Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

E.F., Ontario, Canada

"Love the website, it's wonderfully user friendly, thank you!"

D.B., Jacksonville, FL

"Love your site!!!"

J.B., Vero Beach, FL

"Greatest thing since candy"

D.D., Los Angeles, CA

"I think is great because I don't panic when something breaks. I know that I can check in with you from time to time and more than likely I will find a missing piece of china, a gift for a special occasion or just add to a set I already have. In addition you are a great resource for any household."

R.W., Arlington, TN

"Thanks, I never thought I would be able to add to my china."

M.T., Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for being there!"

K.C., Northridge, CA

"Replacements is the greatest place! I have had the pleasure of buying from you for over 20 years and items are always excellent; Thank you for enlivening my life with such beauty! P.S. Fantastic staff, too!"

C.B., Kambah, Australia

"The computer site is very good and easy to follow and look up what item you are searching for. Even if what you are looking for is not available, you are kept informed from time to time on progress. I am sure in time the piece I am after will be found even though it is old."

C.G., Paris, MI

"Wonderful, easy site!"

S.D, Bellevue, WA

"You are the best, in every way!"

D.G., Southaven, MS

"Love this place!!"

D.S., Crosby, TX

"I will be buying more from you in the future. I was extremely happy with all of the pieces that I received from you. Thank goodness that there is a business like yours where we collectors can find the really hard pieces to complete our sets. Thanks again for such wonderful customer service and items."

A.H., New York, NY

"You are a great resource!"

G.T., Walnut Grove, CA

"I do so enjoy searching through the many quality selections you offer us on your website. You make it so easy to navigate through the items. You even continue to track them for us making it so exciting when we discover a new piece. Adding a missing piece to a current collection is my biggest joy of all. Kudos to you!!"

P.B., Raleigh, NC

"Thanks for processing our order. We were in your showroom Sunday and it's more beautiful every time we stop by."

D.G., Volente, TX

"Thank you for making it possible to complete our grandmother's china set!"

G.G., Brick, NY

"I love your website and items!"

L.S., Nederland, TX

"I was extremely excited to locate my china pattern. I searched several antique dealers without any luck, then stumbled across your website. Thank you!"

G.G., Bel Air, MD

"We were in Greensboro last spring and saw your billboard off the interstate. I had already found you on-line when trying to replace some of my broken crystal. So of course, we had to stop for a visit. We were amazed by the facility and of course, left with lots of goodies! We plan to be back next June when we have to make another trip to the south. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

M.K., Duluth, GA

"I love that you are a pet-friendly workplace!"

P.B., Norwalk, CA

"You have been so helpful! I have a long time friend that had a party and 'lost' a salad fork. She was saddened because the set had belonged to her mother. You have been able to replace silverware for me in the past and I was in hopes that you could help me replace that fork and cheer my friend. And you were able to do just that. Thank you, thank you."

M.E., Lutz, FL

"Excellent website - love collections. I have been a customer for approximately 10 years plus and have always had timely service and shipments were professionally packed to protect the Lenox china I ordered."

B.R., Valparaiso, IN

"Top quality crystal!"

B.L., Moose Jaw, Canada

Hello Bob and your Replacement team! I must write to you again! I just received my order of Sweetheart Rose today (Lunt Sterling) and once again the silverware was of absolute top standard and a beauty to place on the table. I have made the mistake of purchasing one item from an auction site and I can tell you that it was sub-standard and although maybe cheaper in price was not worthy to grace my table. I learnt my lesson, to never buy silver or china from any other establishment but yours. I always highly recommend your company for anyone searching for additions or new and with confidence I tell them your standards are the highest anywhere. Thank you for your excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. Long may your company thrive!!

A.O., Oldsmar, FL

"Not only is your company a great service to us china lovers but it has taken away the fear of buying used china that may be missing a piece . Also the enjoyment of using my china is increased because the fear of breaking and irreplaceable piece is gone."

K.Y., Queensland, Australia

"I was very thankful for my friend telling me about your website quite a while ago, I never thought I would need to use it until last Friday when we awoke to the sound of crashing china. I was devastated to find a shelf had collapsed in one of my cabinets and my antique china had come tumbling down. My Real Old Willow Tureen by Booths was smashed along with a few other precious pieces that I thought I would never be able to replace. I went straight to your website later in the day to my surprise, I could not believe it, there was the exact Tureen by Booths. So as you can imagine this turned a very sad day into the Best day and it was all because of your website. So, I thank you so very much for the fantastic work that you do and I am so appreciative that I was able to purchase something that I never thought I would be able to replace."

S.H., Matthews, NC

"We have been to your business many times and love to spend time there."

D.S., Prosperct, KY

"Your company was a godsend when my daughter broke my gravy boat I had used since 1971. The pattern has long been discontinued, but we'll use the replacement this thanksgiving. Thank you!"

L.R., River Forest, IL

"One of the best companies to deal with!"

G.T., Lebanon, TN

"Have shopped with you for nearly 30 years!! Love your site! Every item arrives fast and safe!"

B.H., Pass Christian, MS

"Very pleased. Received all articles in excellent condition."

C,M., Tallahassee, FL

"Outstanding customer service!"

W.L., Elkford, Canada

"I LOVE THIS SITE! I can find just about ANYTHING I need or am missing from vintage to newer sets of dishes, silverware, and all the odds and ends in between! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! HUGS!"

G.Z., Westbury, NY

"I LOVE YOUR COMPANY! Especially because you allow employees to bring their pets to work! Some time after I received the pieces I needed to complete my Wallace Silver service (and what an easy & pleasant experience that was!), I was watching television and heard your company's name. I perked up my ears and eyes, and there I saw the "inner workings" of your incredible company, with happy employees who were permitted to bring their pets to their place of work! It brought tears to my eyes! I thought it was the kindest and most generous gift an employer could give to their employees. And so unusual! I wish more employers would learn from your model, and provide the same freedom to their employees. I do believe the world would be greatly improved."

K.H., Arnold, MD

"Great company for a resource! I've been able to find replacements for my stoneware that I've had for over 36 years! I still love the pattern & it's awesome to be able to replace broken pieces."

M.B., Laurel, MS

"I have been using your company for over fifteen years now replacing pieces of my grandmothers sterling silver, china and crystal. Now I am trying to help my boyfriend replace pieces of his grandmother's china. The pattern she had is nonexistent, but you manage to find the pieces along with mine, in a matter of days, or so it seems. Once or twice I have bought items that were "worn". When placed with my collection, you cannot tell the difference between the two. The packing of my order have be so good, I do not see how any piece could break in the shipment from your store to my house. When placing orders by phone or from your web site, your staff makes sure they understand my order. If not, they have called or emailed me to make sure they have the order correct. I had tried other companies when I first started replacing these patterns, but once I found your company, it is the only one I use now."

S.M., North Lincolnshire, UK

"I am very impressed at the service you have delivered throughout. The lady who rang last evening was pleasant and professional, I think what impressed me the most was that you were willing to ring from your country to clarify the order and inform myself of the shipping costs."

J.M., Sea Isle City, NJ

"Great website! What a fantastic service."

L.T., Brisbane, Australia

"I have had the pleasure to experience your superior level of customer service to add another Franklin Mint Curio Cat to my collection. I'm hopeful you can find me some more!"

C.S., Warwick, RI

"Have been using Replacements for years, love it."

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