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Wilkens Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Year Manufacturer
Alt Englisch (Silverplate) Wilkens
Alt Englisch (Sterling) 25245 Wilkens
Altura (Stainless) 2398 Wilkens
Ambassador (Silverplate, Hollowware) Wilkens
Ambassador (Sterling, Hollowware) Wilkens
Angolo (Stainless) 2383 Wilkens
Anthuria (Stainless) 2382 Wilkens
Argento (Sterling) 25264 Wilkens
Augsburger Faden (Silverplate) 1639 Wilkens
Augsburger Faden (Sterling) 25003 Wilkens
Augsburger Faden-Gemstones (Sterling) Wilkens
August Der Starke (Sterling) 25228 Wilkens
Aura (Stainless) 2367 Wilkens
Bahia (Stainless) Wilkens
Cambridge (Stainless) Wilkens
Cantone (Silverplate) 1672 Wilkens
Cantone (Stainless) 2392 Wilkens
Cantone (Stainless) 2392 Wilkens
Castell (Stainless) Wilkens
Chippendale (Silverplate) 1602 Wilkens
Chippendale (Silverplate, Hollowware) Wilkens
Chippendale (Sterling) Wilkens
Chippendale (Sterling, Hollowware) Wilkens
Chippendale-Gemstones (Sterling) Wilkens
Classic (Sterling, 1961) 25234 Wilkens
Classico (Silverplate) 1876 Wilkens
Classico (Stainless, Glossy) 2389 Wilkens
Classico (Stainless, Satin) 2390 Wilkens
Contura (Stainless) 2396 Wilkens
Diamant (Silverplate) 1665 Wilkens
Disney Collection (Silverplate) Wilkens
Divo (Stainless) 2399 Wilkens
Dresdner Barock (Silverplate) 1648 Wilkens
Dresdner Barock (Sterling, 925) 25219 Wilkens
Dresdner Baroque (Sterling, 800) Wilkens
Epoca (Silverplate, 1975) 1664 Wilkens
Epoca (Stainless) 2371 Wilkens
Epoca (Sterling) 25255 Wilkens
Evento (Stainless) 2385 Wilkens
Faden (Sterling) Wilkens
Fino (Stainless) Wilkens
Fjord (Stainless) Wilkens
Friedrich (Stainless, Glossy) 2001 Wilkens
Friedrich (Stainless, Satin) 2002 Wilkens
Gala (Silverplate, 1993) 1666 Wilkens
Gala (Sterling, 1993) 25256 Wilkens
Gala Dekorvergoldet (Strl, Gold Accent) 25258 Wilkens
Gala Dekovergoldet (Slvp, Gold Accent) 1567 Wilkens
Galleria (Stainless) Wilkens
Greco (Stainless) 2381 Wilkens
Imago (Stainless) Wilkens
Invito (Stainless) Wilkens
Konigsspaten (Silverplate) 1868 Wilkens
Konigsspaten (Sterling, 1830) 25259 Wilkens
Liguria (Stainless) Wilkens
Margeriten (Sterling, 1900) 25145 Wilkens
Misc Silverplate Hollowware Wilkens
Misc Stainless Hollowware Wilkens
Mondano (Stainless) 2368 Wilkens
Monika (Sterling) Wilkens
Nova (Stainless) 2357 Wilkens
Nova-Black (Stainless) Wilkens
Nova-White (Stainless) Wilkens
Octa (Stainless) 2361 Wilkens
Opera (Silverplate) 1674 Wilkens
Opera (Sterling) 25265 Wilkens
Ostfriesen (Silverplate) Wilkens
Ostfriesen (Sterling) Wilkens
Oxford (Stainless) Wilkens
Palladio (Silverplate, 1992) 1671 Wilkens
Palladio (Stainless, Glossy) 2377 Wilkens
Palladio (Stainless, Satin) 2378 Wilkens
Palladio (Sterling) Wilkens
Perlstab Louis Xvi Wilkens
Platura (Silverplate) Wilkens
Polygon (Stainless) Wilkens
Prado (Silverplate, 1992) 1669 Wilkens
Prado (Sterling) 25260 Wilkens
Punto (Stainless) Wilkens
Rokkoko (Silverplate) Wilkens
Rokkoko (Sterling) 3239 Wilkens
Rosemarie (Sterling) Wilkens
Rotondo (Silverplate) 1572 Wilkens
Rotondo (Stainless) 2384 Wilkens
Rotondo (Stainless) 2379 Wilkens
Scala (Stainless) 2403 Wilkens
Schloss Gripsholm (Silverplate) 1549 Wilkens
Schloss Gripsholm (Sterling) 3246 Wilkens
Schloss Mirabell (Silverplate) Wilkens
Schloss Mirabell (Sterling) 3248 Wilkens
Schloss Rosenborg (Silverplate) Wilkens
Schloss Rosenborg (Sterling) 3247 Wilkens
Schloss Windsor (Sterling) 25251 Wilkens
Schwedisch Faden (Silverplate, 1982) 1660 Wilkens
Schwedisch Faden (Sterling, 1982) 25252 Wilkens
Schwedisch Faden-Gemstones (Sterling) Wilkens
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