Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

L.Y., Salisbury, NC

"I am a very satisfied customer."

C.E., Mill Valley, CA

"Quality is same as new from Rosenthal!"

G.D., Philadelphia, PA

"Your service is always efficient, your personnel affable and knowledgeable. No complaints, only praise."

C.O., Peotone, IL

"I have order from you in the past and always very satisfied with my purchases!"

L.T., Gainesville, VA

"Great site!"

T.R., Flagstaff, AZ

"I was very pleased with the service provided and the promptness of the parts delivery. They arrived in great condition and match perfectly with the existing fixture."

C.B., West Seneca, NY

"I have bought from you before and have always been happy with your company."

I.L., Evanston, IL

"Thank you for the excellent service."

J.D., Chateaugay, NY

"Shopped here before. Very satisfied."

C.D., Federal Heights, CO

"Replacements is the best way to find whatever you're looking for."

V.L., South Setauket, NY

"I was totally shocked and amazed with the availability of pieces to a china set given to me 40+ years earlier as a wedding gift and at a very affordable price. I was happily able to replace all the pieces that had broken over the years."

L.P., Canterbury, CT

"There is no other company I would be happier to respond to! You have it down perfectly ! The phone is answered within 2 rings, the personnel is knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. You ship rapidly. I am pleased with your pattern updates and notices. You deserve a gold medal!"

J.R, Corinth, MS

"The two different salespeople I talked with were very helpful and very professional. I felt like a valued customer even before I placed my order."

N.B., Knoxville, TN

"I have been shopping with Replacements for a number of years, and I have yet to be disappointed with product or service! Way to go!"

J.K., Zeeland, Netherlands

"Nice website."

J.H., Palm Coast, FL

"I love that Replacements provides genuine products that often aren't available anywhere else! Even when I am able to find them on another site, I always prefer Replacements because their prices are fair and they are always reliable. My relatives are always amazed at the products I am able to find through Replacements; broken dishes that were agonized over for years have been replaced in about fifteen minutes. Working with your company is wonderful!"

R.W., Dallas, TX

"What a great service and contribution to the historical collectors and antique business."

J.K., Sturgis, MI

"Love being able to match our old stainless and convenient online."

P.L., Birmingham, AL

"I love ordering from you as I always know it will be perfect and shipped quickly and securely. Thank you for outstanding service."

H.C., Gualala, CA

"I was astounded that I was able to locate a company which knew the original identifying information for my much loved cutlery design, so that I might begin a search to replace missing pieces."

R.P., British Columbia, Canada

"Helpful. Well organized and parcel arrived within time given. Would not hesitate to use your store again. Thanks."

D.C., Vass, NC

"Very responsive site."

J.E., Benton City, WA

"I am very impressed by the personalized service. It's wonderful how you send out notifications on the patterns one is looking for. Your shipping is fast, very professionally packed and you are just a fantastic company to do business with. Thank you very much."

W.S., Grover, MO

"Have ordered from Replacements, Ltd. many times over the years and have always been completely satisfied. I appreciate that I can still purchase items for my patterns even after they are no longer available through the original manufacturer."

D.M., Panama City, FL

"So happy to find a way to replace the dinnerware I grew up with."

M.B., Manitoba, Canada

Your site is amazing."

M.D., Chicago, IL

"You are a terrific resource! I have successfully used your service to inventory, price and replace pieces of silver, silver-plate, china and crystal of my own as well as that inherited from my mother, my aunt and my grandmother! I recently identified (with only the manufacturer's name to go on) and purchased some novelty coffee mugs I had seen in a restaurant. Your photo documentation, your inventory and your search service are invaluable. Thanks for being there!"

S.R., Brooklyn, NY

"I placed my order by phone because I wanted to be sure not to miss out on an item I was waiting for. You always provide excellent service - very courteous, efficient, and excellent packing of fragile items. Thank you!"

V.W., Williamsburg, VA

"I have recommended you to several friends and relatives. Thanks for the wonderful service. My orders have been promptly sent out and always arrived in perfect condition. I have been most impressed with the extra care in the packing. When I placed an order by phone, the operators were always pleasant and very helpful."

A.K., Richmond, VA

"The most remarkable and rewarding experience that I have had over the years of shopping with Replacements was about 2 months ago when you all advised me of the fact that you had in stock a Waterford decanter in my sister's pattern. It had been about 10 years since I had attempted to purchase one from you, to no avail. (Had even tried unsuccessfully in Ireland to locate one) Thanks to your record keeping, I was able to fulfill her dream at long last!!! Thanks to Replacements, dreams do come true!"

D.W., Mansfield, PA

"Your web site brings happiness and excitement to me as I look thru the items you have in my favorite pattern. I enjoy you sending my emails of the updated products as well."

G.G., Fayetteville, GA

"This site was suggested to me by some friends over a year ago. They highly recommended checking with your company as one of my crystal goblets had just been broken. Every bit of the praise they stated about this company proved to be justified in the experience I had with your company. Your website was informative and your company continued searching until the goblet was found to match my goblet. All that work to replace my one piece!! I do so appreciate your kindness and help."

B.H., Oswego, IL

"The people I spoke with were very helpful. My product arrived even earlier than was expected. To say it was packaged extremely carefully is an understatement. I am extremely impressed with every aspect of this company. There is no question, should the need arise again, Replacements Ltd. would be my site of choice, and the place I would recommend to others."

M.W., Huntsville, TX

"This is a wonderful service. I've ordered several times and always have been pleased. Enjoy looking through your inventory!"

P.B., Glebe, Australia

"Your efficiency is wonderful and goods arrived quickly, with no hiccups whatsoever."

D.L., Milford, CT

"I have relied on your services for more than 35 years to find and stock retired or discontinued pieces, not only in my patterns, but in the patterns of all my daughters and in recent years the patterns of all my grandchildren. The family dinner table is the best part of each day. You have done your share to enhance the experience."

S.R., Granby, CT

"This is the first time I have used Replacements. It was a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend it and mention it to others."

K.D., Saint Paul, MN

"Everyone I come in contact with at your company is most efficient, competent, and pleasant to work with and I have been a customer for several years!"

M.K., Alameda, CA

"I have been a customer for many years and I want you to know how much I appreciate your great service and the consistent quality of your products. Not one time in 10 years have I received an item that was not up to expectation and much of this is attributable to the good quality of your photography. Kudos also to the folks there who do your packing and shipping. I now know that any order will arrive well packed with clean, new materials and I never worry about breakage."

S.Z., Groveland, MA

"I do love your site. I have been a customer for over 20 years and have used your services multiple time over the past 20 years. I never doubt that I will not be able to replace a broken piece of china or dishware when I go on the Replacements site. Thank you for providing such a valuable service!"

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