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Replacements, Ltd.

Oneida Patterns

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Vanesa (Stainless) Oneida
Vanessa/Francesca (Silverplate, 1965) 1965 Oneida
Vanessa/Francesca (Slvp,1965,Hollowware) 1965 Oneida
Vectra (Stainless) 858 Oneida
Vegas (Stainless) Oneida
Velour (Stainless) Oneida
Venetia (Stnls, Glossy Bowl) Oneida
Venetia Gold Oneida
Venetian Garden-Ohs (Silverplate, 1971) 1971 Oneida
Venetian Gold (Stnls,Gold Acc) Oneida
Venetian Scroll (Silverplate,Hollowware) 5200 Oneida
Venetian Scroll (Sterling, 1970) 1970 Oneida
Venus (Stainless) Oneida
Veranda (Stainless) Oneida
Verbena (Stainless) Oneida
Vermeer (Stainless) Oneida
Vernon (Silverplate, 1900) 1900 Oneida
Vernon/Antwerp 1900 Oneida
Vernon/Ashley (Silverplate, 1917) 1917 Oneida
Verona (Stainless) Oneida
Vertex (Stainless) Oneida
Via Roma (Stainless) Oneida
Victorian Classic (Silverplate,1973) 1973 Oneida
Vignette (Stainless) Oneida
Viking (Slvplt, 1931) 1931 Oneida
Village (Stainless) Oneida
Village Common (Stainless) Oneida
Villanova (Stainless) Oneida
Vineyard (Stainless) Oneida
Vinland (Stainless) Oneida
Vintage (Stainless) Oneida
Viola/Voila Oneida
Violet (Slvp,1905,Sl & Gh Rogers,Monos) 1905 Oneida
Violet (Slvp,1905,Sl & Gh Rogers,Nomono) 1905 Oneida
Violet (Slvp,1905/1912,1881rgrs/Wmargrs) 1912 Oneida
Virginia (Silverplate,1925) 1925 Oneida
Virginian (Silverplate, 1929) 1929 Oneida
Virginian (Sterling, 1942, Monograms) 1942 Oneida
Virginian (Sterling, 1942, No Monograms) 1942 Oneida
Vista (Silverplate, 1940) 1940 Oneida
Vista (Stainless) Oneida
Vista (Stainless) Oneida
Vista (Stainless) Oneida
Vivant (Sterling, 1961) 1961 Oneida
Vivante (Stainless) Oneida
Volta (Stainless) Oneida
Voltaire (Stainless) B077 Oneida
Voss (Stainless) Oneida
Wagner (Stainless) Oneida
Waldorf (Stainless) Oneida
Wanda/Viennese (Silvplt, 1927) 1927 Oneida
Ward Bouquet (Silverplate, 1936) 1936 Oneida
Ward Modern (Slvp,1936) 1936 Oneida
Warwick (Silverplate, 1901) 1901 Oneida
Waverly (Silverplate, 1934) 1934 Oneida
Waycross (Stainless) Oneida
Webster I (Nickel Silver) Oneida
Webster I (Silverplate, 1900) 1901 Oneida
Webster Ii (Silverplate, 1915) 1915 Oneida
Wellesley (Silverplate, 1916) 1916 Oneida
Westbrook (Stainless) Oneida
Westbury (Stainless) Oneida
Westgate Oneida
Westgate/Royal Crest (Stainless) Oneida
Weston (Silverplate Hollowware) 3201 Oneida
Wheat (Stainless) Oneida
Wheat (Stainless, China) B403 Oneida
Whisper (Stainless) Oneida
Whispering Sand (Gold Electroplate) Oneida
Whispering Sand (Stainless) Oneida
White Lily (Stainless) Oneida
White Orchid (Silverplate, 1953) 1953 Oneida
White Orchid (Slvp, 1953, Hollowware) 1953 Oneida
Whitney (Stainless) Oneida
Whittier (Stainless) Oneida
Whittier/Waldorf/Emerson/Claridge-Ohs 1915 Oneida
Wild Rose (Silverplate, 1904) 1904 Oneida
Wildwood (Stainless) Oneida
Wildwood I/Always (Silverplate,1958) 1958 Oneida
Wildwood Ii (Silverplate, 1908) 1908 Oneida
Will O' Wisp (Stainless) Oneida
Will O' Wisp (Sterling, 1968) 1968 Oneida
William Penn (Sliverplate,1899) 1899 Oneida
Willowbrook (Stainless) Oneida
Wind Song (Silverplate, 1955) 1955 Oneida
Windance (Stainless) Oneida
Windmere (Stainless) Oneida
Windrift (Stainless) Oneida
Windsor (Silverplate,Hotel Plate) Oneida
Windsor (Slvplte,1900) 1900 Oneida
Windsor (Stainless,18/8,Oneidacraft) Oneida
Windward (Stainless) Oneida
Winsome I (Silverplate, 1959) 1959 Oneida
Winsome Ii (Silverplate, 1960) 1960 Oneida
Winter Frost (Stainless) Oneida
Winter Hill (Stainless) Oneida
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