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Replacements, Ltd.

Oneida Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Satin Etage (Stainless) 623 Oneida
Satin Flight (Stainless) 639 Oneida
Satin Fremont (Stainless) 712 Oneida
Satin Garnet (Stainless) T240 Oneida
Satin Gloria (Stainless) 244 Oneida
Satin Golden Kensington (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Heiress (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Jupiter Oneida
Satin Normandy (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Rattan (Stainless) 714 Oneida
Satin Remedy (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Sand Dune (Stnl,Wide Frost Indent) 641 Oneida
Satin Saxon (Stainless) 596 Oneida
Satin Scoop Oneida
Satin Shasta (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Teresa (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Tribeca (Stainless) 690 Oneida
Satin Urbana (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Voss (Stainless) Oneida
Satin Westbrook (Stainless) Oneida
Satinique (Stainless, Community, Newer) Oneida
Satinique (Stainless, Newer, Canada) Oneida
Satinique (Stainless, Older) Oneida
Saumur (Silverplate) V010 Oneida
Saumur (Stainless) Oneida
Savor (Stainless) Oneida
Savory (Stainless) Oneida
Savoy (Stainless) Oneida
Savoy/Seneca Duro (Silvpl, 1921) 1921 Oneida
Scandinavia (Silverplate, 1970) 1970 Oneida
Scandinavia (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Scarab (Slvrpt,1963)See Ohs/Ane 1936 Oneida
Schubert (Stainless) Oneida
Scintilla (Stainless) Oneida
Scotia (Silverplate, 1915/1908) 1915 Oneida
Script (Stainless) Oneida
Scroll (Silverplate,Hollowware) Oneida
Scuba-Black (Stainless, Plastic) B426 Oneida
Scuba-Cobalt (Stainless, Plastic) B425 Oneida
Scuba-Olive (Stainless, Plastic) B423 Oneida
Scuba-Wine/Red (Stainless, Plastic) B424 Oneida
Sea Breeze (Stainless) Oneida
Sea Crest (Silverplate,Hollowware) 3101 Oneida
Seaflower (Stainless) Oneida
Seaward (Stainless) Oneida
Secret Fling (Stainless) Oneida
Secretariat (Stainless) Oneida
Seneca (Silverplate, 1927) 1927 Oneida
Senorita (Stainless) Oneida
Sentimental (Stainless) Oneida
Sentimental (Sterling, 1960, Monograms) 1960 Oneida
Sentimental (Sterling,1960,No Monograms) 1960 Oneida
Sentimental Rose (Stainless) Oneida
Sentinel (Stainless) Oneida
Serafina (Stainless) Oneida
Serendipity (Silverplate) Oneida
Serengeti (Stainless) Oneida
Serif (Stainless) Oneida
Sestina (Stainless) T301 Oneida
Seymour (Stainless) Oneida
Shadow Lane (Silverplate Hollowware) Oneida
Shadow Weave (Stainless) Oneida
Shaker (Stainless) Oneida
Shangri La (Stainless) Oneida
Sharona (Stainless) Oneida
Shasta (Stainless) Oneida
Shell (Silverplate, 1898) 1901 Oneida
Shell (Silverplate, 1918) 1918 Oneida
Shell (Silverplate, 1929) 1929 Oneida
Shelley (Stainless) Oneida
Shelton (Silverplate, 1935) 1935 Oneida
Shelton (Stainless) Oneida
Sheraton (Silverplate, 1910, Monograms) 1910 Oneida
Sheraton (Silverplate,1910,No Monograms) 1910 Oneida
Sheraton (Stainless) 275 Oneida
Sherwood (Silverplate, 1913) 1913 Oneida
Sherwood/Cranford-Ohs(Silverplate, 1949) 1949 Oneida
Shoreline (Stainless) Oneida
Shoreline (Stainless, Satin Finish) Oneida
Shoreline (Stnls, Glossy Finish) Oneida
Shraffts (Silverplate) 1922 Oneida
Silver Arbor 1992 Oneida
Silver Arbor Oneida
Silver Artistry (Silverplate,1965) 1965 Oneida
Silver Artistry (Silverplate,Hollowware) Oneida
Silver Clarette (Silverplate) Oneida
Silver Flower (Silverplate, 1960) 1960 Oneida
Silver Flower (Silverplate,Hollowware) Oneida
Silver Magnolia (Silverplate) Oneida
Silver Ridge (Silverplate) Oneida
Silver Rose (Silvrplt,1940) 1940 Oneida
Silver Rose (Sterling, 1956) 1956 Oneida
Silver Rose (Sterling, 1956, Hollowware) 31-0 Oneida
Silver Royal Flute (Silverplate) Oneida
Silver Sands (Slvplat,1966) 1966 Oneida
Silver Scroll (Slvpt) Oneida
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