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Replacements, Ltd.
Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)


"Kitty Cat" and "Whitney" live with Jess Tucker, a business analyst/software developer in the information services department at Replacements, Ltd. Jess found a four-week-old Kitty Cat in a very surprising place – “One afternoon when I was home early from work, I heard a muffled mewing sound,” Jess said. “I searched everywhere only to find that the sound was coming from the wall in between my neighbor’s apartment and mine. I asked the next door neighbor about the sound, but he said he didn’t have any pets and had no idea what I was talking about. I called the apartment’s maintenance crew, who said they would be there soon.”

When the maintenance men arrived, they cut a hole in the wall at the top of the stairs where the mewing was coming from. Inside they discovered a tiny, blue-eyed, tuxedo-colored kitten who had somehow managed to get trapped in the wall! Jess said, “He kept mewing, but sunk back in the wall too far for us to reach. So another hole was cut – unfortunately he was still too far away to grab him without surely hurting him.” Jess attempted to lure him out with aromatic foods, like tuna, but to no avail. “After thirty minutes of waiting for the cat to come out, I took a reach of faith deep into the stuffing in the wall. I found the area on his chest in between his front legs, locked my fingers behind them, and pulled out a dusty kitten!” Jess said.

Jess wanted to make sure the cat was OK, but was unsure if he was going to keep him. So, he decided to keep him for a week, during which time he intentionally did not name him. “Well, when the week was up I obviously was going to keep him,” Jess said, “but no names stuck other than Kitty Cat, which is what I had been calling him all week.”

According to Jess, Kitty Cat enjoys trying to trip people by rubbing between their legs in a figure-eight pattern while they are walking. He also is a great house alarm – any time someone comes inside the house his “kitty alarm” goes off for about five minutes, during which time he yowls loudly (usually while doing the previously mentioned figure eight at someone’s feet!). “He also enjoys poking any exposed hand or foot, or sometimes even my face, while I’m sleeping,” Jess said. Kitty Cat is also great at finding noisy things in the middle of the night, such as plastic wrap in the trash, a milk cap on the bathroom tile, or a bag that he just has to climb inside. “By far, though, his favorite thing to do is throw himself against the wall while chasing a laser pointer,” Jess said. “He can jump almost to the top of the doorway to attack it!”

Jess’s other cat is “Whitney,” another tuxedo cat like Kitty Cat. “I adopted Whitney from a friend,” Jess said. “Her original owner was kicked out of his house and moved into a place that didn’t allow pets, so a mutual friend took care of her. After many months the original owner abandoned Whitney, so I told our mutual friend I would take her.”

When Jess took Whitney home, he was concerned about introducing her to a new house, as well as to Kitty Cat, so he put her carrier in the garage, opened the carrier door, and left her alone for a few minutes. “When I came back she was behind the trash can,” Jess said. “As soon as we made eye contact she started purring, but she would just not come out for me. So I left the inside garage door open, went upstairs, and let her be. After some time she crept upstairs with her tail in between her legs and started getting acquainted with her new home.”

Jess has had Whitney for about two years. According to him, she loves attention, and will purr all day long. However, she does not like to be confined – even rubbing her on both sides of her body makes her anxious – and she does not like being picked up. “She has a small tear on her left ear from before I got her, and she has a malformed toe on her back right foot,” Jess said. “It appears that the two middle toes grew together into one toe with only one claw between them, but I don’t believe she knows the difference.”

Whitney enjoys sleeping on Jess’s clothes or on his neatly folded blankets. She also enjoys begging for food, and anything that requires a can opener must have something tasty inside. “When I’m getting ready for work in the morning if I call her she will waddle in the bedroom and jump up on my bed. Then, if I’m within her reach, she will try and pull my hand towards her with her paw so I will pet her. She also enjoys sitting in a window and chirping or clicking at birds, leaves, and other cats outside. Above all she enjoys demanding attention and head-butting my laptop if I’m on it instead of attending to her!”

When asked what he liked most about the Replacements, Ltd. pet-friendly policy, Jess said, “I don’t bring in my cats, but I like how pets positively affect the way their owners feel as well as anyone they interact with.” Asked about Replacements, Ltd. in general, Jess said, “Replacements, Ltd. has been great. I have been here only four months, yet nearly everyone I meet has been here for 10-plus years, and they all are so enthusiastic about their work. I hope that I also can be so enthusiastic once I too have been here 10-plus years!”


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