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Replacements, Ltd.

Towle Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Beads (Stainless) Towle
Bear (Stainless) Towle
Bedford (Stainless) T304 Towle
Bedford (Stainless) Towle
Beehive (Silverplate, Hollowware) Towle
Ben Franklin (Sterling-Gold Acct) Towle
Benjamin Franklin (Str,1904,Monos,T/Lion 1904 Towle
Benjamin Franklin (Strl,"Towle") T005 Towle
Benjamin Franklin (Strl,Monos,"Towle") Towle
Benjamin Franklin(Str,1904,T/Lion) 1904 Towle
Bergen (Stainless) Towle
Betsy Ross (Stainless) Towle
Betsy Ross (Stainless) Towle
Beverly (Sterling, Hollowware) Towle
Bijou (Stainless) Towle
Bistro (Stainless) Towle
Black Lasso Towle
Black Tie (Stainless, Gold Accent) Towle
Blacksmith (Stainless) Towle
Blossom (Stainless) Towle
Boca (Stainless) Towle
Boca Decorata (Stainless) Towle
Bookmarks (Sterling, Hollowware) Towle
Boothbay Towle
Boston Antique (Germany,Stainless) Towle
Boston Antique (Silverplate) Towle
Boston Antique (Stainless, Satin) Towle
Boston Antique (Stnls,Cutlery,Glossy) T863 Towle
Boston Chippendale Gold (Gldelpt) Towle
Boston Chippendale-Tws(Silverplate/1987) 1987 Towle
Boston Chippendale-Tws(Stnl-Korea/Japan) Towle
Boston Shell (Silverplate, 1987) 1987 Towle
Boston Shell (Stainless) Towle
Boston Shell Gold (Gld Electpt) Towle
Boulevard (Stainless) Towle
Bouton (Stainless) T181 Towle
Breckenridge (Stainless) Towle
Breckenridge (Stainless) T310 Towle
Bridal Rose (Silverplate) Towle
Brighton (Stainless) Towle
Bronze Capital Dome (Stainless) T265 Towle
Byfield (Silverplate,1970) 1970 Towle
Byfield (Stnls-Cutlery) Towle
Byfield-Alligator (Stnls,Cutlery Towle
Byfield-Black (Stnls, Cutlery) Towle
Byfield-Engraved (Stnls-Cutlery Towle
Byfield-Morocco (Stnls,Cutlery) Towle
Cabot (Stainless) Towle
Calypso (Stainless) Towle
Cambden (Stainless) Towle
Cambridge (Sterling, 1880) 1880 Towle
Cameo (Stainless) Towle
Candid (Stainless) Towle
Candleglow (Silverplate, 1968) 1969 Towle
Candlelight (Silverplate, Hollowware) Towle
Candlelight (Sterling, Hollowware) 76390 Towle
Candlelight (Sterling,1934,No Monos) T025 Towle
Candlelight (Strl,1934,Monograms) 1934 Towle
Candlelight-Chased (Sterling,Hollowware) 76380 Towle
Cane (Stainless, Satin Finish) Towle
Cane (Stainless,Glossy Finish) Towle
Canterbury (Stainless) T170 Towle
Canterbury (Stainless) Towle
Canterbury (Sterling,1893,Monograms) 1893 Towle
Canterbury (Sterling,1893,No Monograms) T038 Towle
Carousel (Stainless) Towle
Carpenter Hall (Strl, 1975) T105 Towle
Cascade (Stainless) Towle
Cascade (Sterling, 1933, Monograms) 1933 Towle
Cascade (Sterling, 1933, No Monograms) T022 Towle
Castle Hill (Stainless) Towle
Cavalcade (Stnls-Cutlery) Towle
Celtic Weave (Strlng, 1979) T122 Towle
Celtic Weave Gold (Strl,1979) T127 Towle
Central Park (Stainless) Towle
Ceremony-Gold Accent (Stainless) Towle
Chablis (Gold Electroplate) Towle
Chablis (Silverplate) Towle
Chablis (Stainless) Towle
Chalet (Silverplate, 1980) 1980 Towle
Chalet (Stainless) Towle
Champlain (Silverplate) Towle
Champlain (Stnls,Georgian House) Towle
Champlain-Tws(Stnls,Glossy,Regency Coll) Towle
Charlemagne (Sterling, 1963, Monograms) 1963 Towle
Charlemagne (Strl, 1963, No Monograms) T064 Towle
Chased Diana (Sterling, 1928, Monograms) 1928 Towle
Chased Diana (Sterling, 1928, No Monos) 1928 Towle
Chatsworth (Stainless) Towle
Checkered Frost (Stainless) Towle
Chelmsford (Silverplate, 1977) 1977 Towle
Chelmsford (Stainless-Gold Acc) Towle
Chelmsford (Stnls,Satinhdl,Glossy) Towle
Cherry Hill (Stainless) Towle
Chester (Silverplate, 1888) 1888 Towle
Chestnut Hill (Stainless) Towle
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