Crystal Piece Types

Register with us to receive free inventory availability/price listings with measurements. Cups are measured top to bottom and plates and serving pieces are measured by diameter. (Sizes and shapes will vary between patterns and manufacturers.)

  • Cordial Glass
    Our Piece Code: COR

    Cordials are generally the smallest stem in a crystal collection. The glasses are used to serve cordial cocktails including very sweet liqueurs. Many of our customers collect these pieces.

  • Sherry Glass
    Our Piece Code: CSY

    Sherry glasses are used to serve sherry, layered shooters, and port wines. This piece comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Liquor Cocktail
    Our Piece Code: LC
    Liquor cocktails are small stemmed glasses used to serve cocktails that are predominately liquor. Because of the small bowl, these pieces are not often used to serve drinks that are made from large amounts of mixer.

  • Oyster Cocktail
    Our Piece Code: OC
    Oyster Cocktails resemble the sherbet/champagne glass and feature a shallow bowl and short stem. The oyster cocktail is used for oyster shooters and can be used for serving sauces.

  • Double Old Fashioned
    Our Piece Code: DOLD

    The big brother to the old fashioned glass, double old fashioneds are typically around 4-inches tall and can hold roughly twice as much liquid (12 to 16 ounces) as an old fashioned.

  • Highball Glass
    Our Piece Code: CHB

    The highball glass is a taller tumbler typically used for mixed drinks and cocktails. A favorite of bartenders, highball glasses fit perfectly in a metal shaker so are great for both blending and serving any drink that uses plenty of mixer or soda.

  • Old Fashioned
    Our Piece Code: COLD

    Essential for every bar, the old fashioned glass is a tumbler-type piece with a wide rim and similarly wide base, commonly used for serving whisky and cocktails - neat or with ice. The wide opening and sturdiness of this glass is useful for drink recipes that call for muddled ingredients. Old fashioned glasses are typically around 3 ½-inches tall and can hold between 6 to 10 ounces.

  • Martini Glass
    Our Piece Code: MAR

    Dating from the late 1800s, the martini glass was created to accommodate chilled but ice-free drinks that need distance from the drinker’s hand in order to stay cold. A form-meets-function design, the wide rim helps gin and other aromatic alcohols “open up” and the slanted side provides support for a skewer of olives, cocktail onions, or other garnishes.

  • Tumbler (Flat)
    Our Piece Code: CTUM
    Flat tumblers like footed tumblers, can be used to serve a variety of fruit juices, teas, and chilled drinks. Unlike the footed tumbler, this piece does not feature a foot or a stem.

  • Brandy Glass
    Our Piece Code: CBG

    A brandy glass or snifter is a short-stemmed glass with a narrow opening and wider bottom, used for brandy, whisky, bourbon, and some styles of beer. While most stemware is designed to keep the drinker’s hand away from the drink, brandy glasses are designed to be cupped in the hand to warm the drink inside