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Replacements, Ltd.

Sambonet Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Acqua (Stainless) Sambonet
Athena (Stainless) Sambonet
Baguette (Silverplate On Nickel) Sambonet
Baguette (Silverplate On Stainles Sambonet
Baguette (Stainless) 52586 Sambonet
Bamboo (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52719 Sambonet
Bamboo (Stainless, 18/10) 52519 Sambonet
Bamboo (Stainless, Hollowware) Sambonet
Bamboo (Stainless,18/8,Copper) 52719C Sambonet
Baroque (Silverplate On Nickel) 52322 Sambonet
Bauhaus (Stainless) Sambonet
Classico (Stainless) Sambonet
Continental (Silverplate) 52724 Sambonet
Continental (Stainless, 18/10) 52524 Sambonet
Contour (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52701 Sambonet
Contour (Stainless) 52501 Sambonet
Deco (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) Sambonet
Deco (Stainless) 52503 Sambonet
Dream (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52715 Sambonet
Dream (Stainless, 18/10) 52515 Sambonet
Epine (Stainless) Sambonet
Exa (Stainless) Sambonet
Filet Toiras (Silverplate On Nickel) 52356 Sambonet
Filet Toiras (Silverplate On Stainless) 52756 Sambonet
Filet Toiras (Stainless) 52556 Sambonet
Filet Toiras Gold (Gold Electroplate) Sambonet
Florence (Silverplate On 18/10stainless) 52710 Sambonet
Florence (Stainless) 52510 Sambonet
Forma 845 (Stainless) Sambonet
Gio Ponti (Silverplate,18/10,Glossy) 52760 Sambonet
Gio Ponti (Silverplate,18/10matt Finish) 52760S Sambonet
Gio Ponti (Stainless,Glossy) 52560 Sambonet
Gio Ponti (Stainless,Matt) 52260 Sambonet
Graphis (Stainless) Sambonet
H-Art (Silverplate) 52727 Sambonet
H-Art (Stainless, 18/10, Glossy) 52527 Sambonet
H-Art1 (Stainless,18/10,Copper) 52727C Sambonet
H-Art2 (Gold Electroplate) 52727G Sambonet
Hannah (Silverplate) Sambonet
Hannah (Stainless) 52520 Sambonet
Imagine (Gold Electroplate) Sambonet
Imagine (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) Sambonet
Imagine (Stainless) 52518 Sambonet
Italico (Stainless) Sambonet
Jazz (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52721 Sambonet
Jazz (Stainless, 18/10) 52521 Sambonet
Laurier (Silverplate On Nickel) 52380 Sambonet
Linea Q (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) Sambonet
Linea Q (Stainless, Hollowware) Sambonet
Linea Q (Stainless,18/10,Black) 52730B Sambonet
Linea Q (Stainless,Glossy) 52530 Sambonet
Linea Q (Stainless,Matt) 52230 Sambonet
Linea Q Ice (Stainless,Hollowware Sambonet
Linea Q Noir (Stainless) 52131 Sambonet
Linear (Silverplate) Sambonet
Linear (Silverplate, Hollowware) Sambonet
Linear (Stainless) Sambonet
Linear (Stainless, Hollowware) Sambonet
Living (Silverplate) Sambonet
Living (Stainless) Sambonet
Lucy (Silverplate, Hollowware) Sambonet
Lucy (Stainless) Sambonet
Luna (Stainless) Sambonet
Party (Stainless) Sambonet
Perles (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 527502 Sambonet
Perles (Stainless) 52502 Sambonet
Petit Baroque (Stainless) Sambonet
Profili (Stainless) Sambonet
Queen Anne (Silverplate On 18/10 Stnls) 52707 Sambonet
Queen Anne (Stainless) 52507 Sambonet
Riflesso (Stainless) Sambonet
Rome (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52746 Sambonet
Rome (Stainless) 52546 Sambonet
Ruban (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52709 Sambonet
Ruban (Stainless) 52509 Sambonet
Ruban Croise (Silverplate) 52723 Sambonet
Ruban Croise (Stanless, 18/10) 52523 Sambonet
Saint Bonnet (Silverplate On Nickel) 52317 Sambonet
Seventy (Stainless) Sambonet
Sintesi (Stainless) Sambonet
Skin (Silverplate) Sambonet
Skin (Stainless) Sambonet
Symbol (Stainless) 52576 Sambonet
T-Light (Stainless,Hollowware) Sambonet
Techno (Stainless) Sambonet
Tipo (Stainless) Sambonet
Tratto (Stainless) 62506 Sambonet
Triennale (Silverplate On 18/10 Stnls) 52705 Sambonet
Triennale (Stainless) 52505 Sambonet
Twist (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52726 Sambonet
Twist (Stainless, 18/10) 52526 Sambonet
Twist (Stainless,18/10,Black) 52726B Sambonet
Venice (Silverplate On 18/10 Stainless) 52714 Sambonet
Venice (Stainless) 52514 Sambonet
Vertigo (Silverplate, Hollowware) Sambonet
Vertigo (Stainless, Hollowware) Sambonet
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