Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

D.G., Dover, DE

"I just want to say how very very pleased I am with the 8 dinner plates I ordered. They were expertly packed and each one looks new. I can hardly wait for our Valentine's dinner when I will finally have enough of the good china! I will continue to watch for available pieces to match my pattern. I greatly appreciate your valuable service. Sincere thanks"

M.H., Manitoba, Canada

"Wonderful service! Just received my Pennine Wedgewood pieces. Fabulous fast service - I couldn't believe how carefully packed. thanks again - will be ordering more soon."

L.A. Evans, GA

"You guys are awesome! The order is already here!....I'll definitely spread the word about your business! Thanks...the pieces are beautiful"

N.A., Raleigh, NC

"Easy to find; easy to use website"

V.C., Wollongong, Australia

"......just received the package with the two replacement glasses: thank you very, very much ! and thank you for your attentive and prompt service - it's a marvel...not to mention the fact that you were able to find the replacements ! You have made two people (my wife and our daughter) very, very happy ! Again, thank you and special regards from Wollongong, Australia !"

L.P., Shelby Township, MI

"Wow - what great and prompt service - ordered several items on Monday and they arrived yesterday. Everything was in perfect shape and packed very well. I'm truly pleased with this transaction - thanks"

M.S., Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you very much. You have the best customer service of any company I do business with."

K.K., Chapel Hill, NC

"I received everything today and am thrilled. You did a great job. To think I was going to throw out all the chipped glasses until I called you and you were able to fix them. Thanks again so much."

V.S., Stockton, CA

"I've dealt with Replacements, ltd on & off for several years. I just want to say that yours is the most efficiently run customer service that I've ever dealt with, from any company! I can get answers within a couple of minutes. And, by the time I hang up the phone, a price list has been mailed to my email account! You people are extremely efficient, pleasant to work with, and just a great company, overall. I hope this gets to the right people. They need to know that you've got a great organization & that you've figured out how to serve the public "

N.P., Hardy, VA

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding way my recent order was handled. The service was prompt and the delivery was much more than I expected. It was well packed and received in excellent condition. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company."

M.K., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you very much. Customer service is a major component in my professional capacity, so I always make a point of applauding those people/services/establishments that surpass what they have promised. Unfortunately, I do not do as much applauding these days. Thank you again it has been a pleasure doing business with you and rest assured I will pass your name along to family and friends."

K.G., Karrinyup, Western Australia

"The coffee pot has arrived!!! Thank you so much it is beautiful. And it arrived so promptly. Now if you could just find me a teapot dear people my world will be complete!!! Thanks again for your continuing GREAT service"

L.D., Champaign, IL

"I thank you for the website and how easy it is. I have been a customer since before you had a web site."

D.A., Elk Grove Village, IL

"I don't know if you monitor this mailbox but I was very impressed with how well wrapped and well packaged the items were! Thank you!"

P.M., Folkstone, United Kingdom

"Hello there, and New Year greetings from England. Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient delivery of the Gien plate, just received - and so beautifully packaged. I am delighted with it as my daughter-in-law bought me the set of six some years ago and I broke the one with the very pattern that I have managed to obtain from you. I have been searching in vain in the U.K. for ages. Many thanks once more."

K.S., Spotsylvania, VA

"I just wanted to express my thanks to your company - I have NEVER experienced customer service like this! Bravo and please keep it up - you are appreciated!!"

J.D., Little Egg Harbor, NJ

"I just received my order of Gorham Celeste candle stick holders and creamer and sugar set........... I am so pleased!!!! Thank you so much for helping me find these items and Ii will be sure to continue to look for more of my pattern."

C.P., New Roads, LA

"I am absolutely impressed with the service I received! I thought I'd never find the replacements for my Nana's (dad's mother's) china that my father shattered this Christmas 2007...After writing down the maker's mark from the bottom & googling it, there it was at! & the service! I created my order online, indicated I'd pay by check, printed out my order form & mailed with my payment...Within a week, I received both confirmation e-mail & phone call that my order had been placed! Shortly after that I received a shipping e-mail & just this afternoon my FedEx ground delivery guy made my day with a package from Replacements! Beautifully packaged! Perfect condition! This'll be our little secret!"

P.H., Cambridge, MN

"Replacements did an awesome job. What wonderful service! Thank you so much. My crystal made it 2 days before my dinner party. I knew ordering this close was a risk, but you did a fabulous job. Thanks so much."

A.G.. Queensland, Australia

"Order received today at 10.30 am, (1/3/08). Considering the time difference is +15 Hours that was an extremely rapid delivery. All items are in perfect condition and were extremely well packed. Thank you to all involved, It was a pleasure to do business with you. Best regards."

J.W., Brisbane, Australia

"I opened my china on Christmas morning to find it was wonderful - I'm so happy to hove found your excellent site - will visit you in the USA when I do finally get there - have given your site to some friends as I feel you must be the best place in the world to find those missing pieces of china along with all you other lovely pieces. Continue the good work in 2008."

K.H., Orange, TX

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone so far that I have dealt with in your company. Not only that, but I saw the article in the recent email newsletter that indicated that your environment is pet friendly. Though I have only been signed on with you all for a short time, I have really appreciated your web-site in addition to your very friendly and helpful telephone people. In a world where customer service seems to be declining, I think it is always important that we do acknowledge it when we receive it. Thanks again!"

P.P., Phoenix, AZ

"I cannot even begin to express my thanks for what your company has done for me. On Monday December 17th my 71 year old Mother's home was burglarized here in Phoenix AZ. She managed to stay in good spirits despite the fact that all her real jewelry, and all her costume jewelry along with dozens of wrapped Christmas presents had been stolen. She stayed in good spirits until Weds the 19th, when she then realized that a small Wallace Sterling pinkie ring (circa 1970) that I bought her when I was 12 years old was also missing. Though it was the "least" valuable piece stolen during the robbery, it was the item that she was by far the most upset about loosing. When she realized this was gone, it was the first time she really cried. December 21, just 4 days after she told me it was missing I was able to get another one from your company, and she will be opening it on Christmas eve (just as she did 37 years ago). I think she is going to be very pleased. I am still in shock that you managed to get this to me so fast.......and that you even had it in stock!!!! My deepest Thanks, and my warmest regards to you this holiday season."

S.N., Merritt Island, FL

"Once again I have experienced your extraordinary service. Tho I hate it when one of my elderly pieces of china gets broken, at least I know that I can get it replaced by you. Not only that, but I know I can count on it getting to me in a timely fashion and in perfect condition. Thank you for your great staff and wonderful way of doing business."

P.M., Price Edward, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know how please I am with the service you offer. I broke my mom's saucer years ago and always kept an eye open at Yard Sales and Flea Markets hoping to come across one just like it. I finally decided to order a replacement from you and I couldn't be more pleased. The product arrived wrapped and packaged so well and your on line customer services were great. When I mentioned to my mom that I had gotten another saucer to replace the one I broke, she didn't remember that it was! Well at least I have a clear mind about it now. Thanks Every So Much!"

M.G., Lutherville, MD

"Your firm is AMAZING! I cannot believe that I have received the shipment today at 10:45am. Many thanks to all involved. This is not the first time I have been blown away by GREAT service from eplacements, LTD. The teamwork and leadership exhibited consistanly by your firm is commendable!"

J.W., Clay Pole Newark, United Kingdom

"I just had to contact you to thank you so much for getting my order all the way to the UK so quickly. I only ordered it 5 days ago and its here in perfect condition taking pride of place on my dresser. I have been so impressed from the start, with the help I received on the phone when placing my order right through to it arriving today. Thanks to you guys my Christmas table will look amazing, thank you once again and a merry Christmas to you all and a fantastic New Year, when I will most definitely be ordering again!!!"

P.A. Cleveland, TX

"Your one of very few companies that know customer service is a rare competitive commodity, and it is appreciated!"

B.G. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to send you my appreciation for my replacement china that arrived this morning in Canada. I was so upset when my husband told me that these items had been broken by a visitor and thought that was the end of my china place settings, which I had used for approximately 20 years. However I found your company on the internet and was extremely surprised to find my china on your stock list. And even more surprised that within 5 days my order had been confirmed, picked, packed, shipped and received. I will certainly never forget your service and will recommend you to anybody who finds themselves in a similar position as I did."

S.R., New York, NY

"Just wanted to say thank you for finding my crystal pattern - I had thought it was a lost cause but you figured it out for me within a week. It also solved my Mom's dilemma about what to give me for the holidays! We ordered and have already received my glasses and I have a full set now. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful service. My table looks fabulous now that I have my matching crystal once again. Many, many thanks"

J.B., Grand Island, NE

"Thank you so much for being available! My mom wanted one of the bowls very much and you are the only company that carries it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

P.T., Poteau, OK

"Order delivered in great shape. Thanks for prompt shipping and excellent packing. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your customer service folk were great!!"

C.M., Grand Bay, AL

"I received it yesterday mid afternoon. Thank you so very much. It's nice to have an internet company you can depend on and who won't rip you off. I will be doing more business with you after the first of the year. Thanks again."

V.P., Culver City, CA

"The plates arrived today. Thank you! The packaging was impressive - very little chance of damage in the shipping process. And the imperfection on one was so minor it's in better shape that the plates we already have. We couldn't find the imperfection on the other. As a result, my husband is speaking to me again after breaking a plate in one of his favorite sets of dishes!! :) You now have a loyal customer."

N.A, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thank you very much. Last week I received the cups and saucers which I ordered from you. These arrived very promptly and I would like to commend you on your excellent service. Kind regards."

L. R., Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

"Received order today thank you so much the glasses are stunning and I now nearly have my collection complete. Still looking out for the decanter. You have a wonderful company and offer a prompt service. Thank you again. Kind regards and Happy Christmas"

D.C., Missisauga, Ontario, Canada

"I received my order today for 4 Spegleau wine glasses. They arrived earlier than expected and in perfect shape. They're exactly what I wanted. You people are amazing! Thank you very much."

D.C., London, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to contact you to let you know how impressed I am with you company's service. I received the parcel in a week's time, your company contacted me throughout the order & shipping prcess. My china was discontinued shortly after I started to collect the pieces back in the 1960's. My order arrived yesterday and the pakaging was superb. Everything in tack. Also with the Canadian dollar being as strong as it is, this was a good time to order! I will be passing your company's name on to others. Thanks again."

M.M., Sparks, NV

"My beautiful pieces of Meito arrived in perfect condition and I am thrilled beyond words. I had given up hope of ever being able to replace the broken pieces to this very, very old set of china that was given to my mother in 1937 by her best friend. Her set has an interesting history and I can't help but wonder about the family who relinquished their pieces to you and wonder if you would give out their names? The service you give is invaluable and I will certainly recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much."

D.A., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I received my recent order of four place settings of Mikasa Windows. The sets were complete, there was no damage, they were very well packed, and the arrival via FedEx was simple and painless. I also appreciated the included flyer, with the dish set storage packs being of particular interest. Thank you very much!"

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