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Replacements, Ltd.

Barenthal Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Actuel (Stainless) 1450 Barenthal
Agen (Stainless) 24510 Barenthal
Akhesa (Stainless,Glossy) 7050 Barenthal
Akhesa (Stainless,Gold Accent) 7080 Barenthal
Akhesa (Stainless,Satin) 7010 Barenthal
Alize (Stainless) 1172 Barenthal
Animals (Stainless) Barenthal
Antibes (Stainless) Barenthal
Arca (Stainless,Glossy) 8050 Barenthal
Arca (Stainless,Gold Accent) 8080 Barenthal
Aster (Stainless) 1174 Barenthal
Atelier (Stainless) Barenthal
Austral-Bamboo (Stainless, Acrylic) 69085 Barenthal
Austral-Blanc (Stainless, Acrylic) Barenthal
Austral-Sari (Stainless, Acrylic) 69086 Barenthal
Austral-Savane (Stainless, Acrylic) 69084 Barenthal
Bagatelle (Silverplate) 0905 Barenthal
Bagatelle (Stainless, Glossy) 9050 Barenthal
Bagetelle (Stainless, Satin) 9010 Barenthal
Baguette (Silverplate) 0405 Barenthal
Baguette (Stainless,Glossy) 4050 Barenthal
Bastia (Stainless) 24960 Barenthal
Bear Cubs Barenthal
Bristel (Stainless) Barenthal
Capvert (Stainless) 1877 Barenthal
Cherbourg (Stainless) Barenthal
Circus (Stainless) Barenthal
Colmar (Stainless) 11290 Barenthal
Coralie (Stainless,Glossy) 6950 Barenthal
Coralie (Stainless,Gold Accent) 6980 Barenthal
Coralie (Stainless,Satin) 6910 Barenthal
Couture (Stainless) Barenthal
Domino (Stainless) 1014 Barenthal
Douai (Stainless) 49550 Barenthal
Farandole (Stainless, Glossy) 6350 Barenthal
Farandole (Stainless, Satin) 6310 Barenthal
Helios (Stainless) 1173 Barenthal
Kimono (Gold Accent, Stainless) 5590 Barenthal
Kimono (Stainless,Glossy) 5550 Barenthal
Kimono (Stainless,Satin) 5510 Barenthal
Laguiole (Red Hdl, Stainless) Barenthal
Laguiole (White Hdl, Stainless) Barenthal
Louis Xv (Silverplate) 0755 Barenthal
Louis Xv (Stainless, Glossy) 7550 Barenthal
Louis Xv (Stainless, Satin) 7500 Barenthal
Marbre-Amber Barenthal
Marbre-Bordeaux (Stainless) Barenthal
Marbre-Terre (Stainless) Barenthal
Marbre-Vert (Stainless) Barenthal
Marquis (Stainless,Glossy) 8850 Barenthal
Marquis (Stainless,Gold Accent) 8880 Barenthal
Melun (Stainless) 49750 Barenthal
Metz (Stainless) 43300 Barenthal
Monaco (Stainless) Barenthal
Montreuil (Silverplate) 0425 Barenthal
Montreuil (Stainless,Glossy) 4250 Barenthal
Montreuil (Stainless,Satin) 4210 Barenthal
Ocean (Stainless) 1840 Barenthal
Pacific (Stainless,Satin) 4810 Barenthal
Pacific (Stainless, Gold Accent) 4890 Barenthal
Papyrus (Stainless, Glossy) 9850 Barenthal
Papyrus (Stainless, Satin) 9810 Barenthal
Quattro (Silverplate) 0840 Barenthal
Quattro (Stainless,Glossy) 8400 Barenthal
Quattro (Stainless,Satin) 8410 Barenthal
Regence (Stainless) 7900 Barenthal
Rennes (Stainless) 43650 Barenthal
Revelation (Stainless) Barenthal
Rhapsody (Stainless,Glossy) 6500 Barenthal
Rhapsody (Stainless,Gold Accent) 6580 Barenthal
Rhapsody (Stainless,Satin) 6510 Barenthal
Rimbaud (Silverplate) 0685 Barenthal
Rimbaud (Stainless, Glossy) 6850 Barenthal
Rimbaud (Stainless, Satin) 6810 Barenthal
Rosso (Stainless) 1165 Barenthal
Rubis (Stainless, Glossy) 9450 Barenthal
Rubis (Stainless, Gold Accent) Barenthal
Rubis (Stainless, Satin) 9410 Barenthal
Strada (Stainless,Glossy) 8350 Barenthal
Strada (Stainless,Gold Accent) 8380 Barenthal
Strada (Stainless,Satin) 8310 Barenthal
Tendance (Stainless) 1550 Barenthal
Tigre-Blanc (Stainless, Acrylic) 69082 Barenthal
Tigre-Chocolate (Stainless, Acrylic) 69083 Barenthal
Tigre-Orange (Stainless, Acrylic) 69081 Barenthal
Toulon (Stainless) 49650 Barenthal
Vehicles (Stainless) Barenthal
Vincennes (Stainless, Satin) 8610 Barenthal
Vincennes (Stainless,Glossy) 8650 Barenthal
Vincennes (Stainless,Gold Accent) 8680 Barenthal
Wellington (Stainless,Glossy) 7850 Barenthal
Wellington (Stainless,Satin) 7800 Barenthal
Zen (Stainless, Glossy) 1850 Barenthal
Zen (Stainless, Satin) 1810 Barenthal
2000 (STAINLESS) 2000 Barenthal
3300 (STAINLESS) 3300 Barenthal
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