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If you would like to inquire about selling pieces or sets of tableware to us, please click here to request an Offer to Purchase for pieces in your pattern. You will receive, via email, a formal offer indicating the prices we can pay for pieces in excellent condition, along with terms and conditions.

You may ship your product to us via FedEx or US Postal Service; please note that UPS does not deliver to Replacements, Ltd. Our Purchasing Department is also available to receive you in person from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Monday through Saturday (we are unable to receive sellers on Sunday). For better service should you visit us in person, please call 1-800-REPLACE, Option 4, for an appointment.

The following are our Purchasing Guidelines:

The following are general quality requirement guidelines we use when deciding whether to purchase items:

China: We are unable to purchase pieces with chips, cracks, stains, or excessive wear. We are able to buy some pieces (at reduced prices) that are crazed or have minor flaws.

Crystal: We are unable to purchase pieces with cracks, deep chips, water or lime film. We are able to buy some pieces (at reduced prices) that have minor nicks or minor flaws.

Flatware and Hollowware: Please indicate if you have monogrammed flatware when requesting an Offer to Purchase. Note that we cannot buy monogrammed stainless. The prices shown for knives are typically for hollow-handled pieces, prices for solid-handled knives may be different than stated in the Offer To Purchase that you receive.

Collectibles: We are unable to purchase pieces with chips or cracks, or that have been repaired.

Packing & Shipping Guidelines

Due to the fragile nature of many types of tableware and collectibles, sometimes pieces can be damaged in transit. By following the guidelines outlined below, you'll be greatly reducing the chances of your pieces arriving broken or chipped.

Wrapping Merchandise
Wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap or foam. Start at one corner and wrap diagonally. Secure pieces of the same size together in bundles with tape. Use extra padding around delicate handles and stems. Teapot, coffeepot and sugar bowl lids should be wrapped separately and then taped into their position. Flatware pieces should be wrapped individually to minimize scratching. Collectibles should not be wrapped tightly or with bubble wrap.  Loosefill or peanuts are best for fragile items. Please check with your carrier for their wrapping instructions.

Packing Merchandise
We recommend that you double box by placing one box within another and packing with at least two inches of padding between all six sides of the cartons. Keep in mind that the larger the carton, the higher the rate of breakage due to shifting or overloading. Place heavier items in the bottom of the carton. Separate bundles and individually wrapped pieces with bubble wrap or foam cushioning. Bundles of plates, bowls or platters should be placed around the edges to absorb extra shock. Before sealing a carton, pad the top and sides of the box as full as possible to prevent air pockets or pieces touching the sides. Contents should not move when the box is shaken. Seal the carton with 2" to 3" carton sealing tape. Please do not use masking or cellophane tape to seal boxes.

Shipping Merchandise
Mark each box with the word "fragile" and label the outside with the total number of boxes in your shipment (i.e., #1 of 3, #2 of 3, etc.). For your convenience, we ask that you package the china, crystal, flatware or collectibles separately. Please also mark the outside of the carton with the words "China", "Crystal", "Flatware" or "Collectibles" so that we may process your shipment more promptly. All paperwork should be attached to the outside of the box with a packing list enclosure (invoice envelope). Keep one copy of the paperwork for your records.

Shipping; Damaged Merchandise
Any merchandise you ship or deliver to us is at your own risk, and there is no guarantee of purchase by Replacements, Ltd. You, as seller, shall pay and are solely responsible for all shipping costs; moreover, you shall pay and be responsible for all brokerage charges, taxes, duties, advancements, or other fees for shipments originating outside the U.S. Replacements, Ltd. is not liable for transit damage and will not return ship any item damaged in transit. “Transit damage” or “damaged in transit” is damage to merchandise which Replacements, Ltd. has a good faith belief to have occurred in transit.

FEDEX OR US Postal Service: If your merchandise shipped via FedEx or US Postal Service arrives at Replacements, Ltd. after being damaged in transit, we will notify you and file a damage claim on your behalf with the carrier. If your merchandise was uninsured and shipped via US Postal Service, we will notify you and hold the merchandise for 30 days, during which time you may send a carrier to pick up the merchandise and return it to you at your expense.

OTHER CARRIERS: If your merchandise shipped via any carrier other than FedEx or US Postal Service arrives at Replacements, Ltd. after being damaged in transit, we will notify you and hold the merchandise for 30 days, during which time you may file a claim with the carrier and/or you may send a carrier to pick up the merchandise and return it to you at your expense. Replacements, Ltd. cannot file claims with carriers other than FedEx or US Postal Service and will not pay return shipping on damaged items.

You relinquish all right, title, and interest you have to any damaged merchandise left with Replacements, Ltd. more than 30 days, regardless of whether or not you actually received notification of the damage.

Any claims filed by Replacements, Ltd. are submitted at the Offer to Purchase price. ANY CLAIM FILED, BY YOU OR REPLACEMENTS, LTD., WITH A THIRD PARTY CARRIER IS A CLAIM BETWEEN YOU AND THE CARRIER. IF A CLAIM IS DENIED BY ANY CARRIER, REPLACEMENTS, LTD. IS NOT LIABLE FOR PAYMENT OF THE CLAIM. Copies of receipts for parcel post claims must be provided within 7 days. With respect to merchandise damaged in transit and shipped by us to you, Replacements, Ltd. has the right, but not the duty, to replace such damaged merchandise with like merchandise or to pay you an amount equal to our then-current Offer to Purchase prices for such damaged merchandise, in our sole discretion.

If you have any questions, click here ( or use ) to contact our Purchasing department.