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s S & C Austria S & H S & P (See Salt and Pepper) S & W Co S Alexander S F & J (England) (See Smith & Ford) S France (See Sarreguemines) S Giovanni Valdarno S H & Sons (See Sampson Hancock & Sons) S H Deroy S K & Co (See Samuel Keeling &Co) S M & Co (See Samuel Moore & Co) S Maas S Moore & Co (See Samuel Moore & Co) S P Co (See Sebring) S P Co (See Steubenville) S&Co Austria (See Springer & Co) S&F Studio (See Scents & Feel Studio) S&G (Bavaria) S&NL (See Salt & Nixon) S.A. & Co (See Samuel Alcock) S.F.P (See SFP-France) SA Leart Sabatier Sabin Sabina Sabina Fashion Coll Sabre Sacks Production Sadek Sadler Sado-Portugal Safaril Sagaform Sahashi Sai Japan Saint Graal Saint James Saji Sakana Saki Saks Fifth Avenue Sakura Saladmaster Salado Pottery Salem Salins (France) Salisbury Salisbury Porcelain Sallie Salmon & Co Limoges Salmon Et Cie Salmon Falls Stoneware Salon (See Salt & Nixon) Salt & Nixon Salt and Earth Ceramics Salt and Pepper Saltera Salute Salviati Sam Alcock & Co (See Samuel Alcock) Sambonet China Samms Sampson Bridgwood Sampson Hancock & Sons Sampson Smith Sampy (Japan) Samson & Company Samuel Ford Samuel Heath Samuel Johnson Samuel Keeling &Co Samuel Moore & Co Samurai (Japan) San Claudio San Fernando San Francisco Potter San Marciano Ceramiche San Marco San-O Sanbo Sandalwood Sanders Sandizell Sandland (See Lancaster & Sandland) Sandley, W H & Colt Sandon-England Sandra By Sandra Lee Sandrine Ganem Sandy Lynam Clough Sandy Richards Sanford Sanford Sang (China) Sango Sanko Sankyo (Japan) Sanor Ceramica Sant Andrea Santa Anita Santa Barbara Ceramic Designs Santa Clara (Spain) Santa Rosa Pottery Santo Sanyei Sanyo Saparna Sapota Sarah Anderson Sargadelos Sarma Studios Sarreguemines Sarreguemines Vaisselle (See Sarreguemines) Sasaki Sasgonu Sasin Pottery Satrunia Porcelain Satsuma Sauvignon Saville Savinio Designs Savoir Vivre Savoy Home Savoy-England (See Birks Rawlins) Saxe Saxon Saxonian Saxony Saxony-Japan Sazerat, L SB Limoges Sbcd Studios SC Japan SC Richard Scammell Scarlett Ceramic Scents & Feel Studio Sch & K (Bavaria) Schafer & Vater Schaller Wiesau Schenfden (Germany) Scherzer Scherzer (See ZS & Co) Scheurich Schierholz (Germany) Schiller, Wilhelm Schirnding Schlackenwerth (See Pfeiffer & Lowenstein) Schlaggenwald Schlemmertopf Schloss Amberg Schlottenhof Schmelzer & Gerike Schmid Schmid Design Folio (See Schmid) Schmidt & Co (See Victoria (Czech)) Schmidt (Brazil) Schneider, J & Co. Schodl,Jacob&Co Schoenau Schonbrunn Porzellan Schonfeld (Czech) Schonfeld, Max Schonwald Schoonhoven Keramiek Schramberg Schumann & Schreider (See Schwarzenhammer) Schumann - Bavaria Schwalb Brothers Schwarzburg (See Royal Schwarzburg) Schwarzenbach (See Winterling - Bavaria) Schwarzenhammer Sci (See Societa Ceramica) SCIO Scof Scott & Sons (See Anthony Scott & Co) Scott Brothers (Portobello) Scott Brothers (See Anthony Scott & Co) Scotts of Stow Scully & Scully (Ny) SDS (See Kongo) SE China Sea Gull Sea Jewelry Seagoe Ceramics Seagrove Pottery
Seagull Studios Sealy (See Royal Sealy) Sears Seasons of Cannon Fa (See Midwest of Cannon Falls) Sebring Sebring Porcellana Secla See Manuf Notes (See Old Abbey (Swords) See Mfr N) Seferra Seibu China Seiki China Seiko (Japan) Seito Studio Seizan Selecta Quality China Seletti Seltmann Senegal (China) sengWare Sentoen China Seokchon Pottery Serena Bass Seto China Sevelen Rheintal Seventh Avenue Sevres (USA) Sevres Porcelain (France) Sevron Seyei SFP (France) SGK (See Kongo) SH Ltd (England) Sh&S England (See S Hancock) Shaddy (Japan) Shaffara Shafford Shannon & Daughters Shannon (See Arklow) Shannon China Shannonbridge Shannondoa Shapleigh's (USA) Shard Pottery Sharples & Caldwell Shaw & Copestake Shawnee Sheffield Sheffield Ware Shelbourne Shelby Shelley Sheltonian Shenandoah Shenango Shenzhen Jinsheng Co Shenzhen Yang Da Porcelain Sheriden (England) Sherwood SHI (China) Shibata Shibui Shimizu Rokunosuko Shimokata Shinepukur Ceramics Shino Stone-Japan Shinsegae Shirakabe Shiseido SHO (See Reynolds) Shofu (Japan) Shore & Coggins Shorter & Son Showa Shreve Crump & Low Shufford Shungyo SIA Collection Sial Siam Celadon Sibo Homeconcept Sicart Siddhia Hutchinson Siecle Sieger (See Furstenberg) Sierrastone Sigma Signals Signature Signature Living Sihy (Japan) Silberporzellan Manufaktur Silesia Silesian Porcelain Silver China (Japan) Silver City Silverie Silverite (Bavaria) Silvestri Simon Pearce Simple Dining Simply Inviting Simply Perfect (Fth) (See Gibson Designs) Simply Shabby Chic Simpsons Sims Singer (France) Sinto Sitzendorf Porcelain Siyata SK China SKS Artina Ceramic Skye Mcghie Skyros Slant Slavic Treasures Slim & Sage Sloan China Co SLS Austria Sma Smart Living Smashing Plates SMCS (Germany) Smith & Ford Smith & Hawkes Smith Phillips Smithsonian Institute SNB Nippon Societa Ceramica Societe Amandinoise Societe Ceramique Societe Limousine Society (England) Society (Japan) Society-AM (See Fine Arts) Sodahl (Denmark) Soho Home Soho Loft Soho Pottery Soko Sola Virebent Solafrance Solar Queen Deluxe (See Ucagco) Sole Di Toscana Soleil Faiencier (See Atelier Soleil) Somerset Somerton-Green Sommer & Matschak Sonata Sone Sonnet Sonoma Home Sonoma Life+Style (See Sonoma Home Goods) Sophienthal Bayreuth Sore China Sorelle Sosume Soule Studio Souleo Provence Source Perrier Collection Sousaku (Japan) South Pacific (See Crown Lynn) South Wales Southeastern Institu Southern Cal Ceramic Southern Living Southern Pottery (See Blue Ridge) Southington (See Baum Brothers) Southwick Pottery (See Anthony Scott & Co) Sovereign (Bavaria) Sovereign (USA) Sovereign China Ltd Sovereign Potters Sovereign Pottery SP Ltd (See Sylvan) Spain Spal Porcelanas Sparrow and Wren Spe (See Eisenberg) Special Place, A Special Porcelain Eisenberg (See Eisenberg) Special Touch Design Spectrum Spencer Stevenson Spenzo Sphinx Import Spice Islands Spiegel China
Spigarelli Ceramiche Spirito SPL Split-P China Spm - Bavaria Spmc (Japan) Spode Sportsman Coll (See Big Sky) Spring China Spring Switzerland Springer & Co Springfield Springmaid Square Nest China Sri Lanka Srs China St Amand St Andrews St Augustine Ware St Clement (See Luneville) St George's St James Works (See Hill & Co) St John-Britain (See St Jean Bretagne) St Josephs Pottery St Lawrence Ceramics St Martin (See Email de Limoges) St Michael St Nicholas Square St Regis St. Croix St. Limoges St. Michael (RD) St. P.M. (See Strieglau Porcelain) Stadtlengsfeld Staffel Staffordshire Staffordshire Engraving Staffordshire Pottery Staffs Teaset Standard China Standard Pottery Stanford Stangl Stanhome Stanley China (ENG) Stanley China(Japan) Stanley Pottery Stanley Roberts Star China Star China (England) (See Paragon) Stavangerflint Stechcol Steele & Co Steelite Stefanie Hering (See Hering Berlin) Steinberger Steiner Studios Stella Stento (Denmark) (See Knabstrup) Sterling China (Japan) Sterling China (USA) Sterling Designers Sterling Home(China) Sterling Imports Sterling Porcelain (See Colonial Pottery (USA)) Sterling Pottery (England) Stetson Steubenville Stevenson & Hancock Steventon, John & Son Stewart House Stewart's Stillmeadow Stinthal (See Crooksville) Stoddard & Co, J G Stogo Stoke Pott (See J Plant) Stoke Pottery (See Royal Winton) Stokes Stolzenfels Stone Bunny Inc Stone China (See Hicks Meigh & Johnson) Stone Garden Stone Lite Stone Ridge (China) Stoneage Ceramics Stonecastle Stonecraft Stonecrest (JI) Stonegate Stonehenge Stoney Hill Stonier & Co Ltd Storehouse Porcelain Storey & Son (England) Stouffer Stoviglieria Stovit Stradford Strata Group Stratford (England) Straus Co. Inc., The Strieglau Porcelain Strobel & Wilken STS (See Kongo) Studio Studio 33 Studio 99 Studio Concept Studio D Studio Designworks Studio Nova Studio Tord Boontje Studio Tu (See Tabletops Unlimited) STW (Bavaria) Style & Home Style Craft Style Happy Style House Style Seven Stylesetter Styson (Japan) Sud & Co Sudlow's (Burslem) Sue Tirrell Suhla (See Erdmann Schlegelmilc) Suisei China Suisse Suite One Studio (Lindsay Emery) Summer Living Summerville Summit Sun (Japan) Sun China Co. Sun Chow Sun Pottery-Japan Sundance Sunderland Sunflower Sungjin Core Sunkist (See Lane) Sunmarc (See Intl Silver) Sunny China Sunnycraft Sunray Sunrise (See Homer Laughlin) Sunset Pottery Super (Japan) Super De Luxe Superieur (See Legrand) Superior Bavaria Supreme (Japan) Supreme (USA) Supreme Chinaware Sur La Table Surrey Hill Susie Coelho Susie Cooper Susquehanna Sutherland Suvesco Suzuka Stone-Japan SW Co (Limoges) Swag Swain,Thomas B (USA) Swaine & Co (Germany) Swallow Swan China England (See Charles Ford) Swansea Swedish Sweet Ceramics Sweet Olive Designs Swid Powell Swifts Swinnertons Swirl Swiss Colony SYD (See Shenzhen Yang Da Porcelain) Syio Sylva Ceramics (See Shaw & Copestake) Sylvac (See Shaw & Copestake) Sylvan Symco Syracuse Syrem Ware (See Crown Lynn) Syscoware Syunjan