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Replacements, Ltd.

Oneida Patterns

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Silver Shell (Silverplate, 1978) 1978 Oneida
Silver Valentine (Silverplate, 1973) 1973 Oneida
Simba (Stainless) Oneida
Simeon No. 1 (Silverplate, 1907) 1907 Oneida
Simile (Stainless) T173 Oneida
Simmer (Stainless) Oneida
Simplicity (Stainless) T490 Oneida
Sinclair (Stainless) Oneida
Sirocco (Stainless) Oneida
Sirocco (Stainless,Gold Handle) Oneida
Skyline (Silverplate, 1956) 1956 Oneida
Skyline/Skycrest (Silverplate, 1930) 1930 Oneida
Skyline/Skycrest (Slvp,Hollowware) 33958 Oneida
Skyward (Silverplate,1963) 1963 Oneida
Slide (Stainless) Oneida
Sling (Stainless) Oneida
Sno (Stainless) Oneida
Solar Ii (Stainless) Oneida
Somerset (Stainless) Oneida
Somerset (Stainless) Oneida
Song Of Autumn-Ohs (Silverplate, 1960) 1960 Oneida
Sonnet (Stainless) T992 Oneida
Souffle (Stainless) Oneida
South Seas (Silverplate, 1955) 1955 Oneida
South Seas (Slvp, 1955, Hollowware) 1955 Oneida
Southampton (Stainless) Oneida
Southern Baroque (Stainless) Oneida
Southern Garden (Slvplt, 1989) 1989 Oneida
Southwyck (Stainless) B060 Oneida
Space Family (Stainless) Oneida
Spanada (Stainless) Oneida
Spanish Court (Stainless) Oneida
Spanish Crown (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Spanish Crown (Slvplt,1970) 1970 Oneida
Spanish Mood (Stainless) Oneida
Sparta (Stainless) Oneida
Spectra-Lavender (Stainless) Oneida
Spectra-Orange (Stainless) Oneida
Spectra-Turquoise (Stainless) Oneida
Spencer (Stainless) Oneida
Spice (Stainless) Oneida
Spin (Stainless) Oneida
Spinelle (Stainless) 691 Oneida
Spiral Oneida
Spirit Of America (Stainless) Oneida
Spiro 2538 Oneida
Splice (Stainless) Oneida
Spray (Silverplate, 1887) 1887 Oneida
Spring Ballad (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Festival (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Fever (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Glen (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Leaf (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Rose (Stainless) Oneida
Spring Song (Silverplate,1964) 1964 Oneida
Spring Valley (Stainless) Oneida
Springdale (Stainless) Oneida
Springtime (Silvrplte,1933) 1933 Oneida
Squeeze-Zenith Blue (Stainless) Oneida
St. Ives (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
St. Ives (Stainless) Oneida
St. Ives (Stainless) Oneida
St. Louis (Stainless) Oneida
St. Regis (Silverplate, 1911) 1911 Oneida
St. Regis (Silverplate,Hollowware) 1911 Oneida
Stafford (Stainless) T479 Oneida
Stafford-Mirror (Stainless) Oneida
Standish (Silverplate, 1914) 1914 Oneida
Stanford (Stainless) Oneida
Stanhope (Stainless) B082 Oneida
Stanton Hall (Silverplate, Hollowware) Oneida
Stanton Hall (Sterling, 1951) 1951 Oneida
Stanton Hall (Sterling,1951,Hollowware) 1951 Oneida
Stanza (Stainless) 353 Oneida
Starborne (Stainless) Oneida
Starlet (Stainless) Oneida
Stasis (Stainless) Oneida
States & Cities Souvenir Spoons(Slvrplt) Oneida
States&Cities Souvenir Spoons(X Coin Pl) Oneida
Stave (Stainless) Oneida
Stiletto (Stainless) 972 Oneida
Stiletto (Stainless,Hollowware) Oneida
Stilletto (Stainless-All Glossy) Oneida
Stockholm (Stainless) Oneida
Strathmore (Stainless) Oneida
Strauss (Stainless, Flowers) Oneida
Strauss (Stainless, No Flowers) T631 Oneida
Strawberry Shortcake (Stainless) Oneida
Suffolk (Silverplate, 1913) 1913 Oneida
Sumatra (Stainless) Oneida
Summer Mist/Autumn Glow (Stainless) Oneida
Sunburst (Stainless) Oneida
Sunnybrook (Stainless) 199 Oneida
Sunrise (Silverplate, 1934) 1934 Oneida
Surf (Stainless) Oneida
Surf Club (Slvrplate,1938) 1938 Oneida
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