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W & S Blackinton Co W A Bolin W B Larmour W B Mfg Co (See Weidlich) W B Studley W Bingham W C Graves & Bro W D Perrine W D Sterling W F Bissing W H Mortimer W H Saart Co W H Wriggins W J Kelley W J Morris W J Myatt & Co. Ltd W M Saxton W Moir W Moulton (See William Moulton) W N Root & Brother W P Carruthers W P Jones W Pearce W S Taylor W Silver Plate W W Cassidy W W Harrison W W Wattles & Sons W. A. Italy W. A. Liddon W. Bell & Co W. C. Smith W. Carrington & Co. W. D. Wilson W. Leonard & Horace E. Pitkin W. M. Dalton (See Stanley Roberts) W. Wise W.W. Wilson WA Silver (Shfld) Wakely & Wheeler Walbusch Walco Walcott (Wolcott) & Gelston Waldhaus Walker & Hall Wallace Wallace Bros (See Wallace) Wallco Sectional Wallin Wallingford Wallingford (See Wallace) Walt Disney Productions Walter & John Barnar Walter (Will) Pearce (See W Pearce) Walter H Willson Walter M Pitkin Walter S Brower Walter Thornhill Walter Trickett Waltham Silver Co Wang Hing & Co Ward Bennett Ward Bennett (See Sasaki) Wards (See Oneida) Waring Warner Warren Warren Prior Warrin Warrington Warwick Warwick Sterling Co. Washington Forge Washington McDonough Root Watchund Watchung Waterford Watrous Watson Watson Leverett Hoskins Wattles & Sheafer Wayne Silver Co Wbm Sheffield WBW Flatware Wc Dorrety-Boston WD Smith Silver Wear Brite (See Grand Silver Company) Web Silver Webb C Ball Webber & Hill Webster Webster Wilcox (See Intl Silver) Wedgwood Weichardt Weidlich Weidlich Bros Mfg Co Weinranck & Schmidt Welby, David & John
Weldan Welling Ware Wellner Wello (See Wellner) Wello Chrom (See Wellner) Wells & Day Welsh & Bro Wendell Wendell & Hyman Wendell & Roberts Wendell Auguste Wesley Wesley Forge Wessell West Bend (See Oneida) West Bend Aluminum West Creation West Elm Westminster Westmorland Silver Wetzlar Wexford Forge Wh Glenny Sons &Co WH Wahl Wheat & Hancher (See C N Hancher) Wheel & Barrow Wheelock Whispering Winds Fine Pewter Whitby White Rock Silver Whiting & Davis Whiting Division Whole Home Wiener Silberschmiede Werkstatte Wilber & Tyler Wilbert Terry Wilcox & Eversten Wilcox & Wagoner Wilcox Silverplate Wilheim Ludwig Wilhelm Seibel Wilhem Binder Wilkens William & Geo Sisson (See William & George Sisson) William & George Sissons William A Williams William Adams William Adams (Coin) William Adams (See Towle) William Aitken William Bayley William Briggs & Co William Brown William C. Finck Co. William C. Little William Carrington William Chawner William Chawner II William Coghill William Coley William Comyns&Sons William Cripps William Cummings William Devenport William Eaton William Eley & William Fearn William F Ladd William Faber William Fessenden William Frantz & Co William Gale William Gale & Son WILLIAM GALE, JR. William Gallimore William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman William Giffing, Jr. William H Ewan William H Kimberly William H Purdy & Leonard C Peters William H White William H Williams & Son William Hannay William Huertin William I. Tenney William Jamieson William Kendrick William Ker Reid William Kermath William Law William Lawler William Mammat & Son William Mammatt William Mannerback William Mitchell William Mitchell Jr. William Moir William Moulton William Nagel
William Neale&Sons William Nost Co William Page William Pendleton Burdick William Platt William Pratt William Robert Smily William Roberts Silv William Robinson William Rogers William Rogers & Son William Rouse William S Nichols William S. Morgan William Sheppee William Simpkins William Southey William Sudell William Tay& Sons William Theobalds William Trees William Turner Gale & Co. William Tyler William W Willard William W. Gilbert William Ward Jr William Welch (See Ginkgo) William Welch (See Studio William) William Yates William Yeoward Williams & Victor Williams Bros Williams-Sonoma Williamsburg Coll (See Reed & Barton) Willow House Wilmot Manufacturing Wilton Armetale Wilton House Wimco Winco Windsor (Chile) Wingen Winnipeg Silver Co Winterthur Winthrop Winzen Stainless Wirths Witton Witzel & Pafenbach Wiwen Nilsson Wm & Peter Bateman Wm B Kerr Wm Coalter Paxton Wm Dalton (See Oneida) Wm H Rogers Wm Hayes Wm Henry Johnson Wm Hutton & Sons Wm Kendricks & Sons Wm Schulz (See Schulz & Fischer) Wm Turner(Sheffield) Wm Wilson & Son Wm Wise & Co Wm. Canfield & Son Wm. R. Elfers Co Wm.R.Tice WMF Flatware WNK (See Worthy, Noble & Kent (WNK)) Wolfenden Silver Co Wolfers Freres Wolff Wolfgang Puck Wood & Hughes Wood Dale Wood Rose Silver Plate Wood, Bicknell & Potter Woodbury Pewterers Woodman-Cook Co Woodside Sterling Co Woodward & Lothrop Woolrich Worcester Worden-Munnis Co.Inc World Brand World Crisa World Market World Stainless World Tableware Worthy, Noble & Kent (WNK) WR Keystone (See Oneida) Wrenchware Wright, Kay & Co WT (See World Tableware) WT International (See Intl Silver) Wusthof-Dreizack Wyle & Loghead Württembergische Met (See Wmf Flatware)