank 126,Pink Flowers H SCH147K
Schleiger 147L Theo,Blank 302,Pink Flowers H SCH147L
Schleiger 147M Theo,Blank 124,Pink Flowers H SCH147M
Schleiger 147O Theo,Salmon Pink Flowers H SCH147O
Schleiger 147P Theo,Blank 592,Lavender Flowers H SCH147P
Schleiger 147R Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Poppies H SCH147R
Schleiger 148 Theo, Blank 116, Purple Violets H SCH148
Schleiger 148B Theo, Blank 133,Violets H SCH148B
Schleiger 148C Theo,Blank 122,Pink Violets H SCH148C
Schleiger 148D Theo,Blank 301,Violets H SCH148D
Schleiger 148F Theo,Blue To Purple Violets H SCH148F
Schleiger 148H Theo,Blank 301,Violets,Gold Daubs H SCH148H
Schleiger 148I Theo, Blank 123, Violets, Scalloped H SCH148I
Schleiger 148J Theo, Blank 126, Purple Violets H SCH148J
Schleiger 148K Theo,Smooth,Violet Flowers,No Trim H SCH148K
Schleiger 148M Theo, Pink Flowers, Green Leaves, H SCH148M
Schleiger 148N Theo, Blank 592, Purple Violets H SCH148N
Schleiger 148P Theo,Blank 117,Pink Violets H SCH148P
Schleiger 149A Theo,Blank 132,Pink,White,Yellow Roses H SCH149A
Schleiger 149D Theo,Blank 301,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH149D
Schleiger 149E Theo, Blank 117, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH149E
Schleiger 149G Theo, Blank 301, Pink Roses, Gold Daubs H SC149G
Schleiger 149H Theo,Blank 126, Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH149H
Schleiger 149I Theo,Blank 821, Pink Flowers, Gold H SCH149I
Schleiger 149J Theo, Pink & Yellow Roses, Smooth Blank H SCH149J
Schleiger 149K Theo,Blank 304,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH149K
Schleiger 149L Theo, Blank 123,Pinkyellow&White Roses H SCH149L
Schleiger 150A Theo,Blank 22,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150A
Schleiger 150AZ Theo,Blank 126,Green/White Roses H SCH150AZ
Schleiger 150BZ Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses,Green Leaves H SCH150BZ
Schleiger 150C Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150C
Schleiger 150CZ Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses H SCH150CZ
Schleiger 150DZ Theo,Blank 131,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH150DZ
Schleiger 150E Theo, Green Flowers, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH150E
Schleiger 150F Theo,Blank124,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH150F
Schleiger 150GZ Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses H SCH150GZ
Schleiger 150H Theo, Pink/Yellow Roses, Smooth H SCH150H
Schleiger 150HZ Theo,Blank 124,Green Roses H SCH150HZ
Schleiger 150K Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses H SCH150K
Schleiger 150L Theo,Blank 117,Green Band,Floral Sprays H SCH150L
Schleiger 150M Theo,Blank 116,Green Roses,Green Leaves H SCH150M
Schleiger 150O Theo, Blank 812 Blue Flowers H SCH150O
Schleiger 150Q Theo,Blank 132,Green Roses, Gold Trim H SCH150Q
Schleiger 150R Theo, Blank 814 Green Roses H SCH150R
Schleiger 150S Theo,Blank 301,Green Roses, Gray Foliage H SCH150S
Schleiger 150T Theo,Blank122,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150T
Schleiger 150U Theo, Blank 118, Pink/White Roses H SCH150U
Schleiger 150V Theo,Blank 117,Green Roses H SCH150V
Schleiger 150Y Theo,Blank 300,Greenroses,Gray Foliage H SCH150Y
Schleiger 150Z Theo,Blank 122,Gold Edge,Pink Roses H SCH150Z
Schleiger 151 (Scalloped) Theo,Blank 118,Pink Asters,Scalloped H SCH151SC
Schleiger 151A Theo, Blank 121, Pink Asters H SCH151A
Schleiger 151B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH151B
Schleiger 151C Theo,Blank 118,Small Pink Flowers H SCH151C
Schleiger 152A Theo,Pink&Gray Roses,Red & Green Band H SCH152A
Schleiger 152B Theo,Smooth,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152B
Schleiger 152C Theo,Blank 799,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152C
Schleiger 153 Theo,Blank 129,Green/Pink Roses H SCH153
Schleiger 153A Theo,Blank 129,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH153A
Schleiger 153B Theo,Smooth,Pink&White Roses H SCH153B
Schleiger 154 Theo, Blank 123, Pink & White Roses H SCH154
Schleiger 154D Theo,Blank 125,Pink/Gray Rose Sprays H SCH154D
Schleiger 154E Theo,Blank 117,Gray/White&Pink Roses H SCH154E
Schleiger 155 Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White&Blue Floral H SCH155
Schleiger 155B Theo,Blank 122,Blue&Green Floral H SCH155B
Schleiger 155C Theo, Blank 122, Pink &Yellow Flowers H SCH155C
Schleiger 155D Theo,Blank 118, Blue Flowers H SCH155D
Schleiger 155E Theo, Smooth Blank, Blue Flowers H SCH155E
Schleiger 155F Theo, Smooth Blank, Pink Roses H SCH155F
Schleiger 155G Theo,Blank 301,Blue Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH155G
Schleiger 155H Theo,Blank 124 Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH155H
Schleiger 155I Theo,Blank 800, Pink Flowers H SCH155I
Schleiger 155J Theo,Blank 118, Pink/White Flowers H SCH155J
Schleiger 155K Theo, Blank 117, Blue Flowers H SCH155K
Schleiger 155L Theo,Blank 122,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH155L
Schleiger 155M Theo,Blue & Pink Flowers, Pink Scroll H SCH155M
Schleiger 155N Theo, Smooth, Blue & Lavender Flowers H SCH155N
Schleiger 155O Theo,Blank 303,Pink Flowers H SCH155O
Schleiger 155P Theo,Blank 591,Blue Flowers H SCH155P
Schleiger 155Q Theo,Blank 98,Pink Flowers,Yellow Daisy H SCH155Q
Schleiger 156 Theo, Blank 116, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156
Schleiger 156A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White Roses H SCH156A
Schleiger 156B Theo,Blank 125,Pale Blue Roses H SCH156B
Schleiger 156C Theo, Blank 124, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156C
Schleiger 156D Theo, Blank 122, Blue/White Roses H SCH156D
Schleiger 156E Theo,Blank 118,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156E
Schleiger 156F Theo,Blank 133,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH156F
Schleiger 156G Theo,Blank 124,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156G
Schleiger 156H Theo,Blank 592,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156H
Schleiger 156I Theo, Blank 117, Pink Roses H SCH156I
Schleiger 156J Theo, Blank 124, White, Yellow & Purple H SCH156J
Schleiger 156K Theo,Blank 123,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156K
Schleiger 156L Theo,Blank 126,Blue&Brown Flowers H SCH156L
Schleiger 157A Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers H SCH157A
Schleiger 157D Theo, Blank 304,Pink Flowers, Grn Lvs H SCH157D
Schleiger 157E Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH157E
Schleiger 157F Theo,Blank 130,Tiny Pink&White Flowers H SCH157F
Schleiger 157G Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH157G
Schleiger 157I Theo,Smooth,Purple Flowers H SCH157I
Schleiger 157J Theo, Blank 118, Lavender Flowers H SCH157J
Schleiger 157K Theo, Blank 300, Pink Flowers H SCH157K
Schleiger 158 Theo,Blank 125,Pink Roses, Blue Flowers H SCH158
Schleiger 159 Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Flowers H SCH159
Schleiger 159B Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159B
Schleiger 159C Theo,Blank 592,Lavender Flowers H SCH159C
Schleiger 159D Theo,Blank 122,Lavender Flowers H SCH159D
Schleiger 159E Theo,Blank 301,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159E
Schleiger 159F Theo, Blank 118, Pink Morning Glories H SCH159F
Schleiger 159G Theodore,Blank 126,Pink Morninglories H SCH159G
Schleiger 159H Theo,Blank 130,Green Flower Border H SCH159H
Schleiger 159J Theo,Blank 301,Green Flowers,Gold Brush H SCH159J
Schleiger 159K Theo,Blank 302,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159K
Schleiger 159L Theo,Smooth,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159L
Schleiger 159M Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Flowers,Daubs H SCH159M
Schleiger 159N Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159N
Schleiger 159O Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Brownleaves H SCH159O
Schleiger 159P Theo,Blank 117,Lavender&Purple Flowers H SCH159P
Schleiger 159Q Theo,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Brown Lines H SCH159Q
Schleiger 159R Theo,Blank 812,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159R
Schleiger 159S Theo,Smooth,Border Pale Pink Flowers H SCH159S
Schleiger 159T Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Floral H SCH159T
Schleiger 159U Theo,Blank 812,Pink Flowers H SCH159U
Schleiger 159V Theo,Blank 118,Blue/Green Flowers H SCH159V
Schleiger 159W Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH159W
Schleiger 159X Theo,Blank 130,Turquoise Flowers H SCH159X
Schleiger 159Y Theo,Blank 116,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159Y
Schleiger 160A Theo,Blank 120,Pink,Yellow&Gray Floral H SCH160A
Schleiger 160B Theo,Blank 592,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160B
Schleiger 160C Theo,Blank 122,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160C
Schleiger 160E Theo,Blank 120,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160E
Schleiger 160F Theo,Blank 118,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH160F
Schleiger 160G Theo, Blank 117, Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH160G
Schleiger 161F Theo, Blank 125 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161F
Schleiger 161G Theo,Blank 801 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161G
Schleiger 161J Theo, Blank 118, Pink Rose, Blue Ribbon H SCH161J
Schleiger 161K Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161K
Schleiger 161L Theo, Blank 802, Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161L
Schleiger 161M Theo, Pink Roses, Blue Ribbon, Smooth H SCH161M
Schleiger 162 Theo,Blank 134, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162
Schleiger 162A Theo, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH162A
Schleiger 162B Theo, Blank 123 Blue Flowers H SCH162B
Schleiger 162C Theo, Blank 116 Lavender & White H SCH162C
Schleiger 162F Theo, Blank 131, Blue Flowers H SCH162F
Schleiger 162H Theo,Blank 124,Blue & White Flowers H SCH162H
Schleiger 162I Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH162I
Schleiger 162J Theo, Blank 123, Lavender Flowers H SCH162J
Schleiger 162K Theo,Lavender Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH162K
Schleiger 162L Theo, Blank 133, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162L
Schleiger 162M Theo,Blank 122, Pale Blue Flowers H SCH162M
Schleiger 162N Theo,Smooth,Brushed Gold, Deep Pink H SCH162N
Schleiger 162O Theo,Blank 302,Pink/White Floral H SCH162O
Schleiger 162P Theo,Blank 124,Gold Edge,Blue Floral H SCH162P
Schleiger 162Q Theo,Blank 123,Lavender Floral,Daubs H SCH162Q
Schleiger 163 Theo,Blank 118,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163
Schleiger 163A Theo,Blank 301,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163A
Schleiger 163B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Violets,Green Stems H SCH163B
Schleiger 163C Theo,Smooth,Yellow& Lavender Floral H SCH163C
Schleiger 163D Theo,Blank 122,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH163D
Schleiger 164 Theo,Smooth,Green/Gray Daisies H SCH164
Schleiger 164A Theo,Blank 823,Gray/Pink Daisies H SCH164A
Schleiger 164C Theo,Blank 121,Daubs,Pink Floral H SCH164C
Schleiger 164D Theo,Smooth,Lavender & Gray Flowers H SCH164D
Schleiger 164E Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164E
Schleiger 164F Theo,Blank 126,Gray/Lavender Flowers H SCH164F
Schleiger 164G Theo,Blank 116,Pink&Gray Daisies,No Trim H SCH164G
Schleiger 164H Theo,Blank 118,Green/Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH164H
Schleiger 164I Theo,Smooth Blank,Blue & White Flowers H SCH164I
Schleiger 164J Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164J
Schleiger 165 Theo,Smooth Blank,Gold Encrusted Edge H SCH165
Schleiger 167A Theo,Smooth Blank,No Gold,Green/Maroon H SCH167A
Schleiger 168A Theo,Smooth Blank,Red/Green Border,Gold H SCH168A
Schleiger 169 Theo,Smooth Blank,Green/Maroon Design H SCH169
Schleiger 169B Theodore,Smooth,Green,Maroon Design H SCH169B
Schleiger 169C Theodore,Smooth,Green,Gold Design H SCH169C
Schleiger 171 Theo, Smooth, Green & Brown Design H SCH171
Schleiger 171B Theo, Blank 126,Green Scrolls H SCH171B
Schleiger 171C Theo,Smooth, Pink, Gray Scrolls H SCH171C
Schleiger 171D Theo, Blank 124, Green Scrolls H SCH171D
Schleiger 172 Theo, Green & Pink Diamonds,Pink Roses H SCH172
Schleiger 204 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH204
Schleiger 206 H&Co, All White, Embossed, Scalloped H SCH206
Schleiger 207 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH207
Schleiger 208 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scroll Panels H SCH208
Schleiger 209 H&Co,Raised Dots,Smooth,Undecorated H SCH209
Schleiger 210 H&Co,Embossed Scallops,Undecorated H SCH210
Schleiger 211 H&Co,Embossed Basketweave,Undecorated H SCH211
Schleiger 212 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Brushed Trim H SCH212
Schleiger 213A H&Co,Blank 205,Green Edge H SCH213A
Schleiger 216A H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Trim W/Color Band H SCH216A
Schleiger 218 H&Co,Blank 210,Gold Daubs H SCH218
Schleiger 219 H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Daubs H SCH219
Schleiger 220 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH220
Schleiger 220A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220A
Schleiger 220B H&Co,Blank 651,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220B
Schleiger 221 H&Co,Blank 213,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221
Schleiger 221A H&Co,Blank 217,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221A
Schleiger 221D H&Co,Blank 214, Lilac & Yellow Flowers H SCH221D
Schleiger 221G H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221G
Schleiger 221H H&Co,Smooth, Lg Pink & Sm Yellow Roses H SCH221H
Schleiger 221I H&Co,Blank 214,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221I
Schleiger 221J H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH221J
Schleiger 221K H&Co, Blank 205 W/Gold Trim, Pink Roses H SCH221K
Schleiger 222 H&Co, Blank 14, Blue Flowers H SCH222
Schleiger 222A H&Co, Blank 14, Pink Flowers H SCH222A
Schleiger 222C H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink Flowers H SCH222C
Schleiger 222D H&Co, Smooth Blank, Yellow Flowers H SCH222D
Schleiger 222E H&Co, Blank 10, Pink Flowers H SCH222E
Schleiger 222G H&Co, Blank 3, Yellow Flowers H SCH222G
Schleiger 222H H&Co,Blank 9,Blue/White Flowers H SCH222H
Schleiger 222I H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue/White Flowers H SCH222I
Schleiger 223C H&Co, Blank 19, Brownish Pink Roses H SCH223C
Schleiger 223D H&Co, Blank 6, Pink & White Roses H SCH223D
Schleiger 223E H&Co, Blank 6 W/Gold Trim & Line H SCH223E
Schleiger 224 H&Co, Blank 204, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH224
Schleiger 224A H&Co,Blank 23, Pale Pink, White & Green H SCH224A
Schleiger 224F H&Co,Pale Brown & White Flowers, Smooth H SCH224F
Schleiger 224G H&Co, Blank 219,Pink&Gray Flowers H SCH224G
Schleiger 224H H&Co,Blank 3,Gold Design,Pink&Blue H SCH224H
Schleiger 224I H&Co,Blank 654,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224I
Schleiger 224J H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224J
Schleiger 224K H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH224K
Schleiger 224L H&Co,Blank 204,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224L
Schleiger 224M H&Co,Blank 646,Lavender Flowers H SCH224M
Schleiger 224O H&Co,Blank 219,Lavender&Pink Floral H SCH224O
Schleiger 224P H&Co,Blank 3,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224P
Schleiger 225 H&Co,Blank 212,Pink&White Roses H SCH225
Schleiger 225A H&Co,Blank 417,Pink&White Roses H SCH225A
Schleiger 225B H&Co,Blank 218,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225B
Schleiger 225C H&Co,Blank 216,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225C
Schleiger 225D H&Co,Blank 24,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225D
Schleiger 226 H&Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH226
Schleiger 226A H&Co, Blank 205, Gray & Pink Flowers H SCH226A
Schleiger 226D H&Co, Blank 1 W/Gold Daubs,Blue/Gray H SCH226D
Schleiger 226F H&Co,Blank 1, Blue Poppy,Green Leaves H SCH226F
Schleiger 226G H&Co,Blank 649,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH226G
Schleiger 226H H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Gray Flowers,Daubs H SCH226H
Schleiger 226I H&Co, Blank 411, Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH226I
Schleiger 226J H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow&Pink Flowers H SCH226J
Schleiger 226K H&Co,Blank 10,Blue/Gray Flowers,Daubs H SCH226K
Schleiger 226L H&Co,Blank 8,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH226L
Schleiger 226M H&Co,Blank 4,Gray/Pink Flowers,Daubs H SCH226M
Schleiger 226N H&Co,Blank 23,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH226N
Schleiger 226O H&Co,Blank 205,Pink,Lavender & Yellow H SCH226O
Schleiger 226Q H&Co,Blank 4,Blue/Gray/Brown Flowers H SCH226Q
Schleiger 226R H&Co, Blank 9, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH226R
Schleiger 227 H&Co,Blank 5,Green Edge,Gold Line,Pink H SCH227
Schleiger 227B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH227B
Schleiger 227C H&Co,Blank 9,Green Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH227C
Schleiger 227D H&Co,Blank 209,2 Gold Lines,Green&White H SCH227D
Schleiger 227E H&Co,Blank 425,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH227E
Schleiger 227F H&Co,Blank 2,Green Edge,Gold Line,Pink H SCH227F
Schleiger 227G H&Co,Blank 1,Green&Gold Band,Pink&White H SCH227G
Schleiger 227H H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH227H
Schleiger 227I H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Flowers H SCH227I
Schleiger 228 H&Co,Blank 218,Pink Roses,Gray Scroll H SCH228
Schleiger 228A H&Co, Blank 24 Pink Roses H SCH228A
Schleiger 228B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses,Gray Scroll H SCH228B
Schleiger 228C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH228C
Schleiger 228D H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Flowers H SCH228D
Schleiger 228E H&Co, Blank 18, Blue Flowers H SCH228E
Schleiger 228F H&Co,Smooth,Green Flowers,Pink Scrolls H SCH228F
Schleiger 228G H&Co,Blank 13,Green Floral,Pink Foliage H SCH228G
Schleiger 228H H&Co,Blank 13 W/Even Gold,Pink Roses H SCH228H
Schleiger 228I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Gray Scrolls H SCH228I
Schleiger 228K H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH228K
Schleiger 228L H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH228L
Schleiger 228M H&Co,Blank 27,Green Rose Border,Floral H SCH228M
Schleiger 228N H&Co,Blank 425,Pink & White Roses H SCH228N
Schleiger 228O H&Co,Blue/White Flowers,Smooth H SCH228O
Schleiger 229A H&Co,Gold Trim 217, Blue Lilies H SCH229A
Schleiger 229B H&Co, Blank 23, Blue Lilies,Pink Flowers H SCH229B
Schleiger 229C H&Co, Blank 1,Blue Lilies,Pink Flowers H SCH229C
Schleiger 229D H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Lilies H SCH229D
Schleiger 230 H&Co,Brownish Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH230
Schleiger 230B H&Co,Pale Blue Flowers, Smooth,Blank 1 H SCH230B
Schleiger 231A H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender Flowers,Goldtrim H SCH231A
Schleiger 231B H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231B
Schleiger 231C H&Co,Blank 24,Gray Flowers, Gold Trim H SCH231C
Schleiger 231D H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231D
Schleiger 231E H&Co,Blank 416, Pinkflowers H SCH231E
Schleiger 231F H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231F
Schleiger 232 H&Co, Blank 5,Blue, Pink & White Flowers H SCH232
Schleiger 232 H&Co, Blank 5,Blue, Pink & White Flowers H SCH232
Schleiger 232B H&Co, Blank 219, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH232B
Schleiger 232D H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH232D
Schleiger 232F H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH232F
Schleiger 232G H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/White,Blue H SCH232G
Schleiger 233B H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH233B
Schleiger 233C H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH233C
Schleiger 233E H&Co, Blank 1, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH233E
Schleiger 233F H&Co, Blank 419, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH233F
Schleiger 233G H&Co, Blank 23, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH233G
Schleiger 233H H&Co, Smooth Blank, Brown/Pink Floral H SCH233H
Schleiger 233I H&Co, Blank 419 W/Daubs,Pink & Yellow H SCH233I
Schleiger 233J H&Co,Blank 4,Blue&Yellow Flowers,Daubs H SCH233J
Schleiger 233K H&Co,Blank 217,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH233K
Schleiger 233L H&Co,Blank 419,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH233L
Schleiger 233M H&Co,Blank 9,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH233M
Schleiger 233N H&Co, Blank 419, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH233N
Schleiger 234 H&Co,Blank 204,Green/Lavender Flowers H SCH234
Schleiger 234B H&Co, Blank 420, Pink & Brown Floral H SCH234B
Schleiger 234C H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue&Brown Flowers H SCH234C
Schleiger 234D H&Co,Blank 411,Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH234D
Schleiger 234E H&Co,Blank 10,Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH234E
Schleiger 234F H&Co,Blank 10,Blue & Rust Flowers H SCH234F
Schleiger 234G H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Brown Flowers H SCH234G
Schleiger 234H H&Co,Blank 9,Blue/Brown Floral H SCH234H
Schleiger 234I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH234I
Schleiger 235A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235A
Schleiger 235C H&Co, Blank 214, Pink Flowers H SCH235C
Schleiger 235D H&Co,Blank 205,Gray/Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH235D
Schleiger 235F H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235F
Schleiger 235G H&Co, Blank 205,Pink& Green Flowers H SCH235G
Schleiger 235H H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Floral,Gold Trim H SCH235H
Schleiger 235I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Green Floral H SCH235I
Schleiger 235K H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH235K
Schleiger 235L H&Co,Blank 206,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235L
Schleiger 235M H&Co,Blank 24,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235M
Schleiger 236A H&Co,Double Gold Line,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH236A
Schleiger 236B H&Co,Blank 17,Bright Blue Flowers W/Pink H SCH236B
Schleiger 236C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236C
Schleiger 236D H&Co,Blank 415,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236D
Schleiger 236E H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236E
Schleiger 237A H&Co, Smooth, Lavender & White Daisies H SCH237A
Schleiger 237B H&Co, Blank 7, Pale Pink Daisies H SCH237B
Schleiger 237D H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&White Daisies H SCH237D
Schleiger 237H H&Co,Blank 10,Pink&White Daisies H SCH237H
Schleiger 237I H&Co, Blank 7 W/Daub Pink Daisies H SCH237I
Schleiger 237J H&Co, Smooth, Pink Daisies H SCH237J
Schleiger 237K H&Co,Blank 642,White,Pink Flowers H SCH237K
Schleiger 238 H&Co,Blank 22,Orange&Yellow Floral H SCH238
Schleiger 238B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink&White Floral H SCH238B
Schleiger 238C H&Co,Blank 12,Orange&White Floral H SCH238C
Schleiger 239 H&Co, Blank 209,Pink&White Floral H SCH239
Schleiger 239A H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&White Floral H SCH239A
Schleiger 239B H&Co,Blank 209,Pink&White Floral H SCH239B
Schleiger 240 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH240
Schleiger 240B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH240B
Schleiger 240C H&Co,Blank 215,Pink/Yellow Flowers,Gold H SCH240C
Schleiger 240E H&Co,Blank 219,Pink/Yellow Flowers,Gold H SCH240E
Schleiger 241D H&Co,Blank 204,Pink/White Roses H SCH241D
Schleiger 241E H&Co,Blank 6,Pink/White Roses H SCH241E
Schleiger 241F H&Co,Blank 219,Pink/White Roses,Daubs H SCH241F
Schleiger 241G H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/White Roses H SCH241G
Schleiger 241H H&Co,Blank 643,Pink/White Flowers,Gold H SCH241H
Schleiger 241I H&Co,Blank 16,Pink/Yellow Roses,Gold H SCH241I
Schleiger 242 H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Flowers H SCH242
Schleiger 242A H&Co,Blank 25,Pink Flowers H SCH242A
Schleiger 242B H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Flowers H SCH242B
Schleiger 242G H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Flowers H SCH242G
Schleiger 242I H&Co,Green Border Design,Pink Flowers H SCH242I
Schleiger 242J H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers H SCH242J
Schleiger 242L H&Co,Green Leaf & Bead Border,Red Line H SCH242L
Schleiger 243 H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses On Branch H SCH243
Schleiger 243A H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH243A
Schleiger 243B H&Co, Blank 9,Yellow Flowers, Brown Stem H SCH243B
Schleiger 244 H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Flowers H SCH244
Schleiger 244A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244A
Schleiger 244B H&Co,Blank 418,Pink Flower,Blue Foliage H SCH244B
Schleiger 244C H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244C
Schleiger 244D H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244D
Schleiger 244E H&Co,Blank 425,G Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH244E
Schleiger 245A H&Co, Blank 9, Blue Flowers/Brown H SCH245A
Schleiger 245B H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers, Gold Daubs H SCH245B
Schleiger 245C H&Co,Blank 416,Yellow Flowers H SCH245C
Schleiger 245D H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH245D
Schleiger 245E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH245E
Schleiger 245F H&Co,Blank 7,Yellow Flowers H SCH245F
Schleiger 246 H&Co,Blank 24 W/Heavy Gold,Multifloral H SCH246
Schleiger 247A H&Co,Blank 23,Pink,Yellow Flowers H SCH247A
Schleiger 247C H&Co,Blank 4,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247C
Schleiger 247D H&Co,Blank 217,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247D
Schleiger 247E H&Co,Blank 208,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247E
Schleiger 247F H&Co,Blank 13,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247F
Schleiger 247G H & Co Blank 1,Pink Flowers Green Lvs H SCH247G
Schleiger 247H H&Co,Blank 24,Blue Flowers H SCH247H
Schleiger 248AZ H&Co,Blank 205,Salmon Pink Flowers H SCH248AZ
Schleiger 248BZ H&Co,Blank 207,Daubs,Blue &White Flower H SCH248BZ
Schleiger 248CZ H&Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers H SCH248CZ
Schleiger 248D H&Co, Blank 4, Blue & White Flowers H SCH248D
Schleiger 248DZ H&Co,Blank 1, Pink Roses,Green & White H SCH248DZ
Schleiger 248E H&Co, Blank 1, Lavender Flowers H SCH248E
Schleiger 248EZ H&Co,Blank 5, Pink Roses,Green & White H SCH248EZ
Schleiger 248GZ H&Co,Blank 23, Blue Flowers H SCH248GZ
Schleiger 248H H&Co,Blank 213, Blue Flowers H SCH248H
Schleiger 248I H&Co, Blank 205,Blue Border,Pink Floral H SCH248I
Schleiger 248IZ H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses, Blue Flowers H SCH248IZ
Schleiger 248J H&Co, Blank 207, Pink Flowers,Green Rim H SCH248J
Schleiger 248JZ H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & White Flowers H SCH248JZ
Schleiger 248K H&Co, Blank 1, Pale Lavender Flowers H SCH248K
Schleiger 248LZ H & Co, Blank 4, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH248LZ
Schleiger 248M H&Co,Blank 4,Green Rose Border,Pink H SCH248M
Schleiger 248MZ H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH248MZ
Schleiger 248N H&Co, Blank 5, Blue & White Flowers H SCH248N
Schleiger 248NZ H&Co,Blank 215,Green Flowers H SCH248NZ
Schleiger 248O H&Co, Yellow/Brown Flowers, Rim, Gold H SCH248O
Schleiger 248P H&Co, Blank 22, Blue Flowers H SCH248P
Schleiger 248PZ H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH248PZ
Schleiger 248Q H&Co, Blank 213, Pink Flowers H SCH248Q
Schleiger 248R H&Co,Blank 215, Pink Flowers H SCH248R
Schleiger 248U H&Co, Blank 23, Lavender Floral, Daubs H SCH248U
Schleiger 248V H&Co, Blank 5, Pink Flowers H SCH248V
Schleiger 248X H&Co, Blank 8, Pink Flowers, Gold H SCH248X
Schleiger 248Y H&Co,Blank 215, Green Flowers, Gold H SCH248Y
Schleiger 248Z H&Co, Blank 207, Pink Flowers H SCH248Z
Schleiger 249A H & Co, Blank 204, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH249A
Schleiger 249E H & Co, Blank 12, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH249E
Schleiger 250 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Rose,Blue Violets H SCH250
Schleiger 250A H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH250A
Schleiger 251B H & Co, Blank 640, Pink Roses H SCH251B
Schleiger 251C H & Co, Pink Roses, Smooth, No Trim H SCH251C
Schleiger 251D H&Co,Blank 208 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Roses H SCH251D
Schleiger 252 H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/Peach Roses H SCH252
Schleiger 253 H&Co, Blank 7, Purple Violets H SCH253
Schleiger 253A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Violets,Brown Lines H SCH253A
Schleiger 253B H&Co,Blank 1,Purple Violets H SCH253B
Schleiger 253C H&Co,Blank 9B,Purple Violets H SCH253C
Schleiger 254B H & Co, Blank 1,Pinkflowers, Gray Shaft H SCH254B
Schleiger 254C H&Co,Blank 23,Apricot Flowers H SCH254C
Schleiger 254D H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Daubs,Green Flowers H SCH254D
Schleiger 254E H&Co, Blank 24,Green Floral,Blue Leaves H SCH254E
Schleiger 254F H&Co, Blank 23, Pink& Yellow Floral H SCH254F
Schleiger 254G H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH254G
Schleiger 254I H&Co, Blank 1, Orange Floral H SCH254I
Schleiger 254J H&Co, Blank 640, Gray Floral H SCH254J
Schleiger 254K H&Co, Blank 7, Apricot Flowers H SCH254K
Schleiger 254M H&Co, Blank 416,Pink/White Floral H SCH254M
Schleiger 255 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Roses H SCH255
Schleiger 255A H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/White Floral H SCH255A
Schleiger 255B H&Co, Blank 6, Pink/White Floral H SCH255B
Schleiger 256 H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/Green Floral H SCH256
Schleiger 256A H&Co, Smooth Blank, Blue/Green Floral H SCH256A
Schleiger 257 H&Co, Blank 216 Amer. Beauty Roses H SCH257
Schleiger 257A H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/White Roses H SCH257A
Schleiger 257B H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH257B
Schleiger 257D H&Co,Blank 423,Blue Flowers,Pink Roses H SCH257D
Schleiger 257E H&Co,Blank 216,Gray/Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH257E
Schleiger 257F H&Co,Blank 418,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH257F
Schleiger 257G H&Co,Blank 17,Bright Pink Roses H SCH257G
Schleiger 258 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White Floral H SCH258
Schleiger 258B H&Co,Blank 22,Dark Green Edge,Floral H SCH258B
Schleiger 258C H&Co,Blank 6,Gold Brushed Edge,Floral H SCH258C
Schleiger 258D H&Co,Blank 215,Pink/White Floral H SCH258D
Schleiger 259 (See Sch440) H &Co,Blk217, Pink Roses,Purple Ribbon H SCH259
Schleiger 259A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH259A
Schleiger 260 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH260
Schleiger 260A H&Co,Blank 8,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH260A
Schleiger 260B H&Co,Blank 5,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260B
Schleiger 260C H&Co,Blank 204,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260C
Schleiger 260D H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260D
Schleiger 261A H&Co,Pink Roses,Yellow Trim H SCH261A
Schleiger 261B H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261B
Schleiger 261D H&Co,Blank 204,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261D
Schleiger 261E H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Roses,White Flowers H SCH261E
Schleiger 261F H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261F
Schleiger 261H H&Co, Blank 19, Green & Pink Roses H SCH261H
Schleiger 261J H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261J
Schleiger 261K H&Co,Blank 17,Two Gold Lines,Green Roses H SCH261K
Schleiger 261L H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow Roses,Gray Flowers H SCH261L
Schleiger 261M H&Co,Blank 3,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH261M
Schleiger 261N H&Co,Blank 643,Yellow & Pink Roses H SCH261N
Schleiger 261O H&Co,Blank 204,Yellow & Pink Roses H SCH261O
Schleiger 261Q H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/Blue/White Roses H SCH261Q
Schleiger 262 H&Co, Blank 17, Pink Asters H SCH262
Schleiger 262A H&Co,Blank 8, Pink Flowers H SCH262A
Schleiger 262B H&Co, Blank 12, Pink Asters H SCH262B
Schleiger 262C H&Co, Blank 6, Blue Flowers H SCH262C
Schleiger 262D H&Co.,Blank 8,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH262D
Schleiger 262F H&Co, Blank 4,Gold Trim 21,Blue Flowers H SCH262F
Schleiger 263B H&Co, Blank 4, Lavender Flowers H SCH263B
Schleiger 263C H&Co, Blank 217, Lavender Flowers H SCH263C
Schleiger 263D H&Co, Blank 17,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH263D
Schleiger 264 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Gray & White Roses H SCH264
Schleiger 264A H&Co, Blank 6,Pink,Lavender, Gray H SCH264A
Schleiger 264B H&Co, Blank 425, Pink/Brown/Green Floral H SCH264B
Schleiger 264C H&Co,Blank 24,Lime Green&Pink Flowers H SCH264C
Schleiger 264D H&Co, Blank 418, Green & Pink Flowers H SCH264D
Schleiger 265B H&Co, Blank 4, Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH265B
Schleiger 266A H&Co,Blank14,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266A
Schleiger 266C H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH266C
Schleiger 266D H&Co, Blank 9, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266D
Schleiger 266E H&Co, Blank 9, Yellow Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH266E
Schleiger 266F H&Co,Blank 10 W/Gold Daubs,Yellow Roses H SCH266F
Schleiger 266G H&Co,Smooth, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266G
Schleiger 266J H&Co,Blank 422,Yellow Roses,Blue Flower H SCH266J
Schleiger 266K H&Co,Blank 9,Maroon Roses H SCH266K
Schleiger 267 H&Co, Smooth, Pink To White Roses H SCH267
Schleiger 267A H&Co,Blank 898,Pink To White Roses H SCH267A
Schleiger 267B H&Co,Blank 898,Green & White Roses H SCH267B
Schleiger 267C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink To White Roses H SCH267C
Schleiger 267D H&Co,Smooth,Gold Trim & Band,Green Rose H SCH267D
Schleiger 267E H&Co, Blank 13, Pink/White Roses H SCH267E
Schleiger 267F H&Co, Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH267F
Schleiger 267G H&Co,Blank 2, Pink Roses, Scallop,Gold H SCH267G
Schleiger 269 H & Co, Blank 24, Pink & Green Flowers H SCH269
Schleiger 270B H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Roses H SCH270B
Schleiger 270C H&Co,Blank 4, Pink Roses, Scallop, Gold H SCH270C
Schleiger 270D H&Co, Pink Flowers, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH270D
Schleiger 270E H&Co,Pink Roses, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH270E
Schleiger 270F H&Co, Pink Roses, Green, Leaves, Gold H SCH270F
Schleiger 270G H&Co,Blank 5,Pale Pink Roses H SCH270G
Schleiger 270H H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH270H
Schleiger 270I H&Co,Blank 4, Pink Roses,Scallop, Gold H SCH270I
Schleiger 271D H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Flower,Scallop,Gold H SCH271D
Schleiger 271E H&Co, Blank 18,Blue Flowers H SCH271E
Schleiger 271F H&Co, Blank 22, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH271F
Schleiger 271G H&Co,Blank 206,Blue Ring,Pink Roses H SCH271G
Schleiger 271H H&Co,Blank 213,Blue Ring,Pink Roses H SCH271H
Schleiger 271I H&Co,Blank 214,Pale Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH271I
Schleiger 271J H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow Roses H SCH271J
Schleiger 271K H&Co,Blank 21,Dk Pink Roses,Dk Blue Ring H SCH271K
Schleiger 271L H&Co,Blank 205,Blue&Lavender Flowers H SCH271L
Schleiger 272B H&Co, Blank 898, Pink & White Roses H SCH272B
Schleiger 273 H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Flowers,Enameling H SCH273
Schleiger 273A H&Co,Smooth,Pink&White Flowers H SCH273A
Schleiger 273B H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/Green Roses H SCH273B
Schleiger 274 H&Co,Smooth,Salmon Body,Blue Flowers H SCH274
Schleiger 275 H&Co,Smooth,Red Berries,Turquoise Band H SCH275
Schleiger 276B H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band&Flower Decor H SCH276B
Schleiger 279A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band, Gold Design H SCH279A
Schleiger 279B H&Co,Smooth,Two Gold Edge,Maroon Arches H SCH279B
Schleiger 282 H&Co, Blank 19, Green & Gold Scrolls H SCH282
Schleiger 282A H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Scrolls H SCH282A
Schleiger 283 H&Co, Smooth, Black & Gold Design H SCH283
Schleiger 285 H&Co, Smooth, Blue Leaves On Yellow H SCH285
Schleiger 285A H&Co,Smooth,Green Flowers,Medallion H SCH285A
Schleiger 286 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Cream Rim,Black Verge H SCH286
Schleiger 286A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers H SCH286A
Schleiger 286B H&Co,Blue Flowers,Yellow Border Design H SCH286B
Schleiger 287A H&Co,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH287A
Schleiger 288A H&Co, Gold & Green Design On Edge H SCH288A
Schleiger 289 H&Co,Blank 216,Brownish Red Flowers H SCH289
Schleiger 290A H&Co,Blank 19,Green Chain,Berries H SCH290A
Schleiger 290B H&Co,Blue Chain,Berries, Red Line H SCH290B
Schleiger 290C H&Co,Green Chain,Berries,Turquoise Leaf H SCH290C
Schleiger 291 H&Co,Blank 216,Gray/Pink Rose H SCH291
Schleiger 292 H&Co,Pink Roses,Gold Design Below Roses H SCH292
Schleiger 292A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH292A
Schleiger 292B H&Co,Blank 644,Pink Roses,Blue Accent H SCH292B
Schleiger 292C H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Rose Band,Embossed H SCH292C
Schleiger 292D H&Co,Blank 644,Rose Band,Green Accent H SCH292D
Schleiger 293 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH293
Schleiger 295A H&Co,Green/Pink Scrolls,Smooth,No Trim H SCH295A
Schleiger 295B H&Co,Black/Yellow Scrolls,Smooth H SCH295B
Schleiger 296A H&Co,Smooth,Red Flowers,Gold Leaves&Trim H SCH296A
Schleiger 297 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow & Black Key H SCH297
Schleiger 299 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band,Brown Swags H SCH299
Schleiger 299A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band,Green Leaves H SCH299A
Schleiger 301 Theo, White, Undecorated, Scalloped H SCH301
Schleiger 302 Theo,Undecorated,Saucers Are Ribbed H SCH302
Schleiger 305 Theo,Blank 121 W/Gold Trim & Line H SCH305
Schleiger 306 Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim H SCH306
Schleiger 307 Theo,Blank 303,Gold Trim H SCH307
Schleiger 308 Theo,Blank 302,Lavender/White Flowers H SCH308
Schleiger 308A Theo,Blank 117,Lavender/White Flowers H SCH308A
Schleiger 309A Theo,Blank 307,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309A
Schleiger 309B Theo,Blank 116,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH309B
Schleiger 309C Theo,Blank 124, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH309C
Schleiger 309D Theo,Gold Brushed Edge,Pink Flowers H SCH309D
Schleiger 309E Theo,Blank 301,Gold Brush,Pink Flowers H SCH309E
Schleiger 309F Theo,Bl 802,Pink Roses&Yellow Flowers H SCH309F
Schleiger 309G Theo,Blank 302,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309G
Schleiger 309H Theo,Blank 802,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309H
Schleiger 309I Theo,Blank 116,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309I
Schleiger 309J Theo,Blank 800,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309J
Schleiger 309K Theo,Blank 800,Pink&White Roses H SCH309K
Schleiger 309L Theo,Blank 124,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309L
Schleiger 309M Theo,Blank 301,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309M
Schleiger 309N Theo,Blank 592,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309N
Schleiger 309O Theo,Gold Brushed Edge,Pink Roses H SCH309O
Schleiger 309P Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses H SCH309P
Schleiger 309Q Theo,Blank 117,Roses,Lavender Flowers H SCH309Q
Schleiger 310 Theo,Blank 122,Pink /White Roses,Rim H SCH310
Schleiger 310B Theo,Blank 304,Pink Roses H SCH310B
Schleiger 310E Theo,Blank 119,Roses,Blue Leaves H SCH310E
Schleiger 310F Theo,Blank 130,Pink/White Roses,Daubs H SCH310F
Schleiger 311 (Blank 802) Theo,Blank 802,Pink&White Roses H SCH311J
Schleiger 311 (Blank 304) Theo, Blank 304, Pink Flowers H SCH311
Schleiger 311A Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Roses H SCH311A
Schleiger 311B Theo,Blank122, Green Roses, Gray Leaves H SCH311B
Schleiger 311C Theo,Blank 800,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH311C
Schleiger 311D Theo,Smooth Blank,Pink Roses H SCH311D
Schleiger 311E Theo, Blank 124, Purple Roses H SCH311E
Schleiger 311F Theo, Blank 300, Pink/White Roses H SCH311F
Schleiger 311G Theo, Blank 802, Lavender Roses H SCH311G
Schleiger 311H Theo,Blank 123, Lavender Roses H SCH311H
Schleiger 311I H&Co, Blank 802, Pink/White Roses H SCH311I
Schleiger 312 Theo,Blank 118,Pink Roses,Gray Scrolls H SCH312
Schleiger 312A Theo, Blank 301 W/ Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH312A
Schleiger 312B H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink To White Roses H SCH312B
Schleiger 312C H&Co, Blank 122, Pink To White Roses H SCH312C
Schleiger 312D Theo,Blank 123 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH312D
Schleiger 312F Theo, Blank 124, Pink To White Roses H SCH312F
Schleiger 313 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Poppies H SCH313
Schleiger 313A Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH313A
Schleiger 313B H&Co, Blank 122, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313B
Schleiger 313D H&Co, Blank 300, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313D
Schleiger 313E H&Co, Blank 300, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313E
Schleiger 313F Theo,Gold Brushed Pink&Gray Floral H SCH313F
Schleiger 313G Theo, Blank 800, Pink/White Flowers H SCH313G
Schleiger 314 Theo, Blank 124, Lavender/White Floral H SCH314
Schleiger 314A Theo, Blank 126, Pink Flowers H SCH314A
Schleiger 314B Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH314B
Schleiger 314C Theo, Blank 122, Lavender/White Floral H SCH314C
Schleiger 314E Theo, Blank 122, Pink Flowers H SCH314E
Schleiger 315 Theo,Smooth,Grayish Green Flowers H SCH315
Schleiger 315B Theo,Blank 124,Pink /White Floral H SCH315B
Schleiger 315C Theo,Blank 126,Gold Brushed Edge,Floral H SCH315C
Schleiger 315D Theo,Pink Floral,Smooth H SCH315D
Schleiger 316A Theo,Blank 118,Gray/Green/Pink Daisies H SCH316A
Schleiger 316B Theo,Blank 116,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316B
Schleiger 316C Theo,Blank 116,Blue Daisies,Green Stems H SCH316C
Schleiger 316D Theo,Blank 121,Green/Pink Daisies H SCH316D
Schleiger 316E Theo,Gold Brushededge,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316E
Schleiger 316F Theo,Blank 126,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316F
Schleiger 317 Theo,Blank 800,White/Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH317
Schleiger 317C Theo, Blank 123,Pink& White Flowers H SCH317C
Schleiger 317D Theo, Blank 303,Pink & White Flowers H SCH317D
Schleiger 317E Theo,Blank 800,White/Green Flowers,Gold H SCH317E
Schleiger 318 Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses, Green Scrolls H SCH318
Schleiger 318C Theo, Blank 119 Pink Roses H SCH318C
Schleiger 318D Theo,Blank 132,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH318D
Schleiger 320 Theo,Smooth,Pink & White Roses H SCH320
Schleiger 320A Theo,Blank 132,Pink/White Roses,Gold H SCH320A
Schleiger 320B Theo,Blank 117,Pink/White Roses H SCH320B
Schleiger 320E (Scalloped) Scalloped,Theo,Bl 122,Pink&White Roses H SCH320ES
Schleiger 320F Theo,Blank 136,Pink/White Roses,Gold H SCH320F
Schleiger 320G Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White Roses H SCH320G
Schleiger 320H Theo,Blank 130,Pink/Gray Roses,Daubs H SCH320H
Schleiger 320I Theo,Blank 123,Pink/White Roses H SCH320I
Schleiger 320J Theo, Blank 133, Pink & White Roses H SCH320J
Schleiger 320K Theo,Blank 301,Pink/Gray Roses H SCH320K
Schleiger 320L Theo,Smooth,Lavender,White&Green H SCH320L
Schleiger 320M Theo, Blank 124, Pink & White Flowers H SCH320M
Schleiger 320N Theo,Smooth,Gold Daubs,Pink&White H SCH320N
Schleiger 320O Theo,Blank 833 W/Green,Lavender Floral H SCH320O
Schleiger 320P Theo,Smooth,Pink/White Encircle Plate H SCH320P
Schleiger 320Q Theo,Smooth,Brushed&Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH320Q
Schleiger 320R Theo,Blank300,Pink To White Roses H SCH320R
Schleiger 322B Theo,Blank 801, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH322B
Schleiger 322C Theo, Blank 128, Lavender Roses H SCH322C
Schleiger 323A Theo, Blank 128, Pink/White Roses H SCH323A
Schleiger 324 Theo,Blank121,Pink Roses H SCH324
Schleiger 324A Theo,Blank 117,Decal 324,Pink Roses H SCH324A
Schleiger 324B Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses H SCH324B
Schleiger 324C Theo,Blank 118,Pink/White Roses H SCH324C
Schleiger 324D Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses H SCH324D
Schleiger 324E Theo,Blank 125,Pink Roses H SCH324E
Schleiger 324F Theo,Blank 800 W/Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH324F
Schleiger 324G Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,White Flowers H SCH324G
Schleiger 324H Theo,Blank 117,Gold Edge,Pink Roses H SCH324H
Schleiger 325 Theo,Blank 304,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH325
Schleiger 325A Theo,Blank 806,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH325A
Schleiger 326 Theo,Blank 134,Pink Roses H SCH326
Schleiger 327 Theo,Smooth,Multicolor Flowers H SCH327
Schleiger 327A Theo, Blank 134, Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH327A
Schleiger 327B Theo,Blank 134,Multicolor Flowers H SCH327B
Schleiger 327C Theo,Pink&Blue Floral,Blank 122 H SCH327C
Schleiger 327D Theo,Blank 134,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH327D
Schleiger 328 Theo,Blank 118,Pink,White&Green Flowers H SCH328
Schleiger 328A Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers/Green Center H SCH328A
Schleiger 328B Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Green Flowers H SCH328B
Schleiger 328C Theo,Smooth,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328C
Schleiger 328D Theo,Smooth,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328D
Schleiger 328E Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328E
Schleiger 329 Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses,Daisies H SCH329
Schleiger 329A Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Daisies H SCH329A
Schleiger 330A Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Lavender Bow H SCH330A
Schleiger 330B Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Lavender Bow H SCH330B
Schleiger 330C Theo,Blank 123,Pink Roses H SCH330C
Schleiger 330D Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Gray Bow H SCH330D
Schleiger 331 Theo,Blank 124,Pink&White Flowers H SCH331
Schleiger 331A Theo,Blank 122,White Daisies,Pink Floral H SCH331A
Schleiger 331B Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH331B
Schleiger 331C Theo,Blank 118,White Daisies,Pink Flower H SCH331C
Schleiger 331D Theo,Blank 302,White Daises,Pink Floral H SCH331D
Schleiger 331E Theo,Blank 303,White Daisies,Pink Floral H SCH331E
Schleiger 331F Theo,Blank 122,Lavender Floral,Daisies H SCH331F
Schleiger 331G Theo,Blank 116,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331G
Schleiger 331H Theo,Blank 126,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331H
Schleiger 331I Theo,Blank133, Lavender Flowers H SCH331I
Schleiger 331J Theo,Smooth W/Brushed Gold,Blue Violets H SCH331J
Schleiger 331K Theo,Blank 126,Daisies,Blue Flowers H SCH331K
Schleiger 331M Theo,Blank 816 Without Gold Band,Daisies H SCH331M
Schleiger 331N Theo, Blank 116, Pink & White Floral H SCH331N
Schleiger 331O Theo,Blank 301,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331O
Schleiger 331P Theo,Blank 123,Lavender Flowers H SCH331P
Schleiger 331Q Theo,Blank 800,Gray Daisies,Violets H SCH331Q
Schleiger 331S Theo,Daisies,Gold Design Band,Smooth H SCH331S
Schleiger 331T Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim 832,Lavender H SCH331T
Schleiger 332 Theo,Blank 124,White&Pink Flowers H SCH332
Schleiger 332A Theodore,Blank 122,Blue Flowers H SCH332A
Schleiger 332B Theodore,Smooth,Pink,White Flowers H SCH332B
Schleiger 332C Theo,Blank 124,Green&White Flowers H SCH332C
Schleiger 332D Theodore,Blank 300,Pink Flowers H SCH332D
Schleiger 332E Theodore,Blank 123,Green Flowers H SCH332E
Schleiger 332F Theo, Blank 116A, Lavender Flowers H SCH332F
Schleiger 332G Theo, Blank 126, Green Flowers H SCH332G
Schleiger 333 Theo, Pink,Purple & Green Morning Glory H SCH333
Schleiger 333B Theodore,Blank 122,Blue,Gray Flowers H SCH333B
Schleiger 333C Theo,Blank 117,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH333C
Schleiger 333D Theo, Blank 118, Morning Glories H SCH333D
Schleiger 333E Theodore,Blank 123,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH333E
Schleiger 333F Theodore,Smooth,Brush Gold,Floral H SCH333F
Schleiger 333H Theodore,Blank 124,Blue Flowers H SCH333H
Schleiger 333K Theo, Blank 302, Pink&Purple Flowers H SCH333K
Schleiger 333L Theo,Pink&Blue Poppies,Smooth Blank H SCH333L
Schleiger 333M Theo,Blank 301, Lavender, Gold H SCH333M
Schleiger 333N Theo,Lavender Flowers, Smooth H SCH333N
Schleiger 333O Theo,Blank 118, Lavender, Scalloped H SCH333O
Schleiger 333P Theo,Blank 591, Lavender, Scalloped H SCH333P
Schleiger 333Q Theo,Blank 301,Lavender,Scalloped H SCH333Q
Schleiger 333R Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Flowers,Gold H SCH333R
Schleiger 333S Theo,Blank 300, Lavender, Gold Daubs H SCH333S
Schleiger 335A Theo,Blank 116,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335A
Schleiger 335B Theo,Blank 124,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335B
Schleiger 335C Theo,Blank 126, Roses, Scalloped H SCH335C
Schleiger 335D Theo,Blank 302, Pink Roses, Smooth H SCH335D
Schleiger 335E Theo, Pink Roses, Smooth,Rim H SCH335E
Schleiger 335F Theo,Blank 133,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335F
Schleiger 336 Theodore,Blank 118,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336
Schleiger 336A Theo,Blank116,Blue Lily Of Valley H SCH336A
Schleiger 336B Theodore,Blank 122,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336B
Schleiger 336B Theodore,Blank 116,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336C
Schleiger 336D Theodore,Blank 118,Blue,Gray Flowers H SCH336D
Schleiger 337 Theo,Blank 135,Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH337
Schleiger 338 Theo, Smooth, Pink To White Roses H SCH338
Schleiger 338A Theo, Blank 305, Pink To White Roses H SCH338A
Schleiger 339 Theo,Blank 124,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339
Schleiger 339A Theo, Blank 302, Pink To Lavender Roses H SCH339A
Schleiger 339D Theo, Blank 122,Yellow,Green &Pink Roses H SCH339D
Schleiger 339E Theo,Blank 592,Yellow,Green,Pink Roses H SCH339E
Schleiger 339F Theo,Blank 120,Embossed,Roses H SCH339F
Schleiger 339G Theo,Blank 125,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339G
Schleiger 339I Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339I
Schleiger 339K Theo,Blank 126,Pink,Yellow&Green Floral H SCH339K
Schleiger 339L Theo,Smooth,Lavender/Yellow Roses H SCH339L
Schleiger 339M Theo, Blank 1217 W/ Gold Daubs, Roses H SCH339M
Schleiger 340B Theo, Blank 305, Pink To White Roses H SCH340B
Schleiger 340D Theo,Blank 304,Tan Flowers,Blue Scroll H SCH340D
Schleiger 340E Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH340E
Schleiger 340F Theo, Blank 301 W/Gold, Pink Roses H SCH340F
Schleiger 340G Theo, Blank 118, Pink To White Roses H SCH340G
Schleiger 341B Theo,Blank 833 W/Green Band,Pink Flowers H SCH341B
Schleiger 341C Theo,Blank 592,Green & White Flowers H SCH341C
Schleiger 341D Theo,Blank 130 Pink Flowers H SCH341D
Schleiger 341E Theo, Blank 117, Pink Flowers H SCH341E
Schleiger 342A Theo, Blank 306, Small Lavender Roses H SCH342A
Schleiger 342C Theo,Blank 301,Border Of Green Roses H SCH342C
Schleiger 342D Theo,Blank 306,Border Of Pink Roses H SCH342D
Schleiger 342E Theo,Blank 124,Border Of Daisies H SCH342E
Schleiger 342F Theo, Blank 122, Pink Roses, Blue Ribbon H SCH342F
Schleiger 342H Theo, Blank 301,Pinkroses,Blue Ribbons H SCH342H
Schleiger 342I Theo,Smooth,Pale Green Roses H SCH342I
Schleiger 342K Theo,Blank 807, Pink Roses H SCH342K
Schleiger 342L Theo,Smooth,Pink Rose,Blue Ribbon H SCH342L
Schleiger 342M Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flower Border H SCH342M
Schleiger 342N Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses,Blue Ribbon H SCH342N
Schleiger 342O Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,Blue Ribbon H SCH342O
Schleiger 342P Theo,Smooth,Gold Daubs,Pink Roses H SCH342P
Schleiger 342Q Theo, Blank 122, Green Roses, Ribbon H SCH342Q
Schleiger 342R Theo, Blank 592, Pink/White Roses H SCH342R
Schleiger 343 Theo, Blank 116, Pink, Yellow Flowers H SCH343
Schleiger 343A Theo,Blank 301,Multicolor Roses H SCH343A
Schleiger 344A Theo,Smooth,Cream Rim W/Band Of Roses H SCH344A
Schleiger 345B Theo,Pink Roses,Yellow Scroll,Cream Body H SCH345B
Schleiger 345C Theo,Pink Roses,Gray Band&Scrolls H SCH345C
Schleiger 348 Theo,Blank 302, Pink,Blue,Yellow Floral H SCH348
Schleiger 348C Theo,Blank 122,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH348C
Schleiger 348D Theo,Blank 116,Blue,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH348D
Schleiger 348E Theo,Blank 124,Blue,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH348E
Schleiger 349B Theo,Blank 305,Pink Roses,Yellow Flowers H SCH349B
Schleiger 349C Theo,Blank 121,Pale Pink Roses H SCH349C
Schleiger 350 Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses H SCH350
Schleiger 350A Theo,Blank 126,Pink/White Roses H SCH350A
Schleiger 350B Theo,Blank 303,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350B
Schleiger 350C Theo,Blank 304,Pink Rose Vine,Gold Ring H SCH350C
Schleiger 350D Theo,Blank 126,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350D
Schleiger 350F Theo, Blank 829A, Pink/White Roses H SCH350F
Schleiger 350G Theo,Blank 301,Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH350G
Schleiger 350H Theo,Blank 304,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350H
Schleiger 350I Theo,Blank 124,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH350I
Schleiger 350J Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses H SCH350J
Schleiger 350K Theo,Blank 301 Pale Green&Gold H SCH350K
Schleiger 350L Theo,Blank 302,Pink Roses H SCH350L
Schleiger 351 Theo,Blank 305,Pink Rose Swags,Gold Trim H SCH351
Schleiger 412 H&Co,White,Undecorated H SCH412
Schleiger 413A H&Co,Undecorated,Curved Radial Lines H SCH413A
Schleiger 414 H&Co,Undecorated,Raised Laurel & Dots H SCH414
Schleiger 415 H&Co,Undecorated,Panels,Smooth Edge H SCH415
Schleiger 416 H&Co,Smooth,Undecorated, Embossed Scroll H SCH416
Schleiger 417 H&Co,Blank 11,Gold Brush Bands H SCH417
Schleiger 418 H&Co,Blank 13 Or 2,Gold Trim & Brush H SCH418
Schleiger 419 H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Dots/Outline H SCH419
Schleiger 422A H&Co,Blank 9,Gold Brush & Trim H SCH422A
Schleiger 422B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Brush Outline H SCH422B
Schleiger 423 H&Co,Blank 1,Brushed Gold Edge H SCH423
Schleiger 424 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Trim H SCH424
Schleiger 425 H&Co,Blank 3,Gold Daubs H SCH425
Schleiger 426 H&Co, Blank 1,Green Brush W/Gold Trim H SCH426
Schleiger 428A H&Co, Blank 1, Gold & Green Bands H SCH428A
Schleiger 429 H&Co,Blank 412,Gold Trim & Verge H SCH429
Schleiger 431 H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Gray Flowers,Scallop H SCH431
Schleiger 431A H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH431A
Schleiger 431B H&Co,Blank 9, Pale Blue,Green&Gray H SCH431B
Schleiger 431C H&Co,Blank 9A,Yellow Flowers H SCH431C
Schleiger 432A H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Black Line H SCH432A
Schleiger 432B H&Co, Smooth, Yellowflowers,Brown Stems H SCH432B
Schleiger 432C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH432C
Schleiger 433 H&Co,Blank 213, Blue Flowers H SCH433
Schleiger 433A H&Co,Blank 7 W/Daubs,Salmon Poppy,White H SCH433A
Schleiger 433B H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Flowers,Green Stems H SCH433B
Schleiger 433C H&Co,Blank 7,Pink, White&Gray Flowers H SCH433C
Schleiger 433D H&Co,Blank 4 W/Daub,Salmon Poppy,Yellow H SCH433D
Schleiger 433E H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Poppy,Yellow Daisy H SCH433E
Schleiger 433F H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Blue Flower H SCH433F
Schleiger 433G H&Co,Blank 9 W/Daubs,Pink Flower H SCH433G
Schleiger 434 H&Co, Blank 24, Pink, Blue&White Floral H SCH434
Schleiger 434B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434B
Schleiger 434D H&Co,Blank 18,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434D
Schleiger 434F H&Co,Blank 2,Gold&Maroon On Edge H SCH434F
Schleiger 434G H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Blue&White Flowers H SCH434G
Schleiger 435 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH435
Schleiger 435A H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Corn Flowers H SCH435A
Schleiger 436 H&Co,Blank 217,Blue Carnation,Pink Rose H SCH436
Schleiger 436A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Rose,Blue Carnation H SCH436A
Schleiger 436B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Carnations,Blue Roses H SCH436B
Schleiger 436C H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Carnation,Blue Rose H SCH436C
Schleiger 437 H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Gray&Green Roses H SCH437
Schleiger 438 H&Co,Blank 19,Blue Morning Glories H SCH438
Schleiger 439 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses&Arrows H SCH439
Schleiger 440 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses,Purple Ribbon H SCH440
Schleiger 440A H&Co,Blank23,Blue&Pink Flowers, Ribbon H SCH440A
Schleiger 440B H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH440B
Schleiger 440C H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH440C
Schleiger 440E H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH440E
Schleiger 440F H&Co,Blank 205,Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH440F
Schleiger 440G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH440G
Schleiger 440H H&Co,Blank 23,Blue,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH440H
Schleiger 441 H&Co, Blank 1, Green & Pink Flowers H SCH441
Schleiger 441A H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Flowers,Green Lvs H SCH441A
Schleiger 441C H&Co,Blank 2,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441C
Schleiger 441D H&Co,Blank 418,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441D
Schleiger 442 H&Co,Blank 6 W/Brushed Gold,Blue Flowers H SCH442
Schleiger 442A H&Co, Blank 17, Pinkflowers, Gold Trim H SCH442A
Schleiger 442B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers H SCH442B
Schleiger 442C H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442C
Schleiger 442E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Green & Gold H SCH442E
Schleiger 442F H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH442F
Schleiger 442G H&Co,Blank 652,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442G
Schleiger 442H H&Co, Blank 5, Blue/White Roses H SCH442H
Schleiger 442I H&Co,Blank 207, Pink Flowers H SCH442I
Schleiger 442J H&Co, Blank 6, Pink To Lavender Flowers H SCH442J
Schleiger 442K H&Co,Blank 205,Wild Pink Roses H SCH442K
Schleiger 443 H&Co,Blank 7,Grayish Lavender Violets H SCH443
Schleiger 443A H&Co,Blank 9,Grayish/Lavender Violets H SCH443A
Schleiger 443B H&Co, Blank 7, Lavender Floral H SCH443B
Schleiger 443C H&Co, Blank 4, Gray/Lavender Floral H SCH443C
Schleiger 444 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH444
Schleiger 444B H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH444B
Schleiger 444C H&Co, Smooth, Small Pink & Green Flowers H SCH444C
Schleiger 444D H&Co,Blank6,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH444D
Schleiger 444E H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers H SCH444E
Schleiger 444F H&Co, Blank 3, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444F
Schleiger 444G H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444G
Schleiger 445 H&Co, Blank 5, Brown/Red Floral H SCH445
Schleiger 445A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH445A
Schleiger 446 H&Co, Smooth, Green Flowers & Leaves H SCH446
Schleiger 446A H&Co, Smooth, Green Leaves,Red Berries H SCH446A
Schleiger 447 H&Co, Blank 22, Gray/Green/Pink Floral H SCH447
Schleiger 448 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH448
Schleiger 448A H&Co,Blank 209, Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH448A
Schleiger 449 H & Co,Blank 22,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449
Schleiger 449A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449A
Schleiger 449B H&Co, Blank 3, Pink/White/Blue Buds H SCH449B
Schleiger 450 H&Co, Blank 12, Pink/White Flowers H SCH450
Schleiger 451B H&Co,Blank 9,Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH451B
Schleiger 451C H&Co,Blank 9,Turquoise Flowers H SCH451C
Schleiger 451D H&Co, Blank 9B, Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH451D
Schleiger 452A H&Co,Blank 23,Purple Violets H SCH452A
Schleiger 452B H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Violets H SCH452B
Schleiger 452C H&Co,Blank 23,Gray Violets H SCH452C
Schleiger 452D H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH452D
Schleiger 452G H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Violets H SCH452G
Schleiger 452H H&Co,Blank 23,Floral Border,Violets H SCH452H
Schleiger 452I H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Violets H SCH452I
Schleiger 452J H&Co, Blank 208, Pink Floral, Daubs H SCH452J
Schleiger 453 H&Co, Blank 24, Purple Violets H SCH453
Schleiger 453A H&Co,Blank 7,Violetsgray/Yellow Daisies H SCH453A
Schleiger 453C H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Violets H SCH453C
Schleiger 453D H & Co,Blank 9 W/Gold Daub,Purple Flower H SCH453D
Schleiger 453E H&Co,Blank 4,Purple Violets,White Daisy H SCH453E
Schleiger 453F H&Co,Blank 5,Violets,Gray Daisy H SCH453F
Schleiger 453G H&Co,Blank 7,Gray Violets H SCH453G
Schleiger 453H H&Co,Blank 1,Violets,Gray Daisy,No Trim H SCH453H
Schleiger 453I H & Co, Blank 9 Violets And Daisies H SCH453I
Schleiger 453J H&Co,Blank 7,Violets & Daisies H SCH453J
Schleiger 454 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White Roses H SCH454
Schleiger 455A H & Co, Blank 5,Pale Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455A
Schleiger 455B H&Co,Blank 1,Blue And Pink Floral H SCH455B
Schleiger 455C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455C
Schleiger 455D H&Co,Blank 5,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH455D
Schleiger 455E H&Co,Blank 19,Pink&White Floral Rim H SCH455E
Schleiger 455F H&Co,Blank 17,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455F
Schleiger 455G H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender&Blue Flowers H SCH455G
Schleiger 455H H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455H
Schleiger 455J H&Co,Blank 17,White&Pink Floral H SCH455J
Schleiger 455K H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White Floral H SCH455K
Schleiger 456B H&Co,Blank 425,Blue Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456B
Schleiger 456C H&Co,Pink&Gray Roses,Smooth H SCH456C
Schleiger 456F H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Gray Roses H SCH456F
Schleiger 456G H&Co,Blank 416,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH456G
Schleiger 456H H&Co,Smooth,Salmon Pink&White Roses H SCH456H
Schleiger 456I H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456I
Schleiger 456J H&Co, Blank 7, Pink & Gray Roses H SCH456J
Schleiger 456K H&Co, Blank 13, Pink Roses H SCH456K
Schleiger 457 H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457
Schleiger 457A H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457A
Schleiger 457B H&Co, Blank 9, Turquoise Flowers H SCH457B
Schleiger 459 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue/Turquoise Roses H SCH459
Schleiger 459D H&Co,Blank 213,Turquoise Roses H SCH459D
Schleiger 459E H&Co,Blank 208 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH459E
Schleiger 459F H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH459F
Schleiger 459G H&Co,Blank 208,Turquoise Flowers H SCH459G
Schleiger 459I H&Co,Blank 426,Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH459I
Schleiger 459J H&Co, Blank 208, Blue Roses H SCH459J
Schleiger 459K H&Co,Blank 4, Band Of Pink Roses H SCH459K
Schleiger 460 H&Co,Pink Floral Sprays Rim&Center H SCH460
Schleiger 460A H&Co,Blank 6,Yellow/Pink Flowers H SCH460A
Schleiger 460B H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Shaggy Flowers H SCH460B
Schleiger 460C H&Co,Blank 13,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH460C
Schleiger 460D H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH460D
Schleiger 460E H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH460E
Schleiger 460G H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH460G
Schleiger 460H H&Co, Blank 13, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460H
Schleiger 460I H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460I
Schleiger 461 H&Co,Blank 9,Green/Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH461
Schleiger 461A H&Co,Blank 4,Pink/White Flowers,Gold H SCH461A
Schleiger 461C H&Co,Blank 17,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH461C
Schleiger 461D H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Roses,Gray Flowers H SCH461D
Schleiger 462 H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH462
Schleiger 462C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462C
Schleiger 462E H&Co,Blank 11,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462E
Schleiger 462F H&Co Blank 5,Lavender & Pink Floral H SCH462F
Schleiger 462H H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462H
Schleiger 463 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH463
Schleiger 463A H&Co,Blank 204,Small Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH463A
Schleiger 464C H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH464C
Schleiger 464E H&Co, Blank 10, Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH464E
Schleiger 464G H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH464G
Schleiger 464H H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH464H
Schleiger 464J H&Co,Blank 421,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaf H SCH464J
Schleiger 464K H&Co,Torse(Bl413),Pink Flowers H SCH464K
Schleiger 464L H&Co,Blank 10,Blue Flowers H SCH464L
Schleiger 464M H&Co,Blank 411,Pink&White Floral H SCH464M
Schleiger 464N H&Co,Blank 9,Orange&White Flowers H SCH464N
Schleiger 464O H&Co, Blank 10, Pink/White Flowers H SCH464O
Schleiger 465 H&Co,Blank 415,Pink&White Floral H SCH465
Schleiger 465A H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH465A
Schleiger 465B H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&White Floral H SCH465B
Schleiger 465C H&Co,Blank 4,Border Green Roses H SCH465C
Schleiger 465D H&Co,Blank 213,Border Pink Flowers H SCH465D
Schleiger 465E H&Co,Blank 9,Green Flowers&Leaves H SCH465E
Schleiger 466 H&Co,Blank 9,Grayish Pink Flowers H SCH466
Schleiger 466A H&Co, Blank 6,Green/Pink/White Flowers H SCH466A
Schleiger 466B H&Co,Blank 23,Grayish Pink Flowers H SCH466B
Schleiger 466C H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers&Daisy H SCH466C
Schleiger 466G H&Co,Blank 423,Green&White Flowers H SCH466G
Schleiger 466H H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH466H
Schleiger 466I H&Co,Gray/Pink Flowers,Daisies,Smooth H SCH466I
Schleiger 466J H&Co,Blank 7,Pink&White Flowers,Daisies H SCH466J
Schleiger 466K H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH466K
Schleiger 466L H&Co,Blank 5,Gray/Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH466L
Schleiger 467 H&Co,Gray/Pink Roses,Blue Flowers,Smooth H SCH467
Schleiger 467A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH467A
Schleiger 467C H&Co, Smooth, Yellow Flowers H SCH467C
Schleiger 469 H & Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH469
Schleiger 469A H & Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers H SCH469A
Schleiger 469B H & Co,Blank 10,Yellow Flowers H SCH469B
Schleiger 470 H & Co,Blank 1,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH470
Schleiger 470A H & Co,Blank 7,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH470A
Schleiger 471 H & Co,Gold Band,Green Flowers H SCH471
Schleiger 471A H & Co,Pink Flowers W/Gray H SCH471A
Schleiger 472 H & Co,Blank 7,Pink Carnations & Ribbon H SCH472
Schleiger 472A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Carnations & Lilies H SCH472A
Schleiger 472B H & Co,Blank 426,Green Band,Pink Flowers H SCH472B
Schleiger 472I H & Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers H SCH472I
Schleiger 472J H & Co,Blank 5,Blue Flowers H SCH472J
Schleiger 472K H & Co,Blank 9,Blue Flower,Gold Trim H SCH472K
Schleiger 472M H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers H SCH472M
Schleiger 472N H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Carnations&Ribbon H SCH472N
Schleiger 472O H&Co, Blank 9 With Daubs, Bluish Green H SCH472O
Schleiger 473 H & Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers H SCH473
Schleiger 473A H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH473A
Schleiger 473B H&Co,Bl7,Go Daubs,Pink Violets H SCH473B
Schleiger 473C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Violets H SCH473C
Schleiger 473D H&Co,Blank 23, Purple Flowers H SCH473D
Schleiger 473E H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Violets H SCH473E
Schleiger 473F H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Violets H SCH473F
Schleiger 473G H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Violets H SCH473G
Schleiger 473H H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH473H
Schleiger 473I H&Co,Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH473I
Schleiger 473J H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Violets,Gold Trim H SCH473J
Schleiger 474A H&Co,Smooth,Brown Trim,Multicolor Flower H SCH474A
Schleiger 475 H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH475
Schleiger 475A H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH475A
Schleiger 475C H&Co,Blank 213,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH475C
Schleiger 475D H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Roses,Brown Scroll H SCH475D
Schleiger 475E H & Co,Blank 215,Pink &Yellow Roses H SCH475E
Schleiger 475F H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH475F
Schleiger 475H H&Co,Blank 208 W/Daubs,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH475H
Schleiger 475I H&Co,Blank 205 W/Gold Trim,Yellow&Pink H SCH475I
Schleiger 475J H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pale Blue Roses H SCH475J
Schleiger 475K H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Grayish Yellow Roses H SCH475K
Schleiger 475L H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses,Maroon Scrolls H SCH475L
Schleiger 476 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH476
Schleiger 477 H & Co,Blank 9,Bright Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH477
Schleiger 477A H&Co,Blank 10,Bright Blue Flowers H SCH477A
Schleiger 477B H&Co,Blank 213,Bright Blue Flowers H SCH477B
Schleiger 477C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Trim,Blue&Gray Flowers H SCH477C
Schleiger 478 H&Co,Blank 10 W/Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH478
Schleiger 478A H&Co,Blank 9 W/Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH478A
Schleiger 478B H&Co,Blank 10,Blue Flowers&Berries H SCH478B
Schleiger 479 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Pen Line,Roses&Ribbon H SCH479
Schleiger 479F Pink&Yellow Roses, Gold Trim H SCH479F
Schleiger 480 H&Co,Blank 10,Yellow Bow,Pink&Yellow H SCH480
Schleiger 481A H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Floral, Pink Ribbon H SCH481A
Schleiger 481B H&Co, Blank 1,Pink Floral,Blue Ribbon H SCH481B
Schleiger 481D H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Floral, Pink Ribbon H SCH481D
Schleiger 481G H&Co, Blank 215, Blue Floral,Pink Ribbon H SCH481G
Schleiger 481H H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Floral, Blue Ribbons H SCH481H
Schleiger 481I H&Co,Blank 21,Border Of Flowers&Leaves H SCH481I
Schleiger 482 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Daubs,Lavender Iris H SCH482
Schleiger 482A H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Iris,Gray Ribbon H SCH482A
Schleiger 484 H&Co,Blank 216,Green Roses On Pink H SCH484
Schleiger 484A H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Roses On White H SCH484A
Schleiger 485 H&Co, Smooth, Pink/White Roses H SCH485
Schleiger 485A H&Co, Blank 21, Pink Roses On Green H SCH485A
Schleiger 486 H&Co, Blank 208, Blue/White/Gray Floral H SCH486
Schleiger 486A H&Co,Torse(Bl 413),Yellow/Blue Flowers H SCH486A
Schleiger 486B H&Co,Blank 10,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH486B
Schleiger 486C H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH486C
Schleiger 486D H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Yellow Flowers H SCH486D
Schleiger 486E H&Co,Blank 14,Blue,Rust Flowers H SCH486E
Schleiger 486G H&Co,Torse (Bl 413),Yellow/Red Flowers H SCH486G
Schleiger 486H H&Co,Blank 14,Yellow Flowers,Red Centers H SCH486H
Schleiger 487 H&Co,Blank 17,Green Flowers H SCH487
Schleiger 487A H&Co,Blank 205,Brown,Blue Roses H SCH487A
Schleiger 487B H&Co,Blank 17,Brown,Blue Roses H SCH487B
Schleiger 489 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Green Scroll H SCH489
Schleiger 489A H&Co, Blank 22, Pink Flowers, Lattice H SCH489A
Schleiger 489B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH489B
Schleiger 489C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Brushed Gold H SCH489C
Schleiger 489D H&Co,Blank 22,Blue Flowers,Green Lattice H SCH489D
Schleiger 489F H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH489F
Schleiger 489G H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH489G
Schleiger 489H H&Co,Blank 216A W/Green,Pink Flowers H SCH489H
Schleiger 490 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH490
Schleiger 490A H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Flowers,Green Scroll H SCH490A
Schleiger 490B H&Co,Blank 23,Border Green Scrolls H SCH490B
Schleiger 491A H&Co,Blank 17,Blue&Pink Morning Glory H SCH491A
Schleiger 491B H&Co,Blank 1,Blue&Pink Scattered Flowers H SCH491B
Schleiger 492A H&Co, Blank 204, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH492A
Schleiger 492B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow/Pink Flowers,Daubs H SCH492B
Schleiger 492C H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Flowers H SCH492C
Schleiger 492D H&Co,Blank5,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH492D
Schleiger 492E H&Co,Blank 646,Green,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH492E
Schleiger 492F H&Co,Blank 204,Pink/Green Flowers H SCH492F
Schleiger 492H H&Co,Smooth Blank, Yellow/Green Floral H SCH492H
Schleiger 493 H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender/Pink Flowers H SCH493
Schleiger 493A H&Co,Blank 646,Green,Pink/Green Flowers H SCH493A
Schleiger 494A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green/Red Flowers H SCH494A
Schleiger 497B H&Co,Roses,Green Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH497B
Schleiger 497C H&Co, Blank 22 Pink Roses H SCH497C
Schleiger 497E H&Co,Blank 646,Pink Rose Band,Green Edge H SCH497E
Schleiger 497F H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH497F
Schleiger 497G H&Co,Pink Rose Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH497G
Schleiger 498A H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH498A
Schleiger 499 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Blue,Green,Orange H SCH499
Schleiger 501A H&Co,Blank 16,Pink&Gray/Green Flowers H SCH501A
Schleiger 501B H&Co,Blank 5,Floral,Green&Gold Edge H SCH501B
Schleiger 502 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Floral Band,Gold Trim H SCH502
Schleiger 502A H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH502A
Schleiger 502B H&Co,Blank 23,Turquoise Floral H SCH502B
Schleiger 502C H & Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH502C
Schleiger 503 H&Co,Smooth,Greek Key,Basket,Flowers H SCH503
Schleiger 508A H&Co,Smooth,Blue Hanging Basket H SCH508A
Schleiger 510E H&Co,Green Design,Red Outline,Black Ln, H SCH510E
Schleiger 510H H&Co,Smooth,Gray Design Outlined Red H SCH510H
Schleiger 511A H&Co,Smooth,Black Lines,Flowers H SCH511A
Schleiger 513A H&Co,Gold Band,Brown Ribbon&Flowers H SCH513A
Schleiger 515 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue Band,Medallion H SCH515
Schleiger 517 H&Co,Brown Geometric Chain,Gold Leaves H SCH517
Schleiger 518 H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Roses H SCH518
Schleiger 519 H&Co,Blank 19, Yellow Leaves H SCH519
Schleiger 519A H&Co,Blank 19,Turquoise Leaves H SCH519A
Schleiger 519B H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH519B
Schleiger 519C H&Co,Blank 19,Dark Green Leaves H SCH519C
Schleiger 522 H&Co,Blank 216,Green Leaves&Scrolls H SCH522
Schleiger 524B H&Co,Smooth,Wide Gold Band,Floral H SCH524B
Schleiger 524C H&Co,Blank 12,Floral,Gold Design Ring H SCH524C
Schleiger 524D H&Co,Blank 12,Yellow,Pink&Purple Floral H SCH524D
Schleiger 524E H & Co,Blank 24, Pink,Blue,White Flowers H SCH524E
Schleiger 524F H&Co,Gold Band,Pink,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH524F
Schleiger 524G H&Co,Cobalt Design Band,Floral H SCH524G
Schleiger 524H H&Co, Smooth, Floral Ring, Gold Design H SCH524H
Schleiger 524I H&Co,Floral,Enamel,Decal 780 Below H SCH524I
Schleiger 524J H&Co, Blank 645, Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH524J
Schleiger 525A H&Co,Blank 5,Blue&White Floral H SCH525A
Schleiger 525C H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Morning Glories H SCH525C
Schleiger 527 H&Co,Blank 16,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH527
Schleiger 527A H&Co,Flowers Connecting Gold Lines H SCH527A
Schleiger 528 H&Co,Blank 7 W/Gold Trim,Pink Roses H SCH528
Schleiger 528A H&Co,Blank 426 W/Green,Pink/White Roses H SCH528A
Schleiger 528B H&Co,Blank 645 W/Pale Green,Pink/White H SCH528B
Schleiger 528C H&Co,Blank 426 W/Green Band,Pink Roses H SCH528C
Schleiger 528D H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Floral Sprays H SCH528D
Schleiger 528E H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Roses,Gray Leaves H SCH528E
Schleiger 529 H&Co,Blank 216,Red Berries,Dark Green H SCH529
Schleiger 530 H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses On Tan H SCH530
Schleiger 531 H&Co,Pink,Yellow&Lavender,Gold Pin Line H SCH531
Schleiger 532 H&Co,Pink&White Flowers,Gold Pen Line H SCH532
Schleiger 532A H&Co,Green Background,Pink&White Flowers H SCH532A
Schleiger 534 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH534
Schleiger 534A H&Co, Blank 21, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH534A
Schleiger 534B H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Floral H SCH534B
Schleiger 534C H&Co,Black Ring,Yellow Roses On Cream H SCH534C
Schleiger 534D H&Co,Blank 20E,Blue,Pink,&Yellow Floral H SCH534D
Schleiger 535 H&Co,Black & Yellow Flowers,Smooth H SCH535
Schleiger 536 H&Co,Laurel,Yellow Leaves,Black Berries H SCH536
Schleiger 538A H & Co, Blue Flowers&Green Leaves,White H SCH538A
Schleiger 538B H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers On White,Gold H SCH538B
Schleiger 540A H&Co,Greek Key,Yellow Flowers H SCH540A
Schleiger 541 H&Co,Blue Flowers On Yellow,Smooth H SCH541
Schleiger 542A H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH542A
Schleiger 544A H&Co,Pink Flower Swags,Green Vine H SCH544A
Schleiger 544B H&Co,Green Leaves,Blue Bells,Floral H SCH544B
Schleiger 545A H&Co,Red Line,Red & White Flowers H SCH545A
Schleiger 546 H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Roses H SCH546
Schleiger 546B H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Roses H SCH546B
Schleiger 547A H&Co,Rose Band W/Green Berries,Gold Trim H SCH547A
Schleiger 548A H&Co,Blue Flowers On Yellow Vine H SCH548A
Schleiger 548B H&Co,Blue Flowers On Blue Vine H SCH548B
Schleiger 550 H&Co,Blank 6,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH550
Schleiger 551 H&Co,White Flowers On Turquoise Band H SCH551
Schleiger 552 H&Co,Green Laurel Swags,Gold Band H SCH552
Schleiger 553 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Yellow Leaves H SCH553
Schleiger 554 H&Co,Yellow Laurel Leaf Band H SCH554
Schleiger 554A H&Co,Yellow Laurel,Black & Gold Band H SCH554A
Schleiger 555 H&Co,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH555
Schleiger 555B H&Co,Red Line,Red Berries H SCH555B
Schleiger 555C H&Co,Red Line,Red Berries H SCH555C
Schleiger 556 H&Co, Blank 219,Green Floral,Brown Lines H SCH556
Schleiger 557 H&Co,Black Flowers,Tan Laurel,Gold H SCH557
Schleiger 557A H&Co,Red Flower,Green Leaves H SCH557A
Schleiger 558 H&Co,Blank 6,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH558
Schleiger 559 H & Co, Blank 19, Yellow Flowers H SCH559
Schleiger 561B H&Co,Smooth,White,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH561B
Schleiger 566 H & Co,Blank 24, Dark Green Leaves H SCH566
Schleiger 566A H&Co,Blank 424, Gold Leaves H SCH566A
Schleiger 568 H&Co,Smooth,Green Loop Design,Red Berry H SCH568
Schleiger 568A H&Co, Red Berries & Bows, Gold Trim H SCH568A
Schleiger 569A H&Co, Blue Leaves,Red Berries, Gold H SCH569A
Schleiger 569B H&Co,Gray Leaves,Rim, Gold H SCH569B
Schleiger 570A H&Co,Blank 19,Green Flowers,Red Outline H SCH570A
Schleiger 570C H&Co,Yellow Flowers,Green Decor,Gold Tr H SCH570C
Schleiger 570E H&Co,Dark Yellow Flowers,Black Decor H SCH570E
Schleiger 570F H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH570F
Schleiger 571 H&Co,Yellow Band,Green Diamonds,Smooth H SCH571
Schleiger 572 H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Brown/Black Scrolls H SCH572
Schleiger 574A H&Co, Gold/Black Flowers, Rim, Gold H SCH574A
Schleiger 577B H&Co,Band/Lavender Flowers,Gold H SCH577B
Schleiger 578 H&Co,Green Band,Pink Design,Smooth,Gold H SCH578
Schleiger 580A H & Co,Red Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH580A
Schleiger 580B H&Co,Blank 19,Green Leaves,Floral H SCH580B
Schleiger 581 H&Co,Black Dots,Yellow Pointed Design H SCH581
Schleiger 581A H&Co,Smooth,Turquoise&Gold Design H SCH581A
Schleiger 582A H & Co, Green, Red & Blue Border H SCH582A
Schleiger 584 H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band,Inner Rings H SCH584
Schleiger 585A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band W/Design Below H SCH585A
Schleiger 586A H&Co,Gold Encrusted W/Decal 279 Below H SCH586A
Schleiger 589 H&Co, Green Leaves Outlined W/Red,Gold H SCH589
Schleiger 589A H&Co,Green & Red Swag Design, No Trim H SCH589A
Schleiger 590 H&Co, Smooth, Brown/Orange Petals H SCH590
Schleiger 590A H&Co, Smooth, Grayish Pink Petals H SCH590A
Schleiger 591 Theo, Scalloped, Undecorated H SCH591
Schleiger 592 Theo, Scalloped, Undecorated H SCH592
Schleiger 593 Theo, Blank 117, Leaves/Scrolls H SCH593
Schleiger 594 Theo, Blank 125, Scrolls/Lattice H SCH594
Schleiger 594A Theo, Blank 303, Scrolls/Lattice H SCH594A
Schleiger 597 Theo,Blank 133,Pink&Blue Flower Swags H SCH597
Schleiger 597A Theo, Blank 817, Pink & Blue Garland H SCH597A
Schleiger 597B Theo, Blank 828, Pink/White Roses H SCH597B
Schleiger 597C Theo, Blank 816, Pink/White Roses H SCH597C
Schleiger 597D Theo,Blank 828,Pink Roses,Green Band H SCH597D
Schleiger 598A Theo,Blank 305,Pink,White&Blue Flowers, H SCH598A
Schleiger 599B Theo, Blank 125, Pink Floral H SCH599B
Schleiger 599C Theo,Blank 116,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH599C
Schleiger 599D Theo,Blank 126,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH599D
Schleiger 599F Theo, Smooth, Blue Flowers H SCH599F
Schleiger 599G Theo,Blank 592,Pale Green Flowers W/Tan H SCH599G
Schleiger 599I Theo,Smooth,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH599I
Schleiger 599J Theo,Blank 126,Waterfalls,Blue Flowers H SCH599J
Schleiger 599L Theo,Blank 301,Gold Design,Blue Floral H SCH599L
Schleiger 599M Theo,Smooth,Blue Floral,Gold Trim H SCH599M
Schleiger 600 Theo,Blank 593,Yellow Scrolls,Floral H SCH600
Schleiger 601 Theo, Blank 303, Pink Flowers H SCH601
Schleiger 601A Theo,White/Yellow&Pale Green Floral H SCH601A
Schleiger 601B Theo,Blank 131,Pale Green/White Floral H SCH601B
Schleiger 601D Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White Floral H SCH601D
Schleiger 601F Theo,Blank 118,Pink Floral,Yellow Leaves H SCH601F
Schleiger 601G Theo,Blank 131,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH601G
Schleiger 601H Theo,Blank 130,Pink/White Flowers H SCH601H
Schleiger 601I Theo,Blank 303,Gold&Pink/White Floral H SCH601I
Schleiger 601J Theo,Blank 300,Pink/White Floral H SCH601J
Schleiger 601K Theo,Blank 592,White & Green Flowers H SCH601K
Schleiger 601L Theo,Blank 302,White & Green Flowers H SCH601L
Schleiger 601M Theo,Blank 594,Blue,White,Yellow Flowers H SCH601M
Schleiger 601N Theo,Blank 118,No Ring Of Leaves H SCH601N
Schleiger 602 Theo,Blank 134,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH602
Schleiger 602A Theo,Blank 134,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH602A
Schleiger 603 Theo,Blank 136,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH603
Schleiger 603B Theo,Blank 124,Blue/White Flowers H SCH603B
Schleiger 603C Theo,Blank 125,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH603C
Schleiger 603D Theo,Blank 307,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH603D
Schleiger 603E Theo,Blank 116,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH603E
Schleiger 603F Theo,Smooth Blank,Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH603F
Schleiger 603H Theo,Lavender/Yellow Floral,Smooth H SCH603H
Schleiger 604 Theo,Blank 124,Pink Daisies H SCH604
Schleiger 604A Theo,Blank 302,Pink,Yellow&White Daisies H SCH604A
Schleiger 604B Theo,Blank 122,Blue,Pink&White Daisies H SCH604B
Schleiger 604C Theo,Blank 122,Pink Daisies H SCH604C
Schleiger 604D Theo,Blank 591,Pink Daisies H SCH604D
Schleiger 604E Theo,Blank 118,Pink Daisies H SCH604E
Schleiger 604F Theo,Blank 122 W/Brush Gold,Yellow&Pink H SCH604F
Schleiger 604G Theo,Smooth,Pink&White Daisies H SCH604G
Schleiger 605 Theo,Smooth,Pink,Yellow&Gray Flowers H SCH605
Schleiger 605A Theo,Smooth W/Brushed Gold,Floral H SCH605A
Schleiger 605B Theo,Blank592,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH605B
Schleiger 606 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers H SCH606
Schleiger 606A Theo,Blank 122,Large Pink Flowers H SCH606A
Schleiger 607 Theo, Blank 301, Blue Flowers H SCH607
Schleiger 607A Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH607A
Schleiger 607B Theo,Blank 124,Pink/Blue/Yellow Poppies H SCH607B
Schleiger 607C Theo,Smooth,Pink,Yellow&White Flowers H SCH607C
Schleiger 607D Theo,Smooth,Large Blue Flowers H SCH607D
Schleiger 607E Theo,Blank 116,Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH607E
Schleiger 607G Theo,Blank 812,Blue Poppies,Daubs H SCH607G
Schleiger 607H Theo,Blank 829,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH607H
Schleiger 607I Theo,Blank 124,Large Pink Floral H SCH607I
Schleiger 607J Theo,Blank 126,Large Pink Flowers H SCH607J
Schleiger 607K Theo,Blank 122,White/Blue/Pink Floral H SCH607K
Schleiger 608 Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses H SCH608
Schleiger 608A Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH608A
Schleiger 608B Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH608B
Schleiger 608C Theo,Blank 300,Green&Gold Border H SCH608C
Schleiger 609 Theo,Blank 117,Green Flowers,Blue Leaves H SCH609
Schleiger 609A Theo,Smooth Blank,Green Flowers H SCH609A
Schleiger 609B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH609B
Schleiger 609C Theo,Blank 592,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH609C
Schleiger 609D Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH609D
Schleiger 609E Theo, Blank 130, Pink Flowers H SCH609E
Schleiger 609F Theo,Blank 122,Pink&White Flowers H SCH609F
Schleiger 609G Theo, Blank 122, Lavender Flowers H SCH609G
Schleiger 610 Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Pink Roses H SCH610
Schleiger 610A Theo,Blank 122,Small Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH610A
Schleiger 610B Theo,Blank 827,Pink &Blue Flowers H SCH610B
Schleiger 611 Theo,Blank 124,Pink Daisies,No Trim H SCH611
Schleiger 611A Theo,Blank 124,Blue&White Daisies H SCH611A
Schleiger 611B Theo,Blank 814,Green&White Daisies H SCH611B
Schleiger 611C Theo,Green&White Daisies,Brushed Gold H SCH611C
Schleiger 611D Theo, Blank 814 Pink Roses H SCH611D
Schleiger 611E Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Lacy Edge,Blue H SCH611E
Schleiger 612 Theo,Pink Roses,Gray Rings,Gold Leaves H SCH612
Schleiger 614C Theo,Green&Black Border,Cream Background H SCH614C
Schleiger 61B H&Co, Blank 424, Pink Blossoms H SCH61B
Schleiger 621 Theo,Green Band W/Diamonds,Red Cross H SCH621
Schleiger 621A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band W/Green Diamonds H SCH621A
Schleiger 622A Theo,Gray&Gold Checked Band,Gold Trim H SCH622A
Schleiger 622B Theo,Blank 799,Green&Gold Checked Band H SCH622B
Schleiger 624A Theo,Pink Roses,Cream Rim,Green Leaves H SCH624A
Schleiger 626A Theo,Blank 132 Smooth,Pink,Purple&White H SCH626A
Schleiger 627 Theo,Smooth,Green&Red Design H SCH627
Schleiger 628 Theo,Smooth,Green Scroll,Brown Flowers H SCH628
Schleiger 630B Theo,Blank 305,Green Rope,Floral Swags H SCH630B
Schleiger 630C Theo,Blank 594,Green Chain,Floral Swags H SCH630C
Schleiger 630E Theo,Blank 594A,Green Band, Swags H SCH630E
Schleiger 630F Theo, Smooth,Gold Trim,Pink/Blue/Yellow H SCH630F
Schleiger 630G Theo,Blank 594,Yellow Band,Swags H SCH630G
Schleiger 630H Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Bow&Gold Flowers H SCH630H
Schleiger 630I Theo,Blank594A,Gold Band,Blue&Yellow H SCH630I
Schleiger 632 Theo,Blank 304,Green Grapes & Vine H SCH632
Schleiger 632A Theo,Green Grapes & Vine,Smooth H SCH632A
Schleiger 633 Theo,Floral On Gold Dots H SCH633
Schleiger 634 Theo,Roses On Black Check Band H SCH634
Schleiger 635A Theo,Roses On Yellow Chain H SCH635A
Schleiger 636B Theo,No Cream,Yellow Band,Pink Roses H SCH636B
Schleiger 637 H&Co,Basketweave,Undecorated H SCH637
Schleiger 638 H&Co,Raised Dots On Edge,Undecorated H SCH638
Schleiger 639 H&Co,Embossed Lines,Scales,Dots H SCH639
Schleiger 640 H&Co,Wavy Lines,Undecorated H SCH640
Schleiger 641 H&Co,Blank 637,Gold Dots,Scalloped H SCH641
Schleiger 643 H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Trim,Scalloped H SCH643
Schleiger 644 H&Co,Blank 3,Gold/Various Color Trims H SCH644
Schleiger 645 H&Co, Gold Brushed Trim&Inner Band H SCH645
Schleiger 646 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Trim,Colored Scallop H SCH646
Schleiger 647 H & Co, Blank 1, Gold Trim & Filigree H SCH647
Schleiger 648 H&Co,Blank 1 W/Brushed Gold H SCH648
Schleiger 649 H&Co,Blank 205,Cream Band H SCH649
Schleiger 650 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Trim & Scrolls H SCH650
Schleiger 651 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Trim & Filigree H SCH651
Schleiger 652 H & Co, Blank 8 Or 207, Gold Daubs H SCH652
Schleiger 652A H&Co,Blank 8 W/Uneven Gold,No Daubs H SCH652A
Schleiger 653 H & Co, Blank 205, Gold Trim & Verge H SCH653
Schleiger 654 H & Co, Blank 204, Gold Trim & Scrolls H SCH654
Schleiger 655A H&Co, Blank 1, White Roses W/Pink&Brown H SCH655A
Schleiger 655B H&Co, Blank 214, White/Pink Roses H SCH655B
Schleiger 655C H&Co, Blank 205, White/Pink Roses H SCH655C
Schleiger 655D H&Co,Blank 215,Brown&Yellow Roses,Daubs H SCH655D
Schleiger 655E H&Co, Blank 1, Rose Border, Pink Floral H SCH655E
Schleiger 655F H&Co,Blank 213,White Roses,W/Pink&Brown H SCH655F
Schleiger 655G H&Co,Blank 213,Brown & Yellow Roses H SCH655G
Schleiger 655H H&Co,Blank 213,White/Lavender Roses H SCH655H
Schleiger 656B H&Co, Blank 1, Lavender Floral, Brushed H SCH656B
Schleiger 656E H&Co, Blank 17,Pink,Yellow & Gray Floral H SCH656E
Schleiger 656F H&Co, Blank 207,Yellow/Pink/White Floral H SCH656F
Schleiger 656G H&Co, Blank 22, Pink/Green/White Floral H SCH656G
Schleiger 656H H&Co, Blank 652,Yellow/Pink/White Floral H SCH656H
Schleiger 657 H&Co,Blank 9,Reddish Brown Flowers H SCH657
Schleiger 658 H&Co,Blank 9, Pink &Blue Flowers/Branch H SCH658
Schleiger 658B H&Co,Smooth,Dark Yellow/Orange Flowers H SCH658B
Schleiger 658C H&Co,Blank 10,Border Of Gold Leaves H SCH658C
Schleiger 658D H&Co, Blank 8, Lavender Floral, Daubs H SCH658D
Schleiger 659A H&Co,Blank 22,Blue And Pink Flowers H SCH659A
Schleiger 659B H&Co,Blank 12,Brown/Red Daisy W/Blue H SCH659B
Schleiger 659E H&Co,Blank 638 With Gold Trim,Pink&Blue H SCH659E
Schleiger 659F H&Co,Blank 22,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH659F
Schleiger 660 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH660
Schleiger 660A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Poppies&Roses H SCH660A
Schleiger 660B H&Co,Blank 5,Pink To Lavender Flowers H SCH660B
Schleiger 660D H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers H SCH660D
Schleiger 660E H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH660E
Schleiger 660G H&Co,Smooth,Pale Green Flowers H SCH660G
Schleiger 660H H&Co,Blank 1,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH660H
Schleiger 660J H&Co,Blank 19,Floral Border H SCH660J
Schleiger 660K H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH660K
Schleiger 661 H&Co,Blank 424,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH661
Schleiger 661A H&Co,Blank 6,Blue & Pink Flowers,Gold H SCH661A
Schleiger 661B H&Co,Blank 6,Blue & Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH661B
Schleiger 661C H&Co,Pink&Green Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH661C
Schleiger 662 H&Co,Blank 5,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH662
Schleiger 662A H&Co,Blank 23,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH662A
Schleiger 662B H&Co,Blank 425,Gray/Yellow Flowers H SCH662B
Schleiger 662C H&Co,Blank19,Dark Green,Gray/Pink Floral H SCH662C
Schleiger 663 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Blue Flower H SCH663
Schleiger 663A H&Co,Blank 213,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH663A
Schleiger 663B H&Co,Blank 205,Pink & Blue Flowers,Gold H SCH663B
Schleiger 663C H&Co,Blank 6,Pink&Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH663C
Schleiger 663D H&Co,Blank 214,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH663D
Schleiger 663F H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Blue & Pink H SCH663F
Schleiger 663G H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH663G
Schleiger 664 H&Co,Blank 205,Pink&Blue Pom-Poms H SCH664
Schleiger 664A H&Co,Blank 206,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH664A
Schleiger 664B H&Co, Blank 205, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH664B
Schleiger 664C H&Co, Blank 1, Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH664C
Schleiger 664D H&Co, Blank 213,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH664D
Schleiger 664E H&Co, Blank 9, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH664E
Schleiger 666A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Roses H SCH666A
Schleiger 666B H&Co,Blank 424,Yellow Roses H SCH666B
Schleiger 666C H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Flowers H SCH666C
Schleiger 667A H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH667A
Schleiger 667D H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH667D
Schleiger 667F H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH667F
Schleiger 668A H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers H SCH668A
Schleiger 668B H&Co, Blank 9, Pale Blue Flowers H SCH668B
Schleiger 668C H&Co,Blank 416,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH668C
Schleiger 668D H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Purple Leaves H SCH668D
Schleiger 668E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668E
Schleiger 668F H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668F
Schleiger 668G H&Co,Blank 416,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH668G
Schleiger 668H H&Co, Blank 9, Yellow Flowers H SCH668H
Schleiger 668I H&Co,Blank 7,Blue Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668I
Schleiger 669A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Flowers,Beaded Edge H SCH669A
Schleiger 669B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow Flowers,No Trim H SCH669B
Schleiger 670 H&Co,Blank 7,Yellow Flowers,Brown Stems H SCH670
Schleiger 670B H&Co,Blank 7,Pale Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH670B
Schleiger 670C H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Flowers,Daub H SCH670C
Schleiger 670D H&Co,Blank 23,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH670D
Schleiger 670E H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Yellow Roses,No Trim H SCH670E
Schleiger 670F H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH670F
Schleiger 670G H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH670G
Schleiger 670H H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/White Flowers H SCH670H
Schleiger 671 H&Co,Brown Line,Yellow Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH671
Schleiger 671A H&Co,Black Line,Red/Brown&Yellow Leaves H SCH671A
Schleiger 672 H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH672
Schleiger 672A H&Co,Blank 10,Pink Flowers,Yellow Ribbon H SCH672A
Schleiger 672B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH672B
Schleiger 672C H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow&Black Edge,Floral H SCH672C
Schleiger 672D H&Co,Blank 9, Blue Flower, Pink Ribbon H SCH672D
Schleiger 673 H&Co,Blank 19,Gray Rose W/Brown Lines H SCH673
Schleiger 673A H&Co,Pink Roses,Blue Scroll,Green Leaves H SCH673A
Schleiger 674 H&Co, Blank 1,Pink& Blue Floral,Lattice H SCH674
Schleiger 674A H&Co,Blank 217,Lavender Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH674A
Schleiger 674B H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Design,Lavender Roses H SCH674B
Schleiger 676 H&Co,Blank 3,Yellow/Green Floral H SCH676
Schleiger 676A H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Blue Floral H SCH676A
Schleiger 676C H&Co,Blank 425,Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH676C
Schleiger 676D H&Co,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH676D
Schleiger 676E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH676E
Schleiger 676F H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH676F
Schleiger 676G H&Co,Blank 640,Green/Yellow Flowers H SCH676G
Schleiger 677 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Floral H SCH677
Schleiger 677A H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH677A
Schleiger 678 H&Co,Blank 7,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678
Schleiger 678B H&Co,Blank 7,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678B
Schleiger 678C H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Brown Flowers H SCH678C
Schleiger 678D H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678D
Schleiger 678E H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678E
Schleiger 678F H&Co,Gold Chain,Pink&Gray Floral H SCH678F
Schleiger 679A H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679A
Schleiger 679B H&Co,Blank 411,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679B
Schleiger 679C H&Co, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH679C
Schleiger 679D H&Co,Blank 421,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679D
Schleiger 679E H&Co,Blank 422,Pink Roses H SCH679E
Schleiger 680 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow&White Roses H SCH680
Schleiger 680A H&Co,Brown/Red Edge,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH680A
Schleiger 681A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&White Roses,Aqua H SCH681A
Schleiger 681B H&Co,Bl24,Decal 529 Border,Floral H SCH681B
Schleiger 682 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682
Schleiger 682A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682A
Schleiger 682B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH682B
Schleiger 682C H&Co,Blank 22,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682C
Schleiger 682D H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682D
Schleiger 682E H&Co,Blank 17,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682E
Schleiger 683 H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow Flowers H SCH683
Schleiger 683A H&Co,Border Decal 297,Pale Green & Red H SCH683A
Schleiger 684 H&Co,Multicolor Birds&Flowers,Rust Trim H SCH684
Schleiger 684A H&Co, Smooth, Birds&Floral, Yellow Edge H SCH684A
Schleiger 684B H&Co,Smooth, Birds&Floral,No Trim H SCH684B
Schleiger 685A H&Co,Smooth,Pinkish Brown Flowers H SCH685A
Schleiger 685D H&Co,Blank 411,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685D
Schleiger 685E H&Co,Smooth,Yellowish Brown Flowers H SCH685E
Schleiger 685F H&Co,Blank 14,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685F
Schleiger 685G H&Co, Blank 420, Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH685G
Schleiger 685I H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Flowers H SCH685I
Schleiger 685K H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gray/Blue Flowers H SCH685K
Schleiger 685L H&Co,Blank 4,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH685L
Schleiger 685M H&Co,Smooth Blank,Burgundy/Pink Flowers H SCH685M
Schleiger 685N H&Co,Blank 14,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH685N
Schleiger 68A H&Co,Blank 418,Pink/White/Yellow Roses H SCH68A
Schleiger 695 H&Co,Smooth,Brown Roses,Green Scroll H SCH695
Schleiger 696 H&Co,Blank 15,Tan Border,Pink Circles H SCH696
Schleiger 697 H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Squares,Floral H SCH697
Schleiger 698 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Leaf Border,Pink Rose H SCH698
Schleiger 699 H&Co,Blank 650,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699
Schleiger 699A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699A
Schleiger 699B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699B
Schleiger 699C H&Co,Blank 204, Floral Vine With Drop H SCH699C
Schleiger 699D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699D
Schleiger 699E H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699E
Schleiger 699F H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699F
Schleiger 700 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700
Schleiger 700B H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700B
Schleiger 701 H&Co,Smooth,Floral,Blue/Brown Scroll H SCH701
Schleiger 702 H&Co,Blank 4,Turquoise Flowers & Scrolls H SCH702
Schleiger 703 H&Co, Floral, Green Scroll,Black Verge H SCH703
Schleiger 703A H&Co,Multifloral,Green Scroll On White H SCH703A
Schleiger 703B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Lavender Flowers H SCH703B
Schleiger 706 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Pink Flowers/Scrolls H SCH706
Schleiger 706A H&Co, Blank 12, Pink & Green Floral H SCH706A
Schleiger 707 H&Co, Blank 19, Green/Pink Laurel & Bows H SCH707
Schleiger 707A H&Co, Smooth, Green/Pink Laurel/Bows H SCH707A
Schleiger 709 H&Co, Black Line,Yellow/Blue Cornucopia H SCH709
Schleiger 711 H&Co, Brown/Blue/Yellow Scrolls H SCH711
Schleiger 712 H&Co, Brown Floral, Black Line H SCH712
Schleiger 713 H&Co, Smooth, Blue & Brown Scrolls H SCH713
Schleiger 714 H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, Black Line H SCH714
Schleiger 714A H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, No Cream H SCH714A
Schleiger 714B H&Co, Gold & Gray/Pink Scrolls H SCH714B
Schleiger 717 H&Co,Blank 638 W/Gold,Gold Leaves&Burrs H SCH717
Schleiger 717A H&Co, Blank 424, Green Leaves & Burrs H SCH717A
Schleiger 718 H&Co, Blank 4, Gold Beads,Green Leaves H SCH718
Schleiger 718B H&Co, Blank 206, Green & Brown Design H SCH718B
Schleiger 718C H&Co,Blank 4, Green/Blue Leaves & Beads H SCH718C
Schleiger 719 H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Roses W/Green Center H SCH719
Schleiger 721 H&Co, Blank 650, Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH721
Schleiger 722 H&Co, Blank 14, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH722
Schleiger 722A H&Co, Gray Floral W/Yellow Centers H SCH722A
Schleiger 722B H&Co, Blank 14, Blue Floral, Daubed H SCH722B
Schleiger 723 H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow Flowers H SCH723
Schleiger 727 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scroll,Brown Roses H SCH727
Schleiger 730A H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket,Pink Roses H SCH730A
Schleiger 731 H&Co, Brown/Yellow/Black Band H SCH731
Schleiger 731A H&Co,Green Band,Green&Yellow Medallion H SCH731A
Schleiger 732 H&Co,Red Line,Tan Loops,Red Dots&Berries H SCH732
Schleiger 733 H&Co,Gold Band,Green Band,Yellow Leaves H SCH733
Schleiger 735 H&Co,Cream Rim,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735
Schleiger 735A H&Co,Gold Band,No Cream,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735A
Schleiger 738 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH738
Schleiger 738A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH738A
Schleiger 738B H&Co, Blank 644, Pink Roses H SCH738B
Schleiger 738C H&Co,Blank 644,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH738C
Schleiger 740 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740
Schleiger 740A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740A
Schleiger 741 H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741
Schleiger 741A H&Co,Blank 21,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741A
Schleiger 741B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Yellow Roses,Daubs H SCH741B
Schleiger 741C H&Co,Blank 1,Scattered Pink Flowers H SCH741C
Schleiger 742 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742
Schleiger 742A H&Co, Blank 15, Pink/White Roses H SCH742A
Schleiger 742B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742B
Schleiger 742C H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH742C
Schleiger 745 H&Co, Smooth, Green Floral Rim H SCH745
Schleiger 747 H&Co,Smooth,Green/Pink/Blue Vine H SCH747
Schleiger 747A H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Blue Vine H SCH747A
Schleiger 748 H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Green,White Flowers H SCH748
Schleiger 749 H&Co,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH749
Schleiger 750 H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,Ribbon H SCH750
Schleiger 751 H&Co,Blank 430,Red Berries H SCH751
Schleiger 751A H&Co,Blank 5,Laurel/Red Berries H SCH751A
Schleiger 752 H&Co,Smooth,Red Line & Dots,Green Flower H SCH752
Schleiger 753 H&Co, Red, Gold & Black Design,Smooth H SCH753
Schleiger 753A H & Co, Pink & Greendesign On Rim H SCH753A
Schleiger 753B H&Co, Smooth, Green Design W/ Pink Cross H SCH753B
Schleiger 754 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Red Scroll Design H SCH754
Schleiger 754A H&Co,Smooth,Green Decoration,No Red H SCH754A
Schleiger 756A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Black Decoration H SCH756A
Schleiger 756B H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Decoration H SCH756B
Schleiger 756C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Band&Plumes,Black Line H SCH756C
Schleiger 756D H&Co,Smooth,Green&Red Fleur De Lis H SCH756D
Schleiger 757 H&Co,Blank 19, Yellow & Black Loops H SCH757
Schleiger 757A H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Red Design H SCH757A
Schleiger 757B H&Co,Black&Yellow Geometric Rim,Smooth H SCH757B
Schleiger 758 H&Co,Blank 6,Gold Leaves&Medallion H SCH758
Schleiger 759 H&Co, Smooth, Green Vine, Pink Flowers H SCH759
Schleiger 759A H&Co,Smooth,Green Vines&Pink Flowers H SCH759A
Schleiger 763A H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH763A
Schleiger 763B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green&Purple Scrolls H SCH763B
Schleiger 764 H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764
Schleiger 764A H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764A
Schleiger 765A H&Co,Blank 424,Green Flowers,Crosses H SCH765A
Schleiger 767 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow Band W/Black Dots H SCH767
Schleiger 768 H&Co,Gold Design W/ Tiny Green Dots H SCH768
Schleiger 769 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow & Black Design H SCH769
Schleiger 772 H&Co, Gold Flowers & Leaves H SCH772
Schleiger 773 H&Co,Smooth,Green Band,Gold Swags H SCH773
Schleiger 775 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Laurel H SCH775
Schleiger 777B H&Co,Gold Encrusted Diamond Band,Smooth H SCH777B
Schleiger 778 H&Co, Smooth,Gold Encrusted Fleur De Lis H SCH778
Schleiger 779A H&Co,Brown&Gold Scroll Bands,Smooth H SCH779A
Schleiger 781 H&Co, Gold Fleur De Lis Border H SCH781
Schleiger 781A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Inner Gold Medallion H SCH781A
Schleiger 782 H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Leaves&Swags,Scalloped H SCH782
Schleiger 784A H&Co, Smooth, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH784A
Schleiger 785 H&Co,Green Design,Gold Lines&Dots,Smooth H SCH785
Schleiger 786 H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Design H SCH786
Schleiger 786A H&Co,Gold Design,Blue Scrolls,Smooth H SCH786A
Schleiger 786B H&Co, Smooth, Gold Scrolls H SCH786B
Schleiger 789A H&Co,Blank 24,Green Ribbon,Red Flowers H SCH789A
Schleiger 789B H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Ribbon,Red Flowers H SCH789B
Schleiger 790 H&Co,Blue&Brown Flowers,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH790
Schleiger 793 H&Co,Red&Gold Geometric Band,No Trim H SCH793
Schleiger 793A H&Co,Black&Gold Geometric Band,Smooth H SCH793A
Schleiger 794 H&Co,Red&Gold Triangle&Dot Edge,Smooth H SCH794
Schleiger 795A H&Co,Apricot Flowers,Wide Gold Trim H SCH795A
Schleiger 797 H&Co,Smooth,Gold/Black Box Design H SCH797
Schleiger 797A H&Co,Smooth,Gold/Blue Box Design H SCH797A
Schleiger 798 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Leaves,Black Line H SCH798
Schleiger 799 Theo,White,Undecorated,Embossed H SCH799
Schleiger 801 Theo,Bl 801,White,Undecorated,Scalloped H SCH801
Schleiger 802 Theo,All White,Dot Border,Scalloped, H SCH802
Schleiger 803 Theo,Blank 300,Green Band Between Gold H SCH803
Schleiger 804 Theo,Blank 118,Squiggle Band,Gold Trim H SCH804
Schleiger 806A Theo,Blank 802,Turquoise Dots,Gold Trim H SCH806A
Schleiger 807 Theo,Smooth,Scallops Of Brushed Gold H SCH807
Schleiger 808 Theo,Blank 122,Gold Scallops H SCH808
Schleiger 809 Theo,Blank 120 W/Gold Accents H SCH809
Schleiger 811 Theo,Blank 118,Gold Embossed Design H SCH811
Schleiger 811A Theo,Blank 301,Embossed Gold Design H SCH811A
Schleiger 811B Theo,Blank 117,Embossed Gold Design H SCH811B
Schleiger 812 Theo,Blank 301,Gold Embossed Sections H SCH812
Schleiger 813 Theo,Blank 800,Gold Design On Edge H SCH813
Schleiger 814 Theo,Blank 124,Gold Ribbon&Trim H SCH814
Schleiger 815 Theo,Blank 303,Embossed Gold Sections H SCH815
Schleiger 817 Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim, Bow H SCH817
Schleiger 819 Theo,Blank 119 W/Gold Trim & Daubs H SCH819
Schleiger 821 Theo,Blank 118,Gold Trim&Band H SCH821
Schleiger 822 Theo,Gold Dips And Trim,Smooth H SCH822
Schleiger 822B Theo,Blank 125,Gold Band Halfway Down H SCH822B
Schleiger 823 Theo, Blank 126, White W/Gold Daubs H SCH823
Schleiger 824 Theo,Blank 123,Gold Line,Gold Trim H SCH824
Schleiger 825 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH825
Schleiger 825A Theo,Blank 116,Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH825A
Schleiger 826 Theo, Smooth, Leaves & Scrolls H SCH826
Schleiger 827 Theo,Blank122, Gold Edge Design H SCH827
Schleiger 827A Theo, Blank 117, Scrolls & Dots H SCH827A
Schleiger 827B Theo, Blank 116, Scrolls & Dots H SCH827B
Schleiger 828 Theo,Blank 117 W/Gold Edge Design H SCH828
Schleiger 829 Theo,Blank 300 W/Gold Dot & Loop Band H SCH829
Schleiger 829A Theo, Blank 303, Scroll/Dot Band H SCH829A
Schleiger 830 Theo, Blank 800, 2 Laurel Bands On Rim H SCH830
Schleiger 831 Theo, Blank 126, Arrows & Lines H SCH831
Schleiger 832 Theo, Blank 303, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832
Schleiger 832A Theo, Smooth, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832A
Schleiger 832B Theo, Blank 124, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832B
Schleiger 833 Theo, Blank 123, White Circles On Green H SCH833
Schleiger 833A Theo, Blank 130, White Circles On Green H SCH833A
Schleiger 833B Theo, Blank 800, White Circles On Green H SCH833B
Schleiger 833C Theo, Blank 816, White Circles On Green H SCH833C
Schleiger 834 Theo,Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH834
Schleiger 834B Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH834B
Schleiger 834C Theo, Smooth, Blue Flowers H SCH834C
Schleiger 834D Theo,Blank 116,Green Flowers&Leaves H SCH834D
Schleiger 834F Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers H SCH834F
Schleiger 835 Theo,Blank 823,Lavender/Yellow Floral H SCH835
Schleiger 835A Theo,Blank 116,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH835A
Schleiger 835C Theo,Blank 116,Lavender/Yellow Floral H SCH835C
Schleiger 835D Theo,Smooth Blank,Light Blue Flowers H SCH835D
Schleiger 835E Theo,Blank 126,Brown Flowers H SCH835E
Schleiger 836 Theo, Blank 126 Pink Flowers H SCH836
Schleiger 836A Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH836A
Schleiger 836B Theo,Blank 301,Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH836B
Schleiger 836C Theo,Blank 124,Pink Floral H SCH836C
Schleiger 836D Theo, Blank 131, Pink Flowers H SCH836D
Schleiger 836F Theo, Blank 133, Green Flowers H SCH836F
Schleiger 836G Theo,Blank 117,Blue Flowers H SCH836G
Schleiger 836H Theo,Blank 130,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH836H
Schleiger 836I Theo,Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH836I
Schleiger 836J Theo,Green Flowers,Smooth H SCH836J
Schleiger 836K Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Flowers H SCH836K
Schleiger 836L Theo,Pink Floral,Smooth H SCH836L
Schleiger 836M Theo,Blank 131,Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH836M
Schleiger 836N Theo,Blank 124,Blue Flowers,Tan Foliage H SCH836N
Schleiger 837 Theo,Blank 136,Green&Lavender Floral H SCH837
Schleiger 837B Theo,Blank 124,Green&Pink Floral H SCH837B
Schleiger 837E Theo,Blank 122,Pink,Yellow&Purple Roses H SCH837E
Schleiger 837F Theo,Blank118,Pink,Yellow,Lavender H SCH837F
Schleiger 837H Theo, Blank 117,Pink & Green Roses H SCH837H
Schleiger 837J Theo,Pink,Yellow&Green Roses,Gold Trim H SCH837J
Schleiger 837K Theo, Blank 121, Pink & Green Roses H SCH837K
Schleiger 837L Theo, Blank 118,Pink & Green Roses H SCH837L
Schleiger 837M Theo,Blank 118,Green&Pink Floral H SCH837M
Schleiger 838A Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH838A
Schleiger 838B Theo, Blank 116, Pink/White Roses H SCH838B
Schleiger 838D Theo,Yellow/Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH838D
Schleiger 838E Theo,Blank 118,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH838E
Schleiger 838F Theo,Blank 133,Yellow & Lavender Floral H SCH838F
Schleiger 838G Theo,Blank 126,Pink,Yellow&Blue Floral H SCH838G
Schleiger 838H Theo,Blank 126,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH838H
Schleiger 838I Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH838I
Schleiger 838J Theo,Blank 124,Yellow & Gray Flowers H SCH838J
Schleiger 839A Theo,Blank 132,Pale Pink Daisies H SCH839A
Schleiger 839C Theo,Blank 822,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839C
Schleiger 839D Theo,Blank 124,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839D
Schleiger 839E Theo,Blank 124A,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839E
Schleiger 840A Theo, Blank 118 Pink Flowers H SCH840A
Schleiger 840C Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Roses H SCH840C
Schleiger 840D Theo,Blank 591,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840D
Schleiger 840F Theo, Blank 122, Pink Roses, Daisies H SCH840F
Schleiger 840H Theo,Blank 130,Pink Roses,White Daisies H SCH840H
Schleiger 840I Theo,Blank 118,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840I
Schleiger 840J Theo,Smooth,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840J
Schleiger 840K Theo,Smooth,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840K
Schleiger 840L Theo,Blank 122,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840L
Schleiger 840M Theo,Blank 136,Pink&White Floral H SCH840M
Schleiger 840N Theo,Blank 119,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840N
Schleiger 840O Theo,Smooth Blank,Pale Green Roses H SCH840O
Schleiger 841 Theo, Rim, Pink Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH841
Schleiger 841A Theo,Blank 813,Pink Flowers H SCH841A
Schleiger 842A Theo,Blank 305,Teal Roses,Green Leaves H SCH842A
Schleiger 842B Theo,Blank 304,Pale Pink Roses H SCH842B
Schleiger 843A Theo,Blank 594A,Tan Band,Blue Ribbon H SCH843A
Schleiger 843B Theo,Blank 117,Trim 594A,Blue & Pink H SCH843B
Schleiger 844A Theo,Blank 118,Pale Pink&White Roses H SCH844A
Schleiger 844B Theo,Blank 806A,Pale Pink&White Roses H SCH844B
Schleiger 844C Theo,Blank 301W/Brushed Gold,Pink&White H SCH844C
Schleiger 845 Theo,Blank 832,Pink Roses,Large Leaves H SCH845
Schleiger 846 Theo, Blank 806, Pink Flowers H SCH846
Schleiger 847 Theo,Blank 124 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847
Schleiger 847A Theo,Blank 123 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847A
Schleiger 847B Theo,Blank 800 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847B
Schleiger 847D Theo,Blank 814,Cobalt Band,Pink Roses H SCH847D
Schleiger 848 Theo,Blank 303,Green Edge And Scroll H SCH848
Schleiger 850 Theo, Blank 300, Pink Rose Swags H SCH850
Schleiger 851 Theo, Blank 117, Blue, Yellow Flowers H SCH851
Schleiger 851A Theo,Blank 829,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH851A
Schleiger 851B Theo,Blank 130,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH851B
Schleiger 851C Theo, Blank 130, Blue, Yellow Flowers H SCH851C
Schleiger 852A Theo,Blank 134,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH852A
Schleiger 852B Theo,Blank 124,Pink Flowers,Blue Scrolls H SCH852B
Schleiger 852C Theo, Blank 300, Green/Gold Design H SCH852C
Schleiger 853 Theo, Blank 123, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH853
Schleiger 853A Theo, Blank 301, Gold Trim 595, Floral H SCH853A
Schleiger 853B Theo, Blank 126, Gold 595, Floral H SCH853B
Schleiger 853C Theo,Blank 123 W/Gold 595, Pink Roses H SCH853C
Schleiger 853D Theo, Blank 123, Gold, Floral H SCH853D
Schleiger 854 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH854
Schleiger 854A Theo,Blank 123,Gold Rings,Blue/Yellow H SCH854A
Schleiger 854B Theo, Blank 124, Pink Flowers H SCH854B
Schleiger 854C Theo,Blank 302,Pink & White Flowers H SCH854C
Schleiger 855 Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855
Schleiger 855D Theo,Blank 122,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH855D
Schleiger 855E Theo,Blank 806,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855E
Schleiger 855F Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers,Gold H SCH855F
Schleiger 855G Theo,Blank 305,Pink&Tan Flowers H SCH855G
Schleiger 855H Theo,Blank 802,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855H
Schleiger 856 Theo,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH856
Schleiger 856A Theo,Blank 116,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH856A
Schleiger 856B Theo,Smooth,Gold Flowers & Filigree H SCH856B
Schleiger 857 Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857
Schleiger 857A Theo,Blank 307,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857A
Schleiger 858B Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Yellow Scroll H SCH858B
Schleiger 860A Theo,Smooth,Cream Rim,Yellow Dots,Verge H SCH860A
Schleiger 861A Theo, Pink Roses, Green Band,Brown Lines H SCH861A
Schleiger 862A Theo, Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH862A
Schleiger 862B Theo,Tan/Gray Chain,Roses,Tan Scrolls H SCH862B
Schleiger 863 Theo,Smooth,Yellow & Black Edge H SCH863
Schleiger 863A Green Flowers W/Pinksmooth Blank H SCH863A
Schleiger 864A Theo,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls,Smooth H SCH864A
Schleiger 864B Theo,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH864B
Schleiger 865 Theo,Blank 596,Pink Roses In Ring H SCH865
Schleiger 865A Theo, Blank 596, No Inner Gold, Floral H SCH865A
Schleiger 865B Theo,Smooth,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH865B
Schleiger 865C Theo,Blank 128,Pale Pink Roses H SCH865C
Schleiger 868 Theo,Pink Rose Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH868
Schleiger 869A Small Pink Roses On Edge H SCH869A
Schleiger 870A H&Co,Smooth,2 Gold Lines W/Circle,Leaves H SCH870A
Schleiger 871 Theo,Smooth,Green/Brown Band,Green Leaf H SCH871
Schleiger 872 Theo,Blank 126,Pink Floral,Green Berries H SCH872
Schleiger 873 Theo,Blank 805 (125),Pink Roses H SCH873
Schleiger 873A Theo,Blank 819,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH873A
Schleiger 874A Theo,Blank 805,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH874A
Schleiger 874C Theo,Brown Flowers,Green&Brown Lines H SCH874C
Schleiger 874D Theo,Blank 305,Red/Brown Flowers H SCH874D
Schleiger 876 Theo,Blank 800,Green Swags,Yellow Scroll H SCH876
Schleiger 877B Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH877B
Schleiger 878 Theo,Smooth,Green/Tan Band,Pink Roses H SCH878
Schleiger 885 Theo,Green&Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH885
Schleiger 888 Theo, Smooth, Pale Green & Gold Design H SCH888
Schleiger 889 Theo, Black Line, Yellow Cir W/Blk Dots H SCH889
Schleiger 890 Theo,Smooth,Gold Encrusted Band H SCH890
Schleiger 893 Theo,Green Chain,Maroon Outlines&Cross H SCH893
Schleiger 894 H&Co,Blank 894,Undecorated,Embossed Dots H SCH894
Schleiger 895 H&Co,Blank 894 W/Gold Trim H SCH895
Schleiger 896 H&Co,Blank 207,Gold Accents&Trim H SCH896
Schleiger 897 H&Co,Blank 638,Embossed Dots,Gold Trim H SCH897
Schleiger 898 H&Co,Blank 209 W/Inner Gold Band H SCH898
Schleiger 898A H&Co,Gold Band At Edge,Gold Trim H SCH898A
Schleiger 899A H&Co,Blank 25, Pink & White Roses H SCH899A
Schleiger 900 H&Co, Blank 418, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH900
Schleiger 901 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH901
Schleiger 904 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Trim & Line,Floral H SCH904
Schleiger 904B H&Co, Blank 424, Pink Flowers H SCH904B
Schleiger 904C H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH904C
Schleiger 905 H&Co,Smooth Blank, Blue Floral & Stems H SCH905
Schleiger 905A H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,No Trim H SCH905A
Schleiger 906 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906
Schleiger 906A H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906A
Schleiger 907 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH907
Schleiger 907A H&Co, Blank 217, Pink Flowers, Daubed H SCH907A
Schleiger 907B H&Co, Blank 9A, Pink Flowers H SCH907B
Schleiger 908 H&Co, Blank 204, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH908
Schleiger 909 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH909
Schleiger 910 H&Co, Blank 208, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910
Schleiger 910A H&Co, Blank 9A, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910A
Schleiger 910B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Floral,Green Scroll H SCH910B
Schleiger 910C H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Floral,Scrolls H SCH910C
Schleiger 910D H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Floral,Scrolls,Daubs H SCH910D
Schleiger 912 H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Gray Flowers H SCH912
Schleiger 912A H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Flowers,Blue Scrolls H SCH912A
Schleiger 915 H&Co,Blue Leaves,Yellow/Black Circles H SCH915
Schleiger 917 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Pen Line,Pink&Green H SCH917
Schleiger 918 H&Co,Smooth,Aqua Insets,Yellow Scrolls H SCH918
Schleiger 919 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket Of Flowers H SCH919
Schleiger 921A H&Co,Blue&Orange Flowers,Fence,Gold Band H SCH921A
Schleiger 924 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH924
Schleiger 925 H&Co,Smooth,Black&Yellow Band,Pink Roses H SCH925
Schleiger 927 H&Co,Smooth,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH927
Schleiger 929A H&Co,Blank 429A,Orange Floral,Scrolls H SCH929A
Schleiger 930 H&Co,Blank 25,White Daisies,Green Leaves H SCH930
Schleiger 932 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Border,Enameled Flowers H SCH932
Schleiger 933 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band W/Flowers,Scroll H SCH933
Schleiger 934 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Scroll&Flowers H SCH934
Schleiger 935A H&Co,Smooth,Red Line,Aqua Loops,Red Dots H SCH935A
Schleiger 936 H&Co,Green&Red Geometric Band,Gold Bands H SCH936
Schleiger 941 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Background W/Flowers H SCH941
Schleiger 942 H&Co, Blank 429A, Floral Rim H SCH942
Schleiger 944 H&Co,Blue&Gray Floral,Brown Stems,Smooth H SCH944
Schleiger 945 H&Co,Yellow Decor,Blue Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH945
Schleiger 946 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Brown&Red Leaves H SCH946
Schleiger 947 H&Co,Yellow Leaves,Black Dots,Gold Trim H SCH947
Schleiger 948 H&Co,Blue&Black Geometric Edge,Gold Trim H SCH948
Schleiger 950 H&Co,Black Line,Yellow Decor,Gold Trim H SCH950
Schleiger 951 H&Co,Blank 24,Small Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH951
Schleiger 952 H&Co,Blank 653,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH952
Schleiger 953 H&Co,Blank 645,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953
Schleiger 953A H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953A
Schleiger 953B H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH953B
Schleiger 954 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH954
Schleiger 956 H&Co,Blank 427,Pink Roses,Gold Leaf Band H SCH956
Schleiger 957 H&Co,Blank 219, Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH957
Schleiger 958 H&Co,Green Leaves On Green,Pink Roses H SCH958
Schleiger 959 H&Co,Blank 15,Green Leaves, Red Berries H SCH959
Schleiger 960 H&Co, Blank 13,Green Leaf,Gold Outline H SCH960
Schleiger 961 H&Co,Smooth,Green Loop&Flower,Red Dot H SCH961
Schleiger 965 H&Co,Smooth,Red Flowers,Wide Gold Band H SCH965
Schleiger 965A H&Co, Smooth, Narrow Gold,Lavender/Blue H SCH965A
Schleiger 966 H&Co,Blank 2 W/Gold Trim,Green/Red H SCH966
Schleiger 968 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Floral Ring, Gold H SCH968
Schleiger 969 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH969
Schleiger 96A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band, No Line H SCH96A
Schleiger 970 H&Co,Smooth,Dark Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH970
Schleiger 971 H&Co, Yellow & Black Scroll Design H SCH971
Schleiger 972 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls&Medallion H SCH972
Schleiger 972A Theo,Green Scrolls&Medallions,Gold Band H SCH972A
Schleiger 973 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Zigzags,Pink Flowers H SCH973
Schleiger 974 H&Co,Yellow,Blue Laurel&Scrolls,Roses H SCH974
Schleiger 975 H&Co,Blank 24,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH975
Schleiger 975A H&Co,Blank24, Shades Og Green Rose Band H SCH975A
Schleiger 976 H&Co,Blank 24,Gray/Pink Roses H SCH976
Schleiger 977 H&Co,Smooth,Green Border,Red Flowers H SCH977
Schleiger 980 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Rose Garland, Gold H SCH980
Schleiger 981 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Pink Border,Pink Roses H SCH981
Schleiger 981A H&Co,Smooth,Orange/Pink Dots & Roses H SCH981A
Schleiger 982 H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Brown/Blue Flowers H SCH982
Schleiger 983A H&Co,Blank 5,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH983A
Schleiger 983B H&Co,Blank 5,Green Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH983B
Schleiger 983C H&Co,Blank 18,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH983C
Schleiger 983D H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH983D
Schleiger 984 H&Co,Blank 653,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH984
Schleiger 985 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH985
Schleiger 987 H&Co,Smooth,Gray & Yellow Flowers H SCH987
Schleiger 988 H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Blue Leaves H SCH988
Schleiger 989 H&Co,Smooth,Green With Red Dots,Gold H SCH989
Schleiger 990 H&Co,Blank 209,Turquoise Band,Gold H SCH990
Schleiger 991 H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Brown Edge H SCH991
Schleiger 993 H&Co,Smooth,Green Line,Blue Oval H SCH993
Schleiger 994 H&Co,Blue&Yellow Flowers,Yellow Edge H SCH994
Schleiger 995 H&Co, Smooth, Gray & Pink Scroll Design H SCH995
Schleiger 997 H&Co,Smooth,Black Lines W/ Yellow Points H SCH997
Schleiger 998 H&Co,Yellow Band,Black Leaves&Dots H SCH998
Schleiger 1000 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Band H SCH1000
Schleiger 1002 H&Co, Blank 2, Gold Scroll Band H SCH1002
Schleiger 1003 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Design H SCH1003
Schleiger 1005 H&Co,Gold Swags&Stars On Edge,Smooth H SCH1005
Schleiger 1006 H&Co,Blank 14, Gold Leaves & Lines H SCH1006
Schleiger 1007 Theo,All White,Embossed Flowers&Scrolls H SCH1007
Schleiger 1008 Theo, Blank 118, Lattice/Scrolls On Rim H SCH1008
Schleiger 1009 Theo,Blank 301, Brushed Gold Rim H SCH1009
Schleiger 1010 Theo, Blank 118, Brushed Gold Rim H SCH1010
Schleiger 1011 Theo, Blank 124, Gold Brushed Rim H SCH1011
Schleiger 1012 Theo, Blank 303, Green Scrolls H SCH1012
Schleiger 1013 Theo, Blank 116, Blue To Purple Violets H SCH1013
Schleiger 1013A Theo,Blank 801,Violets&Gray Flowers H SCH1013A
Schleiger 1013B Theo,Violets,Gray Floral,Smooth H SCH1013B
Schleiger 1013C Theo,Blank 120,Violets,Gray Floral H SCH1013C
Schleiger 1014 Theo,Blank 302,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1014
Schleiger 1015 Theo, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH1015
Schleiger 1016A Theo,Blank 122,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1016A
Schleiger 1016B Theo,Blank 300,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1016B
Schleiger 1017 Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1017
Schleiger 1017A Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers, Green Lv H SCH1017A
Schleiger 1017B Theo,Blank 801,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1017B
Schleiger 1018 Theo,Smooth,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH1018
Schleiger 1018A Theo,Blank 120,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH1018A
Schleiger 1018B Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1018B
Schleiger 1018C Theo,Smooth,Blue,Brown&Gray Flowers H SCH1018C
Schleiger 1018D Theo,Blank 301,Blue,Brown,Gray Flowers H SCH1018D
Schleiger 1019A Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers H SCH1019A
Schleiger 1019B Theo,Blank 1011,Pink Flower Border H SCH1019B
Schleiger 1020 Theo,Pink Roses,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH1020
Schleiger 1020B Theo,Blank 1222,Pink Roses H SCH1020B
Schleiger 1021 Theo,Blank 122,Turquoise Flowers,No Trim H SCH1021
Schleiger 1021A Theo,Blank 124,Turquoise Flowers,No Trim H SCH1021A
Schleiger 1022 Theo,Blank 122,Blue&White Flowers H SCH1022
Schleiger 1022A Theo,Pink&White Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1022A
Schleiger 1023 Theo,Blank 120,Green Floral,Brown Leaves H SCH1023
Schleiger 1023A Theo,Lavender Flowers,Gray Leaves,Smooth H SCH1023A
Schleiger 1023B Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH1023B
Schleiger 1023C Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1023C
Schleiger 1023D Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1023D
Schleiger 1023E Theo,Blank 117,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH1023E
Schleiger 1023F Theo,Blank 307,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1023F
Schleiger 1024A Theo,Small Pink Flowers,Green Foliage H SCH1024A
Schleiger 1024B Theo,Pink/White Floral,Blank 300 H SCH1024B
Schleiger 1025 Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Ribbon,Roses H SCH1025
Schleiger 1025A Theo,Blank 831,Gray&Green Roses H SCH1025A
Schleiger 1025B Theo,Blank 130,Gray&Green Roses H SCH1025B
Schleiger 1025C Theo,Smooth,Lavender Roses,Pink Ribbon H SCH1025C
Schleiger 1025D Theo,Blank118,Pink Roses,Green Ribbon H SCH1025D
Schleiger 1025E Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Green Ribbon H SCH1025E
Schleiger 1026 Theo,Blank 117,Yellow Flowers H SCH1026
Schleiger 1026A Theo,Blank 130,Pink Flowers, Green Ferns H SCH1026A
Schleiger 1026B Theo, Blank 301,Lavender Flowers H SCH1026B
Schleiger 1026C Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Lavender Leaves H SCH1026C
Schleiger 1026D Theo,Blank 135,Lavender Flowers H SCH1026D
Schleiger 1027 Theo,Blank 130, Pastel Flowers, Foliage H SCH1027
Schleiger 1027A Theo,Blank 811,Lavender Flowers H SCH1027A
Schleiger 1027B Theo,Blank 811A,White&Green Flowers H SCH1027B
Schleiger 1027C Theo,Blank 117,Lavender Flowers H SCH1027C
Schleiger 1028 Theo,Blank 1011,Blue Flowers H SCH1028
Schleiger 1028A Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers H SCH1028A
Schleiger 1028B Theo,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH1028B
Schleiger 1028C Theo,Smooth,Blue Floral H SCH1028C
Schleiger 1028D Theo,Blank 119,Pink Floral,Brown Stems H SCH1028D
Schleiger 1029 Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH1029
Schleiger 1030 Theo,Blank 307,Green/White Flowers H SCH1030
Schleiger 1031A Theo,Blank 301,Blue&Brown Floral H SCH1031A
Schleiger 1032 Theo,Blank 800,Pink/White Roses H SCH1032
Schleiger 1032A Theo,Blank 122,Pink/White Roses H SCH1032A
Schleiger 1032B Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers&Cage H SCH1032B
Schleiger 1032C Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses & Cage H SCH1032C
Schleiger 1032D Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032D
Schleiger 1032E Theo,Blank 122,Green Roses,Yellow Cage H SCH1032E
Schleiger 1032F Theo,Blank 116,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032F
Schleiger 1032G Theo,Blank 1221,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032G
Schleiger 1033 Theo,Blank 126,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1033
Schleiger 1033A Theo,Blank 117,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1033A
Schleiger 1034A Theo, Blank 122, Lavender & Gray Floral H SCH1034A
Schleiger 1034B Theo, Blank 120, Lavender & Gray Floral H SCH1034B
Schleiger 1035 Theo,Blank 116, Lavender Floral H SCH1035
Schleiger 1035A Theo, Blank 126, Pale Lavender Flowers H SCH1035A
Schleiger 1036 Theo,Blank 801,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH1036
Schleiger 1037 Theo, Smooth, Lavender & White Floral H SCH1037
Schleiger 1038 Theo,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH1038
Schleiger 1038A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1038A
Schleiger 1038B Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH1038B
Schleiger 1039 Theo, Blank 820, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1039
Schleiger 1039A Theo, Blank 120, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1039A
Schleiger 1040 Theo, Blank 116, Pink Flowers H SCH1040
Schleiger 1041 Theo, Blank 815,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH1041
Schleiger 1042 Theo,Blank 116,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH1042
Schleiger 1042A Theo,Blank 117,Gold 130,Lavender Flowers H SCH1042A
Schleiger 1043 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH1043
Schleiger 1044 Theo, Blank 820,Blue Floral,Brown Leaves H SCH1044
Schleiger 1045 Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH1045
Schleiger 1045A Theo,Blank 305, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH1045A
Schleiger 1046 Theo, Blank 304, Pink To White Roses H SCH1046
Schleiger 1047 Theo,Blank 133, Pinkroses, Blue Floral H SCH1047
Schleiger 1048 Theo, Smooth, Yellow Flowers H SCH1048
Schleiger 1049 Theo,Blank 125 W/Gold Streaks,Pink Roses H SCH1049
Schleiger 1050 Theo,Blank 130,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH1050
Schleiger 1050A Theo,Blank 800 W/Daubs,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH1050A
Schleiger 1050B Theo,Smooth,Green&Blue Border Roses H SCH1050B
Schleiger 1051 Theo,Blank 829,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH1051
Schleiger 1051A Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH1051A
Schleiger 1051B Theo,Blank 804 Without Inner Chain H SCH1051B
Schleiger 1052 Theo,Smooth,Gold Border Design,Floral H SCH1052
Schleiger 1053A Theo,Blank 133,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH1053A
Schleiger 1054 Theo,Blank 830,Multicolor Floral H SCH1054
Schleiger 1055 Theo,Blank 134,Pink,White&Blue Flowers H SCH1055
Schleiger 1056 Theo,Blank 816 W/Gold 833 Green Band H SCH1056
Schleiger 1056A Theo,Blank 816 W/Green 833,Pink Roses H SCH1056A
Schleiger 1057 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1057
Schleiger 1058 Theo,Blank 1011,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH1058
Schleiger 1058A Theo,Blank814,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH1058A
Schleiger 1059 Theo,Blank 307,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH1059
Schleiger 105B H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Blue/Red Flowers H SCH105B
Schleiger 1060 Theo,Blank 304,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH1060
Schleiger 1060A Theo,Blank 803,Pink Flowers,Green Edge H SCH1060A
Schleiger 1062 Theo,Blank 592,Green Scrolls,Lattice&Dot H SCH1062
Schleiger 1062A Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers H SCH1062A
Schleiger 1062B Theo,Blank 300,Blue Flowers H SCH1062B
Schleiger 1063 Theo,Smooth,Gray/Blue Border,Pink Roses H SCH1063
Schleiger 1063A Theo,Smooth,Band Of Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH1063A
Schleiger 1064 Theo,Blank 123,Floral Edge,Pink Roses H SCH1064
Schleiger 1065A Theo,Blank 803,Pink Roses H SCH1065A
Schleiger 1066 Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH1066
Schleiger 1066A Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH1066A
Schleiger 1066B Theo,Blank 123,Floral,Gold&Blue Trim H SCH1066B
Schleiger 1067 Theo, Blank 1007, Brush Gold,Pink Flora H SCH1067
Schleiger 1067A Theo, Blank 303, Pink Flowers H SCH1067A
Schleiger 1067B Theo, Blank 133, Pale Pink Roses H SCH1067B
Schleiger 1068 Theo,Blank 800,Floral,Brown&White Band H SCH1068
Schleiger 1070 Theo,Smooth,Grid Border,Pink Roses H SCH1070
Schleiger 1071 Theo,Smooth,Pink & Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH1071
Schleiger 1073B Theo,Smooth,Cream,Green & Red,Roses H SCH1073B
Schleiger 1075A Theo,Smooth,Oval Border W/Rose,No Swags H SCH1075A
Schleiger 1076 Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1076
Schleiger 1077 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Edge & Scrolls H SCH1077
Schleiger 1077A Theo,Blank 303,Gold Scrolls&Medallion H SCH1077A
Schleiger 1078 Theo,Smooth,Gold Filigree On Rim,Verge H SCH1078
Schleiger 1079 Theo, Green Clover, Pink Flowers H SCH1079
Schleiger 1079A Theo,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves On Gold H SCH1079A
Schleiger 1080 Theo,Smooth,Pink Rosesgold Trim H SCH1080
Schleiger 1081 Theo,Smooth,Green & Red Swags & Dots H SCH1081
Schleiger 1085 Theo,Blank 125 W/Gold Trim,Green Flowers H SCH1085
Schleiger 1086 Theop,Blank 121,Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH1086
Schleiger 1087 Theo,Blank 119,Gold & Green Flowers H SCH1087
Schleiger 1088 Theo, Blank 125, Green & Gold Design H SCH1088
Schleiger 1089A Theo,Smooth,Gold Pen Line & Verge H SCH1089A
Schleiger 1092 Theo,Black&Yellow Scrolls,Cream Rim H SCH1092
Schleiger 1094 Theo,Smooth,Green Chain,Pink Roses H SCH1094
Schleiger 1097 Theo, Band Of Pink Roses On Rim H SCH1097
Schleiger 1098A Theo,Blank 122A, Pink Roses H SCH1098A
Schleiger 1099 Theo,Blank 833,Green,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1099
Schleiger 1100 Theo, Blank 819,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH1100
Schleiger 1104 Theo, Green Hanging Balls On Chain H SCH1104
Schleiger 1105 Theo, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Scrolls H SCH1105
Schleiger 1105A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band Towards Center H SCH1105A
Schleiger 1107 Theo, Smooth, Green W/Gold Dots/Lines H SCH1107
Schleiger 1108 Theo,Smooth,Green,Red Dots H SCH1108
Schleiger 1109 Theo,Smooth,Green & Red Band H SCH1109
Schleiger 1110 Theo, Smooth, Pink Floral Garland H SCH1110
Schleiger 1110A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band W/Pink Roses H SCH1110A
Schleiger 1111 Theo,Blank 805,Pink Roses,Red Berries H SCH1111
Schleiger 1112 Theo,Blank 307,Pink&Yellow Roses,Ribbon H SCH1112
Schleiger 1113 Theo,Blank 132,Lavender Dots H SCH1113
Schleiger 1116 Theo,Pink Roses,Green Diamonds&Red Dots H SCH1116
Schleiger 1117 H&Co, Embossed Lattice & Swags H SCH1117
Schleiger 1118 H&Co,"Folded Napkin",Undecorated H SCH1118
Schleiger 111A H&Co, Smooth, Pink Rose Garland H SCH111A
Schleiger 111B H&Co, Green & Pink Floral, Smooth H SCH111B
Schleiger 111C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Edge&Gold Design,Floral H SCH111C
Schleiger 1120 H&Co, Blank 5, Gold Trim Only H SCH1120
Schleiger 1121 H&Co, Blank 1 & 4, Embossed Dots H SCH1121
Schleiger 1122 H&Co, Blank 1 & 4, Thin Gold Band H SCH1122
Schleiger 1123 H&Co, Blank 8, Laurel & Floral Bands H SCH1123
Schleiger 1124 H&Co, Blank 4, Floral & Swags H SCH1124
Schleiger 1126 H&Co, Blank 1117, Gold Daubs, Lattice H SCH1126
Schleiger 1127 H&Co, Smooth, Diamonds & Scrolls H SCH1127
Schleiger 1128 H&Co, Smooth, Scrolls On Rim H SCH1128
Schleiger 1129 H&Co, Blank 2, Gold Trim Only H SCH1129
Schleiger 1130 H&Co, Blank 211, Gold Accented Lines H SCH1130
Schleiger 1131A Blank 23,Pink Floweres,Gold Daubs H SCH1131A
Schleiger 1131B H&Co,Blank 1,Gold 17,Pink,White Roses H SCH1131B
Schleiger 1131C H&Co,Smooth,Gold 20,Pink,White Roses H SCH1131C
Schleiger 1131D H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers H SCH1131D
Schleiger 1132 H&Co, Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1132
Schleiger 1132A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Gold&Red Line H SCH1132A
Schleiger 1133 H&Co, Smooth, Rust Band, Floral H SCH1133
Schleiger 1134 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH1134
Schleiger 1136A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,White Roses,No Enamel H SCH1136A
Schleiger 1137 H&Co,Blank 1125,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH1137
Schleiger 1138 H&Co,Blank 1129,Pale Pink & White Roses H SCH1138
Schleiger 1139 H&Co,Blank 19,White,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH1139
Schleiger 1140 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Roses,Green Vines H SCH1140
Schleiger 1140A H&Co,Blank 216,Pale Dull Pink Roses H SCH1140A
Schleiger 1140B H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Roses H SCH1140B
Schleiger 1141 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Garland&Center Flower H SCH1141
Schleiger 1141A H&Co,Blank 20,1/16 Gt,Red Band H SCH1141A
Schleiger 1142 H&Co,Blank 428,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH1142
Schleiger 1144 H&Co,Blank 216A W/Dark Green,Pink Roses H SCH1144
Schleiger 1145 H&Co,Blank 19,Deep Pink Roses H SCH1145
Schleiger 1145A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,No Enamel H SCH1145A
Schleiger 1145B H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Roses,No Enamel H SCH1145B
Schleiger 1145C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH1145C
Schleiger 1146 H&Co,Blank 15,Pale Green Roses H SCH1146
Schleiger 1146A H&Co,Blank 24,Green/Pink Rose Band H SCH1146A
Schleiger 1148 H&Co,Blank 6 W/Gold Trim,Green Band H SCH1148
Schleiger 1149 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink,Violet&White Floral H SCH1149
Schleiger 1150A H&Co,Blank 25,Pink/White Flowers H SCH1150A
Schleiger 1151A H&Co,Blank 652A,"Baltimore Rose" H SCH1151A
Schleiger 1151BZ H&Co,Blank 10,Green/Pink Roses H SCH1151BZ
Schleiger 1151C H&Co,Blank 648,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH1151C
Schleiger 1151CZ H&Co,Blank 205,Lavender Roses,Gold H SCH1151CZ
Schleiger 1151D H&Co,Blank13,Large Pink Roses On Stems H SCH1151D
Schleiger 1151DZ H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151DZ
Schleiger 1151E H&Co,Blank 205,Large Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH1151E
Schleiger 1151EZ H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151EZ
Schleiger 1151F H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Roses H SCH1151F
Schleiger 1151FZ H&Co,Blank 8 W/Gold 652,Yellow/Pink Rose H SCH1151FZ
Schleiger 1151GZ H&Co,Blank 205,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151GZ
Schleiger 1151H H&Co,Blank 648,Pink Roses H SCH1151H
Schleiger 1151I H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold 1122,Yellow Roses H SCH1151I
Schleiger 1151J H&Co,Blank 422,Orange Roses H SCH1151J
Schleiger 1151K H&Co,Blank 1125,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1151K
Schleiger 1151L H&Co,Blank 4,Green/White Roses,No Trim H SCH1151L
Schleiger 1151M H&Co,Roses,Smooth,Gold Trim,Black Line H SCH1151M
Schleiger 1151N H&Co,Blank 1123,Roses,Blue Daisy Ring H SCH1151N
Schleiger 1151O H&Co,Blank 216,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1151O
Schleiger 1151P H&Co,Blank 19,Pink/Green Roses H SCH1151P
Schleiger 1151Q H&Co,Blank 15,Large Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151Q
Schleiger 1151R H&Co,Blank 2 W/Gold 652, Pink Roses H SCH1151R
Schleiger 1151S H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151S
Schleiger 1151T H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151T
Schleiger 1151V H&Co,Blank 216,Off White Roses H SCH1151V
Schleiger 1151W H&Co,Blank 1 W/Gold 1122,Yellow Roses H SCH1151W
Schleiger 1151X H&Co,Blank 206 W/Gold 1123,Green Daisies H SCH1151X
Schleiger 1151Z H&Co,Blank 216A,Green Roses,Cranberry H SCH1151Z
Schleiger 1152 H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH1152
Schleiger 1153 H&Co,Smooth,White,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH1153
Schleiger 1154B H&Co,Smooth,Dull Reddish Flowers H SCH1154B
Schleiger 1154C H&Co,Blank 639,Green/Gray Flowers H SCH1154C
Schleiger 1154D H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers H SCH1154D
Schleiger 1154F H&Co, Blank 4A, Tan Flowers H SCH1154F
Schleiger 1154H H&Co,Blank 14,Brown/Green Flowers H SCH1154H
Schleiger 1154I H&Co,Blank 211,Brown/Blue Flowers H SCH1154I
Schleiger 1154J H&Co,Blank 639,Brown Flowers,No Trim H SCH1154J
Schleiger 1154K H&Co,Blank 10,Tan Flowers,No Trim H SCH1154K
Schleiger 1154L H&Co,Blank 641,Brown Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1154L
Schleiger 1155 H&Co,Smooth,Birds & Butterflies H SCH1155
Schleiger 1155A H&Co,Blank 4,Lavender Flowers,Butterfly H SCH1155A
Schleiger 1156 H&Co, Blank 9, Aqua Flowers H SCH1156
Schleiger 1156B H&Co, Blank 9, Brown/Gray Flowers H SCH1156B
Schleiger 1156C H&Co,Torse (Bl413), Blue/Brown Floral H SCH1156C
Schleiger 1156D H&Co, Blank 9, Orange & Tan Flowers H SCH1156D
Schleiger 1158A H&Co,Blank 10,Pink/Green&Blue Floral H SCH1158A
Schleiger 1158B H&Co,Blank 10,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH1158B
Schleiger 1159 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Gray Flowers H SCH1159
Schleiger 1159A H&Co, Blank 13, Pink/Green Flowers H SCH1159A
Schleiger 1160 H&Co,Blank 6,Pink&White Roses H SCH1160
Schleiger 1160A H&Co, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH1160A
Schleiger 1161 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Red Line H SCH1161
Schleiger 1162 H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Flowers H SCH1162
Schleiger 1162A H&Co, Blank 9, Peach/White/Yellow Floral H SCH1162A
Schleiger 1163 H&Co,Blank 5,Green&Orange Roses H SCH1163
Schleiger 1163A H&Co,Smooth,Pink/Green Roses H SCH1163A
Schleiger 1163B H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Roses H SCH1163B
Schleiger 1163C H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH1163C
Schleiger 1164 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Green Centers H SCH1164
Schleiger 1165 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Green Flowers H SCH1165
Schleiger 1166 H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers H SCH1166
Schleiger 1166A H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Flowers H SCH1166A
Schleiger 1166B H&Co, Blank 208, Blue Flowers H SCH1166B
Schleiger 1167 H&Co,Blank 9B,Blue Flowers H SCH1167
Schleiger 1167A H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH1167A
Schleiger 1167C H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,Emboss,No Trim H SCH1167C
Schleiger 1168 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/White,Blue Flowers H SCH1168
Schleiger 1168A H&Co,Blank 17,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH1168A
Schleiger 1168B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers H SCH1168B
Schleiger 1169 H&Co, Blank 9, Light Green & Pink Floral H SCH1169
Schleiger 1170 H&Co,Blank 7,Aqua Flowers H SCH1170
Schleiger 1170B H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH1170B
Schleiger 1170C H&Co,Blank 208,Salmon Flowers H SCH1170C
Schleiger 1171 H&Co,Blank 19,Aqua&White Flowers H SCH1171
Schleiger 1171A H&Co,Blank 897,Green Flowers H SCH1171A
Schleiger 1172 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers&Roses H SCH1172
Schleiger 1172A H&Co,Blank 416,Pink & White Flowers H SCH1172A
Schleiger 1173 H&Co,Smooth,Pink,White&Blue Flowers H SCH1173
Schleiger 1173B H&Co, Blank 13, Pink Flowers H SCH1173B
Schleiger 1173C H&Co,Blank 638,Trim 16,Pink/White Floral H SCH1173C
Schleiger 1175 H&Co,Torse(Bl413), Pink & Orange Flowers H SCH1175
Schleiger 1176 H&Co, Smooth, Green Floral & Leaves H SCH1176
Schleiger 1177 H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH1177
Schleiger 1178 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink/Green Flowers H SCH1178
Schleiger 1179 H&Co, Smooth,Black Berries,Yellow Leaves H SCH1179
Schleiger 1180A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink/White Flowers H SCH1180A
Schleiger 1181 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH1181
Schleiger 1182 H&Co, Smooth, Green/Brown Floral H SCH1182
Schleiger 1183 H&Co, Smooth, Blue Band W/Yellow Diamond H SCH1183
Schleiger 1184 H&Co, Smooth, Pink/Green Flowers H SCH1184
Schleiger 1185 H&Co, Smooth, Pink/Black Flowers H SCH1185
Schleiger 1186 H&Co, Blank 17, Orange/Yelllow Flowers H SCH1186
Schleiger 1187 H&Co,Pink/White Flowers,Gold Inner Band H SCH1187
Schleiger 1187A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH1187A
Schleiger 1188 H&Co,Smooth,Flowers & Plumes H SCH1188
Schleiger 1188A H&Co,Blank 20,Crest & Flowers H SCH1188A
Schleiger 1189 H&Co,Smooth,Brown Leaves & Scrolls H SCH1189
Schleiger 118A Theo,Undecorated,Embossed Edge,Smooth H SCH118A
Schleiger 1190 H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Yellow Flowers H SCH1190
Schleiger 1192 H&Co,Smooth,Trim 898,Green Flowers H SCH1192
Schleiger 1193 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scroll,Gold Trim 20 H SCH1193
Schleiger 1194 H&Co,Blank 4W/Gold 1119,Greek Key,Bird H SCH1194
Schleiger 1197 H&Co, Blank 20,Yellow&Black Swags H SCH1197
Schleiger 1198 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Scrolls,Gold Trim 20 H SCH1198
Schleiger 1199 H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold 1123,Gray Flowers H SCH1199
Schleiger 1200 H&Co,Blank 20,Turquoise Flowers H SCH1200
Schleiger 1201 H&Co, Yellow/Black Band,Blue Flowers H SCH1201
Schleiger 1203 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Orange Leaves H SCH1203
Schleiger 1203A H&Co,Blank 20,Blue/Green Flowers H SCH1203A
Schleiger 1204 H&Co,Smooth,Black & Pink Edge,Roses H SCH1204
Schleiger 1205 H&Co,Blank 20,Red Zigzag,Floral Swags H SCH1205
Schleiger 1206 H&Co,Blank 21,Gold Scrolls&Dots,Floral H SCH1206
Schleiger 1207 H&Co,Blank 20,Dull Green Band,Green Leaf H SCH1207
Schleiger 1207A H&Co,Blank 20,Orange Berries & Outlines H SCH1207A
Schleiger 1208 H&Co,Blank 20,Cream Rim,Green&Pink H SCH1208
Schleiger 1210 H&Co,Blank 20,Yellow Arches,Red Diamonds H SCH1210
Schleiger 1211 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Encrusted Band&Pen Line H SCH1211
Schleiger 1212 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Boxes&Asterisks H SCH1212
Schleiger 1213 H&Co,Smooth W/Trim 898,Green Leaf W/Pink H SCH1213
Schleiger 1214 H&Co,Blank 20,Green&Orange Chain H SCH1214
Schleiger 1215 H&Co,Blank 20,Pink&White Roses H SCH1215
Schleiger 1216 H&Co,Blank 20,Blue X'S & Flowers H SCH1216
Schleiger 1217 Theo,Bl 1217,White,Undecorated,12 Sided H SCH1217
Schleiger 1218 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Scrolls&Flowers H SCH1218
Schleiger 1219 Theo, White, Gold Trim H SCH1219
Schleiger 1220 Theo, Feathered Gold H SCH1220
Schleiger 1221 Theo,Smooth,Lightly Brushed Gold Trim H SCH1221
Schleiger 1222 Theo,Blank 799,Gold Trim H SCH1222
Schleiger 1225 Theo,Blank 820,Pink Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1225
Schleiger 1228 Theo,Blank1219,Yellow/Blue Band,Bird H SCH1228
Schleiger 1229D Theo,Blank 1219,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1229D
Schleiger 1231 Theo,Blank 118,Pink/White Floral,No Trim H SCH1231
Schleiger 1233 Theo,Smooth,Small Pink Rose,Green Leaves H SCH1233
Schleiger 1233A Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Pink Daisies H SCH1233A
Schleiger 1234B Theo,Yellow Roses,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1234B
Schleiger 1235 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Embossed H SCH1235
Schleiger 1236 Theo,Blank 801,Pink Flowers H SCH1236
Schleiger 1237 Theo,Blank 121,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH1237
Schleiger 1238 Theo,Blank 118,Violet/White Roses H SCH1238
Schleiger 1239 Theo,Pink&Gray Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1239
Schleiger 1241 Theo,Blank 1221,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH1241
Schleiger 1242 Theo, Blank 123 Pink Roses,Blue Flr H SCH1242
Schleiger 1243 Theo,Blank 128,Pink Flowers,Blue Trellis H SCH1243
Schleiger 1244 Theo,Blank 118,Pink&White Roses,No Trim H SCH1244
Schleiger 1246 Theo, Blank 121, Pink & White Roses H SCH1246
Schleiger 1246A Theo,Blank 124,Pink,White,Yellow Roses H SCH1246A
Schleiger 1246B Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Roses H SCH1246B
Schleiger 1246C Theo,White/Green Roses,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1246C
Schleiger 1247 Theo, Blank 305, Pink Roses, Scrolls H SCH1247
Schleiger 1248 Theo,Blank 135,Pink Roses,Blue Daisies H SCH1248
Schleiger 1249 Theo,Blank 1221,Pink Roses,Yellow Buds H SCH1249
Schleiger 1250 Theo,Blank 801 W/Trim 1220,Yellow,Pink H SCH1250
Schleiger 1251 Theo, Blank 125, Green Scrolls/Ribbons H SCH1251
Schleiger 1252 Theo, Smooth, Yellow Arches,Floral H SCH1252
Schleiger 1254A Theo,Tan Edge,Birds Rim&Center,Gold Trim H SCH1254A
Schleiger 1255 Theo, Smooth, Gold Crosses On Green H SCH1255
Schleiger 1256 Theo, Blank 806, Pink Roses H SCH1256
Schleiger 1258 Theo,Smooth, Pink Roses, Yellow Scrolls H SCH1258
Schleiger 1259 Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses On Green Band H SCH1259
Schleiger 1260 Theo, Blank 303, Green Scrolls H SCH1260
Schleiger 1262 Theo, Smooth, Pink Rose/Blue Floral Swag H SCH1262
Schleiger 1263 Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Blue Flower Chain H SCH1263
Schleiger 1264 Theo, Smooth, Green Chain, Pink Roses H SCH1264
Schleiger 1267 Theo, Blank 128, Pink/White Roses H SCH1267
Schleiger 1268 Theo,Blank 1222,Green/Brown Shields H SCH1268
Schleiger 1270 Theo, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Floral Band H SCH1270
Schubert H&Co H SCHUB
Schumann H&Co, Gold Encrusted Band, Green Band H SCHU
Sea Life H&Co,Blank 211,Shells,Coral,Seaweed H SEL
Sierra H&Co, Schleiger 916,Floral & Medallions H SIE
Sophia Ny, Small Pink & Yellow Flowers H SOP
St. Cloud Theo,Geometric Edge,Pink Floral Rim H STC
Stephanie Sevres Shape H STE
Strasbourg Theo, Burgundy Flowers&Leaves, Gold Trim H STRAS
Sultana H&Co,Gold Encrusted Design,Smooth H SULT
Summer Evening Directoire Shape H SUE
Tavelle (H&C Co) Gold Lines &Embossed Band H TAV
Tcho Kiang Blue & Rust Floral, Gold Trim H TCK
Tcho Kiang France, Blue & Rust Floral, No Trim H TCKI
Thistle Platinum Sevres Shape, Platinum Encrusted H THP
Toscane   H TOS
Toscane Lazuli Blue Band, Gold Trim & Rings H TOL
Toscane-Bordeaux Maroon Rim,France,Lemovice Shape H TOSB
Toscane-Corail Coral Rim,France,Lemovice Shape H TOSC
Toscane-Emeraude (Green) Emeraude (Green) Rimgold Trim & Verge H TOSG
Toscane-Marine Blue Rim, Sevres Shape H TOSMAR
Toscane-Ruby Lemovice Shape, Ruby Border, Gold Trim H TOSRU
Toscane-Safran (Saffron) Yellow, Blue & Gold Bands On Rim H TOSS
Toscane-Veronese Green Border And Gold Bands, White H TOSV
Tournon New York, Pink & Gold Flowers H TOUR
Tree Of Life France H TRL
Trouville France H TRO
Tuileries Orange/Pink/Blue Flowers, Gray Trim H TUI
Val De Loire Or H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Blue Flowers H VADLO
Valbonne H&Co, Gold&Platinum Encrusted Band H VALB
Valence Ny,Floral Rim,Center Bowl Of Flowers H VALENCE
Valencia Gold Border Decor, Pink Rose Garland H VALENCI
Valensole H&Co H VALENS
Vega (France) 12 Sided,Scalloped, Florl Swags&Centr H VEG
Victoria (Newer) White Decor On Beige H VICTO
Villecroze H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Fruit,Flowers&Birds H VIL
Vivaldi H&Co H VIV
Votives H&Co H VOT
Wagner Les Classiques Derby Shape H WAG
Wild Fruit Open House, Green Leaves, Red Cherry H WIF
Wildflowers Pink & Red Flowers H WILD
Windsor Rose   H WIRO
Wisteria France H WIS

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Events & Features Register Info Neat Things Order Specials! Collectible figurines, plates, bells, ornaments, and more Silver, sterling, silverplate, stainless, everyday flatware Crystal, everyday glassware China, porcelain, stoneware, everyday tableware Tableware Storage Apparel Literature Ornaments Baby Items Specialty Pieces Gift Certificate Showroom Specials