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Replacements, Ltd.
Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)


Although the majority of our featured pets are dogs, there are exceptional cats that deserve their close-ups, too! This month we feature two felines, “Mr. Kitten” and “Lilibet,” owned by Caroline Veno, an Internet Services Associate in the Internet Services Department at Replacements, Ltd. 

Mr. Kitten, who has just celebrated his fourteenth birthday at Caroline's house, is the son of “ Chessie.” “If ever a cat thought he was a dog, Mr. Kitten is it,” Caroline said. “He grew up wearing a halter and being walked on a leash when he resided in an apartment complex with strict leash rules. His best friends were dogs in the apartment complex, and even today he has never met a dog he wasn't curious in sniffing!”

Mr. Kitten likes to loll on the front porch in the summer while Caroline waters flowers nearby. But he is quick to give her the slip and go on a "walkabout" until he gets carried back home. Thus, Mr. Kitten's nickname is "Columbus" – after the famous explorer. Mr. Kitten must be carried in a peculiar manner, because he has never appreciated being cuddled in arms like most ordinary cats. “Pick him up the normal way and risk being slashed with razor-sharp claws!” said Caroline. An experienced veterinarian taught Caroline the trick of carrying Mr. Kitten – on her hip like a sack of potatoes. His favorite pastimes include being brushed (hourly, if possible), and carrying a "mousie" toy around in the middle of the night, accompanied by caterwauls of exuberance.

Mr. Kitten's companion, along with Chessie and “ Sammie,” is Lilibet. Eight years ago, Caroline found Lilibet hiding under a car in the wee morning hours. “She was malnourished and no more than eight weeks old,” Caroline said. Of course, Caroline rescued her, took her to the vet for a checkup, and brought her home to fatten her up. Within two days, Lilibet established herself as Queen Bee of the household, and she has been in charge ever since. Caroline figures Lilibet was born around the time she went on vacation to London, so the name Lilibet was given to this tiny waif (“Lilibet” is the nickname of Queen Elizabeth II). This once tiny, scared kitten has blossomed into a beautiful ten-plus pound, long-haired cat who rules all within her domain (humans included). 

Her best friend, and on and off boyfriend, is Sammie (all 4 cats are spayed or neutered). “Lilibet loves to give Sammie baths and flirts with him until he chases her,” Caroline said. “Lilibet's one challenge is she is terrified of strangers – meaning practically anyone who doesn't live in my house.” So don't expect to see the “The Bettie” if you visit; she prefers the privacy and seclusion of her realm. 

When asked about Replacements, Ltd. and its pet friendly policy, Caroline said, “The focus on pets at Replacements is a company benefit that cannot be measured by monetary value.” Over the fifteen years she has worked at Replacements, Caroline has enjoyed all the dogs (and a few cats and rabbits) that have come and gone as part of the Replacements family. “It has been a pleasure to work with and get to know the pets and pet owners here," Caroline said. "I look forward to seeing the pets that come to work in my department every day. It definitely puts a gentler, compassionate spin on the workplace. I think Replacements, Ltd. is tops in letting us bring pets to work every day."


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