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Royal Doulton Figurine - Replacements Ltd.
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Copyright Information
Item#: 15171 --- Manufacturer Status: Active

Pattern: Royal Doulton Figurine, Figurine [CO RDMISF]    

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ROYAL DOULTON Royal Doulton Figurine STOCK


The pieces below are not in stock, but were made for this pattern. In many cases, we are actively searching for these items.
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Qty Code Piece Name (if piece name is blue, click for image) Style MSRP Price Each  

0 NB1169 The Crinoline-Yellow - No Box Nb1169 HN21A
0 BX1170 The Lavender Woman-Lt Blue - With Box Bx1170 HN22
0 NB1170 The Lavender Woman-Lt Blue - No Box Nb1170 HN22
0 BX1171 The Lavender Woman-Green - With Box Bx1171 HN23
0 NB1171 The Lavender Woman-Green - No Box Nb1171 HN23
0 BX1172 The Lavender Woman - With Box Bx1172 HN23A
0 NB1172 The Lavender Woman - No Box Nb1172 HN23A
0 BX1173 Sleep - With Box Bx1173 HN24
0 NB1173 Sleep - No Box Nb1173 HN24
0 BX1174 Sleep - With Box Bx1174 HN24A
0 NB1174 Sleep - No Box Nb1174 HN24A
0 BX1175 Sleep - With Box Bx1175 HN25
0 NB1175 Sleep - No Box Nb1175 HN25
0 BX1176 The Diligent Scholar - With Box Bx1176 HN26
0 NB1176 The Diligent Scholar - No Box Nb1176 HN26
0 BX1177 Madonna Of The Square - With Box Bx1177 HN27
0 NB1177 Madonna Of The Square - No Box Nb1177 HN27
0 BX1178 Motherhood - With Box Bx1178 HN28
0 NB1178 Motherhood - No Box Nb1178 HN28
0 BX1179 The Sleepy Scholar - With Box Bx1179 HN29
0 NB1179 The Sleepy Scholar - No Box Nb1179 HN29
0 BX1180 Motherhood - With Box Bx1180 HN30
0 NB1180 Motherhood - No Box Nb1180 HN30
0 BX1181 The Return Of Persephone - With Box Bx1181 HN31
0 NB1181 The Return Of Persephone - No Box Nb1181 HN31
0 BX1182 Child On Crab - With Box Bx1182 HN32
0 NB1182 Child On Crab - No Box Nb1182 HN32
0 BX1183 An Arab - With Box Bx1183 HN33
0 NB1183 An Arab - No Box Nb1183 HN33
0 BX1184 A Moorish Minstrel - With Box Bx1184 HN34
0 NB1184 A Moorish Minstrel - No Box Nb1184 HN34
0 BX1185 Charlies Aunt - With Box Bx1185 HN35
0 NB1185 Charlies Aunt - No Box Nb1185 HN35
0 BX1186 The Sentimental Pierrot - With Box Bx1186 HN36
0 NB1186 The Sentimental Pierrot - No Box Nb1186 HN36
0 BX1187 The Coquette - With Box Bx1187 HN37
0 NB1187 The Coquette - No Box Nb1187 HN37
0 BX1188 The Carpet Vendor - With Box Bx1188 HN38
0 NB1188 The Carpet Vendor - No Box Nb1188 HN38
0 BX1189 The Carpet Vendor - With Box Bx1189 HN38A
0 NB1189 The Carpet Vendor - No Box Nb1189 HN38A
0 BX1190 Myfanwy Jones - With Box Bx1190 HN39
0 NB1190 Myfanwy Jones - No Box Nb1190 HN39
0 BX1191 A Lady Of The Elizabethan Per - With Box Bx1191 HN40
0 NB1191 A Lady Of The Elizabethan Per - No Box Nb1191 HN40
0 BX1192 A Lady Of The Elizabethan Per - With Box Bx1192 HN40A
0 NB1192 A Lady Of The Elizabethan Per - No Box Nb1192 HN40A
0 BX1193 A Lady Of The Georgian Period - With Box Bx1193 HN41
0 NB1193 A Lady Of The Georgian Period - No Box Nb1193 HN41
0 BX1194 Robert Burns - With Box Bx1194 HN42
0 NB1194 Robert Burns - No Box Nb1194 HN42
0 BX1195 Woman Of The Time Of Henry 8th - With Box Bx1195 HN43
0 NB1195 Woman Of The Time Of Henry 8th - No Box Nb1195 HN43
0 BX1196 A Lilac Shawl-Cream/Blue - With Box Bx1196 HN44
0 NB1196 A Lilac Shawl-Cream/Blue - No Box Nb1196 HN44
0 BX1197 A Lilac Shawl--Whi/Lilac - With Box Bx1197 HN44A
0 NB1197 A Lilac Shawl-Whi/Lilac - No Box Nb1197 HN44A
0 BX1198 A Jester-Blk/White - With Box Bx1198 HN45
0 NB1198 A Jester-Blk/White - No Box Nb1198 HN45
0 BX1199 A Jester-Green/White - With Box Bx1199 HN45A
0 NB1199 A Jester-Green/White - No Box Nb1199 HN45A
0 BX1200 A Jester-Red/White - With Box Bx1200 HN45B
0 NB1200 A Jester-Red/White - No Box Nb1200 HN45B
0 BX1201 The Gainsborough Hat-Lavende - With Box Bx1201 HN46
0 NB1201 The Gainsborough Hat-Lavender - No Box Nb1201 HN46
0 BX1202 The Gainsborough Hat-Lav/Blk - With Box Bx1202 HN46A
0 NB1202 The Gainsborough Hat-Lav/Blk - No Box Nb1202 HN46A
0 BX1203 The Gainsborough Hat-Green - With Box Bx1203 HN47
0 NB1203 The Gainsborough Hat-Green - No Box Nb1203 HN47
0 BX1204 Lady Of The Fan-Lavender - With Box Bx1204 HN48
0 NB1204 Lady Of The Fan-Lavender - No Box Nb1204 HN48
0 BX1205 Lady With Rose-Cream/Orange - With Box Bx1205 HN48A
0 NB1205 Lady With Rose-Cream/Orange - No Box Nb1205 HN48A
0 BX1206 Under The Gosseberry Bush - With Box Bx1206 HN49
0 NB1206 Under The Gooseberry Bush - No Box Nb1206 HN49
0 BX1207 A Spook-Green Robe/Blk Cap - With Box Bx1207 HN50
0 NB1207 A Spook-Green Robe/Blk Cap - No Box Nb1207 HN50
0 BX1208 A Spook-Green/Red Cap - With Box Bx1208 HN51
0 NB1208 A Spook-Green/Red Cap - No Box Nb1208 HN51
0 BX1209 A Spook-Green/Black Cap - With Box Bx1209 HN51A
0 NB1209 A Spook-Green/Black Cap - No Box Nb1209 HN51A
0 BX1210 A Spook-Blue/Red Cap - With Box Bx1210 HN51B
0 NB1210 A Spook-Blue/Red Cap - No Box Nb1210 HN51B
0 BX1211 Lady Of The Fan-Green - With Box Bx1211 HN52
0 NB1211 Lady Of The Fan-Green - No Box Nb1211 HN52
0 BX1212 Lady With Rose-Yellow - With Box Bx1212 HN52A
0 NB1212 Lady With Rose-Yellow - No Box Nb1212 HN52A
0 BX1213 Lady Of The Fan-Dk. Purple - With Box Bx1213 HN53
0 NB1213 Lady Of The Fan-Dk. Purple - No Box Nb1213 HN53
0 BX1214 Lady Of The Fan-Green - With Box Bx1214 HN53A
0 NB1214 Lady Of The Fan-Green - No Box Nb1214 HN53A
0 BX1215 The Ermine Muff - With Box Bx1215 HN54
0 NB1215 The Ermine Muff - No Box Nb1215 HN54
0 BX1216 A Jester-Black/Lavender - With Box Bx1216 HN55
0 NB1216 A Jester-Black/Lavender - No Box Nb1216 HN55
0 BX1217 The Land Of Nod-Ivory/Green - With Box Bx1217 HN56
0 NB1217 The Land Of Nod-Ivory/Green - No Box Nb1217 HN56
0 BX1218 The Land Of Nod-Grey/Green - With Box Bx1218 HN56A
0 NB1218 The Land Of Nod-Grey/Green - No Box Nb1218 HN56A
0 BX1219 The Land Of Nod-Grey/Red - With Box Bx1219 HN56B

Due to the large number of pieces in this pattern, we've divided it into multiple pages.
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