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Replacements, Ltd.

Towle Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Chevalier (Stainless) Towle
Chippendale (Silverplate,Hollowware) 4033 Towle
Chippendale (Stainless) Towle
Chippendale (Stainless-Cutlery) Towle
Chippendale (Sterling,1937,Monograms) 1937 Towle
Chippendale (Sterling,1937,No Monograms) T027 Towle
Chippendale (Sterling,Hollowware) 6646 Towle
Christy (Stainless) Towle
Churchill (Stainless) Towle
Cinquo (Stainless) Towle
Cinquo (Stainless) Towle
Cirque (Stainless) Towle
Clarity (Stainless) Towle
Classic Baroque (Silverplate) Towle
Classic Baroque (Stainless) Towle
Classic Chippendale (Stainless) Towle
Classic Plume (Silverplate, 1988) 1988 Towle
Classic Plume Gold-Tws (Electrplt, 1988) 1988 Towle
Classic Provincial (Stainless) Towle
Classico (Stainless) Towle
Classico Gold Accent (Stainless) Towle
Classique Bead (Stainless) T671 Towle
Classique Bead Frost (Stainless) Towle
Classique Bead Gold Accent (Stainless) Towle
Classique Frosted (Stainless) Towle
Classique Glossy Towle
Cleo (Stainless) Towle
Clifton-Engraved-Tws (Sterling, 1891) 1891 Towle
Clover (Sterling, 1887) 1887 Towle
Clown Towle
Colchester (Stainless) Towle
Collage (Stainless) Towle
Colonial Plume (Silverplate,1980) 1980 Towle
Colonial Plume (Stainless) Towle
Colonial Plume-Continental (Stainless) T166 Towle
Colonial Plume-Supreme (Stainless) Towle
Colonial Thread (Sterling, 1950) T133 Towle
Colonnade (Stainless) Towle
Colonnade-Gold Accent-Tws (Stainless) Towle
Columbia (Stainless) Towle
Columnesque Towle
Commonwealth (Sterling) Towle
Compton (Sterling, 1950) 1950 Towle
Compton Thread (Sterling,1950,Monograms) 1950 Towle
Compton Thread (Strl,1950,No Monograms) T139 Towle
Concentric (Stainless, Hollowware) Towle
Concentric Frost (Stainless) Towle
Concourse (Stainless) Towle
Connoisseur (Stainless,Cutlery) T922 Towle
Contempra (Stainless) Towle
Contessa (Silverplate, 1980) 1980 Towle
Contessa (Silverplate, 1980, Hollowware) 1980 Towle
Contessina (Silverplate, Hollowware) 6601 Towle
Contessina (Sterling, 1965) T068 Towle
Contessina (Sterling, 1965, Hollowware) 350 Towle
Contessina-Gold Vermeil(Sterling) 1965 Towle
Continental Hammered (Stainless) Towle
Contour (Stainless) Towle
Contour (Stainless) Towle
Contour (Sterling, 1950) T039 Towle
Contour (Sterling, 1950, Hollowware) 347 Towle
Copen (Stainless) Towle
Copenhagen (Silverplate, 2000, Glossy) Towle
Copenhagen (Silverplate,2000,Frosted) Towle
Copenhagen (Stainless, Glossy) Towle
Copenhagen (Stnls,Frosted W/Glossy Acct) Towle
Copley (Stainless, Glossy) Towle
Copley Square Towle
Copley Square (Gold Accent) Towle
Cora (Stainless) Towle
Coral Bead (Stainless) Towle
Cordova (Sterling, 1902, Monograms) 1902 Towle
Cordova (Sterling, 1902, No Monograms) 1902 Towle
Cordova (Sterling, Hollowware) 5528 Towle
Cosmopolitan (Stainless) Towle
Country Classic (Stainless) Towle
Country Manor (Sterling,1966,Mono) 1966 Towle
Country Manor (Sterling,1966,No Monos) T071 Towle
Craftsman (Sterling, 1932, Hollowware) 747 Towle
Craftsman (Sterling, 1932, Monograms) 1932 Towle
Craftsman (Sterling,1932,No Monograms) T020 Towle
Craftsman-Carved-Towle Slvr(Strlng,1933) 1933 Towle
Crossline (Stainless) Towle
Crystal (Stainless) Towle
D'orleans (Sterling, 1923, Monograms) 1923 Towle
D'orleans (Sterling, 1923, No Monograms) T013 Towle
D'orleans (Sterling,1923,Hollowware) 55150 Towle
Daisy (Sterling, 1883) 1883 Towle
Danielle (Stainless) Towle
Danish Baroque (Strlng, 1970) T096 Towle
Danish Baroque Gold-Tws(Sterling, 1974) 1974 Towle
Danish Pearl (Stainless) Towle
Dante (Stainless) Towle
Davenport (Stainless) Towle
Debussy (Sterling, 1959) T055 Towle
Delta Towle
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