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Replacements, Ltd.
Letters - (page 201)

Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

B.V., Cromer, Australia

"Hi there, Fantastic service - our replacement dish arrived yesterday to our great surprise and delight. Love the service! Hope to do business again. Many thanks."

S.O., Quebec, Canada

"Dear team at, You guys are just great!! Super customer service, nice people to talk to, deliver on commitment, good tracking, constant feedback toward final delivery of shipment, and guess what: product is perfect. What can I say, you guys are a clear example that makes the web shopping an experience you want to try again. I wish they were all the same... which unfortunately is not always the case. If ever you find the main plates, we're buying. So tks again. A very happy customer in Canada"

L.C., Knoxville, TN

"I am not inquiring about a pattern (in this e-mail, at least.) I wanted to tell you that I had seen a feature on your "pets at work" on Animal Planet some time ago, and now with the featured pets link in your e-newsletter. I am a dog mom and would love to see more companies do what you are doing by allowing people to bring their pets to work. A lady who uses the same veterinarian we do has to leave her Italian Greyhound at the vet's every day while she is at work because the dog has severe separation anxiety and literally gets sick if left alone. What a blessing your company is to people whose pets are truly part of the family. I also wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to pick up pieces of my mother's long-since-discontinued china pattern. She died 7 years ago. Like many women of her era, she never completed her set of china or crystal because other financial considerations (and her generosity) took priority over having a complete set of fine tableware. So, thank you for the opportunity to connect with a little piece of family history in this way. You provide a valuable service, much more than just plates and teacups. I will recommend you to friends and family for future holiday gifts, as well as my own future patronage. Thanks so much for providing this resource!"

N.L, Knoxville, TN

"I live in Knoxville Tennessee and just before Christmas ordered some pieces of china for my Mother-in-law. She was thrilled by the way. I wanted to let you know the reason I shop with you. I saw a special on the Pet Channel about pet friendly work places and Replacements was on. I am a lover of Dachshunds and have a 6 year old mini named Austin. I am an animal lover to the extreme but I also follow companies who try to make the work environment a better place for their associates. I must say, I was very impressed. I was also impressed by the fast shipping and packaging of the china I had ordered. So, I wanted to write you and say, thank you. Thank you for caring about our 4 legged friends. They have feelings too! And for caring about your customers and employees. Your attention to detail has won me over for sure and I will make sure that everyone I know, hears about you."

E.O., Grand Forks, ND

"I have been a customer of Replacements Ltd. for many years and value your service. I am also a pet owner and want to applaud your company for allowing your employees to bring their pets to work! I totally enjoy the "Pets" page on your website. Thank you! Please continue doing what you're doing for the pets and their owners. It encourages me even more to continue using your fine service."

K.M., Kissimmee, FL

"Hi everyone at REPLACEMENTS.COM!!!!! I just received my Coronation pieces that I ordered from you and am so pleased at the speed and professional way my order was handled!!! I thank you so very much. These pieces replaced the damaged pieces I've had due to many moves and time. I believe the original set my mother gave me is now over 40 years old. I never thought I could replace the other pieces , so you gave me a great gift to use and then hand down to my children!!! Thank you , Thank you!!! I will tell my friends who are in the same situation I had been in .. and I know they will be as happy as I am. Thank you again!! Happy New Year to you!!!"

G.G., Anjou, QC, Canada

"This is to confirm that I received my shipment yesterday morning. I'm very pleased to have found these bowls and I was very impressed with your service and shall be happy to refer you to my friends. Thank you."

J.H., N. Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Just a quick note to thank you for going the extra mile - we ordered china from you ages ago (probably a couple of years ago). Since then we have changed our e-mail address. When you rec'd some more of our pattern and where unable to contact us you took the time to mail us the information. Thank-you so much. I placed our order today. Great service. Thank-you."

V.F., Tamuning, Guam

"I phoned from Guam this morning, and was promptly greeted by friendly, courteous, polite (associate)! Although I don't know the name of the Waechtersbach pattern for which I am seeking replacement pieces, (your associate) walked me through the identification process. You do not currently have any pieces of this pattern, but (your associate) entered the information in your registry for possible future match-ups. Your website is attractive and easily navigated' and the quick, personal service I received, first-rate. Although I haven't located my replacement pieces yet, already I am a happy, satisfied customer! Thank you!"

P.B., Gansevoort, NY

"I received my order in the mail yesterday, Wednesday. I was impressed with the care that was taken to ensure my order arrived safely. I will be ordering more pieces in the future. Thank you."

M.T., New Rochelle, NY

"The replacement dinner plates (3 Heritage-white by Johnson Brothers, octagional, beaded edge) are perfect. We want to thank those involved at Replacements, Ltd. for the pleasant and efficient manner in which they handled our replacement order. We appreciate the attention given to our order by all involved. The manner in which your staff has dealt with us has been a pleasant experience. Best wishes in the new year."

T.R., Gers, France

"I have now received the last items of several orders, and I would just like to say how very pleased I am with both the quality of the goods and the efficiency with which they were despatched. We, in Europe, have an unfortunate tendency to criticise americans whenever given the chance, but where praise is due, praise must be given."

K.L., Plantation, FL

"I just received my Fosteria - Kimberly wine and water goblets. They are beautiful and arrived quickly and in perfect condition! I am so thankful I found your on-line site."

E.L., Rumford, RI

"Whenever I call Replacements, it is wonderful to talk to a person who can direct my call to the best person available. It is very apparent that your employees enjoy working at Replacements. I was delighted when my Spode Tradewinds arrived. Until I found Replacements I had little hope of getting more pieces of my china that I purchased in Great Britain almost twenty years ago. The sterling tablespoon, Old English Tipt by Gorham, that was ordered looks no different than a piece that was just purchased from a local retailer. Any company that deals with consumers should take some in-service time at Replacements, and learn how to keep their customers happy--you have an A-1 organization. DO NOT change how you transact business!"

R.P., Pembroke Pines, FL

"Over the last two months I have had 12 dinner plates replaced from your company. My originals plates got lost, how I don't know, when I moved. I would like to thank you and your staff for such fine service. The price was right, the staff were extremely helpful and polite, and the items I received were packed with the utmost of care. If you all find a salt shaker I would like to purchase. I broke my salt shaker when putting the plates in the china closet. It has been a joy dealing with your company. It is also nice to know of a company where you can bring your "children", dogs to work. Have a great and prosperous New Year."

S.C., Adelaide, South Australia

"Hi Replacements Ltd, All pieces arrived intact, on Christmas Eve - just in time!!! Thank you for your very prompt service, we have told our friends about you."

C.D., Vinton, IA

"I received the teapot in excellent condition. I was suprised to find it was ORIGINAL and not remanufactured at such a great price. It made my mom have a very Happy Holiday!!!! Thank you for your prompt shipment!!!!"

L.L., Dallas, TX

"Recently my wife ordered some pieces of our Wedgewood crystal from you along with a second order for pieces of our china patterns. The crystal order came to about $610 including $40 for packing and shipping. The crystal stems were very well packed in three boxes with plenty of bubble wrap and dunnage. Every piece of both orders arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for your attention to detail and the careful job of packing you did."

K.R., Salt Lake City, UT

"I registered my china, silver and crystal patterns with you several years ago, when I first became aware of your service. All of my patterns are over 35 years old, but I had no trouble whatsoever identifying them on your well-designed website. When I phoned in my order a few days ago, I was not put on hold (as so often happens!). The customer service representative who helped me was efficient and courteous. I didn't even have my customer number, but he was able to immediately access my patterns when I gave him my name. Best of all, my order arrived in perfect condition today -- as promised. What an absolutely incredible business you folks run! I am SO impressed."

J.S., Libertyville, IL

"Today is Thursday, and tonight I'm hosting my yearly family Christmas gift exchange dinner. On Monday afternoon as I was going through my dishes, I noticed that some were chipped - oh well, I thought, too late to do anything about it for this year, but while the thought's in my mind I'll order some replacements. I count myself very fortunate that was the first name to pop out of my search engine - my dishes are already here, two and a half days later, and I didn't even ask for special shipping! They were really well packed, too. So the chipped dishes are going back in my cupboard, replaced by the shiny new ones. With service like that, I don't need to look any farther next time I need china or silverware. Thank you!"

C.J., Sydney, Australia

"Dear Mr. Page, Just a brief note to thank you sincerely for your magnificent service. We have today received the Noritake pieces that we have been after for some years, and were amazed with the quality of the pieces you sent, the packaging and the speed of delivery from one side of the world to the other. We will certainly use you again, and will also let all our friends know about your wonderful business. Thanks once again."

E.T., Webster, NY

"I have just recieved the teacup saucer ordered and it is a perfect match. This china set was purchased by an uncle serving in the Vietnam War in the late 60's and was given to my late mother as a gift. This set remained in its original shipping crate for over 30 years. We were sickened when the saucer was broken but your company replaced it within a month. Needless to say we are totally impressed with every aspect of your company. We will spread the word to everyone. You are doing more than just replacing pieces of china, you are mending hearts as well. A big thank you to the people involved."

P.M., Hattiesburg, MS

"(My) Order received today in perfect condition. I am truly amazed that missing pieces of my wife's wedding china was still obtainable from 1996. Thank you!"

G.S.S., Tuscan, AZ

"Dear Bob Page, I just want to thank you for your business. It gives (us) much peace to know that if our granddaughter breaks a plate or a spoon goes down the disposal we can replace them with your stock!!! I never thought we would find replacements for our Gense Focus Deluxe black nylon handled stainless steel which we originally purchased while I was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany in 1961. We were so pleased and we check our stock each time you E-mail us with our patterns. You provide a wonderful service to your customers and I want you to know that some of us really appreciate it! Have a wonderful prosperous Christmas, Bob."

C.T., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Hello, Just want to say THANK YOU! Order received today and we're extremely pleased with the service, attention and patience of your staff as we amended the order two times. Everything arrived as finally ordered, safe and sound. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!"

L.A., Flagstaff, AZ

"THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! My order for the Tienshan Moose Country canisters and mixing bowls arrived safely. Thank you for packing them so very carefully. They are beautiful and I am THRILLED to have added them to my collection. I am enjoying everything I have ordered from your company. Thank you for your beautiful pieces and prompt, safe shipping. Sign me, a VERY satisfied customer :-)"

S.B., Lansing, MI

"I can't tell you how ecstatic I was to find your website and then to find out I could order 4 wine goblets to complete my set of 12 that I started in 1974 and had never finished. THANK YOU!"

P.S., Bay City, MI

"Shipment was received and the crystal looks fabulous! Thank you so much."

B.B., Easton, MD

"This was our first experience ordering from you. Our order arrived today safe and sound. We just wanted to pass on to you our sincere thanks for your help and interest while ordering, and the superior manner in which the china was packed. Not to mention the promptness in filling the order. We will certainly recommend your fine company to our friends. Very best wishes for the Holidays."

S.K., Poway, CA

"I ordered 3 plates on Nov. 23 and received them Dec. 3 in perfect condition. These are to complete a china set my mother received for her wedding in 1946. Even though she passed away 18 years ago, THIS Christmas my brothers and I will sit down to a table set with her china and we will ALL have matching plates. Using this particular set that my mother loved so much makes it seem like she is really still with us. Thanks for your help."

A.C., Croton on Hudson, NY

"Your quick response to my question was AMAZING!! Your company and staff are terrific-such amazing service! Thank you again!"

R.M., London, Ontario, Canada

"My china order arrived today - simply marvellous !! The piece is guys are the best...the packaging is virtually wife is going to love this Christmas present...our china pattern has been out of production since about 1985...she's talked for years about getting a meat platter...I've been looking for months on E-Bay...with no luck...I'm thrilled to have found you...and I think I'll definitely be back...I've told everyone I know."

H.L, Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

"I just received my order and I would like to thank you. I have been searching these pieces for several years and was no longer thinking to find them. They are exactly the same pattern!!! I will be very pleased to set the table for Christmas. I am very grateful and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR."

J.C., Chicago Heights, IL

"I received my order and THANK YOU for such prompt and efficient service. I am recommending you to all I know. Everyone was helpful and pleasant (rare today when you call businesses) I will order in the future from you again....After Christmas I want 2 more place settings for my silver...but I'll wait a!!!! Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you again."

S.T., Carnation, WA

"Thanks for a job well done! The plates came on time and in perfect shape, and we happily used them on Thanksgiving Day. It was a pleasure doing business with you!"

K.W., Mobile, AL

"I just wanted to say I love your company! I broke several pieces of my mom's china set a couple of years ago (she had passed away and left the china to me) and needless to say I was distraught. I had no idea what the pattern was so I sent you a picture of the plate and you guys told me right away what the pattern was. I now have a full set of china! I was wondering if I could send you a digital picture of my silverware to find out what the name of the pattern is? Thanks for all of your help!"

C.G., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"Just want to say that I received my order today and was very pleased that everything arrived without any problems at all!"

J.D., Panora, IA

"Wow!!! Today I received the order which I placed only eight (8) days ago! Now that's what I call service!! All pieces arrived in excellent condition; my compliments to whomever packed the parcel. I am very pleased with the merchandise and was exactly what I wanted and needed to replace certain pieces of my set of china which I purchased before my marriage over fifty years ago. Unlike most Internet/mail orders, this was the best service I have ever received! Keep up the good job - - and my ‘Thank You!’"

D.H., Victoria, Australia

"Just to let you know all this arrived safely, I am most grateful for your firms' care and thoughtful packaging - a pleasure doing business with you."

B & L T, Parksville, BC, Canada

"Just to let you know, our order arrived yesterday, Nov. 22, well beforewe expected it. Everything was fine...great packing job. Thanks again for your great service, very prompt and efficient. Our guests will be dining on pristine plates once again."

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