Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

V.S., New Britain, CT

"Love your site"

V.B., Central Islip, NY

"Love the website and customer service!"

R.Z., Harrisonville, MO

"Love your site. Its so nice to have the search engine do the work for you and offer any matches that it finds. It simplifies my life!"

J.M., Columbia, SC

"REPLACEMENTS, LTD. IS GREAT!! By phone, by internet, and in person at your store - service over the years has been OUTSTANDING! Thank you for the valuable service you provide."

R.J., Austin, TX

"I have previously purchased from you and am pleased with the service. It is getting more and more rare to receive such a high level of customer service when dealing with retail merchants. I appreciate the effort and sense of urgency when I have placed an order or registered a pattern. Thanks!"

C.F., Killen, AL

"Nice to have this kind of service available."

J.M., Rockville, MD

"Love you&.you're great."

G.B., Bronx, NY

"Extreme satisfaction with my acquisitions!!!!!"

P.N., Watonga, OK

"I love being able to find my pieces I need. Great, organized web pages."

K.E., Lecanto, FL

"Love this easy site."

M.D., Mobile, AL

"Your service was sooooo prompt! Thank you!"

V.B., Central Islip, NY

"ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! A few years ago a good friend of mine told me about your website and I absolutely LOVE it. Your site provides the opportunity to avid collectors of antiques and finer china/figurines, like myself, to be able to add that special piece to our private collections which on our own is impossible to find. I know that when I receive an item ordered from I feel like I have found a special treasure. These new found treasures bring back wonderful memories that make me smile from the inside out. Additionally, just an FYI...... the Replacements staff are a pleasure to deal with and go out of their way to accommodate a customer's request. I have always had a pleasant experience dealing with everyone I that I have spoken to over the years of being a customer of Replacements. Finally, the service provided by the company (i.e.. prompt delivery of items as well as emails confirming status of order) is outstanding."

L.D., Centennial, CO

"Your website is very easy to use and your staff are very accommodating and friendly as well. Great website-thank you!!!"

T.F., Rio Rancho, NM

"Great web site and great service"

C.F., Butler, PA

"LOVE YOUR COMPANY!!! The customer service reps. that I have worked with could not have been kinder or more helpful. My packages have always arrived on time and have been packaged in such an efficient way that there could not possibly be any damage to the contents. Will certainly go straight to Replacements for all of my future china and glassware needs."

M.Z., Charlotte, NC

"I completed the Royal Doulton pattern from my grandfather to give to my daughter and was astounded by the quality of the pieces available. I also replaced some broken wine glasses that I could not find anywhere. The store is a treat to visit for shopping!!"

S.A., Newburg, PA

"Replacements has given me many walks down memory lane as I researched my Grandmother's Noritake pattern (Tree in the Meadow), and added some pieces to my collection. Amazing how seeing a piece of china brings back childhood memories. Also, my mother gave me my first piece of Hall's Pottery, Orange Poppy pattern, and my husband and family have added pieces over the years. I now have almost a complete set! The teapots are some of my favorite pieces. So thank you again for the wonderful services you provide to those of us who collect and like to wander down memory lane!"

M.Y., Chancelor, AL

"I have many old pieces of silver, crystal and china from grandparents, great grandparents and European ancestors. YOUR services help me to 'demystify' what I have and appreciate the unique histories involved!!! PLUS the hope of adding to these treasures is thrilling."

A.L., Milford, PA

"I have used your company's services on several occasions. To replace pieces of my crystal and china that I, unfortunately, broke. But more recently, I was able to find additional pieces of an old family heirloom silver service. What a thrill it was to be able to complete this service for 12. In each instance the response time was quick, and the pieces in perfect condition. "

L.W., Round Rock, TX

"I have used you several times. Love this site and always recommend it."

A.S., Austin, TX

"This company still believes, and practices, good old fashion customer service! Their website is practical and well thought out. I have recently purchased replacement items from them that just can't be found anywhere else! They are like family and have earned my trust and repeat business! Please give them a try."

D.M., Jeanette, PA

"You have an interesting website."

T.R., Garner, NC

"I've been dealing with this company for over 25 years and my conclusion: great company and service!!!

P.H., Aurora, OH

"Last order was exactly what I needed and was delivered fast and in perfect condition. I strongly recommend Replacements and will use the time and time again."

C.M., Saskatchewan, Canada

"I received my first order from you. Great service. Nicely and securely packaged items. Thank you!"

T.F., McAllen, TX

"I have used Replacements for almost as many years as you have been in business. I have recommended you many times. What wonderful people and service! I am a big pet lover too&thank you all so much!"

S.M., Macedonia, OH

"Great source for needs"

M.M., Los Gatos, CA

"Love your site"

R.P., Louisville, KY

"Multi-repeat customer. Another package arrived today, and I'm thrilled as usual. Thank you so much for everything!!"

M.S., New York, NY

"Great website!!!"

D.P., Bountiful, UT

"Love your store! Love the HUGE variety and shipping is VERY reasonable! Could not ask for more!"

A.M., Mechanicsville, VA

"Whenever I need to search for a piece of fine china or sterling, you are my go-to website. I have seen the piece on your company being pet-friendly on Animal Planet and that is another reason for me to patronize your business. Thank you for your willingness to include your employees' "furry babies" in their workday-I know how much of a stress-reducer pets are anywhere and anytime."

S.D., Hope Valley, RI

"I just received my first order from you, and I am thrilled! Great timing and the pieces are beautiful. Thank you!"

T.S., Channel Islands, CA

"Not only have my mother and I been using Replacements, Ltd. for 30 years, they located a pattern that even Hampton Forge couldn't find themselves!"

D.T., New Brunswick, Canada

"I have purchased from you before and am very pleased with your service. I really find your website very nice, easy to navigate and the photos very realistic. Easy to do business with you and always prompt service and replies as well. A winning combination, I'd say!"

B.R., Bonaire, GA

"I've been a customer of Replacements Limited for years--first when I visited the store, and after that, on-line. I love this store! I highly recommend a visit to the brick-and-mortar store--it's like being in Wonderland!"

S.W., Overland, MO

"I have ordered from you before and love what you do here. Thanks so much!"

J.F., Newtown, CT

"Thanks for a great service! The e-blast messages you send that show my personal itemized product preferences are easy to navigate making purchases and research a breeze. When we visited your store a few years ago, we were welcomed like family when we introduced ourselves as online customers!"

B.R., De Leon Springs, FL

"Found your site very good for information on a lot of things, thanks"

E.S., Santa Barbara, CA

"For 18 years now I've been able to add to my own mother's modest silver, (1810 pattern) and to "reconstruct" my husband's first wife's wedding pattern (china passed on to his daughter) after his wife's death --, purchases which have enhanced our present life as well as memorialize some precious lives now passed."

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