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C & C Collectables C & Co (See Colclough) C & F Home (See C&F Enterprises) C & R (Japan) C & R (Thailand) C & WK Harvey C and F Home (See C&F Enterprises) C ART HK C Challinor C E Corey C S Brown C Tielsch (Altwasser) C W Turner & Sons (See Turner's (England)) C&F Enterprises C&H (See Cumberlidge&Humpreys) C&R (Indonesia) C. & B. (See Cotton and Barlow) C. & F. (See Cochran & Fleming) C.F. Boseck & Co C.W. Mcnay & Sons C.W.S. C40 Cabela's Cabells Too Cabin Place Cac China Cacart Southwest Designs Cacharel CAFF Ceramiche Caffco Cake Boss Caldo-Freddo Caldor Caleca Caledonia Calif USA Pottery (See C40) California Cleminson California Originals California Pantry California Provincial (See Karol) Calvin Klein Cama (Italy) Camark Cambria-Cambrian (See Cambrian Pottery) Cambrian Pottery Cambridge - England Cambridge Potteries Cambridge-Japan Camelot Cameo Cameo (See Nichibo) Cameo Florals Camille Naudot & Co Camp del Mar Campbell Pottery Campo (See Camp del Mar) Canan Candal Candle Light Fine China Cane & Reed Canhome Designs Canonsburg Cantagalli Canterbury Canterbury Potteries Canuck Pottery Canvas Cape Craftsman Capital (USA) Capitol-Ireland Capo-di-Monte (Italy) Capodimonte Cappa Capper & Wood Capri British (See Crown Lynn) Capriware Capsco, Capital Souvenir, Inc. Caravel Carbone Carborundum Museum Cardee West Corp. Cardew Design Cardew Design (See Paul Cardew) Cardinal China Company Cardinal Inc Caribbean Joe Caribbean Stone Caribbean Ware (See Crown Lynn) Caribe Carico Carillon Carl Anhauser Carl Knoll Carl Thieme Carlsbad Carlton (Japan) Carlton Ware (England) Carly Dodsley Carmen Marc Valvo (See CMV Home) Carmona New York & Co Carol Ann Carol Endres Carole Stupell Carr Carriage House Carrigaline Carrigdhoun Carrol Boyes Carrollton Carstens (Argentina) Carstens (Sorau) Carteret China Co (See Cardinal China Co) Cartier Cartwright & Edwards Cartwright Bros Carvalhinho Porto Casa Cortes Casa Cristina Casa Elite Casa Lorren China (See Lorren Home Trends) Casa Mia Casa Moda Casa Vero Casafina Casati Casey Pottery Casey Stoneware Cash Family Pottery (See Clinchfield) Caskata Cassidy's Cassis & Co Castellinia Castillian (Spain) Castle China (Japan) Castle Court Castle Ridge (Japan) Castleton (Japan) Castleton (USA) Casual Ceram Casuals Catalina Cathay China Cathedral Cathy Terepocki Cats By Nina Cauldon (See Royal Cauldon) Cauldon Potteries (See Royal Cauldon) Caverswall Cavitt-Shaw (See WS George) CB2 (See Crate & Barrel China) CBC China Japan CBK Ltd Cbm Ironstone CCA (China) ccc Ccc Translucent Ch (See Harker) Ccc-Latvia-Germany-Czechoslovakia CCTP USA (See Thompson) CDGC (Japan) CE.PA Ceramica Celadon China Celebes Celebrate Celebrating Home Celebrity Celebrity of Hawaii Celestial Cellar, The Celtic Celtic (Ireland) Celtic Clays Celtic Weave Cenpor (Limoges) Centrum Centurion Century China Century Porcelain Century Service Century-Japan Cer-Raf (See Boleslawiec) Ceracraft Ceradur Cerages Ceralene Ceram Ind Montgatina Ceram Wood Ceraman Ceramano Cerambeau Ceramc Nicola Fasano Ceramic Art Ceramic Art Company Ceramic Guild Ceramica (Italy) Ceramica Artistica Ceramica Cuore Ceramica Dalia Ceramica de Simone (See Desimone) Ceramica Due Torri Ceramica Estanzuela (See Estanzuela) Ceramica Falcone Ceramica Franco Pozz (See Ceramica Franco Pozzi) Ceramica Ibis Ceramica Luiz Salvador Ceramica Olympia Ceramica Stefani Ceramica Virginia Ceramica&Arte Ceramiche Alfa Ceramiche Arianna Ceramiche Basso G.B. Ceramiche Casola Ceramiche Cos-Met Ceramiche Estensi Ceramiche Fontana Siena Ceramiche Leonardo Ceramiche Regina Ceramiche Sberna Ceramiche Tadinate Ceramiche Toscane Ceramiche Virginia Ceramicheitalia Ceramics Canada Ceramics Hispania Ceramika Artystyczna (See Boleslawiec) Ceraminter (Italy) Ceramiq Cornouaille Ceramiques Elchinger Ceramisia Ceramques St Joseph Ceramvietri Ceranord Cerarpa-Portugal
Ceraspain Ceriart Cerind Porcelana-Por Cermanica Cerno Certified Int Corp Cerval CF&P Limoges (See Chabrol & Poirier) CG Bavaria CG USA (See China & Glass Dist) Cha Cult Chabrol & Poirier Chadds Ford Chaleur Chalfonte Challinor & Mayer Challinor, Edward Chamart Chamberlain & Co Chamberlain's Worcester (See Chamberlain) Champion Treasures Chantal Chantilly Chapman & Sons (See Chapman's (England)) Chapman's (England) Chapparral Chapus Fereres Charles Ahrenfeldt Charles Amison Ltd (See Stanley China (ENG)) Charles Ford Charles Keath Charles Martin Charles Meigh & Sons Charles Reboisson Charles Reizenstein Charles Roberts (See Sasaki) Charles Waine Charleston Gardens Charm Crest Charm House Charmcraft Charter Club Chas Field Haviland Chase Chastagner Chateau Chateau Designs Chateau Valmont Chatham Chatham Potters Chatham Tableware Chatillon Chauvigny (France) Cheeky Chef Classic Product Chef's Secret (See Chefs) Chefo Art Company Chefology Chefs Chefs Catalog (See Chefs) Chelsea Chelsea House Chelson Cheltenham Cheltenham Ltd Chemkefa Cherry China (Japan) Cherubini Chesapeake Pottery Chester Pottery Chikaramachi (Japan) Chikusa (Japan) Child To Cherish Childe China & Glass Decora China & Glass Dist China & Glass Dist China Classic China Concepts China Fashions China Garden China Hall China Nat'L Headquar (See Nikita) China National Headquarters (See Nikita) China Pearl China Pete's China Specialties China(Made In China) Chinacave Chinacraft Chodau-Czech Chodziez-Poland Christian Dior Christian Lacroix Christie & Beardmore Christina Christineholm Christmas Brochures Christmas Street Christmas Village Christofle Christophe Pichon Christopher Jagmin Christopher Radko Christopher Stuart Christopher Vine Chubu (Japan) Chugai (Japan) Chugn Churchill CI CI Moore Ciao Italya CICO (Germany) Cielo Ciera Cindy Crawford Style CIPA Ciroa Cisse Citadel Citation Citro Citrus Grove Cladbach Cladbach Claiowba Claire Murray Clairefontaine Clare (England) Claremont Clarence (England) Clarence House Claridge Clark & Frank (See C&F Enterprises) Classic Coffee & Tea (See Yedi Houseware) Classic Fine China Classic Range of Cuisine Classic Traditions Classique Porcelaine Claude Monet Museum Clay Art Clay Design Clays in Calico Claytan Clement&Larsen Clementson & Young Clementson Bros Cleveland (England) Cleveland (USA) Clews (Staffordshire) Cliff (England) Clifton Art Pottery Clifton China (See Wildblood Heath) Clinchfield Clinchfield Artware (See Clinchfield) Clinchfield Pottery (See Clinchfield) Clinton Kelly Clou & Classic Cloud Terre Studio Cloudland Clouse Pottery Clovelly China Clover Leaf (Czech) Cloverleaf (England) Cloverleaf Fad Clyde Pottery CM Arzberg (See Hutschenreuther) CM Limoges (See Charles Martin) CMG Ceramicas Cmi Chadwick Cmielow (Poland) CMV Home CNP France Coalport Coast To Coast Coastal Crests Coastal Home Coastline Imports Coca-Cola Coche Stoneware Cochran & Fleming Cochran (See R. Cochran & Co) Cockeroft Cockson & Harding Cockson & Seddon Coiffe Coke (See Coca-Cola) Colclough Colditz Porzellan Coldwater Creek Coleezione de Roselli Colin Cowie Collection Manoir Collection Noblesse Collection Paris Colley, Alfred Collingwoods Collins Co Ltd Colonial Candle Colonial Faience (USA) Colonial Fine China Colonial Of Cape Cod Colonial Pottery (England) Colonial Pottery (USA) Colonial Silver Colonial Stoneware (See Merchandise Service) Colony Commercial Ch Colony Crafts Colony House Colony Potters Color Revolution Colormate Colortone-Japan Columbia Chinaware (See Harker) Columbian Art Comcor (See Corning) Command Performance Community Community-England (See Tudor) Compagnie Nationale Composite Patterns Comptoir de Famille (See Le Comptoir) Compton Fine China Comte d'Artois Concorde Concordia Concrad Crafters Condol (Portugal) Connections Connoisseur Consolidated Home Equipment Co
Consort (England) Contempra Continental (Japan) Continental (See Rosenthal) Continental Gourmet Continental Kilns Continental Pride Continental Sokyoku Contour Conway Pottery Co Cook Pottery (See Mellor) Cook&Hancock Cook's Bazaar Cook's Essentials Cookline (France) Cooks Club Cookware Associates Cooley Collection Coors China (California) Coors Pottery Coorsite (See Coors China (California)) Copeland & Garrett Copeland (See Spode) Coquet, J.L. (See Jean Louis Coquet) Coquet, Jean Louis COR (See Robinson Design) Coral Corby Hall Cordella Cordon Bleu Coreling Corelle (See Corning) Corex Cork, Edge & Malkin Cornelia Park Corning Corona-Columbia Corona-England Corona-Japan Coronado Coronation (Japan) Coronation - T W Barlow Coronation Ware (See Coronation-Japan) Coronaware (See Sampson Hancock & Sons) Coronet (England) Coronet USA (See Hull) Coronet-Limoges (See Borgfeldt, George) Correct Table Serv Corsica Home Corsica Home (See Tabletops Unlimited) Corso de'Fiori Corum Ceram (Japan) Cory (Bavaria) Cosmopolitan Cosmos USA Import Cosmos Ware Japan Cost Plus Costa Bassano Costa Nova Costa Verde Cote Table Cotillion (See Intl Silver) Coton Colors (See Laura Johnson) Cottier Freres (Switzerland) Cotton and Barlow Cottura Couleur Nature Couleuvre Limoges Counselor Counterpoint Country Casual Country Charm Country Chef Country Corner Country Crafts Country Crock (See Tienshan) Country Cupboard Country Fair Country Glen Country House Collec Country Living Country Ware Countryside Countrystone (USA) Coursange Court China (See William Lowe) Couture Coventry (PTS) Coventry - USA Coventry Inn-Japan Coventry-Japan Covington Edition Cowan Pottery Cowboy Living Cowell&Hubbard,The Coxon Belleek Coyne's Cp (See Colditz) CP Co (See Crown Potteries) CPC Japan (Occupied) CPO CR Gibson Cracker Barrel Craft Fine China Craftsman (Japan) Craftsman-USA (See Homer Laughlin) Cranbrook Crate & Barrel Creanges, Henri Create a Table (See French Home European) Creation de Beaupre Creations de Picault Creative Creative (England) Creative Co-Op Creative Concepts Creative Manor Creative Tops Creidlitz Creil & Montereau Crescent (China) Crescent (Japan) Crescent (See Seb) (See Sebring) Crescent China Crescent Pottery (USA) Crescent-England (See Jones, George) Cresco Crest Wood Crest-Mark Crest-Stone (Japan) Creston Crestwood Cristal de Sevres Crock Shop Croft and Barrow Crofton Cronin Crooksville Cross Keys Pottery (See Crosskeys Pottery) Crosskeys Pottery Crow's Nest Trading Co Crown (USA) Crown Bavaria Crown Burslem (Eng) Crown Canyon Home Crown Ceramics Crown Chelsea Crown Chester Crown China (Austria) Crown China (Bavaria) Crown China (Czech) Crown China (England) Crown China (Japan) Crown China-China Crown Clarence Crown Classics Crown Corning (See Corning) Crown Court Crown d'Or Crown Devon (See Fielding, S) Crown Dorset Crown Ducal Crown Dynasty Crown Empire Crown Essex Crown Fine China Crown Goldendale Crown Heiden Crown Heritage Crown Holden Crown Imperial Crown Ivory Crown Ivory (Japan) Crown Jewel Crown Kensington Crown Lancaster Crown Lynn Crown Manor Crown Melody Crown Ming Crown Porcelain Crown Potteries Crown Pottery-Eng (See John Tams) Crown Prince Crown Princess Crown Regal Crown Regent (Romania) Crown Royal Crown Royal (Japan) Crown Royale Crown Staffordshire Crown Sterling Crown Stoneware Crown Sussex Crown Sutherland Crown Trent Crown Victoria Crown Victorian Crown Warwick Crown Windsor Crowne Oakes Designs Crownford (See Staffordshire) Croydon Crystal Clear Crystal Clear Import Crystal K.A.M Crystala CS Ltd (France) CT Altwasser (See C Tielsch) Cuisena Royal Porce Cuisinart Dinnerware Cuisona Culinary Arts Culinary Ceramic Culinary Editions Cumberland Cumberland Design Cumberlidge&Humpreys Cumbow Cunningham & Pickett Cupboard Craft Cupcakes & Cartwheel Curtis Publishing Co Curtis,Collamore &Co Curzon Cuthbertson CWC China Cyclamen Cynthia Rowley Cypress Home Cypress Point Trad. Czechoslovakia