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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

L.S., Middlesex, NJ

"Most efficient and easy way to find my patterns. Not only did I find them but kept track for me so whenever a piece became available they notified me."

C.S., Lake Bluff, IL

"Thank you for the Tableware Piece Type Guide. I find it fascinating! I also love reading your Museum Features and Featured Pets selections in each newsletter."

E.M., Virginia Beach, VA

"Your service is outstanding. I am a silver and china customer and find your products exactly as advertised. The handcrafted items have filled a modern need in the more traditional services. Thank you."

L.Z., Little Falls, NY

"Your phone order operators are always very helpful."

C.C., Murrells Inlet, SC

"I love that you have everything available to the public. As consumers we make purchases and take for granted that the salespeople actually know for a fact what they tell us at the time of purchase; when they say the product is "stocked" and can be purchased anytime. It has happened to me and many friends countless times. Consumers purchase the merchandise getting what they need, knowing the rest of the sets can be purchased at a later date. Some times the salespeople will tell us what we want to hear and the information is not always factual. It is wonderful to know that consumers have recourse and RESOURCES so, on behalf of myself and my many friends and family members THANK YOU!!"

S.R., Imperial, NE

"I mentioned on Facebook that after waiting for 36 years, I now had a gravy boat. My daughter asked "when's dinner, Mom?" and I said that the gravy boat is so pretty I sort of hate to gunk it up with gravy - that we'll have to have a special, celebratory, dinner to use it with. She thinks I am silly! Truthfully, when I purchased this set in 1975, at a jewelry store, I also purchased the serving pieces. To my dismay there was no gravy boat. I returned to the store, where the clerk handed me an ugly stainless steel dish and told me to "just use that". I was young, and easily intimidated, so I took it and left. When I think back to all of those years I had to use that ugly dish with my otherwise beautifully set table, it makes me cringe. As a matter of fact I stopped serving things like roast beef because it would need gravy! I used this set for holidays and other special occasions, and quite often would go with a large ham because I had the platter, and it didn't need gravy. You can probably tell I'm rather picky, and like things just so! With the passing of so many years, most of the family members that I served off that china are gone now, and likely I won't be using the set much longer either, but at least my daughter will now have a complete set to inherit. Again, thank you for providing this service to those of us out there who still care about the pretty things in life, the things that make one feel a little extra special, the ones who will go the extra mile to bring a smile."

K.M., Ontario, Canada

"A wonderful resource- found ideas for gifts and home decorating."

K.A., Bel Air, MD

"You are one of a kind."

D.H., Flower Mound, TX

"Great service to have!"

D.M., British Columbia, Canada

"This web site is the best I have found for searching."

K.R., British Colombia, Canada

"The china that I ordered arrived safe and sound and was packaged great. Thank you!"

T.B., Dallas, TX

"Customer for 10 plus years. You rock."

L.P., Clearwater, FL

"I follow your emails, and have great admiration for your service. I feel that your professionalism is exceptional!"

J.C., Shoreline, WA

"I've bought and sold with you for years, and always been completely satisfied."

M.W., Crofton, NE

"I appreciate your newsletter. I have these dishes and use them often. I have several pieces that I may need to replace in the near future and like to receive current information about the replacements instead of going on line to research it out."

S.A., Chino Hills, CA

"Love the service, people very nice, knows products, if not willing to find out- as good as Nordstrom !!"

L.B., Lutz, FL

"Great service!"

Y.H., Southern Pines, NC

"You always respond promptly, thank you."

J.W., Kimberly, ID

"What a great needed service you have!"

D.K., Findlay, OH

"Was very pleased with the cups I ordered from this set."

N.C, Saint Helena Island, SC

"I have ordered from Replacements over the years and have been there several times. The one time I received a crystal goblet that was not up my expectations I called and was told to just throw it away and a new one would be shipped immediately. That is exactly what happened! The tour is absolutely amazing and I would love to take it again. Your staff is extremely knowledgeable and always so helpful even to someone as slow to make up my mind about a purchase as I am."

J.B., Garfield Heights, OH

"Thank you for the resources you provide! I was able to expand a silverware set we originally collected one serving set at a time with gasoline fill-ups when we were newlyweds over 30 years ago. I also expanded the heirloom dinnerware and silverware collections my wife inherited from her grandmother - boy did I score major points when she opened those gifts. I find the depth and breadth of your inventory to be truly amazing. Again, thanks!"

S.Z., Bay Shore, NY

"Thank you so much. I'm so happy I found replacement dishes for my fine china. I inherited them from my great grandmother, which is a very sentimental thing for me. I also love that there is more items that I can order to match the set!"

V.G., Keswick, VA

"This is a great resource to find patterns that can't be found anywhere else. I am so pleased with your service."

L.K., Alberta, Canada

"I must say that I have made several purchases from Replacements and each time the service has exceeded my expectations. I love the feature that Replacements will notify me when new pieces have been received in the patterns that I am collecting. Thank you Replacements."

H.H., Stockton, CA

"Rarely in my travels do I run into a company that has the most detailed and complete customer service. Your communication style and follow up is ultra professional and your use of technology in your customer service process adds to the confidence I already have in your company. I have also called your customer service numbers and your agents are all very well trained, always pleasant, personable with enthusiasm while always thanking me for my business. When talking to them I feel as they know me and speak with me daily even though I may go years without an order. It is quite apparent that your employees are very well trained."

P.H., Westerville, OH

"Love your service! What impressed me was how well-packed the china piece was when we ordered it. It makes sense for Replacements, dealing in fragile pieces, to use very safe packaging, but I was still impressed when I opened the box!"

M.B., Wilmington, NC

"I have always been satisfied with the quality of the product ordered and the promptness of delivery."

D.M., Bozeman, MT

"You folks are great!"

L.R., Laguna Niguel, CA

"ENJOYING THE SITE VERY MUCH ! It is a pleasure to browse a site that's well-designed and easy to use. Nothing is nearly as good as being in an antique shop, scouring the display cases for "that perfect item" but entering your "virtual shop" is almost as good -- precisely because the chance for success is so excellent! I have placed my very first order and am on my way to completing my grandmother's silver plate set. I've finally gotten "old enough" to admire her selection and the way she so lovingly kept care of her 1911 purchase. By the time my father was born in 1917, her tableware was already the house's pride and joy. Thank you for being available with such a wide variety of the pattern. Where else could I have possible gone, living in Southern California and so far away from that age & era of appreciation? I look forward to our continued relationship!"

S.W., Raleigh, NC

"Amazed at your great selection!"

M.C., Lauderdale, MN

"Ordered in the past. Very pleased customer!"

Y.F., Midland, MI

"Thank you! I love my pattern and have not been able to find it anywhere!"

C.Y., Boone, NC

"I've ordered before, got stuff really fast!!"

E.R., Lincoln, CA

"I have used your service before to replace crystal and am very satisfied with the results!"

N.W., East Meadow, NY

"I am excited to find this site. I have other patterns I will be looking for as well!"

K.J., Franklin, TN

"Thanks for the great service!!"

J.V., La Selva Beach, CA

"Love your services"

R.B., Elmhurst, IL

"I love your company. It is the greatest idea. I visited in person once. I was impressed. You deserve all the success you have had. I hope my grandchildren get to use your wonderful service."

B.H., Wall Township, NJ

"I have already bought items from you and they have been great."

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