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Du Barry - Replacements Ltd.
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Copyright Information
Item#: 135836 --- Manufacturer Status: Active

Pattern: Du Barry by ERCUIS, Silverplate [ERCDUB]    Pattern #: 6540

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Qty Code Piece Name (if piece name is blue, click for image) Size Price Each  

2 F2 Fork 8 1/8 $43.99
6 SF Individual Salad Fork 6 3/4 SQUARE BWL $37.99
3 SFM1 Individual Salad Fork 6 1/2 ROUND BWL $47.99
5 TS Teaspoon 5 7/8 $29.99
1 FS Five O'Clock Teaspoon $41.99
2 PLS Place/Oval Soup Spoon 7 1/2 $37.99
1 BSHP Butter Spreader Hollow Hdl-Paddle/Stainless Blade 6 5/8 $9.99
2 PASFR Pastry Fork Solid Hc $44.99
2 FFR Fish/Salad Fork Individual Large Hc $46.99
1 FRFR Fruit Fork Individual-Stainless Tines Small Hc $18.99
2 CSSR Round Bowl Soup Spoon (Cream Soup) Hc $47.99
5 BOUVR Spoon-Soup/Round Bowl (B) Hc $39.99
2 GUMVR Spoon-Soup/Round Bowl (G) Hc $47.99
5 EGGSR Egg Spoon Solid Individual Hc $43.99
5 CFR Seafood/Cocktail Fork Hc $39.99
5 OYFR Oyster Fork Hc $41.99
5 RAMFR Ramekin Fork Large Solid Hc $41.99
5 ICSPR Ice Cream Spoon Individual Hc $44.99
5 ICFR Ice Cream Fork Hc $41.99
2 TOSVR Tomato Server With Silverplate Bowl Hc $65.95
4 BUTP2R Butter Pick With Two Tines And Pierced Bowl Hc $41.99
4 BUTP1R Butter Pick With One Twisted Tine Hc $42.99
5 LOFR Lobster Fork Solid Hc $41.99
2 HCSVR Hot Cake Server Solid Silverplate Hc $49.99
5 COFR Corn Fork Hc $39.99
4 PFPR Pickle Fork Pierced With Short Handle Hc $41.99
2 AFSPR Asparagus Serving Fork Solid Silverplate Hc $69.95
1 ATPR Asparagus Tongs Serving Silverplate Hc $129.95
4 BFCR Baby Fork With Curved Handle Hc $37.99
4 INSR Infant Feeding Spoon Hc $36.99
4 FOPUR Baby Food Pusher Hc $42.99
1 CHESR Cheese Server With Stainless Blade Hc $18.99
1 CHSCR Cheese Scoop With Stainless Scoop Hc $17.99
1 CHECR Cheese Cleaver With Stainless Blade Hc $18.99
2 FBPR Baked Potato Fork Hc $51.99
2 ICTR Ice Serving Tongs Large Hc $119.95
2 ICTSR Ice Serving Tongs Small Hc $99.99
4 JSR Jelly Server Solid Hc $42.99
1 LORER Letter Opener With Stainless Blade Hc $18.99
4 MSPR Medicine Spoon Solid Hc $36.99
4 MUSSR Mustard Spoon Solid Hc $41.99
5 NACR Napkin Clip Hc $35.99
5 NACPR Napkin Clip Pierced Large Hc $41.99
4 OFR Olive Fork With Short Handle Hc $39.99
4 OSR Olive Spoon Short With Pierced Bowl Hc $41.99
2 OYSPR Fried Oyster Server Pierced Silverplate Hc $83.95
4 SAFPR Sardine Fork Serving Solid Silverplate Hc $44.99
2 SPFIR Individual Solid Spaghetti Fork Hc $49.99
2 SPSIR Spoon-Spaghetti/Solid-Individual Hc $42.99
1 BOR Bottle/Can Opener With Stainless Bowl Hc $24.99
1 HODWR Honey Dipper With Wooden Implement Hc $16.99
5 RINGR Finger Ring (Provide Size) Hc $34.99
5 PBCR Baby Cup With Silverplate Cup And Handle Hc $39.99
2 HSR Horseradish Serving Spoon Hc $45.99
1 TEASR Tea Strainer Overcup Serving-Stainless Bowl Hc $25.99
5 NRTS Napkin Ring Large Hc $34.99
4 BSCR Baby Spoon With Curved Handle Hc $36.99
4 KERR Key Ring With Stainless Hoop Hc $34.99
4 PATR Pate Server Solid Hc $41.99

The pieces below are not in stock, but were made for this pattern. In many cases, we are actively searching for these items.
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Qty Code Piece Name (if piece name is blue, click for image) Size Price Each  

0 5P-4 5 Piece Place Setting
0 4P-4 4 Piece Place Setting
0 K2M Modern Hollow Knife 9 1/2
0 K1M Modern Hollow Knife
0 STK Individual Steak Knife Hollow Handle
0 DEK Dessert Knife With Stainless Blade
0 F1 Fork
0 DEF Dessert Fork 6 7/8 ROUND BWL
0 PASF Pastry Fork
0 FF Individual Solid Fish Fork
0 FK Individual Fish Knife With Stainless Blade
0 DEM Demitasse Spoon
0 BOU Round Bowl Soup Spoon (Bouillon)
0 DES Dessert/Oval Soup Spoon
0 DISI Individual Solid Dinner Spoon
0 BSF Flat Handle Butter Spreader
0 OYF Oyster Fork
0 ICSP Ice Cream Spoon Individual
0 TAS Tablespoon (Serving Spoon)
0 SUSPN Sugar Spoon
0 SUT Sugar Tongs
0 MBFH Flat Handle Master Butter Knife
0 PISSO Solid Pie Server
0 CAK Cake Knife With Stainless Blade
0 CAKSO Cake Server, Solid Piece
0 LAG Gravy Ladle, Solid Piece
0 LAIC Solid Ice Cream Serving Ladle
0 LARI Rice Serving Ladle, Solid Piece
0 LAS Solid Soup Ladle
0 LAST Solid Strawberry Serving Ladle
0 CHEKS Solid Serving Cheese Knife
0 FFS Large Solid Fish Serving Fork
0 FKS Large Solid Fish Serving Knife
0 GRSI Individual Gravy Spoon
0 SSFS Salad Serving Fork, Solid Piece
0 SSSS Salad Serving Spoon, Solid Piece
0 SES Solid Serving Spoon
0 SEF Solid Serving Fork
0 CKL Large Stainless Blade Roast Carving Knife
0 CFL Large Stainless-Prong Roast Carving Fork
0 STKR Steak Knife Individual Hollow, No Serrate Hc
0 STKRR Steak Knife Individual Serrate Blade Hc
0 FFSTR Fish Fork Individual With Stainless Tines Hc
0 FKR Fish Knife Individual With Stainless Blade Hc
0 FRKR Fruit Knife Individual With Stainless Blade Hc
0 ITHHR Iced Tea Spoon Individual With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 CASSNR Casserole Spoon With Smooth Stainless Bowl Hc
0 CASSHR Holiday Casserole Spoon-Stainless Bowl Hc
0 TOSTR Tomato/Cranberry Server With Stainless Blade Hc
0 CMSFSR Cold Meat Fork Large, Stainless Tines Hc
0 PCSR Pie And Cake Server With Stainless Blade Hc
0 PCSHR Holiday Pierced Pie And Cake Server Hc
0 PISR Pie Server With Serrated Stainless Blade Hc
0 PASNR Pasta Server With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 LAGSR Gravy Ladle With No Spout Stainless Bowl Hc
0 LAPSTR Punch Ladle With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 LASSTR Soup Ladle With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 ASPSHR Asparagus Server With Silverplate Hood Hc
0 CHEKR Cheese Knife With Stainless Blade Hc
0 FFSSTR Fish Serving Fork With Stainless Tines Hc
0 FISSR Fish Serving Knife With Stainless Blade Hc
0 MGSR Magnifying Glass Hollow Handle Hc
0 POUSR Poultry Shears With Stainless Blades Hc
0 SSFNR Salad Serving Fork With Stainless Prongs Hc
0 SSSNR Salad Serving Spoon With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 SSFWR Salad Serving Fork With Wooden Prongs Hc
0 SSSWR Salad Serving Spoon With Wooden Bowl Hc
0 CFSMR Carving Fork Small With Stainless Prongs Hc
0 CKSR Carving Knife Small With Stainless Blade Hc
0 KSR Sharpener Knife With Steel Rod Hc
0 BARKR Bar Knife Serving With Stainless Blade Hc
0 WCKR Wedding Cake Knife With Stainless Blade Hc
0 CABR Cake Breaker With Silverplate Prongs Hc
0 ICSHR Ice Scoop Serving With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 ICSCVR Ice Scoop With Silverplate Bowl Hc
0 LASSR Lasagna Server With Stainless Blade Hc
0 CAPSNR Casserole Spoon With Pierced Stainless Bowl Hc
0 DSPSR Dressing Spoon With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 MACWR Crab Mallet With Wood Implement Hc
0 COBR Cosmetic Brush With Black Bristles Hc
0 HCNSR Candle Snuffer With Stainless Bowl Hc
0 BELSR Bell Small With Plated Bowl Hc
0 VBR Bud Vase Solid W/Handle Hc
0 COBUR Corn Butterer With Silverplate Bowl Hc
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