Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

S.L., Waverly Hall, GA

"Love your site"

R.C., Seattle, WA

"A cool, comprehensive site!! I have used many websites and this one really works. I was able to get a full listing of all of the pieces included in my pattern, and see pictures of each one! This allowed me to see that I had never before laid eyes on the accent plate, which is absolutely beautiful, and which I realize I must plan to add to my collection! I love to cook organic, sustainably harvested, heart-healthy food and it is worth it to present it well. Thank you,!!!"

S.L., Chesterfield, MO

"You are the best!"

J.B., Bloomingdale, IL

"Love your site"

B.W., Toledo, OH

"Love this website!"

A.Q., Falls Church, VA

"Everything arrived -- quickly and in perfect condition! I am thrilled to have my extra pieces since I now will not have to run the dishwasher as often! Now I want to see if I can find pieces from the pattern that my Irish American grandmother used. I have one place setting and it is so charming. Oh, this is addicting. But it also gives people the opportunity to complete something that is unfinished or subdivided across a family so that many have a piece, but none have the whole (like my Gran's china set)."

R.P., Sarasota, FL

"Beautiful site! Thank you!"

L.V., British Columbia, Canada

"Great site, easy navigation, exceptional selection at very reasonable prices !!!"

P.S., Dothan, AL

"Love this site"

J.C., Buffalo, NY

"Wonderful site"

B.W., Pickerington, OH

"This is a wonderful website and exciting business! I have found old family patterns that I thought were lost forever."

R.O., Ottawa, Ontario

"I have been successful in finding items and impressed with your delivery."

J.H., Oklahoma City, OK

"Yours is the website other websites recommend. Gotta be a reason."

J.V. Riverhead, NY

"Great site"

W.A., La Habra, CA

"I love your site. I've found china patterns I've been looking for for YEARS and never thought I'd find. Thank you!"

T.W., Colorado Springs, CO

"I am amazed at what you can find!"

C.C., Effingham, IL

"I like your site as it is very user friendly. I also like the fact that updates go out on a regular basis. When I found your website, I was very excited as I believed that my china was not available any longer. I was able to order a large number of pieces that I wanted to replace. When my china dishes were shipped, they were packed very carefully. Not one item was chipped, cracked or broken. I also appreciate the fact that you continue to search for the items that are not yet available. I am hoping to get all of the pieces in time. Thank you for your great service."

M.G., Yorktown Heights, NY

"Thank you for the superb service! I received my order in time for Easter and that was completely unexpected! Fastest turn-around I've seen!"

J.C., Rochester, MN

"Great site and a great service"

D.J., Capistrano Beach, CA

"Love your site"

R.J., Naples, FL

"This was my first experience using Replacements, Ltd. and I couldn't be more impressed. My order shipped 4/1/2010 and arrived 4/3/2010! Excellent packaging, great customer service and fantastic items available. I'll certainly recommend this site to friends and family. Keep up the good work!"

C.E., Redlands, CA

"I have bought from you before and have always been pleased with the products."

M.K., Wellington, CO

"Very impressed by your shipping methods to guarantee safe arrival of my china."

S.K., Maple Grove, MN

"Love your company and the fast service I have received. You have not failed to find or have the missing pieces I'm looking for. A1 company."

A.V.E., Anchorage, AK

"This is an awesome service! What better way to reduce waste than to breathe life into our old favorite sets!"

R.S., Denver, CO

"Your service is great. Thanks!"

S.S., Oak Island, NC

"I love your website. I visit about three or four times a week!"

S.K., Anthem, AZ

"Thank I received my order of Johnson Bros. replacement plates and couldn't believe how well you packed them! Great job! (And to think that I was worried they might not make it!) Thank you."

T.Z., Darien, CT

"You truly have the most amazing selection of items and I go over the list of items that you include in every email looking not only for the one item I have been searching for several years, but for all the other gems that you offer every week. I also love your pet policy and reading about the peoples dogs each issue. A company that is so great to employees. Fostering a truly warm and family environment by allowing them to bring their animals to work is a company I will always seek out and refer to everyone I know. God bless you all!"

D.F., Carmel, IN

"Very well organized site. I was impressed with the vast amount of inventory and choices of china and dishware. The china I was looking for was not a major mfg and I was surprised I could locate it."

C.C., British Columbia, Canada

"Now that's what I call service! My order arrived today - perfect, all intact, and I am so happy to have these dishes. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You've made my day, and Happy Easter to all of you."

M.B., Chanhassen, FL

"Love your site, have been with you for years."

C.B., Cleveland, TN

"This is a very good site."

R.Y., Chesterfield, VA

"I received my china today and am so thrilled. Now I battle with the idea of actually using it. What a thing to stress over. I am so happy with the way my order was handled and how delicately and carefully the china was packed. I did not expect to receive my order so speedily and am just in awe of your company's whole process of caring for the customer and the product. As I mentioned before, when I was VP and CFO for my last employer our motto was 90% customer service and 10% product. Your company is the finest example of this. You may use my name as a reference anytime, although I suspect you probably do not really need it. I am very grateful and exceedingly joyful over the whole process of this transaction. I thank God that there still exists genuine moral, ethical and loyal characters in our country. May God continue to bless and prosper you and your company."

S.S., Crossville, TN

"Thank you for such prompt, executive service . . . it is a real pleasure to find a company that knows how to serve the public with integrity."

J.C., Pasadena, CA

"Great service and you always have what I need."

C.S., Lander, WY

"You provide a great service! Thank you!"

D.W., Mount Laurel, NJ

"Love this site"

J.W., Hopedale, MA

"We toured your facility when we owned a home in NC a few years ago and have ordered a few items in the past. Your service is excellent and your commitment to quality is superb! Can't wait to hear from you about the Simon Pearce items about which I have inquired. I have spoken about your company to countless friends and colleagues of mine, one of whom found pieces to complete a set of dishes her grandfather had given her grandmother which was passed on to her. Needles to say, she was thrilled to have a family heirloom completed. Thank you for running a company which provides quality products and service as well as provides opportunities to touch one's family's history!"

K.M., Franklin, MA

"I just got my mugs this morning! I am SO HAPPY! I drove around to so many Home Goods stores looking for this pattern. I needed a total of 6 but only could find four. Then I came across your website. WOW! Now I'll know where to go from now on! I will be telling everyone about this website!! Thanks again for making my day!"

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