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Replacements, Ltd.
Letters - (page 198)

Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

J.W., Bartlesville, OK

"Received my order (plate) today and it was in perfect condition. I think you are great....quick delivery, easy to order and beautifully wrapped. Thanks"

K.O., Singapore

"I am delighted to say that your online purchasing service is fantastic! I live in Singapore and not only have I had excellent online service, prompt delivery and no broken items, but when I made a call to your North Carolina business, the people who spoke with me were so helpful and kind. I have a bowl here that is a bit of a mystery and I have few details. It's stamped T&V Limoges France and signed "Gripp." Do you have a way of identifying this if I send a photo and description? Many thanks"

C.F.Ontario, Canada

"I would just like to let you know, I received my order to-day, of 5 dinner plates. Everything was in excellent condition and I am so pleased to have my set all together again. I am so pleased with your service, from the lady that answered the phone, the e-mail letting me know it had been shipped, and the date it was shipped, to it arriving in my home, all within one week. I am very impressed. Thank you again."

P.W., Bozeman, MT

"Good day from the snowy mountains of Montana! I am delighted beyonds the beyonds with the speedy delivery of my purchase from Replacements. The dishes arrived in absoluely amazing condition ... your "extreme" packaging is superb. Thank you, thank you. Please keep me posted as to any other pieces that you make available of my beloved pattern."

J.C., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Replacements for enabling me to complete my china set. I chose my Royal Doulton china when I was married in the year 2000. I recently went to a local department store to purchase another place setting and was told that my pattern was discontinued. I was devastated! You see, my mother was the type to ensure that each child had a complete set of china soon after their marriage. As it turned out my mom passed away three years after my wedding. After crying my tears, I had an idea to surf the web. It didn't take me long to come across Replacements website were I easily navigated my way to my specific pattern. I submitted my request and within hours received a reply. I chose to call the telephone number (instead of replying on-line) and spoke to a male (unfortunately I did not record his name). He was very polite and knowledgeable. I placed my order - without having to "wait" for service. I was more than willing to pay the price quoted by Replacements, as it was a fraction of the price I paid for it at a retailer - even considering the US to Canada exchange. I have to say that I was sceptical about the product I would receive. I was told 7 - 10 business days. It arrived at my door in three business days. It took me an hour to unpack the two boxes that arrived, they were packed so well. Each item was wrapped so carefully, I was amazed. I inspected each item and as the hour wore on I was even more impressed. So now, I have a complete set of china. My mom would be proud. And I am proud to say that I can pass on to my daughter some day. Thank you replacements, you fulfilled a dream!"

C.V., Cambridge, Nebraska

"Just had to let you know.. I recently ordered a couple of glasses, and a bell " Noritake Pink Perspective" and was thrilled with my order. The bell was really neat. Thank you."

K.G., Alfred, NY

"I just ordered (finally!) based on your e-mail notification and want to compliment you on your phone operators. Both were friendly, well versed in your system & attentive enough to send me more info quickly. After dialing in, I was talking to live bodies in a heartbeat - and at 8PM. Not quite shopping in my pajamas but close. Your whole site is well designed and works very well. Keep up the good work."

J.J., Columbia, MO

"My order arrived yesterday and is just outstanding. As always your service is great and the crew that packed and shipped the set did a very fine job. Thank you very much."

M.S., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"Received the dishes today and they are in great shape. Wow! What good packing you do. Thanks."

K.S., Cary, NC

"I wanted to share my story with you: Last fall, we were given four water goblets from my future mother-in-law, who had inherited them from her grandmother. With my lack of dexterity, I was able to break one while putting them away in the cabinet! My fiance was furious with me!! I found out about your site via a Google search. I emailed you a picture that I took with my digital camera to see if you guys could figure out if there was a way to fix my mistake. I wanted to let you know that because of your recommendation, I ordered five of the water goblets from you (one to replace the one I broke and four more to complete the set of eight). My fiance opened the package that arrived yesterday (Valentine's Day), and the glasses were a perfect match!! This made the perfect Valentine's Day gift. My fiance said that completing the collection of her family heirloom was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for her. Thank you guys so much!! I look forward to ordering more crystal from you!!"

C.E., Hyannis, MA

"I got my order yesterday, just as scheduled. Thanks so much for the excellent customer service. I had never ordered from you before, but now I won't hesitate. The woman on the phone was terrific and my plate (with bamboo handle) is awesome. I can't wait to see my sister's face when she opens it!"

P.W., Mexia, TX

"....and I am pleased to tell you that the plates arrived today and I couldn't be happier with them. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fine quality you require of your merchandise!"

M.A., Georgetown, DE

"I received 3 pieces of china from your company as a birthday present the beginning of January from my mother-in-law. My husband and I were on our way out to celebrate with dinner and we put the box in the back seat of our car (opened the box to see which pieces were in there, but didn't take them out of the shrink-wrap). We were in an auto accident and totalled the car (see pic attached). We had serious bruises, pulled muscles, and whiplash- we were very fortunate! The china packed in your box didn't even receive a scratch! We were amazed - kudos to your packaging department. Thought you would like to know. . ."

K.W., Aurora, IL

"To everyone who had something to do with my first order, My order just came today in the middle of a snow storm and it's beautiful! Thank you so much for the great packing. The pottery is exactly like it was described, I love it! And you all are so easy to work with. I can't wait to receive my next order."

I.P., New York, NY

"everything perfect from beginning to end!! I am very satisfied thank you!!"

D.L., Tarrington, Australia

"To let you know that my order arrived safe and sound at our local Post Office this morning. What a wonderful service, With thanks"

I.S., Geneva, Switzerland

"Just a note to let you know that my Tai Yuan teapot arrived safely and in perfect condition. The tracking system is brilliant and your packing technique is impressive. This is the second time I order china from Replacements, and both experiences have proved most satisfactory. I would like to thank you and your team for the fast and very effective service."

E.K., Pewaukee, WI

"Thank you so very much for your prompt and efficient delivery of my order. The two place settings I ordered arrived in perfect condition. This Franciscan pattern, "Duet" was my very first set of dishes 48 years ago. Now our son and daughter-in-law have them in their kitchen and love the pattern. I will be surprising them with these replacements since some pieces broke or chipped over the years. Keep up the good work in helping people bring back many happy memories."

C.H., Bettendorf, IA

"I received my three glasses and I'm thrilled that I found them. I inherited my set from my mom and 2 were broken -- so thank you for letting me fill the set again == my mom would have been so pleased."

R.G., Knoxville, TN

"My order was received in excellent condition yesterday. Thanks for the prompt service. I plan to order additional pieces in the future so that after all these years there will be a place setting for six. I purchased the first place setting for five around 1950! It is in excellent condition and we have had many happy dinner times using it."

M.M., Brookline, MA

"Many thanks - my order just arrived in perfect condition. I'm so grateful you were able to replace these missing items, and also for the valuable information with it. I have also given your name, etc. to a friend who will be contacting you in the spring for her missing pieces. Again, many thanks for making this all so easy."

C.B., Washington, DC

"Over the years, Replacements, Ltd. has found and sent me many pieces of fine American and European china, for which I have been very grateful. I recently asked about an everyday, discontinued pattern from (another company), but I had forgotten its name. Although I had sent photos to (this company) they could not identify the pattern and said they kept no records of "basic china" after three years. So of course I e-mailed Replacements, Ltd. You responded quickly, providing the name, "Basketweave," with available pieces. I am, once again, impressed and delighted! Although dinner and breakfast plates were not on that list, I am confident that they will appear. Your staff is invariably polite and helpful on the phone; your lists of china in patterns I have ordered are wonderful Thank you, one and all, for your assistance and professionalism. Doing business with Replacements, Ltd., is a pleasure."

J.P., Portanld, OR

"I received my "American Beauty" by Stetson 22K Gold order yesterday afternoon;;;; I am so happy ; I could just burst. Thank you so much. I have two more orders that are in the works and I am waiting anxiously for that arrival.thanks for being there."

D.C., Ontario, Canada

"Just a note to say 'Thank you' to someone! The replacement order arrived in good condition and I had to say "Thank you". Your kind help in sending a replacement without complications is most appreciated and I will certainly tell all of my friends."

M.M., Westminster, CA

"Thank you for my order. I am so impressed with the Sterling Teaspoons, they look like new. What do you do to them to make them so perfect? I compared them to my existing silverware and they are so beautiful. Of course I have had my silverware for 48 years and use it for special occasions, but I was truly impressed. Thank you."

C.J., New South Wales, Australia

"We received our order from U.S.A. to Australia in 4 days superbly packed and in pristine order. We have searched for over 8 years to locate these peices to complete our dinner service and are extremely happy with the service you provide and the fact we have found you. We will tell all of our friends and share this great find. Please convey our thanks to Bob Page."

T.G, Toronto, Canada

"You guys are amazing. From the moment I called to place my order to the time I called to make a correction to the minute I received my plates, the service I received was outstanding. My order arrived perfectly and was it quick. You get 2 gold stars. Thank you so much."

P.G., Antioch, CA

"I received the order and it was in great shape. Thanks, my wife just loved it."

H.J., New Martinsville, WV

"Hi: Just wanted to thank you for the fast shipment of the plates my on order arrived in great shape thanks again will probley be ordering more things later."

R.W., Quebec, Canada

"Thank you for coming through so quickly and efficiently. You are very professional and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The service was ultra quick and everything arrived well packed and protected. I have already highly recommended you to some friends of mine. Thanks again and Happy New Year"

K.G., Keller, TX

"Just received my order. Thank you so much for the prompt service. The shipment was perfectly packaged and I'm well pleased with the delivery and being able to order pieces for a set of china that's 50 years old."

J.M., Arlington, VA

"I just wanted to pass on a few kudos to your staff. I recently visted your facility and was helped by a very charming lady. I was able to see the pieces that I had received quotes on and purchased them. I also want to express my appreciation for the manufacturing of some additional pieces that were not part of the original set - great idea. Your service was exceptional - I recieved the manufactured pieces in the time span that was agreed upon. Thank you. I hope that your staff enjoys a very happy holiday season."

A.W., Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you, thank you and thank you again! My order arrived in perfect condition. There is no way to express how much this means to me. This was my Mother's pattern and she loved it dearly! It brings back such fond memories of many holidays and special occasions when she would lovingly bring out her prized china for us all to enjoy. Hope all of you at Replacements, Ltd. have a wonderful Holiday Season! Warmest Regards"

J.L., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much for your timely reply. Might I add that I was very impressed with your website -- it is one of the most "user-friendly" and best organized sites I have had the occasion to visit. My hearty congratulations to your Web Master/Designer for a job well done!"

B.L., Margate, FL

"I want to 'Thank You' so very much for having a company such as you have. I received the set of dishes that I need replacements for in 1958, and of course over the years one piece or another had been chipped or broken. I kept the remainder of the set for sentimental purposes, and then while searching the web came upon your company. I am so happy that I now can replace the pieces that are missing to make it a full set again, and to be able to pass the set down to my daughter."

M.L., Camberly Surry, UK

"I have searched halfway round the world to try and find a replacement tea pot for my wife. She was given the Royal Winton breakfast set as a christening present (more years ago than she would want me to tell) and one of our kids broke it playing football in the front room (as they do!) She has been looking for years for a replacement. I thought it would be nice if I tried to find one as a Christmas present for her, I spent weeks looking on line, then someone suggested I try you. Jeez Louise you actually had one in stock !!!!!! Spoke to one of your Internet Services Associates who was so helpful, she said she would call me back, and do you know what? She did. When she confirmed that you could despatch it and that it would reach me before Christmas, such was my emotional state that I immediately proposed marriage to her. I am STILL waiting for a reply........................huh WOMEN ! They can be so fickle ! Seriously though, thank you SO much best regards and happy Christmas to you all."

J.H., Ban Am-phur, Thailand

"I can't believe that I actually read this entire newsletter. Someone must have had a great time composing it! Replacements, Ltd is truly one of the great American Institutions."

J.H., Kings Mountain, NC

"I Received My Order Today. Thank You For The Marvelous Packing Job You Did. It Is Such A Treat To Get The Beautiful Creamer And Sugar Bowl In My China Pattern, Which I Haven'T Been Able To Buy In Open Stock For Years Now."

E.C., Rocky Mount, VI

"Just received my order . . . love the ornament, but that clock is just beautiful--breath-taking!!! THANKS so much!"

E.B., Schilde, Belgium

"The order was delivered yesterday. It was in perfect condition so my wife and I are very pleased. If we need other replacements in the future, we certainley will contact Replacements again. We will also advise our friends and relatives to contact you when they need replacements. Thank you again."

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