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Replacements, Ltd.

Oneida Patterns

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
A-Line (Stainless) B477 Oneida
Abc Animal (Stainless) Oneida
Abington (Silverplate, 1910) 1910 Oneida
Accent (Stainless) 2619 Oneida
Accord (Stainless) Oneida
Achievement (Stainless) Oneida
Act I (Stnls, Glossy Handle & Bowl) 580 Oneida
Act Ii (Stnls,Satin Handle & Satin Bowl) Oneida
Adam (Silverplate, 1917, Monograms) 1917 Oneida
Adam (Silverplate, 1917, No Monograms) 1917 Oneida
Adams (Silverplate, 1905) 1905 Oneida
Adelphi (Silverplate, 1920) 1920 Oneida
Adelphia (Stainless) Oneida
Adonis (Silverlate, 1910/1917) 1910/1917 Oneida
Advertising Signs Oneida
Aero (Stainless) Oneida
Affection (Silverplate, 1960) 1960 Oneida
Affection (Silverplate,Holloware) Oneida
Affection (Stainless) Oneida
Affinity (Stainless) Oneida
Afterglow (Sterling, 1956) 1956 Oneida
Afterglow (Sterling,1956,Hollowware) Oneida
Aiken (Stainless) T874 Oneida
Aintree (Stainless) B153 Oneida
Albany (Stainless) T324 Oneida
Alberta (Silverplate,1900) 1900 Oneida
Alberta (Stainless) Oneida
Alden (Silverplate, 1931) 1931 Oneida
Aldwych (Stainless) Oneida
Alessandra Gold (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Alexandria-Glossy Oneida
Alexis (Stainless) Oneida
Algonquin (Silverplate, 1923) 1923 Oneida
All American (Line,Not A Pattern) Oneida
Allegiance (Stainless) Oneida
Allude (Stainless) Oneida
Alouette (Silverplate,Gold Accents,1978) 1978 Oneida
Alouette (Slvrplate, 1978) 1978 Oneida
Alsace (Stainless) Oneida
Amaryllis (Stainless) Oneida
Ambiance (Stainless) T132 Oneida
American Artistry (Stainless) Oneida
American Colonial (Stainless) Oneida
American Colonial-Ohs (Sterling, 1975) 1975 Oneida
American Freedom (Stainless) Oneida
Amherst (Silverplate, 1938) 1938 Oneida
Amsterdam (Stainless) T078 Oneida
Anaheim (Stainless) Oneida
Anastasia (Stainless) T456 Oneida
Andorra (Stainless) T717 Oneida
Andover (Silverplate, 1917) 1917 Oneida
Andover (Silverplate, 1939) 1939 Oneida
Andrea (Stainless) Oneida
Andrina (Stainless) Oneida
Animal Salt Cellars (Slvpt, Hollowware) 118430 Oneida
Ansonia (Silverplate,1922) 1922 Oneida
Antares (Stainless) Oneida
Anthem (Stainless,Betty Crocker) Oneida
Anticipation (Stainless) Oneida
Anticipation (Stnls, Wood Hdl) Oneida
Antique Egyptian (Silvplate,1909) 1909 Oneida
Apex (Stainless) T483 Oneida
Apollo (Slvplt, 1929) 1929 Oneida
Apollo (Stainless) T790 Oneida
Apollonia (Stainless) Oneida
Apples & Twigs (Stainless,Hollowware) Oneida
Applique (Stainless) Oneida
April (Silverplate,Hollowware) Oneida
Aptitude (Stainless) Oneida
Aquarius (Stainless) 534 Oneida
Arbor (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Arbor Rose/True Rose (Stainless) 552 Oneida
Arbor/American Harmony (Stainless) 905 Oneida
Arcadia (Silverplate, 1914) 1914 Oneida
Arcadia (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Archway (Stainless) Oneida
Ardmore (Silverplate Hollowware) Oneida
Ardmore (Stainless) Oneida
Ardsley (Silverplate,1921) 1921 Oneida
Ardsley (Silverplate,1921,Hollowware) Oneida
Ardsley (Sterling, 1933) 1933 Oneida
Ardsley/Empress (Silverplate,1908) 1908 Oneida
Ariel (Stainless) Oneida
Arktos (Stainless) Oneida
Arlington (Silverplate, 1896) 1896 Oneida
Arpege Oneida
Arris Oneida
Artesano (Stainless) Oneida
Artesia (Stainless) Oneida
Artistic (Slvrplate, 1940) 1940 Oneida
Artistic (Stainless) Oneida
Artistic (Stainless) Oneida
Arundel (Silverplate, 1899) 1899 Oneida
Ascot (Silverplt,Holloware) 22 Oneida
Ascot (Slvrplt, 1886) 1886 Oneida
Ashby(Silverplate,Hollowware) Oneida
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