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Replacements, Ltd.
Letters - (page 197)

Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

J.E.B., Hollis, NH

"Your site is easy to use unlike many others I have tried."

E.F., Brooklyn, NY

"I just want to tell you that I received my order and I was very satisfied with your service. I ordered some more pieces just this morning!"

D.O., Apex, NC

"My mother and I have made it to your yard sales three years in a row, and it has only gotten better each year. I think you need to make it a twice a year sale, because it's too long to wait a year for that much fun!) I have learned so much about china just looking through the miscellaneous boxes at the sale. The prices are super, and the help was superb. Having some of the china separated by the manufacturer also made it easier to find things we were looking for, before looking for the things we didn't know we needed.) Thanks again - great job!"

L.Z., Saint Peters, MO

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my order. I received my shipment from you in a very timely fashion. My items were safely wrapped & packaged - I received them in perfect condition. I take that back - the Fiesta ware that I received is in MINT condition. Heck, it looks like brand new. My husband even noticed how perfect the pieces were!! Anyway, this was the first time I've done business at, and I'm looking forward to doing business again in the future. Thanks for a job well done. Regards, A very happy Fiesta Ware Fanatic"

B.L., Mundelein, IL

"Thank you for your prompt response to my returned item. Let me take this opportunity to tell you how pleased, and truly amazed I am at the quality of your service. Your mailing advertisements are timely and informative. The information about the replacement items are clearly cataloged on your web site. The order process is painless, and confirmations and delivery are speedy. In the past couple of months I have had difficult dealings with a furnace company, an eyeglass frame company, and a watch company, and I was beginning to believe that this was just the way of life in America these days. Your company's performance simply stopped my pessimism in its tracks. To top it off, the return e-mail is signed by the president of the company. Now I know he didn't personally write to me, but it sure looked good to see Mr. Page's name proudly behind his service. Congratulations to your whole company. You reflect the best of what America has to offer. Thanks"

D.R., Long Beach, CA

"I received my order and want to compliment you on your professional way of doing everything! Your packing was amazing - clean and safe. You must know that your business is head and shoulders above other mail order services! 5 stars at least."

C.R., Ames, IA

"I received my shipment, yesterday, September 5. The goblets match my originals, which are twenty-four years old, perfectly. Now, I will be able to have a family dinner with just one type of water glass on the table. Thank you for your excellent service."

R.A., Midland, TX

"I have just found your site and felt compelled to share my thoughts. You have a wonderful website. I appreciate the speed, ease of navigation, depth of information and thoroughness. Congratulations on a well executed site. Please convey my appreciation to your tech team."

B.G., Grand Rapids, MI

"I just wanted to say THANKS for being there. My Mother had always wanted to add to her Noritake set of dishes that Dad gave her for their 25th wedding anniversary so long ago. She never did. After she died I was lucky enough to inherit the dishes. Because of you, I was able to do what my Mom had always wanted to do. I know Mom is smiling now."

R.J., Bloomington, MN

"I would like to thank you very much for the great service that you provide. Actually my mother-in-law, in Fingal, North Dakota was the one that wanted your company information to finish her Nancy Calhoun (Coronado White) dinnerware collection. Well at any rate she has ordered twice from your company and is very pleased with your service and kind sales people on the phone. With most sincere thanks, service like yours is very refreshing to see. She is also very pleased with your company's ability to help her obtain some plates, especially since the manufacturer no longer exists. PS your packaging is first rate with such care and detail for content protection."

M.H., Boise, ID

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the shipment I received from today. Not only did my order arrive in a timely manner (within 10 days)! But the care given to ensure no breakage would occur was OUTSTANDING! Every piece individually wrapped in bubble wrap not just once but three or four times and then placed in a box with "popcorn." I could not be any happier with the service I have received from and you can be assured I am spreading the word about your service and selection! THANK YOU for your OUTSTANDING customer service. When I realized I had made a mistake entering my credit card online I called and the gentleman who helped me, whose name I unfortunately have forgotten, said it was not a problem he would just cancel the online order and accept my new order with the right number over the phone. He was very polite throughout our conversation and I felt like he really cared about me and my business with You can bet I will be ordering again from you soon! I would appreciate it greatly if you send this onto him with my apologies for not remembering his name."

M.S., West End, NC

"Just received your response to my e mail and I want to tell you that I visited your beautiful establishment yesterday and was most impressed, not only with your facilities, but with the lovely salesperson who helped me find the pattern name and obtain the number of pieces that I needed. I have only the very best to say about your operation!! It is certainly worth a trip just to see the many beautiful things that you have displayed so beautifully. Thank you again for your immediate response to my e mail and best wishes for continued success!!"

H.B., Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I ordered two cereal bowls last week and could not believe they arrived at my front door today!!!! Thank you so much. I'm so excited about being able to buy replacements to my everyday china."

N.C., Munroe Falls, OH

"Just want to let you know my place setting of my beautiful Nortake Goldkin pattern has arrived today. Thank you so much. Not a scratch. Hats off to your packing dept. Great doing business with you."

J.R., St. Louis, MO

"I am very happy about my recent order and just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and courteous service. The young lady who took my phone order was efficient and knowledgeable and friendly, my order was filled promptly and I received my items within 5 days. Much less time than I expected to wait. All items were in good condition and well packed in two large boxes. Well wrapped and taped and none broken or in any way damaged. I am very happy as I hope to buy more place settings of my wedding china from 1970. Your prices were the cheapest of any other company I researched over the summer. Just so you know, I got your name from contacting the Noritake company to find my wedding china. Looking forward to buying more place settings from you. I just gave your web address to my friend Harry in New York who wants to check up on his Grandmothers china and do research on it. Hopefully he will become a satisfied customer too."

J.S., Elkmont, AL

"Our order arrived today, and we could not be happier. It was our good fortune to do business with you. Thank you."

C.W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I just want to say how impressed I am with this web site, your service and the notices. I am especially impressed that your web site is done in FrontPage and looks so professional! Congratulations on your great work. Yours - a subscriber and hopefully a customer sometime in the near future!"

L.H., Winter Springs, FL

"Just a quick note to let you know that my flatware order arrived and I now have a complete set of cutlery. I was given the set as a gift in 1975 and the pieces had been lost over the years. The set had sentimental value and had been used in my homes both in the States and in Australia. The name of the pattern had escaped me and I was sure I would never be able to replace the pieces. Then I saw an ad in a magazine for your company, contacted you over the internet, sent in a photo of my pattern, and had the missing pieces in my hands all within 2 weeks. Thank you and your wonderful staff. I will be sure to use your service in the future."

J.H., Bainbridge, GA

"Just wanted to thank you for your service. The order got here 7-22-02. Everything was fine. The pattern was the same and nothing was chipped or broken."

B.S., Swanton, MD

"We are currently expecting another shipment of Spode from you, but want to take a moment to say that your support, evidenced by the friendly tone of your truly knowledgeable people, has been outstanding. The need to buy from you was created, unfortunately, by an event that none of us wants to experience - the loss of valuable (both financially and personally) pieces of china by, in this case, our moving company. Your helpfulness has eased our loss. Thanks again."

M.B., Valrico, FL

"I appreciate the professionalism with which you and Replacements, LTD handled my resent order. It arrived promptly and in perfect condition! I could not have been more thrilled!! During my divorce 22 years ago, we split our daily silver ware. For the past 22 years, I have had a "PARTIAL" quantity of my Chelmsford by Towle. I am looking forward to future purchases with your company. Especially, if you ever get the small teaspoons in stock. Once again, my sincere appreciation to YOU and YOUR STAFF for taking such pride in your job and reputation."

B. F., Hillsboro, OR

"Just want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. The lady that took my order was very gracious and accommodating. I wish I had written her name down so she could get this note herself. Plate has been received in perfect condition! ALSO, I want to say that I saw your story on Animal Planet regarding your policy on having pets at work! I think that is a great "benefit" for your employees and their furry friends! My hat is off to you!"

H.G., Woodinville, WA

"I just thought I would share a "funny" story with you. I recently ordered a champagne flute and a wine glass from your company and had it shipped to my brother's place. My mother picked it up and brought it home for me. On the way home, however, she had a serious accident that totalled her car and caused her and her passenger to have a number of bruises. The car was hit by the tire of a semi-trailer and went across the median, across oncoming traffic and ended up in the ditch. When she went to claim her things out of the car, she was worried about my glasses. To her great surprise, they were as intact as the day the package was mailed out! Short of being crushed, it seems no damage could happen to the glasses! Thanks for doing such a great job of packaging it up."

B.W., Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia

"Thank You!! I have waited 6 years to replace this crystal and in all of that time throughout many 'email' and address changes your service has exceeded expectations. I am delighted to be able to complete two of my broken sets and will continue to anxiously await the third missing piece. Many thanks, from a very excited client."

D.J., Grass Valley, CA

"I did receive my dinnerplates, thank you. My order with your company was effortless, the quality was good, my satisfaction with the complete order from beginning to end was more than I expected. Thank you!"

C.M., Park, Alberta, Canada

"I just had to write to tell you that I am super impressed with the newsletter that you have sent out. It is a new format and so much "newsier" in content than the old one. Not only that, it is very attractive to look at, as well as for searching out whatever information that we need to know. I thought that you would like to know that it is a success. That instead of doing a quick scan like I used to do with the old newsletter, that this one is fully read, and enjoyed."

C.G., Moscow Mills, MO

"Thank you Staff of Replacements Ltd. for the efforts of several of you to finally locate the exact piece of china I was looking for! Many of you worked very hard for me and so very cheerfully! It has been a wonderful experience dealing with your company, and I will certainly spread the word."

S.M., Altamonte Springs, FL

"Just have to tell you how impressed I am with your service! My hands were barely off the computer keys before my order was delivered!!"

K.R., Summit, NY

"Thank you for your e-mail response. I looked further on your website and found my pattern which is Azores. I called the 800 # and placed my order. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS SERVICE. It's been nearly 20 years since I bought my first set of Atlantis Azores crystal and have wished to add to it for a very long time. I was afraid that I would never find it again, but thanks to your website and service, I did."

D.H., Denver, CO

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the speedy and secure shipment of the china items I have bought from Replacements, Ltd. My latest order arrived yesterday in perfect condition, exactly when it was supposed to arrive. Your company has enabled me to fill in and restore my Grandmother's Mieto Arbor china set. Thanks very much."

A.G., St. Louis, MO

"Just received my cups/bowls, the third day after you emailed that the order had been shipped. As a retiree whose life has been devoted to serving others, I am always gratified when I encounter those who incorporate into their mission the criteria of excellence in responsive and responsible service. A very nice experience dealing with your company."

A.K., Hominy, OK

"Today I was so happy when I got the pieces that my boss ordered for me for my birthday. She had asked me what I wanted this year and I showed her the inventory list that I had printed. We picked out three pieces and I was thrilled. They arrived at work today and in perfect condition. I have never seen such care taken to protect things in my life. She is wonderfully thoughtful and I couldn't be happier and have been so glad that I found your site."

S.S., Topsail Beach, NC

"I just received my order! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I continue to be amazed at the whole thing! I am looking around my house now to see what else needs to be replaced that you can probably find for me! THANK YOU!"

J.B., Oakdale, CT

"The big box of goodies (Order) arrived on Wednesday, and the Cherokee Rose candelabra and the Noritake Lucille cream soup bowls are GORGEOUS! Thanks! I'm SOOOO glad you know how to pack things up so they don't break!"

C.L., Falmouth, MA

"Just a quick note on this busy morning to thank you for your continuing wonderful service. Love the e-mail information and of course, your great service that helps to gather close all of grandmother's china and silver…my tables look incredibly beautiful thanks to your service."

E.C., High Point, NC

"Since my first visit to your showroom about 5 years ago, I have recommended you to several friends and family. I am fortunate to live about 20 miles from your facility, having been on the tour and just being amazed at the size and splendor of your showroom. In fact, I brought my brother to your showroom when he was visiting here from Roanoke, Virginia, and he was quite impressed. Also, I have sold some of my china and silver to you a couple times and was quite impressed with the courteousness and warmth of your employees involved and the speed of the process!!"

S.N., Merritt Island, FL

"In the last couple of years I have had the opportunity of dealing with your company as well as your patient and informed staff getting help with identification of two patterns I have. They take the problems out of working at a distance. The photos of your patterns are amazing and were so helpful to me in identifying which type of Billingsly Rose by Spode that I had. I am so glad I registered with you because I have the pattern that was first put out in 1926. It was given to me and just recently I broke a bread and butter plate. No problem. I checked what you had in stock for this pattern and then called the 800 number. I decided to go with the 25% off selection because my pieces are so old and I wanted a good match, color wise. I couldn't believe what fast service I received, the packing was quite amazing and--the piece has less imperfections than some of the pieces I have. And I was worried about a match, not the money! This is great. More businesses should do business the way you do!"

C.W., New Paltz, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using Replacements, Ltd. I fell in love with, and bought my "almost complete" set of china in an antique shop back in the mid-70's (for $50 no less), convinced that I would never be able to find the missing pieces. And I couldn't. After seeing your ad for years, I finally called Replacements and asked about my set. According to my description there was no items in stock. But after a little more discussion and questioning one china description, your Rep actually put me on hold and went down to check the stock to verify the pattern. Wow! That was service beyond the call...and it matched! Your people are wonderful...I wish I remembered her name. Since then I've been able to go to to look for pieces at my leisure. I've now completed my set for12 and couldn't be happier. Ordering online has made it very convenient, and it's easy to navigate."

J.K., Sydney, Australia

"Many thanks - my plates arrived to Sydney Australia in one piece and in excellent time. I was devastated when 10 side plates in my (now discontinued ) dinner service of 18 were broken one evening. I was so glad to find you (and it was so easy!) and I think you offer a fantastic service."

P.T., Hertfordshire, England

"I write to confirm that [my] order arrived earlier in the week and I now have a " complete set " again. I must say that the efficient way your organisation dealt with my situation - from initial E Mail to final delivery - should be held up as a benchmark for all organisations to achieve. The staff that I spoke to were wonderful in dealing with my request and I would not hesitate to use your company again. I will certainly "spread the word" to my friends in the UK about your organisation and it is refreshing to know that good efficient service still exists. Well Done!"

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