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Using the letter bar, please click on the first letter of the name of the manufacturer of your pattern (if you don't know, click here for ID help). Start browsing our huge selection of over 400,000 patterns!

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All "J" Silver Manufacturers

Manufacturer Product Type
J & G Piercy Silver
J & I Cox Silver
J A Campbell Silver
J A Moller Silver
J A T Krause Silver
J B Chatterly & Sons Silver
J B Mcfadden & Son Silver
J B Silver Co Silver
J Barber & W North Silver
J Bowman Silver
J C Boardman & Co Silver
J C Hanna Silver
J Cockburn Silver
J Conning Silver
J E Caldwell Silver
J E Ellis & Co Silver
J E Spear Silver
J F Fradley & Co Silver
J F Kohler Silver
J G Gehring & Sons Silver
J Goldin (Plymouth) Silver
J Goldstein Silver
J H Johnston & Co Silver
J Heath &J Middleton Silver
J J Sweeney Jewelry Silver
J Karrisons Silver
J L Silverplate Silver
J L Yoder Silver
J M Henwood & Co Silver
J M Van Kempen Silver
J Mansen Silver
J Meredith & Son Silver
J Peterman Flatware Silver
J R Hudson Silver
J R Reed & Co Silver
J R Wendt & Co Silver
J S Botsford Silver
J S D Silver
J S Macdonald Silver
J Stevenston & Son Silver
J T Inman Silver
J T Young Silver
J Torres (Mexico) Silver
J Tostrup (Norway) Silver
J W Cusack Silver
J W Mealy & Co Silver
J Weiss & Sons Silver
J Wetherell & Son Silver
J Whipple & Co Silver
J Wiss & Sons Silver
J Wittlig & Sons Silver
J. A. Brown & Co. Silver
J. A. Clark Silver
J. B. Landry Silver
J. Fries Silver
J. Garrison Silver
J. Gloster Ltd Silver
J. Karr Silver
J. Kirkham Silver
J. M. Freeman & Son Silver
J. Mckay Silver
J. Perez Ruiz Silver
J. Rogers&Co. Silver
J. Wagner & Son Inc Silver
J.O. & W.M. Pitkin Silver
J.Parker&E Wakelin Silver
J.Sutton/J.Bult Silver
Jabez Gorham & Son Silver
Jackson & Fullerton Silver
Jaclyn Smith-Flatware Silver
Jacob G. Lansing Silver
Jacob Sargeant Silver
Jacob Stockman Silver
Jacobi & Jenkins Silver
Jacques Quesnel Sr Silver
Jacques Quesnel Srjr Silver
Jaeger Bros Silver
Jager Silver
James Allan & Co Silver
James Andrew Horne Silver
James Barrett Silver
James Deakin & Sons Silver
James Decker Silver
James Dixon & Sons Silver
James Duffel Silver
James E Spear Silver
James E. Blake Co Silver
James E. H. Wallin Silver
James Erskine Silver
James Godfrey Hanna Silver
James H Hart Silver
James Hill Silver
James Hine Silver
James Howden & Co. Silver
James Kenzie Silver
James Lewis & Sons Silver
James Lodge Silver
James M Ford Silver
James M Shaw Silver
James Madison Barrow Silver
James Mix Jr Silver
James Monroe Badger Silver
James Munroe Silver
James P. Steele Silver
James Payne Silver
James Peters Silver
James Peters & Co Silver
James R Armiger Silver
James Robinson Silver
James Ryals & Co Silver
James Sanders Silver
James Tufts Silver
James Vancourt Silver
James Watts Silver Silver
James Wintle Silver
James Wright Silver
Jamie Lynn Silver
Japan Flatware Silver
Jared L. Moore & Co Silver
Jas K Lemons & Son Silver
Jas Ramsay Silver
Jaune De Chrome Silver Silver
Jb & Sm Knowles Silver Silver
Jb France Silver
Jbs Silver
Jc Penney Flatware Silver
Jean Boggio Flatware Silver
Jean Claude Silver
Jean Dubost-France Silver
Jean Grandvigne Silver
Jean Granvigne Silver
Jefferson Silverplat Silver
Jeffrey R Brackett Silver
Jehu & W.L. Ward Co Silver
Jehu Williams Sr. Silver
Jenkins & Jenkins Silver
Jennings & Lander Silver
Jennings Silver Co Silver
Jens Andersen Silver
Jens Nielsen Randers Silver
Jens Sigsgaard Silver
Jensen, Svend Flatware Silver
Jernbolaget Silver
Jesse G Baldwin Silver
Jesse Kip Silver
Jewelry Co. Silver
Jezler Silver
Jf&Co Silver
Joel Sayre Silver
Johann Ludwig Meyer Silver
John &William Deakin Silver
John A Prip Silver
John Adam Silver
John Aldwinckle & Ja Silver
John B Ginochio Silver
John B. Scott Silver
John Batt&Co Silver
John Benjamin Silver
John Biggin Silver
John Blake Silver
John C Farr Silver
John C Stedman Silver
John Carrow Silver
John Chandler Moore Silver
John Clark Blackman Silver
John Cook Silver
John Corbett Silver
John Cox & Co Silver
John D Hewson Silver
John David Jr. Silver
John F. Norton Silver
John Faux Silver
John Federhen Silver
John Federhen Jr. Silver
John Foster Ii Silver
John Gear Silver
John Gilbert Silver
John H Tyler & Co Silver
John H Welsh Silver
John Harrison Silver
John Hatch Cheadell Silver
John Heath Silver
John Henry Potter Silver
John Heron Silver
John Holland Silver
John J. Low & Co. Silver
John Jackson Silver
John Keith Silver
John L Westervelt Silver
John Lambe Silver
John Lampe(Y) Silver
John Lampy Silver
John Lamson Silver
John Le Gallais Silver
John Lynch Silver
John M Beasley Silver
John Matthew Miksch Silver
John Mcmullin Silver
John Mewburn Silver
John Millward Banks Silver
John Moir Silver
John Muir Jr. Silver
John Newton Mappin Silver
John O Bellis Silver
John O. Mead Silver
John Pinches Ltd Silver
John Pittar Silver
John Pittman Silver
John Polhamus Silver
John Polhemus Silver
John Pontus Petterso Silver
John Pope Genge Silver
John Primble Silver
John R Wendt & Co Silver
John Rich Silver
John Roberts& Co Silver
John Round&Son, Ltd Silver
John S Putnam Silver
John Sanderson & Son Silver
John Seymour-England Silver
John Sherwood & Sons Silver
John Stewart Silver
John T Fox Silver
John T. Crew Silver
John Turton & Co Ltd Silver
John Vogler Silver
John W Paxton Silver
John W Reddall Silver
John W Tucker Silver
John Wanamaker Silver
John Ward Gethen Silver
John Werley/W.Forbes Silver
John Wigfall & Co Silver
John Y. Savage Silver
John&Henry Lias Silver
Johnson & Godley Silver
Jonas&George Bowen Silver
Jonathan Almy Silver
Jonathan Chambers Silver
Jonathan Davenport Silver
Jonathan Hayne Silver
Jonelle Silver
Jones & Hutton Silver
Jones, Ball & Poor Silver
Jones, Lows & Ball Silver
Jones, Shreve, Brown Silver
Jose Marmolejo Silver
Josef Hoffman Silver
Josef Strauss Silver
Joseph Abboud Silver Silver
Joseph Anthony Silver
Joseph Barton Silver
Joseph Blake Thaxter Silver
Joseph Blauvelt Silver
Joseph Clarico Silver
Joseph Clark Silver
Joseph Draper Silver
Joseph Fenton & Sons Silver
Joseph Gilbert Silver
Joseph J. Dallaway Silver
Joseph Jackson Silver
Joseph M Freeman Silver
Joseph M. Moultoniii Silver
Joseph Mayer (Engla) Silver
Joseph Mayer (Usa) Silver
Joseph Raynes Silver
Joseph Rodgers Silver
Joseph Rodgers &Sons Silver
Joseph Seymour Silver
Joseph Seymour & Co. Silver
Joseph Shoemaker Silver
Joseph T. Rice Silver
Joseph W Boyd Silver
Joseph&Albert Savory Silver
Joshua George Davis Silver
Joshua Maxfield&Son Silver
Josiah Williams & Co Silver
Jostens Pewter Silver
Juarez (Mexican) Silver
Judson Silver
Jul Hollister-Holist Silver
Juliska Flatware Silver
Julius Herz Silver
Julius Lemor Silver
Jumbo Silver
Jurst Silver
Just Andersen Silver
Justinus Silver
Justis Silver
Justis & Armiger Silver
Juvenile Silverplate Silver
Juvento Lopez Reyes Silver

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