Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

L.A., Hackensack, NJ

Great website!"

B.B., Hartford, WI

"I love Replacements. I think it is an excellent way to replace the irreplaceable."

E.N., Leesburg, FL

"I searched flea markets, antique shops, etc. to find my china pattern. Always going away empty handed. One day a friend told me to check out Replacements, Ltd. I did and I was in awe. Plates, cups, saucers, platters, you name it, they had it. To make it even better, once I was on the site, I found my crystal pattern. I inherited the crystal stemware set that was my Mothers wedding gift from the 1940's. I had broken 1 wine glass and my heart, during a move. Never thought I would be able to replace it. I not only replaced it but purchased a few other pieces. I Love this company! Thanks for being there!"

D.L., Chicago, IL

"I've been overwhelmed by your quality of service. "I wish I had known of Replacements, Inc., two years ago. I was replacing my stolen sterling silver by bits and pieces through E-Bay, the money and time saved had I replaced it all directly from you".

V.B., Wayzata, MN

"You have an excellent company and website!"

R.P., Grand Forks, ND

"I was amazed when I toured your facility a few years ago! What an experience!"

D.C., Corona, CA

"Love your service!!"

B.B., Little Rock, AR

"I really mean it when I say "Thank you for being in existence!" has helped me fill a gap in our collection of Wallace silver-plated sleigh bell ornaments, and we are grateful. Thanks!"

E.M., Naperville, IL

"Very good customer service."

G.A., Essex, UK

"We bought some of this particular china in the UK thinking we would add to it easily and it has proved to be very difficult to find additional pieces . When we discovered your web-site only to find that not only did you have some available but that you also offered a facility to ask for more(i.e. a finding service) we were very pleased. It was also gratifying to know our existing pieces are obviously worth a lot more than we paid originally."

K.A., Alton, NH

"Love your inventory! I want you to know that I have been able to add many pieces to my Mother's china patterns from your wonderful selections. Thank you for having such a dependable company!"

MJB, Ontario, Canada

"We have just returned from the U.S. where we visited my daughter, her husband and three daughters. I gave our six year old granddaughter five of the "Field Puppies" collector plates. She was thrilled with them, and now I have looking for the last three of this series. The oldest sister already has her collection, and I will now have to decide what the youngest sister will get and have been checking out your site again. I also came across the section where you have your employees with stories about their pets . I thoroughly enjoyed this part of your site. What a great idea!"

P.S., Granite City, IL

"Yes, I had found the Pfaltzgraff Xmas Tree Cookie Jar 4 years ago, and fell in love instantly with it, it was displayed all year in my kitchen. When we had some work done in our home my husband placed it in a safe ( so he thought) place in our basement. He didn't allow for a storm allowing rain water to flood our basement soaking the boxes it was sitting upon. The box collapsed breaking the top. I was broken hearted. Then one day a neighbor told me about your site and one of your sales associates knew just what I was talking about. My Cookie Jar is back where it belongs in my kitchen for all to see every day. Thank you and your staff for a JOB WELL DONE!"

D.M., Savannah, GA

"Love your site. Very user friendly."

B.J., Clanton, AL

"I have ordered in the past from and have been very satisfied with every piece I received. In the year of my marriage, 1960, I started a collection of Orange Blossom made by Theodore Haviland, New York, but never was able to complete it. Several years ago I discovered With your company's help, I now have a eight place setting, including all the extra serving pieces. It has been a real joy to deal with Hats off to all your employees. They have been so helpful."

S.H., Aiken, SC

"What a wonderful resource!"

M.K., Middletown, NJ

"Very pleased with past service and products."

B.F., Annapolis, MD

"Great site, well organized!"

M.P., Pacific Palisades, CA

"I have nearly always been satisfied with Replacements. It is a wonderful resource for hard-to-find pieces of china, crystal and silver."

M.T., West Milford, NJ

"Excellent site"

S.C., Elverson, PA

"I have used Replacements before and had great success."

S.B., Ontario, Canada

"Your quality of service is beyond excellent -- thanks to you I have been able to replace/complete several china patterns, crystal patterns, silverware and collectables -- I look no where else for items now."

J.Y., Defiance, OH

"We've shopped your location in North Carolina and have always found your employees helpful. I've been very satisfied with our phone purchases of items in our already listed patterns."

B.S., Farmington, MI

"Love this service! It's the only china, glass, etc location service I know of for hard-to-find or discontinued patterns. And it's easy!"

O.B., Appling, GA

"You do a wonderful service for the public. I doubt there is a person who does not wish she had additional place settings to a pattern, or has broken a piece or two of a discontinued pattern. I found pieces to a very, very old pattern and it matched perfectly.

M.M., British Columbia, Canada

"Such a wonderful internet site. The stainless pattern I replenished was originally bought in the early seventies so I really had very little hope of finding the same pattern again. Thank you for your service, it really is special."

D.L., Northern Cambria, PA

"Great website!"

J.K., Ontario, Canada

"I have purchased from you in the past. Very impressed! It has been awhile since I purchased from you, but my experience was a pleasant one. I am now trying to help my daughter replace some pieces from her grandmother's china. There is so much to choose from that I am sure we will be successful. Thanks again for your wonderful service!!!!!"

F.S., Hartfield, VA

"Delighted to find your site. It provided us a very welcomed opportunity to complete an inherited china service."

M.B., Charlotte, NC

"My husband and I feel so at home when we visit your lovely site and delight in all the beautiful display cabinets! It is such a learning tool to tour your facility. You have such a vast array of china and glass items and then there is the everyday item that one cannot find to keep our kitchen dinnerware up to snuff! In our case, it is the everyday Lenox China stone pattern and you are always there for me to keep my dishes in good shape. That is now for 19 years! I usually order online and the service is so quick. My dishes always arrive well packed and in only a few days. You treat every piece so caringly and I have never had to return an item to you because it was damaged in transit. I love that I can bring my little dog along if I so desire and feel welcomed each and every time to bring her in and shop. How wonderful! If only we could do that at other places! You guys are so special and we love you! Thanks for being there for us."

G.H., North Port, FL

"Great service"

L.B., Hot Springs, SD

"I am truly grateful for your unique, well run company. I am still amazed at the market hole it fills in supplying the missing - in china, crystal, silverware, etc. Particularly, when the thought to first search for an item begins to surface and you do not know of One argues with oneself that looking for what seems, at the time, to be a needle in a hay stack, could be possible. Because the set, of the item you seek, once belonged to your beloved grandmother. Who in this country would still have such a pattern? Does one even dare to think an item of the pattern is still around somewhere? Where would one begin to look if such a site as did not exist? Think of the all the foot work involved - the research for the original maker, the miles to travel, and cities to search. And what store on main street, would carry such an item? It is a daunting task alone and near impossible for we who live in remote areas such as SD. But the immediate service of the ebusiness,, blows all those questions and worries away with a very short search. That is, if you stick with what you started to look for and don't wander off into the many other replacement possibilities offered on the site. The satisfaction of finding your lost piece, and, then the enjoyment of seeing it upon arrival, right there in your hand, is beyond words....a feeling of great service, mostly to one's beloved grandmother. Now there is an essential business. To me, proves the necessary existence of a virtual business. In fact, I feel it proves up as a prototype for many like business."

M.L., Tasmania, Australia

"You offer a fabulous service and have saved my collections many time already."

S.G., Fresno, CA

"You guys are awesome!! I requested a pattern of my grandmother's Spode about 9 years ago, for I just wanted to see if I could add to her collection for I know that during World War II the pattern was destroyed in a factory in England. I have been looking a very long time. Low and behold, I get an e-mail from this awesome company Replacements and they found some pieces. I am so grateful, thank you again. "

M.K., Alberta, Canada

"Love your website, and very excited you offer my wedding pattern!"

M.H., Port St Lucie, FL

"Very interesting site!"

D.H., McLean, VA

"Great resource!"

E.S., Middletown, RI

"Terrific site"

T.A., Urbanna, VA

"I was very, very pleased with the dishes and impressed with the care you took in packaging them. I look forward to ordering from you in the future, will check your website on a regular basis and hope my 'looking for' dishes are available through you."

B.P., Montreal, Canada

"Great site, have ordered from you before."

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