Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

M.B., Montague, MI

"Always happy with your service and delighted to be able to get pieces for a pattern I never tire of using."

C.S., Senatobia, MS

"I have been extremely pleased with the service and the integrity of Replacements. In a world with crooks at every corner trying to defraud us, it is comforting to feel that I can trust Replacements to be honest and equitable with me as their customer. I will continue to be a customer."

P.J., Riverside, CA

"I was able to expand my dinnerware set to service for 12! Nowhere else would I have been able to do that. I have "babied" my dinnerware for 10 years and thanks to you I have enough dishes for the holidays! I'm also waiting for you to find some more dishes I have been wanting. I LOVE your website. And I want to tell the world."

E.S., Alexandria, VA

"I took my mother to your wonderful store about 15 years ago. She said it was better than a museum, because you can't buy the displays at a museum! Your store is beautiful and amazingly vast. There were some beautiful display areas set up, as well. Hope to come down this summer for a return visit."

D.S., Westby, WI

"In my years of dealing with Replacements, Ltd., I have been secure in knowing that your phone staff is always courteous and knowledgeable, my orders have been filled swiftly and properly and to date, I have been most pleased with the way all things are handled. Thank you - I would recommend your company to anyone in a heartbeat."

M.D., Christchurch, New Zealand

"I am just writing to tell you how pleased I am with this new packing. You shipped me replacement dishes which came via ground, I believe. I then repacked them in suitcases using your packing and brought them abroad and they all traveled safely. Your packing is as valuable as your product. Well done."

A.P., Merrillville, IN

"Finally, I found what I needed at a reasonable price. I have been looking for Corelle Pink Trio 9 inch luncheon plates for years. I not only found them at, I also found the gravy boat which I had also been searching for in the same pattern."

P.B., Raleigh, NC

"I love coming there and purchasing items."

S.G., Southampton, NY

"I have known of your company for years."

F.R., Barre, VT

"I received my Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Pussy Cat Cookie jar and dessert dishes. I was not able to find them anywhere. She was supposed to have flaws but to my amazement they were very negligible. Everything was packaged very carefully. Even double boxed the Pussy cat's head. She arrived safely. I have ordered in the past and have been very satisfied with the quality of the merchandise. I am not worried about items breaking in shipment. Your fine experienced staff do a marvelous job of Packaging and shipping in a professional manner. Thanks!"

A.T., Omaha, NE

"Thank you for always giving great service over the years."

F.N.W., Auburn, AL

"I love the fact that I can find pieces when pattern is discontinued."

M.A., Ashland, VA

"A very nice lady helped me register and place an order. Thank you for your kind help."

A.T., Richmond, VA

"So far I have received fabulous service"

G.L., Roan Mountain, TN

"I have received my first order from you and was impressed with the speed at which the order was processed and shipped and the quality and care that went into packing the pieces for shipment. A first rate job."

K.O., Emmaus, PA

"My order arrived today and it was in perfect condition. Thank you so much for your prompt service and careful packaging!"

L.H., Danville, CA

"Love your service."

B.N., Anchorage, AK

"I have loved Replacements for years. In fact, for many years in the days before the internet, my contact with Replacements, Ltd. was through the catalog. You have an incredibly comprehensive and easy-to-use website. I enjoy collecting vintage dishes that I may know nothing about, so I particularly enjoy having the ability to view pages of images quickly to arrive at an identification. I also appreciate being notified by e-mail when pieces I want become available. I ordered some vintage Franciscan plates just before Christmas to match incomplete sets, and I was impressed with the packing and condition of the dishes. In that case, I especially appreciated the free shipping offer. I have confidence that dishes ordered from Replacements will be as represented on the website. I often recommend Replacements to others."

M.W., Kettering, OH

"Have had excellent success replacing broken china through your company and identifying a crystal pattern that I had forgotten. Thank you."

S.W., Marietta, GA

"Thank you so much for sending me this information about the bowl I've been trying to find for months. The one I had had for many years was accidentally broken, and I have grieved over it! I have 16 place settings of this pattern, in dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, cups, and beverage glasses in two sizes. In fact, when I bought the sets, the brand name was Luminarc, and the pattern name was Spring Bouquet. I was so pleased when I saw several years ago that the pattern is now called Canterbury - we live in the Canterbury Subdivision in Marietta, Georgia. I have placed my order with your company for this bowl, with the aid of a delightful woman named Libby. She was so helpful, and I'm grateful to her. I'm glad you've given me this opportunity to compliment you on the fine service you've both given me today. I will always look to Replacements, Ltd. for my tableware needs."

M.I., Stuart, FL

"Wonderful company!"

J.A., Bethesda, MD

"Replacements is the greatest service ever! Thirty years of searching and finding and purchasing and enjoying! Thank you!"

T.B., Reston, VA

"I inherited a large amount of family heirloom china and silver and this site allowed to me fully inventory my valuables for my children so when it is handed down to them they know the replacement value and everything is itemized and registered. Thank you! I also learned quite a bit about how to recognize pattern themes and companies while researching my pieces! An added plus!"

S.R., Telemark, Norway

"Very nice pages, easy to find your way."

R.L., Estes Park, CO

"I just purchased four pieces that were lost in our last move. Great service!"

C.R., Thonotosassa, FL

"I used this website probably 15 years ago to replace items. Was very satisfied. Glad I can use again to try to find more replacement dinnerware. Thank you for a great website."

K.P., New York, NY

"Your identification of this pattern was shockingly swift. Amazing work."

J.M., Lewis Center, OH

"I have added many pieces to my china pattern, which was my mother's, and silver pattern over the years."

T.W., Grand Rapids, MI

"Been a customer for 15 years, you guys are awesome!!!!"

P.A., Youngsville, NC

"Absolutely love Replacements, Ltd! I have been able to finish one pattern of my china, minus serving pieces. Furthermore, until I discovered Replacements, Ltd., my husband and I had actually given up hope of ever completing our wedding china as our pattern had been discontinued years earlier. Not only were we able to complete our place settings, but, emotionally this was and is immensely rewarding. Thank you for providing a service found nowhere else!"

E.K., Virginia Beach, VA

"I enjoyed so much visiting and touring your establishment. I was impressed with all the beautiful silver and china in the big wooden cases when I first entered the building. It was so much like a museum yet it was for sale. On the tour I was amazed at the accumulation of the number of patterns of china that were stored on the very high shelving in the warehouse. I was most impressed, however, seeing that the employees were allowed to bring their dogs to work. The animals gave a more friendly feeling to the business. So at this passing I purchased a pickle for my Christmas tree and some Wedgewood ornaments for gifts. I look forward to when I will be able to visit again."

R.B., Ontario, Canada

"Always pleased to order from you."

J.M., Crozet, VA

"Your store was quite interesting. It was worth our trip from VA."

F.C., Wasilla, AK

"I have ordered from Replacements for several years and love your service and product. Thank you."

J.D., Columbus, OH

"I am scared to death of the internet, largely because I handle fraud claims and customer disputes with internet purchases for the bank. So I expected the worst and hoped for the best. I was absolutely elated with Replacement's service. As for the quality of the product, the pieces are sometimes used, but I cannot even find a knife cut in the china. The shipping exemplary. Second shipment arrived early, in the same beautiful condition as the first. I was so pleased. Such a pleasure to do business with your company. I enjoyed great customer service and did so with some very personable folks. I feel comfortable giving these folks my credit card number. If you need china, stemware, silverware, do business with these folks. Very reliable resource. I will look forward to adding more pieces when you get them."

G.H., Jonesboro, GA

"This is an awesome website. My previous experience has been great. I am grateful for your quality service and the equally quality products available for purchase."

G.B., Rock Hall, MD

"I love your site. I often watch your website for specific items to complete existing china and glassware that I already own. I have also ordered pieces when we have had a breakage too. Thank you, Replacements for always being there for us!"

L.B., Buckeye, AZ

"I love Replacements!!! I recommended you to all my friends! It is such a blessing to be able to find missing pieces to just about any cherished item. You are awesome! Thank you!"

J.P., Florence, AL

"Love your service, because you are so quick to respond to questions asked and in shipping the product ordered by the customer!"

C.C., Pacific Grove, CA

"You provide a great service, thank you."

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