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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

M.L., New Albany, PA

"Dear Replacements Ltd., Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! My stemware arrived safe and sound. It was packaged so well it could have survive a hurricane. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. Please pass this thank you to your shipping department."

M.K., Saskatoon, Canada

"I ordered four dinner plates in the Carlyle pattern last Saturday; they arrived yesterday (they were shipped on Monday). I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived; McLeansville, NC is a long way from Saskatoon, Canada. All are in perfect condition. I want to say thanks for the service - it was great dealing with your company. Your customer service agent was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I especially appreciated receiving the order and shipping confirmations - they immediately increased my confidence in dealing with your company. I will definitely order from Replacements Ltd again and will not hesitate to pass your web address to others; in fact, I have already done so to five people. Thanks again"

G.L., Sacramento, CA

"When my dishes were delivered to me, one of the corners of the box was smashed, probably from being thrown and landing on a corner of the box, the top of the box was open, and popcorn that you used for packing was coming out. The top of the box was down but not taped and nothing to keep it closed. The delivery man told me he noted on his paperwork the box was open and I didn't have to accept it. He looked surprised when I told him there were dishes inside. I shook the box to see if there was any rattling of broken glass. There was none, so I accepted it. When I reached inside the popcorn to find the dishes, I was surprised to find how you had wrapped the dishes. I still anticipated something being broke because of the damage to the box. I figured I had not heard rattling of broken glass because it had been wrapped so tightly. All of my dishes arrived with no damage and only because of the way you packed them. "Kudos to you." THANK YOU."

L.W., Dallas, TX

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and rapid delivery. I was kept informed every step of the way and was able to track the packages easily. I placed one order online and called in the second. The woman I spoke with answered the phone on the second ring and was very kind, polite and helpful. I was worried when I saw that you used (a delivery service) for delivery as I have quit using them since they have broken several shipments of mine. I received all items in perfect shape which I believe is due to the amazing job of packing that your shipping department did. Thank you for a pleasant experience"

A.E., New Bern, NC

"Just wanted to tell you that my order arrived yesterday (Wed, 23 May) safe and sound. Packing was excellent and all pieces were in perfect condition. I appreciate doing business with such an excellent company. Please convey my thanks for all of your people involved."

S.S., Terre Haute, IN

"Thank you for identifying my crystal patterns. I remembered the pattern, Capri, but not the manufacturer-which I should have remembered as I brought some of that crystal home from Paris on the plane with me. I have recently inherited so much china and crystal from 4 to 5 generations past that I have had to get the third china cabinet. Also, I have referred your company to another friend who dabbles with antiques etc at shows etc. Thank you for refreshing my crazy head??"

O.D., New Norfork, Australia

"Just writing to let you know that the aove product was delivered today. I am very pleased with it and if it wasn't for your Company, I would still have an incomplete set. I will be sure to "spread the word" about your service to any one needing replacements for their china, crystal and silverware.Thank you for your prompt and friendly service."

M.M., Bethesda, MD

"THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!! I've enjoyed purchasing items from Replacements, Ltd. in the past but this quick-turn-around service you just provided is OUTSTANDING! I just fax'd a sketch of a knife handle to you this a.m. (with a request that, if at all possible) you let me know the pattern, etc. by this Friday. Lo and behold! You not only checked your fax machine, but someone took it upon themselves to do a quick search for me, and send to me the email below. I'm ecstatic! Your staff certainly deserve a gold star or other acknowledgement from the Better Business Bureau!"

L.P., Cardiff, CA

"I want to tell you how really pleased I am with the china I ordered from you a few weeks ago. My order was to replace some china that was originally a wedding present to my mom in 1940. Your replacements are identical to the original, and so beautiful. Thank you so much. I didn't know where to email my thanks, but I hope this gets to the right place. Thank you again"

L.E., Hicksville, NY

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the service I have received from every person on your staff. No matter when or why I call, they are always soooo helpful & polite. They are also the cheeriest bunch of Customer Service people I have ever dealt with!!! Even when I call with what could be considered a 'dumb' question, I am always treated with respect. You should be very proud of your staff! They are a great bunch of people."

C.T., Bozeman, MT

"My replacement plate arrived today in pristine condition. Your packaging is phenomenal! That plate had no chance of movement! And it's brand new--no scratches at all. My other plates in the pattern are jealous now! Thank you for your prompt service."

E.L., Victoria, B.C., Canada

"Thank you for your recent email. I have already received the shipment of the pattern I ordered and was delighted with the service and attention paid to my order."

M.G. Windsor, CT

"I just wanted to let you know I received my shipment today. Both the pieces were beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. The packing job was supreme!! Thank you for your prompt service."

PM., Greenback, TN

"Thank you for posting the delightful story of "Willow Blue" and Chang and Koong-se. I always enjoy reading your email newsletters. Recently I saw a movie on DirecTV named "Junebug". One of the movie characters was an employee of "Replacements, Ltd." and one of the movie shots seemed to have been filmed in a working warehouse where employees were packaging customer orders. Was this movie actually filmed in your warehouse? A few years ago I was able to locate a platter for a set of china we inherited from my mother-in-law. My husband is one of 13 children and her china is very special to us. When I accidentally dropped the platter and it broke into many pieces I contacted Replacements, Ltd. You had the platter in stock and in a few days our set was once again complete. Many thanks to all of you at Replacements, Ltd. for restoring this priceless set of china. I'll be watching for your next newsletter."

S.S., Largo, FL

"I received my order today and once again was truly amazed at the quality as well as the promptness of your shipping of same. This is the second time I have ordered from your company but certainly not the last. Thank you so much for being so reliable as well as courteous."

R.W., Rockville, MD

"Thank you for notifying me of your receipt. I shall expect my replacement within the specified time stated. I would like to say that NEVER have I been involved with a company, such as yours, that is so "on target' with respect to customer service. kudos galore to your management and staff!! From the initial phone call telling ME my name and address, etc, to my call regarding a problem (and stating my order number up front immediately), it has been a pleasure doing business with Replacements, Inc. I am indeed sorry that I don't have other items to order from you; however, I hope to in the future and will certainly recommend your company."

K.D., Westerville, OH

"Thank you so much for what you are doing with your Replacement venue. My gravy boat was accidentally broken one holiday and I'd missed it ever since. If my folks (now sadly deceased) were not on the ball and informed me about your company, I would of never known you were out there but for them. My gratitude goes to my parents for letting me know of you and to you for what you are doing with your company. Thank you! I may order more stuff but hopefully we will be more careful. HA! Odds are NOT! It's life so things do tend to break. Thanks too to all your staff and such terrific, quick turn around. The woman I spoke to on the phone could not have been nicer. My Goodness, how I love customer service when it happens today. It's a lost art. I wish I could remember her name which is lost to me now but please toss her lunch or some such for a job well done."

M.B., Novi, MI

"Thank you for your communications. My order was waiting for me when I arrived home today and is in perfect shape. Thank you and all employees involved for your prompt action to my "small" order and for the excellent packaging that kept it in prime condition!"

M.K., San Diego, CA

"I received my order in perfect condition, and I love the plates. Thanks for doing a great job in packing them so they would arrive safely."

K.M., Tallahassee, Fl

"Your service is a miracle. I've been looking and looking and looking for missing pieces to go with my mother-in-law's china set. It is especially wonderful that you had these items since they were given to my mother-in-law's mother as a wedding present from her sister and my mother-in-law was recently gifted with this same set, her mother's set, 6 month's ago. Since my mother-in-law's mother died when she was really young, it has meant so much to her to have this china and now that I can give her the missing pieces for Mother's Day, well, it is so lovely. Thank you for your excellent service and amazingly secure packaging. I will tell all of my friends to trust in your capable hands."

L.T., St. Louis, MO

"My order arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you so much! Blessings for a happy spring."

T.N., Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you very much. Not only was your service fast (my order shipped on Monday and was in my home, in Canada, by lunch on Thursday) - but my dishes arrived securely packed and they are perfect.I will definitely recommend you time and time again, and I am so thankful I found your website in my google search. Your selection is unbelievable, especially in my pattern that is discontinued.Thank you once again"

S.D., St. Clair, MI

"Thank you so Father bought my Mother china in Okinawa, Japan, 54 years ago. All of her coffee cups have been broken as well as her sugar bowl. So when I found the dishes on your website I was ecstatic. She is going to receive them for Mothers Day. Again, thanks for your help."

S.B., Sterling, IL

"I just want to thank you so much for finding the Blue Swirl Riedel Water Goblets for me. I had just about given up that there would be any out there for me to get a replacement. I bought three of them so I would have extra's. I got these water goblets for a wedding gift in 1966. In 1991 I broke one of the goblets and I knew that the company had gone out of business. I was heart broke. Before my husband passed away he said that he would look for the water goblets. We contact you and sent a picture. We keep hoping. Well a couple of months ago you contacted me about the Blue Swirl Riedel Water Goblets I just couldn't believe that you found them. I order them right away. Once again thank you so much. It has been over 4yrs and I was so excited. Even though my husband had passed away I felt like he and you have given me the best gift that day."

J.T., Red Rock, TX

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. I signed on, to find out more about my favorite china pattern and am learning so many interesting things about china and crystal. Thank you for being such a great educational resource. I like to be an educated consumer."

C.G., Katy, TX

"I received my plates in perfect condition."

K.C., Urbandale, IA

"My order of the 12 Franciscan Madeira salad plates arrived in perfect condition yesterday, April 11. Thank you very much for the good service!"

J.H., Narre Warren Victoria, Australia

"I just want you to know that the gifts I ordered arrived in perfect condition today and please accept my thanks for your excellent service. The packing, delivery and quality of goods was everything I expected and i especially am grateful for the time it took to send them to Australia. With best wishes..."

C.L., Seattle, WA

"I just wanted to send you a note, regarding my recent order. I've ordered several items from you over the years, to fill "holes" in my china set, and just ordered a creamer and covered sugar bowl in the Noritake "Royal Hunt" pattern. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was (and am) by how beautifully everything was packed and how quickly it arrived, with just regular service. Each piece was absolutely perfect and exactly as described on your web site. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am --- every time I look in the cupboard, I smile. Thanks so much for your help."

T.J., Advance, NC

"I'm now at home in Advance, NC, unpacking my Fiestaware , Lenox pieces, and International Prelude sterling gift selections from your store. I had the best service and kindest help anyone could have wanted. Thank you to your staff for caring which canisters looked best and offering support and help with everything from selection to ordering and packing.The kind salesperson who helped me even carried my things to my car on her way to lunch (which was probably late due to my extensive "shopping"). Thank you all so much. I will definitely return to Replacements to add to my daughters' patterns and purchase other wedding gifts. Your selection and service far outweigh the bit of distance I must travel."

M.D., Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for perfectly fulfilling my order of Waterford crystal! I ordered the same thing for my anniversary the year before from some of your competition, and your service completely exceeded theirs in every way in terms of courtesy, promptness, and accuracy. I will definitely order from you again next anniversary! Thanks again--"

M.B., St. Albans, England

"I would like to congratulate you for your impressive service. My order arrived safe and sound this morning, total time seven days which included two days national holiday after the goods had arrived in the UK, That in my opinion is pretty damned good by any measure. Well done and thank you."

K.J., Robersonville, NC

"I was excited to receive my dishes. Thank you for doing such a great job searching for my pattern for these past few years. My dishes that I had came from my great aunt but someone had taken the dinner plates so I had not been able to use them. Now I have five dinner plates thanks to you! I'm going to look through the set and see what else I might need."

A.H., Cherry Hill, NJ

"I just wanted to let you know that everything I ordered arrived safely today. I am very pleased with the way the pieces were packed and the quality of the merchandise was superb. I am very happy with everything and will probably keep looking for some additional pieces to add to this original order. As I told you when I ordered, this is a nostalgia trip for me. My family enjoyed many a meal growing up on this pattern. It was manufactured from the early 40's to the early 80's. When my mother went into Assisted Living last year and we cleaned out her home I found only scattered remnants of the original set. I started reminiscing and found your company website. Thank you for completing my journey into the past."

J.G., San Francisco, CA

"My sliverware came and I thank you so much. It is perfect! Finally replaced what the garbage disposal devoured so long ago. It was a pleasure doing it this way and actually finding my pattern. I'll be back for more. Thanks for you efficiency, and the man who took my order on the phone was welcoming, helpful and just great. Best to you all..."

C.G., Litchfield, IL

"Thank you so much for your promptness in sending my order replacing three knives from my Caprice pattern Nobility silver. I bought this silverware, 10 place settings, plus serving pieces, in 1950, just after graduating from high school. I paid for it at $10.00 a month (I think) for some time -- don't recall how long or how much it cost. I know it seemed very expensive when I bought it, and my mother nearly had a fit. I had my first job at $30 per week and she was sure I would never be able to pay for it. I ordered 8 place settings, then received two settings free when friends bought their silverware on my recommendation. Over these past 57 years, I have enjoyed my silverware and have used it for every special occasion. The only pieces missing were the three knives, and the silver sugarbowl and creamer which were a free gift for buying the silver. They were lost somehow over the years. I am so happy now to have the knives replaced.Thank you for your service."

D.F., Canandaigua, NY

"Thanks..... the first order, the lasagne pan, came yesterday and it is wonderful. I wish I had found about about your business before I started buying on (another web site). Thanks...."

M.G., Abbottsford, BC Canada

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. The china arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I would recommend your company to anyone. My daughter is thrilled to be able to add these pieces to her china collection."

L.R., Brownwood, TX

"Thanks so much for featuring the lovely LAP OVER EDGE Silver Set and showing all of the unusual pieces. How wonderful the gentleman was to give his second wife such a magnificent set. I have an inherited set of Marlborough, by Reed and Barton, 1906,which i am still adding unusual pieces to and have ordered many things from Replacements. I look forward each month to the listing and am always watching for new pieces. Thank you Especially enjoy the articles on Pets, it shows that your staff cares and it starts at home!!!"

L.M., Amery, WI

"I got my dishes, and everything was A-Okay and in excellent condition. Thank you so much."

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