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Nambe Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Aidan (Stainless) 7481 Nambe
Anna (Stainless) Nambe
Anvil (Alloy, Wood, Hollowware) Nambe
Aqua (Stainless) Nambe
Aquila (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Aquila (Stainless) 7361 Nambe
Arrondi (Stainless) Nambe
Arroyo (Stainless) 7351 Nambe
Aura (Stainless) 7241 Nambe
Baby Nambe (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Baby Nambe (Stainless) Nambe
Beaded (Silverplate,Hollowware) Nambe
Bella (Alloy,Hollowware) Nambe
Bend (Stainless) Nambe
Bias (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Blossom (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Bow Tie (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Braid (Chrome,Hollowware) Nambe
Braid (Stainless) Nambe
Butterfly (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Butterfly (Stainless) Nambe
Capture (Stainless) 7291 Nambe
Caterpillar (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Chaco (Stainless) 7441 Nambe
Cherry (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Circco (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Circco (Stainless) 7261 Nambe
Claire (Stainless) Nambe
Classic Copper (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Cocoon (Stainless) 7461 Nambe
Column (Alloy, Wood, Hollowware) Nambe
Copper Canyon (Copper, Hollowware) Nambe
Coquille (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Cradle (Alloy, Wood, Hollowware) Nambe
Dazzle (Stainless) Nambe
Dazzle Gold (Gold Electroplate) Nambe
Dharma (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Diamond Cut (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Dune (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Dune (Stainless) 7501 Nambe
Earth-Cornsilk (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Earth-Pinon (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Earth-Sandstone (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Echo (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Echo (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Echo (Stainless) 7331 Nambe
Eclipse (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Eden (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Elbow (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Ellipsis Nambe
Emily (Stainless) Nambe
Empire (Stainless,Holloware) 6140 Nambe
Fiesta (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Fiona (Stainless) Nambe
Fjord (Stainless) 7471 Nambe
Flame (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Flare (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Flash (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Fleur (Alloy, Holloware) Nambe
Flicker (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Flirt (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Flow (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Flume (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Forever (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Frond (Stainless) 7521 Nambe
Fuego (Stainless) 7381 Nambe
Gem (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Glacier (Stainless) Nambe
Grace (Stainless) Nambe
Harlequin (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Harmony (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Heritage (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Horizon (Alloy,Glass,Hollowware) Nambe
Hug (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Infinity (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Jazz (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Jimini (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Judaica (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Kismet (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Kismet (Stainless) 7211 Nambe
Kissing (Hollowware, Metal Alloy) Nambe
Kurv (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Kyoto (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Kyoto (Stainless) Nambe
Lasso (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Lava (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Lean (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Lounge (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Love (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Luna (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Maeve (Stainless) Nambe
Maia (Stainless) 7431 Nambe
Marupa (Hollowware, Metal) Nambe
Metate (Alloy, Hollowware) Nambe
Mezzo (Stainless) 7231 Nambe
Mikko (Stainless) 7491 Nambe
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Aid - Mik Mik - NAM
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