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Replacements, Ltd.

Oneida Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Golden Nordic Crown (Goldelectpt) Oneida
Golden Pasadena (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Patrician (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Patrician (Svlplt,Gold Accent) 1975 Oneida
Golden President (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Puccini (Stnls, Gold Acc) Oneida
Golden Royal Baroque Oneida
Golden Royal Chippendale (Stnl,Gold Acc) 1987 Oneida
Golden Royal Chippendale(Stnl,Goacc,Hlw) Oneida
Golden Royal Flute Oneida
Golden Royal Flute (Stnl,Goldacc) Oneida
Golden Royal Grandeur-Ohs(Gldeltrp,1975) 1975 Oneida
Golden Royal Harvest (Gold Plate) Oneida
Golden Royal Lace (Gld Elctpt) Oneida
Golden Sands (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Satinique (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Scandinavia-Ohs(Gold Electroplt) Oneida
Golden Senorita (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Seven Seas Oneida
Golden Shelley Oneida
Golden Shoreline (Stainless,Gold Accent) Oneida
Golden Somerset (Goldelectroplate Oneida
Golden Spanish Crown-Ohs (Goldelectrplt) Oneida
Golden Stanza Oneida
Golden Sunnybrook (Stnl,Go Acct) B296 Oneida
Golden Surf Maid/Cabana Oneida
Golden Sutton Place (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Tangier-Ohs (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Toddletime (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Tripoli (Gold Electroplt) Oneida
Golden Unity Oneida
Golden Valentine-Ohs (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Golden Vanessa/Francesca Oneida
Golden Venetian Garden (Gold Electroplt) Oneida
Golden Victorian Classic (Goldelec,1973) 1973 Oneida
Golden Wagner (Stainless,Gold Accents) Oneida
Golden Whispering Sand Oneida
Grand Majesty (Stainless) 2002 Oneida
Grand Majesty (Sterling, 1976) 1976 Oneida
Grand Manor (Stainless) Oneida
Grandeur (Sterling, 1960) 1960 Oneida
Grape (Silverplate Hollowware) Oneida
Grape (Silverplate, 1914) 1914 Oneida
Grape (Slvplt, 1913) 1913 Oneida
Grape/Vineyard (Slvp,1906,Nonvariation) 1906 Oneida
Grape/Vineyard(Slvp,1906,Variationstyle) 1906 Oneida
Grayson (Stainless) Oneida
Grecian (Silverplate,1915) 1915 Oneida
Grenoble (Silverplate, 1938) 1938 Oneida
Grenoble/Gloria (Slvp, 1906, Monograms) 1906 Oneida
Grenoble/Gloria (Slvp,1906,No Monograms) 1906 Oneida
Greylock (Silptd,1910) 1910 Oneida
Greystoke (Stainless) Oneida
Griffith (Stainless) Oneida
Groove (Stainless) Oneida
Groove (Stainless) B734 Oneida
Grosvenor (Silverplate, 1921, Monograms) 1921 Oneida
Grosvenor (Silverplate, Hollowware) 11988 Oneida
Grosvenor (Slvp, 1921, No Monograms) 1921 Oneida
Guinevere (Sterling, 1967) 1967 Oneida
Gwendolyn (Stainless) Oneida
Haddon (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Hadley (Silverplate 1930) 1930 Oneida
Hallendale (Stainless) T158 Oneida
Hallendale Brushed (Stainless) Oneida
Hampstead (Stainless) Oneida
Hampton Court (Silverplate,1926,Wreath) 1926 Oneida
Hampton/Thelma 1928 Oneida
Hanover (Silverplate, 1901) 1901 Oneida
Happiness (Silverplate, 1940) 1940 Oneida
Hapsburg(Stainless) Oneida
Harmonic (Stainless) Oneida
Harmony (Silverplate, 1938) 1938 Oneida
Harmony (Stainless) Oneida
Harrington Hall (Stainless) Oneida
Hawthorne (Silverplt, 1908) 1908 Oneida
Heart Of Sweden (Stainless) Oneida
Heather (Stainless) Oneida
Heiress (Silverplate) Oneida
Heiress (Stainless) Oneida
Heiress (Sterling, 1942, Monograms) 1942 Oneida
Heiress (Sterling, 1942, No Monograms) 1942 Oneida
Helen Of Troy (Silvplt, 1929) 1929 Oneida
Helena (Stainless) Oneida
Helix (Stainless) Oneida
Henley (Silverplate, 1930) 1930 Oneida
Henley (Silverplate, Hollowware) 3375 Oneida
Henley (Stainless) Oneida
Hera (Stainless) T311 Oneida
High Point (Silverplate) Oneida
High Point (Stainless) Oneida
Highland Rose (Stainless) Oneida
Hillcrest (Stainless) Oneida
Hillcrest (Stainless) Oneida
Hobnail (Stainless) Oneida
Holiday Colormates (Stainless, Plastic) Oneida
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