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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

C.G., Monroe, NJ

"Thank you. I received the replacements and they are perfect! Your company has been a pleasure to work with and will not hesitate to purchase from you again or recommend you to others. When something wasn't right you guys cheerfully made it so."

P.V., McMinnville, OR

"All of my dealings with Replacements have been positive. Quality is great, the number and variety of items available is beyond belief and customer service whether on the phone or on the web has always been very professional and courteous. All in all, Replacements is a model company. If more companies were like Replacements, being a member of the buying public would be much more enjoyable. Thank you."

E.M., Red Lion, PA

"My order of Callaway soup bowls by Corning arrived in perfect condition in a short time for standard shipping. They were packed very well and I couldn't be more pleased. Great to do business with a company like yours.Thank you."

H.W., Carrollton, TX

"I appreciate the quick responses from everyone in your company. If every business had the quick follow up and outstanding customer service that your company has given, we would be only so lucky. Thank you again for the quick follow up. I will look forward to hopefully hearing good news of availability soon!"

J.M., Charleston, WV

"Thank you for your prompt attention. I have to say that your entire organization has been great to work with. The sales reps are always very helpful and attentive. In today's world that it uncommon. So, once again thank you and I watch your website everyday looking for new knife rests."

L.D., Lombard, IL

"I just wanted to let you know that on the 2 occasions that I have purchased items from your internet site, the experience has been very favorable. The site is easy to navigate. The items arrived quickly and were properly wrapped to prevent damage. These days customer service is getting to be a rare thing and I really appreciate it when I run across it. I look forward to doing more shopping in the future at Replacements."

J.D., Danbury, CT

"Very easy site to use! I love that there is an option to find pieces that are not in stock. This shows that this company truly cares about what I am looking for. That personal touch is a rare quality in any company, especially an online company. Replacements, Ltd just goes that step above when it really counts."

A.S., Glen Ellyn, IL

"I think this is the best site on the internet. I made the ugly mistake of putting very old sterling in the dishwasher! The rust stains near the blade of the knives were evident and I thought, "They're runied!" I was devastated. I looked on Replacements to see if I could find new knives. There were several sizes so I called to ask for help in figuring out what size I needed. I spoke to the nicest lady who suggested I have them professionally polished. I figured it was an exercise in futility but I decided to try it, what did I have to lose? I mailed them (that scared me enough!) and in two weeks, I received my knives back, so beautiful I was amazed! I still am. They are perfect and they were ruined! Replacements provides a valuable service and one that is unparallaled anywhere else. I am so grateful for the service they provide! I have my mom's knives back!"

R.R., Mayfield, KY

"I enjoy visiting the site, seeing all the wonderful items, reading the stories, and meeting the pets."

J.B., San Jose, CA

"Although I rarely need to use your newsletter, I truly enjoy reading it and browsing through the available items. You do a great job of caring for your customers and providing us with the information we need."

M.S., Miami, FL

"Many, many thanks for identifying my crystal pattern so quickly, and locating a replacement champagne flute for me. I am so happy to have my set whole again! Thank you so much."

R.C., Redfern, Australia

"I wish to thank you very much for the prompt and safe arrival here in Australia of my order of replacement Meito Nassau china (ordered 31/12/09). I particularly admire the excellent packaging – obviously the result of considerable experience in protecting delicate objects in the most economical and 'green' format. These pieces complete an eight-place setting (less cups and saucers) which I bought for a tiny price at an op-shop. I felt rather sad that what had once been a treasured possession – perhaps even a wedding gift in times gone by – had clearly been offloaded as unwanted by family members after someone's passing. This made me determined to give it another life with my family. For this reason, I was so pleased to find these pieces in your catalogue. I shall certainly remember you in future for those hard-to-find pieces."

R.L., Anthem, AZ

"I LOVE the new Search mechanism on your site. In fact, it's THE BEST I've ever seen on a website. Having worked on several web sites, I can appreciate the monumental time and effort this took. Great design and excellent service. Please dust off the halos of those who were responsible for doing this. I just had to let you know how much it's appreciated."

S.Z., Grand Rapids, MI

"I ordered some dishes from you late last week and they arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks for your incredibly prompt delivery. And thanks, too, for the stretchy packing paper--it's great for kid crafts."

K.F., Bloomington, MN

"Great site – your service and help have been incredible! Thanks for being there – you provide a great and unique service. I couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to verify that what you had, was what I was looking for. Completing the entire transaction was just as easy and I received my merchandise in less than a week! Thank you!"

C.R., Sumter, SC

"My wife and I have visited your store for one of your yard sales and were much impressed."

Z.F., Memphis, TX

"Great website"

S.A., Garden Grove, CA

"Your site is very easy to use. I went to several others looking for this pattern and your site was the easiest and most thorough and I would feel confident having my mom access with her limited computer skills. She would have a lot of fun browsing!"

J.B., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you very much for the safe shipment of my order. I live in Ontario Canada and received my order within 4 days. Everything was handled so well, right from the beginning when I placed my order until it was delivered safely to my door. I am very impressed and what a wonderfully hassle free way to complete my place settings that are no longer available."

L.C., Hagerstown, MD

"I love your site and recommend it to everyone"

J.C., Yorkshire, England

"I am so glad to find your great website!"

T.P., Ontario, Canada

"Hello from Canada! Just to let you a know that my 12 dinner plates arrived and I am sooooo thrilled with them. They arrived safe, sound, and swiftly!!!! It certainly won't be my last order. Just being able to deal with a human being over the phone made the experience very user friendly!!! Many thanks again for everything. Wishing you a pocket full of sunshine!!"

L.M., Pensacola, FL

"Received my order&everything is perfect! Thank you for your excellent website, great customer communication, & exceptional service!!! You are remarkable."

A.L., Powhatan, VA

"Thanks for your very prompt service on all of the orders I have placed with you. The last order was made on Feb.1 and received Feb. 3! Wow!"

N.N., Jupiter, FL

"Just a note to thank you for great service and helping us fill in pieces of our pattern."

A.P., Belair, Australia

"Great site"

W.S., Atlantic, VA

"I received two place settings of Ivy Lane China just a few days after ordering them. Your web site is most helpful. I was able to easily confirm the pattern that I wanted and review availability. Your pricing is fair. Ordering on line is easy. Your business practices notifying me exactly what was going on with my order through every step of your procedures is a model that ought to be emulated by everyone in the mail order business. Finally, the place settings arrived more quickly than I thought they would in packaging that ensured their safety. In short, I am delighted with every aspect of my doing business with Replacements, Ltd."

L.M., Junction City, KS

"I LOVE YOUR SITE! THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO! Without your services, not only me, but others across the country would be without complete sets of china, plates, collectors ware and accessories! I've found everything from Maruri figurines, my Traditions/Haviland Moss Rose, and my 1983 - 3 pronged forks! There is no other way I could do that. You can complete your GREAT, GREAT Grandmother's china formal ware to your Gibson daily use plates. If it weren't for you, and WHAT you do, many, MANY people would be lost and over paying for the items they need. I've found everything on to be reasonably priced. They set the standard for the industry and keep other people and places in line with their prices! Again, THANKS SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO!"

B.W., Harrisburg, PA

"One of my spoons was ground in the disposal. I'm so glad I was able to find a replacement. Thank you and your site was so easy to maneuver."

N.P., Alberta, Canada

"Wow! I am really impressed with your delivery service. The order was shipped on Wednesday and I got it Friday (today) which is amazing coming from North Carolina to Alberta, Canada. I am duly impressed as I was worried about receiving it in time to give to my sister for her birthday on the 6th of February. I will not hesitate to order from you again.....and I am sure that will happen as I can add to her dinnerware on special occasions. I will not hesitate either to recommend you to others wishing to obtain replacements or additions to their patterns. Thank you so much."

B.G., Chandler, AZ

"Just wanted you to know how I enjoy your service. I have been able to complete several sets of fine china that have been in the family for three generations. They mean a lot to me. Thanks so much for a good website, good service and communication, too."

R.R., Sebring, FL

"Great site, really glad I found it!!"

S.L., Victoria, Australia

"Thank you for your fast delivery and excellent packaging - I am over the moon with my vase."

J.G., Middlesex, NJ

"I am delighted to have received my order from your company. My items were safely packed and each piece was in pristine condition. It was my pleasure to work with your efficient and customer service oriented company."

T.A., Cornwall, PA

"Great site! You guys have saved me a couple of times! It's so good to find a company that provides a great service, in short order, and the items are always as promised. And wrapped so carefully, too!"

M.P., Fort Valley, GA

"Love the website"

A.C., Lennox Head, Australia

"The mugs arrived and we thank you very much for your communication and efficiency. The mugs will replace the broken ones which were part of my late Mum's set. Once again many thanks."

A.W., Cogolin, France

"Congratulations with your perfect web site and service!"

D.B., Wexford, PA

"Thanks to, I have been able to complete the china that my mother started for me when I got married 35 years ago. With a busy life that included raising 3 children and a career, I could only slowly add to my china service because financial obligations had to be prioritized. I was delighted that Replacements provided what I needed at such affordable prices. I now have a complete set with all the accessories and find great enjoyment in sharing them at gatherings with family and friends. In turn, I am now helping my daughter in law add to the set that I started for her as a wedding gift. It has come back "full circle" for me. I enjoy helping to complete a gift that will be a "forever treasure" for her. In addition (for my December birthday) my husband started a Swarovski snow flake collection for me back in 1996 which he has added to each year since. To my dismay, one of the ornaments got broken during the holidays, but to my great relief, I was able to find its replacement at After reviewing the site, I discovered that there are several years prior to the start of my own collection and I am now seeking their additions to complete my own. With the help of, I am confident that I will find each one. I am delighted that a company such as yours exists to help find and/or replace whatever treasure one is searching for. I am glad I found! I love your site and highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for lost, hard to find or for new-found treasures."

D.O., San Diego, CA

"Excellent website and service! I am very impressed with your website, customer service, extremely wide selection and all around unbeatable company."

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