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City Plates - Replacements Ltd.
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Copyright Information
Item#: 15727 --- Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Circa: 1940 -

Pattern: City Plates, Plate [CO VEKMISPCITY]    

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Qty Code Piece Name (if piece name is blue, click for image) Style MSRP Price Each  

1 AR2R Little Rock Arkansas-Red - No Box-Arkansas Motif 2-Red RED $15.99
1 GA6R Warm Springs Georgia-Red - No Box-Georgia Motif 6-Red RED $15.99
1 GA6B Warm Springs Georgia-Blue - No Box-Georgia Motif 6-Blue BLUE $17.99
1 IL2R Chicago Illinois-Red - No Box-Illinois Motif 2-Red RED $15.99
1 IL3R Dwight Illinois-Red - No Box-Illinois Motif 3-Red RED $15.99

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Qty Code Piece Name (if piece name is blue, click for image) Style MSRP Price Each  

0 AL1B Birmingham Alabama-Blue - No Box-Alabama Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 AL1R Birmingham Alabama-Red - No Box-Alabama Motif 1-Red RED
0 AL2R Mobile Alabama-Red - No Box-Alabama Motif 2-Red RED
0 AL3B Huntsville Alabama-Blue - No Box-Alabama Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 AL3R Huntsville Alabama-Red - No Box-Alabama Motif 3-Red RED
0 AL4BR Tuscaloosa Alabama-Brown - No Box-Alabama Motif 4-Brown BROWN
0 AZ1B Tombstone Arizona-Blue - No Box-Arizona Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 AZ1BR Tombstone Arizona-Brown - No Box-Arizona Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 AZ2BR Flagstaff Arizona-Brown - No Box-Arizona Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 AZ3R Mesa Arizona-Red - No Box-Arizona Motif 3-Red RED
0 AZ4BR Douglas Arizona-Brown - No Box-Arizona Motif 4-Brown BLUE
0 AZ5B Prescott Arizona-Blue - No Box-Arizona Motif 5-Blue BLUE
0 AZ6BR Williams Arizona-Brown - No Box-Arizona Motif 6-Brown BROWN
0 AR1B Little Rock Arkansas-Blue - No Box-Arkansas Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 AR1BR Little Rock Arkansas-Brown - No Box-Arkansas Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 AR2B Little Rock Arkansas-Blue - No Box-Arkansas Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 NBCA San Francisco-Fisherman's Warf - California, No Box BLUE
0 CA1B Hollywood California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 CA1R Hollywood California-Red - No Box-California Motif 1-Red RED
0 CA2B Long Beach California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 CA2R Long Beach California-Red - No Box-California Motif 2-Red RED
0 CA3B Los Angeles California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 CA3R Los Angeles California-Red - No Box-California Motif 3-Red RED
0 CA3MC Los Angeles California-Multi - No Box-California Motif 3-Multi MULTI-COLOR
0 CA4B La Jolla California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 4-Blue BLUE
0 CA5B Old Monterey California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 5-Blue BLUE
0 CA5R Old Monterey California-Red - No Box-California Motif 5-Red RED
0 CA6R Palm Springs California-Red - No Box-California Motif 6-Red RED
0 CA6BR Palm Springs California-Brown - No Box-California Motif 6-Brown BROWN
0 CA6MC Palm Springs California-Multi - No Box-California Motif 6-Multi MULTI COLOR
0 CA7MC Oceanside California-Multi - No Box-California Motif 7-Mult MULTI COLOR
0 CA8R San Bernardino California-Red - No Box-California Motif 8-Red RED
0 CA9B San Diego California-Blue - No Box-California Motif 9-Blue BLUE
0 CA9R San Diego California-Red - No Box-California Motif 9-Red RED
0 CA10B Sacramento California-Blue - No Box-California Motif10-Blue BLUE
0 CA10BR Sacramento California-Brown - No Box-California Motif10-Brown BROWN
0 CA11B San Francisco-Blue - No Box-California Motif11-Blue BLUE
0 CA11R San Francisco-Red - No Box-California Motif11-Red RED
0 CA12R San Jose California-Red - No Box-California Motif12-Red RED
0 CA13B San Pedro California-Blue - No Box-California Motif13-Blue BLUE
0 CA14R Santa Anita California - No Box-California Motif14-Red RED
0 CA15R Santa Barbara California-Red - No Box-California Motif15-Red RED
0 CA16BR Santa Cruz California-Brown - No Box-California Motif16-Brown BROWN
0 CA17R Santa Rosa California-Red - No Box-California Motif17-Red RED
0 CA18B Sonoma California-Blue - No Box-California Motif18-Blue BLUE
0 CA18R Sonoma California-Red - No Box-California Motif18-Red RED
0 CA18BR Sonoma California-Brown - No Box-California Motif18-Brown BROWN
0 CA19B Vallejo California-Blue - No Box-California Motif19-Blue BLUE
0 CA19R Vallejo California-Red - No Box-California Motif19-Red RED
0 CA20BR Turlock California-Brown - No Box-California Motif20-Brown BROWN
0 CA21B Watsonville California-Blue - No Box-California Motif21-Blue BLUE
0 CA21R Watsonville California-Red - No Box-California Motif21-Red RED
0 CA21BR Watsonville California-Brown - No Box-California Motif21-Brown BROWN
0 CA22BR Laguna Beach, California - No Box-California Motif 22-Brown BROWN
0 CO1B Colorado Springs Colorado-Blue - No Box-Colorado Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 CO2B Colorado Springs-Blue - No Box-Colorado Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 CO1R Colorado Springs Colorado-Red - No Box-Colorado Motif 1-Red RED
0 CO2R Colorado Springs Colorado-Red - No Box-Colorado Motif 2-Red RED
0 CO3R Denver Colorado-Red - No Box-Colorado Motif 3-Red RED
0 CO3BR Denver Colorado-Brown - No Box-Colorado Motif 3-Brown BROWN
0 CO4R Estes Park California-Red - No Box-Colorado Motif 4-Red RED
0 CO5B Loveland Colorado-Blue - No Box-Colorado Motif 5-Blue BLUE
0 CO5R Loveland Colorado-Red - No Box-Colorado Motif 5-Red RED
0 FL1R Key West Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 1-Red RED
0 FL2B Miami Florida-Blue - No Box-Florida Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 FL2R Miami Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 2-Red RED
0 FL3R Miami Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 3-Red
0 FL3B Pensacola Florida-Blue - No Box-Florida Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 FL3BR Pensacola Florida-Brown - No Box-Florida Motif 3-Brown BROWN
0 FL4B St Augustine Florida-Blue - No Box-Florida Motif 4-Blue BLUE
0 FL4R St Augustine Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 4-Red RED
0 FL4BR St Augustine Florida-Brown - No Box-Florida Motif 4-Brown BROWN
0 FL5R Tallahasse Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 5-Red RED
0 FL6R Tampa Florida-Red - No Box-Florida Motif 6-Red RED
0 FL7R Sarasota & Bradenton Florida-R - No Box-Florida Motif 7-Red RED
0 FL8B Miami Florida - No Box-Florida Motif 8/Blue BLUE
0 GA1R Atlanta Georgia-Red Davison Pa - No Box-Georgia Motif 1-Red RED
0 GA1B Atlanta Georgia-Blue Davison P - No Box-Georgia Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 GA1BR Atlanta Georgia-Brown Davison - No Box-Georgia Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 GA2B Atlanta Georgia-Blue Rich's - No Box-Georgia Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 GA3R Savannah Georgia-Red - No Box-Georgia Motif 3-Red RED
0 GA3BR Savannah Georgia-Brown - No Box-Georgia Motif 3-Brown BROWN
0 GA4B Fort Benning Georgia-Blue - No Box-Georgia Motif 4-Blue BLUE
0 GA5R Macon Georgia-Red - No Box-Georgia Motif 5-Red RED
0 IL1B Chicago Illinois-Blue - No Box-Illinois Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 IN1R Indianapolis Indiana-Red - No Box-Indiana Motif 1-Red RED
0 IN2BR Vincennes Indiana-Brown - No Box-Indiana Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 IA1R Des Moines Iowa-Red - No Box-Iowa Motif 1-Red RED
0 IA2R Tri-Cities Iowa-Red - No Box-Iowa Motif 2-Red RED
0 KS1R Wichita Kansas-Red - No Box-Kansas Motif 1-Red RED
0 KS2BR Fort Riley Kansas-Brown - No Box-Kansas Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 KS2B Fort Riley Kansas-Blue - No Box-Kansas Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 LA1B New Orleans Louisiana-Blue - No Box-Louisiana Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 LA1R New Orleans Louisiana-Red - No Box-Louisiana Motif 1-Red RED
0 LA1BR New Orleans Louisiana-Brown - No Box-Louisiana Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 LA2B Old New Orleans Louisiana-Blue - No Box-Louisiana Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 LA2R Old New Orleans Louisiana-Red - No Box-Louisiana Motif 2-Red RED
0 MD1R Annapolis Maryland-Red - No Box-Maryland Motif 1-Red RED
0 MD2B Fort Mchenry Maryland-Blue - No Box-Marland Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 MA1B Salem Massachusetts-Blue - No Box-Massachusetts Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 MA1R Salem Massachusetts-Red - No Box-Massachusetts Motif 1-Red RED
0 MA1M Salem Massachusetts-Multi - No Box-Massachusetts Motif 1-Multi MULTI
0 MA2B Boston Massachusetts-Blue - No Box-Massachusetts Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 MI1R Detroit Michican-Red - No Box-Michigan Motif 1-Red RED
0 MS1BR Gulfport Mississippi-Brown - No Box-Mississippi Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 MS2R Columbus Mississippi-Red - No Box-Mississippi Motif 2-Red RED
0 MS3B Natchez Mississippi-Blue - No Box-Mississippi Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 MO1BR St Louis Missouri-Brown - No Box-Missouri Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 MO1B St Louis Missouri-Blue - No Box-Missouri Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 MO2BR Kansas City Missouri - No Box-Missouri Motif 2/Brown BROWN
0 NV1B Reno Nevada-Blue - No Box-Nevada Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 NV1R Reno Nevada-Red - No Box-Nevada Motif 1-Red RED
0 NV2BR Las Vegas Nevada-Brown - No Box-Nevada Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 NV2B Las Vegas Nevada-Blue - No Box-Nevada Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 NM1B Santa Fe New Mexico-Blue - No Box-New Mexico Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 NM2BR Carlsbad New Mexico-Brown - No Box-New Mexico Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 NY1R Manhattan New York-Red - No Box-New York Motif 1-Red RED
0 NY2B New York City New York-Blue - No Box-New York Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 NC1R Durham-North Carolina- Red - No Box-N Carolina Motif 1-Red RED
0 NC1R Chapel Hill North Carolina-Red - No Box-N Carolina Motif 1-Red RED
0 NC2B Ashville North Carolina-Blue - No Box-N Carolina Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 NC2BR Ashville North Carolina-Brown - No Box-N Carolina Motif 2-Brown BROWN
0 NC3GR Bath North Carolina-Green - No Box-N Carolina Motif 3-Green GREEN
0 NC4R Greensboro North Carolina-Red - No Box-N Carolina Motif 4-Red RED
0 NC4B Greensboro North Carolina-Blue - No Box-N Carolina Motif 4-Blue BLUE
0 NC5R Old Salem North Carolina-Red - No Box-N Carolina Motif 5-Red RED
0 NC5B Old Salem North Carolina-Blue - No Box-N Carolina Motif 5-Blue BLUE
0 NC6R Winston Salem North Carolina-R - No Box-N Carolina Motif 6-Red RED
0 NC6B Winston Salem North Carolina-B - No Box-N Carolina Motif 6-Blue BLUE
0 NC7B Old Salem North Carolina-Blue - No Box-N Carolina Motif 7-Blue BLUE
0 NC7B Winston Salem North Carolina-B - No Box-N Carolina Motif 7-Blue BLUE
0 NC8R Winston Salem North Carolina-R - No Box-N Carolina Motif 8-Red RED
0 NC8BR Winston Salem North Carolina-B - No Box-N Carolina Motif 8-Brown BROWN
0 NC9R Charlotte North Carolina-Red - No Box-N Carolina Motif 1-Red RED
0 OK1R Tulsa Oklahoma-Red - No Box-Oklahoma Motif 1-Red RED
0 OR1B Salem Oregon-Blue - No Box-Oregon Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 PA1B Philadelphia Pennsylvania-Blue - No Box-Pennsylvania Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 PA1R Philadelphia Pennsylvania-Red - No Box-Pennsylvania Motif1-Red RED
0 PA2R Pittsburgh Pennsylvania-Red - No Box-Pennsylvania Motif 2-Red RED
0 RI1R Providence Rhode Island-Red - No Box-Rhode Island Motif1-Red RED
0 SC1B Charleston South Carolina-Blue - No Box-S Carolina Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 SC1R Charleston South Carolina-Red - No Box-S Carolina Motif 1-Red RED
0 SC2R Spartanburg South Carolina-Red - No Box-S Carolina Motif 2-Red RED
0 SC3BR Charleston South Carolina-Brow - No Box-S Carolina Motif 3-Brown BROWN
0 SD1BR Black Hills South Dakota-Brown - No Box-South Dakota Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 TN1B Memphis Tennessee-Blue - No Box-Tennessee Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 TN2B Lookout Mountain Tennessee-Blu - No Box-Tennessee Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 TN3R Chattanooga Tennessee-Red - No Box-Tennessee Motif 3-Red RED
0 TN4R Nashville Tennessee-Red - No Box-Tennessee Motif 4-Red RED
0 TN5R Oak Ridge Tennessee - No Box-Tennessee Motif 5/Red RED
0 TX1R Corpus Christi Texas-Red - No Box-Texas Motif 1-Red RED
0 TX2B El Paso Texas & Juarez Me-Blue - No Box-Texas Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 TX3BR San Antonio-Brown - No Box-Texas Motif 1-Brown BROWN
0 UT1R Salt Lake City Utah-Red - No Box-Utah Motif 1-Red RED
0 NBVA Lynchburg Virginia-Red - Virginia, No Box RED
0 NBVA Portsmouth Virginia-Red - Virginia, No Box RED
0 VA1B Alexandria Virginia-Blue - No Box-Virginia Motif 1-Blue BLUE
0 VA2B Virginia Beach Virginia-Blue - No Box-Virginia Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 VA2MC Virginia Beach Virginia-Multic - No Box-Virginia Motif 2-Multi Color MULTICOLOR
0 VA3R Williamsburg Virginia-Red - No Box-Virginia Motif 3-Red RED
0 VA3B Williamsburg Virginia-Blue - No Box-Virginia Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 VA4R Norfolk Virginia-Red - No Box-Virginia Motif 4-Red RED
0 VA4BR Norfolk Virginia-Brown - No Box-Virginia Motif 4-Brown BROWN
0 VA5BR Portsmouth Virginia-Brown - No Box-Virginia Motif 5-Brown BROWN
0 WA1R Tacoma Washington-Red - No Box-Washington Motif 1-Red RED
0 WA2B Warm Springs Washington-Blue - No Box-Washington Motif 2-Blue BLUE
0 WA3B Seattle Washington-Blue - No Box-Washington Motif 3-Blue BLUE
0 WA4B Spokane Washington - No Box-Washington Motif 4/Blue BLUE
0 WA5B Tri City Area-Washington - No Box-Washington Motif 5/Blue BLUE
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