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Replacements, Ltd.
Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)


“The saying ‘dogs have masters and cats have staff’ is so true at our house,” said Karen Ash, an inventory specialist at Replacements Ltd.  According to Karen, her cats “Sasha” and “Zoe” have her and her husband trained very well. “They are both very insistent about what they want,” Karen said. “I don’t need an alarm clock because the ‘tummy’ alarms go off at the same time every morning, with a lot of squawking and licking!”

Sasha, who is ten years old, and Zoe, who is six, both came to Karen from other Replacements employees. Being older, Sasha likes to spend her time lounging in a sunny window or in one of her beds. Her favorite time of year is when it is cold enough for the fireplace to be on, so she can be front and center. “Sasha is very chatty, and will give you a piece of her mind if you talk to her,” Karen said. Sasha is a lap cat when she’s in the mood – a mood which usually strikes whenever Karen is reading the paper or on her laptop. “She will paw my arm or poke me with her nose to get me to pay attention to her instead of whatever I’m looking at.” 

Zoe is the “baby” of Karen’s family, and a bundle of energy. “When she was small, she would run up trees, curtains, screens, whatever!” Karen said. “She is too big for those sorts of things now, but she still looks like a cartoon cat when she runs around the house and up the stairs.”  Zoe likes to spend her time in the sunroom doing what Karen refers to as “yard surveillance.”  “We have a large wooded area behind our house that is home to deer, fox, raccoons, a groundhog, and lots of birds,” Karen said. “Zoe will sit in the window for hours and chatter at the birds, waiting to see what comes. She takes after Sasha in the ‘chatty’ department, and will talk back to us too.” Karen said even though Zoe is six years old, she still does a lot of silly kittenish things, like scattering the newspapers off the coffee table, riding in the laundry basket when Karen takes it up or down the stairs, and chasing her tiny toy mice across the wood floors.

Karen said, “Both Sasha and Zoe greet us when we come home at night and hang out with us, watching TV. My husband used to be more of a dog person, but when we got our first two cats, “Vlad” and “Mo,” he was won over. Now, Sasha and Zoe are the little queen and princess at our house!”

Since they prefer their days to be full of sun, quiet, and lounging, Karen doesn’t bring Sasha and Zoe to work, but there are plenty of little heads to pet around here! When asked about the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Karen said, “We get to see other employees’ pets, and some customers’ pets too. It puts a smile in your day!”

When asked about working at Replacements in general, Karen said, “I have been here at Replacements for seventeen years, and while a lot of things have changed along the way, we have held on to our sense of ‘family.’ It has been a great place to work.”

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